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Best Electric Scooter Brands: Our Experiences and Recommendations

Trying to discover which electric scooter brand is best can feel like one of those nights where you sift through Netflix for hours contemplating what to watch. There’s so much choice that it’s almost paralyzing.

So, after years of testing countless scooters from numerous brands, we’ve compiled this guide to show you the brands that you should consider, and why we recommend them.

Electric Scooter on Graffiti Background

The brands are ordered alphabetically to make it easier to scroll through them. We’ve also highlighted our top picks. 

The brands with an asterisk (*) are our top picks.

Recommended Electric Scooter Brands

So, you want to buy an electric scooter. Problem is, there’re so many brands that it can be tricky to figure out where to start. Here, we’ve listed some of our favorites to help guide you on your journey into this brave new world.


AnyHill Logo Large

Where To Buy:

AnyHill UM-1

Our Top Pick:

AnyHill is synonymous with entry-level scooters. With over 5,000 units sold since its launch in 2021, the brand has carved a reputation for simplicity, durability, and reliability that has earned it the trust of seasoned pros and newcomers alike. Need a set of wheels to get you from A to B with minimum fuss or upkeep? AnyHill may just be your brand.

One of the key distinguishing features that elevate AnyHill’s range of its three models – the UM-1, UM-2, and UM-3 – is that they all come with premium features and affordable price tags. Now, if you’ve done your fair share of shopping around, you’ll know that good quality a battery on an entry-level scooter is as rare as a Miami blizzard in the world of electric scooters.

In our entire database of entry-level scooters, just 14% of models are equipped with premium LG batteries. The benefit of LG batteries is that they hold their peak performance for hundreds more charge cycles than standard batteries. Just as your phone battery decays the more you charge it, the cheaper cells used in scooter batteries do the same. Ultimately, LG batteries ensure long-lasting performance.

Josh on AnyHill UM-1

If convenience and practicality are high on your list of everyday needs, few brands can go toe-to-toe with AnyHill.

AnyHill is a brand that knows exactly what it wants to do. It’s not here to satiate adrenaline junkies. It’s not suitable for aggressive stunt riding. And it won’t particularly excite tech-heads who prize integration, customization, and other bells and whistles over everything else. Instead, AnyHill exists to revitalize the most mundane parts of the daily routine. It specializes in adding an extra glint of joy to weekend adventures. And, it prioritizes safety over vanity in every aspect of its design.

Apollo Scooters – Highly Recommended

Simply put, Apollo is one of the best scooter brands around.

Whether you’re looking for a model to add zip to your daily commute, or a white-knuckle rocket that’ll push you to the limit, this hip Canadian outfit will deliver.

Marrying style with substance to often dizzying effect, the award-winning Apollo range has one unifying characteristic: every scooter carries the brand’s distinctive mark of excellence. Proprietary designs, next-gen displays, silky-smooth suspension, ferocious motor power, and high-caliber batteries are all par the course. Plus, few brands hit the button with more panache when it comes to aesthetics.

Josh With Apollo Air Pro, Ghost, and Phantom

With prices ranging from $999 for the entry-level Air to $3,599 for the all-singing, all-conquering, next-gen behemoth that is the Pro, Apollo has a model to fit almost all budgets. Yet, it’s true that you get what you pay for – and when it comes to Apollo, this means a scooter with one eye on the future and the other on build and ride quality.

The best bit of all? Whether you’re shredding asphalt in the city or pummelling dirt tracks in the forest, the stupendously smooth ride quality and litany of user-friendly features – each a hallmark of the brand – are guaranteed to release your inner child.

Fantastic post-sale support comes as standard with Apollo; so, rest assured, choosing this brand is a fail-safe decision, even if something were to go wrong with your scooter.


MiniMotors is the sensei of electric scooters. Founded in South Korea in 1999, the brand honed its expertise in motorsports and mobility scooters before setting the world on fire in 2015 with the launch of the first dual-motored model. Seven years later, the Dualtron name alone is enough to set butterflies racing in the stomachs of even the most seasoned pros.

So, what can you expect from a Dualtron scooter? Well, for starters, power. Bar the entry-level Dualtron Mini, you won’t find a single-motor model here. Together, the full force of Dualtron’s propulsion will produce speeds that most cars would struggle to keep up with.

Indeed, this brand is not for the faint of heart, and for that reason, we're reluctant to recommend Dualtron if you’re new to electric scooters. This is ultra-performance in every sense of the word.

Josh on Dualtron Thunder 2

With such awesome power also comes incredible range and hill-climbing capabilities. Few brands excel in these fields as Dualtron does. Sure, these scooters will set you back between $1,499 and $6,500, but if you’re looking to push boundaries then it’s money well spent.

In fact, very few rival brands can claim to manufacture scooters that match the power of a Dualtron model. However, where Dualtron prioritizes power and build quality, it does tend to let ride quality slip. Kaabo and NAMI have strong shoutouts here, delivering a combination of power, build, and ride quality that surpasses Dualtron models. But the reality is that when it comes to ultra-fast scooters, Dualtron sets the bar.

Considering the purchase of a motorbike? Get a Dualtron instead.

EMOVE – Highly Recommended

Voro Motors started in 2015 as a retailer of electric scooters. It soon found, however, that the models it was selling could be improved to meet customers’ needs. So, taking customer feedback onboard, it launched its own line of scooters: EMOVE.

So, what sets EMOVE apart? For us, it’s the brand’s eye for the unconventional. From the seated howitzer with a detachable battery that is the RoadRunner to the feature-rich, mile-guzzling Cruiser, EMOVE always seeks to deliver added value in interesting ways while other brands focus on speed and power.

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

Because let’s be clear: EMOVE probably isn’t the brand for you if you’re seeking an ultra-performance scooter that will deliver an out-of-body experience. Though plucky, the speeds these models can muster won’t trouble the likes of Dualtron or Kaabo. They are commuter scooters with a bit of attitude – and what fun they are.

Durable, low maintenance, and refreshingly accommodating for riders of all sizes, EMOVE has deservedly made a name for itself in the affordable, everyday wheels category. They’re as tough as scooters come, so you can be confident in the longevity of your purchase – regardless of what the city can put in your way.

With the hugely popular EMOVE Cruiser available at $1,499, we wouldn’t hesitate in saying that a scooter with 62 miles of range in its locker is an absolute steal for that price. But there’s value for money to be found across the range – you can’t go wrong by opting for an EMOVE model.

And with Voro Motors’ outstanding customer service and post-sale support in tow, it’s safe to say we’re EMOVE fanboys.

FluidFreeRide – Highly Recommended

Like Voro Motors, FluidFreeRide started life as a retailer, before realizing it could do better than some of the brands it sold. Cue the likes of the Horizon, Mosquito, and Fluid Mantis.

And make no mistake: these are exceptional models. Ranging from entry-level scooters to powerful, high-performance gum-slappers, Fluid caters to every need with a range that is defined by excellent build quality and a customer-first mindset.

From the wildly popular Horizon, which at $799 represents great all-around value for both first-time riders and everyday commuters, to the mighty Fluid Mantis Pro V2, delivering remarkable power and quality at $2,499, everything Fluid lays its hands on ends up generating huge excitement in the scooter world.

Josh With the Mosquito

Is there a difference between retailers with their own lines and specialized brands? Not really. One thing to bear in mind here is that Fluid is made up of a dedicated team of designers and engineers – a team that has the added benefit of operating as part of a wider company with years of excellent customer service behind it.

One final thing that is worth a round of applause is that Fluid gives all their customers a Lifetime Service commitment that entitles them to 50% of all parts and labor after your warranty expires.

GoTrax – Highly Recommended

GoTrax is one of the most popular electric scooter brands on the planet, and for good reason. It is known for producing affordable models that perform well beyond their price tag – whether you’re buying for an adult or child.

Sure, ultra-performance scooters, these are not. They’re not even top of the range when it comes to commuter scooters. But that doesn’t matter. Because what most people look for in an electric scooter isn’t max speeds of 50+ mph or ride quality that feels more akin to a magic carpet ride.

Instead, what they want is a dependable, fun set of wheels that won’t break the bank. This is GoTrax’s niche, and it wears it well.

GoTrax G4 with GoTrax GMAX Ultra and GoTrax Apex

With the most expensive models in the range costing $899, and the kid-friendly scooters available for as little as $150, GoTrax prides itself on making the joy of riding an electric scooter accessible for all. It has no pretensions, and zero interest in profit grabbing. Frankly, it wouldn’t be one of the world’s leading scooter brands if it did. If you have a budget of less than $500, GoTrax should be your first call, alongside Turboant.

What GoTrax guarantees is an affordable range of models with durable build quality for riders looking to jazz up short journeys. We will never talk dimly of any scooter brand that wants to break down the barriers of entry. GoTrax is a real hero in this regard, and for that, we salute it.


What one word would we use to describe a Hiboy scooter? Fun.

Indeed, when it comes to colorful and user-friendly designs, this brand is right up there. They may be the cheap and cheerful brand of the scooter world, but they also know how to build a reliable budget scooter.

If you’re a rider looking for a last-mile, low-maintenance scooter to end your daily commutes with swagger, a Hiboy scooter could be the one for you. However, one thing to be aware of is that the vast majority of Hiboy’s models are cheap OEM units, meaning they are white-labeled products.

Hiboy S2 Pro on Graffiti Background

From kid's scooters that cost $250 to powerful models for adults that cost $1,500. Hiboy doesn’t have a distinct focus on its portfolio but instead caters to all types of riders.

While we aren’t big fans of their more powerful models (the build and ride quality just isn’t there), we do recommend some of their cheaper models made for casual riders and commuters.


Looking for a brand that makes scooters fast enough to erode the enamel on your teeth and leave your eyeballs feeling like dried apricots? INOKIM is not that brand. No – it’s so much more than that.

Style. Innovation. Excellence. These are all words that could be used to describe this individualist – and many would agree, it's the godfather of electric scooter brands. If you’re someone who places design quality at the forefront of your considerations then, frankly, we couldn’t recommend a better place to start than INOKIM.

Since launching the world’s first modern electric scooter ten years ago, the brand has carved a unique path centered on design excellence. Take the Ox, for example, with its one-of-a-kind swingarm rubber torsion suspension system that delivers an outstandingly buttery-smooth ride quality.

Electric Scooter With Suspension

In fact, when it comes to suspension, INOKIM is second to none; much pricier models quake in its shadow.

Whether it’s a portable commuter scooter you’re after – in which case, the Quick 4 is manna from heaven – an off-road juggernaut (hello again, Ox), or something with a bit more brawn, such as the dual-motor OxO, INOKIM has all bases covered.

Speed freaks may not be convinced, but it’s highly doubtful that INOKIM would bat an eyelid anyway. Adrenaline is not its poison of choice – rather, this is a brand that deals exclusively in serotonin. INOKIM scooters are calming, silky rides that make you feel at one with your environment.

Kaabo – Highly Recommended

Is there a better scooter than the Wolf King GT Pro? NAMI may have something to say about that; but, when it comes to the crème de la crème of ultra-performance scooters, Kaabo is a brand to be revered.

Founded in 2013, Kaabo is one of the industry’s oldest and most iconic players. Famed for its celebrated Wolf and Mantis series’, the brand has developed an intriguing arms race with Dualtron and NAMI to create the ultimate all-terrain, ultra-performance scooter.

Kaabo has earned a deserved reputation for innovation and design excellence. Nowhere is this more evident than in the unique dual-stem seen on the likes of the Wolf range, which transforms the handling capabilities of some of the most powerful scooters on the market.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

With exceptional suspension, outstanding braking systems, next-gen consoles, and nigh-on indestructible tires and frames all coming as standard, the Kaabo name is a guarantee of quality and style. It’s also not afraid to go into partnerships, as its utilization of MiniMotors controllers on the Mantis range attests. This collaborative spirit only enhances what are already spectacular scooters.

A Kaabo scooter doesn’t come cheap; the Mantis V2 is the most budget-friendly at $1,599, while the Wolf King GT Pro will set you back an eye-watering $3,595. And yet, if you’re a serious aficionado of performance models, such a princely sum will still represent incredible value for money. That’s because the combination of power, handling, and build quality is simply out of this world, whether on urban roads, scraggy dirt tracks, sinewy forest trails, or rocky mountain routes.

So, seriously, if your budget allows and you yearn to unleash your inner beast, get yourself a Kaabo scooter.


Where To Buy:

WideWheel Pro

Our Top Pick:

Founded in 2015 in Seoul, Mercane has developed an ardent following thanks to its sleek designs and powerful specs. It melds brawn with beauty, satiating the whims of a generation weaned on social media while delighting speed fiends with its fierce motor strength and acceleration.

The much-loved WideWheel Pro is a case in point. Despite ostensibly being a commuter scooter, the surprising power coaxed from its dual motors represents outstanding value for money at $1,199. Batman would add this little shotgun of a scooter to his armory in a heartbeat.

Widewheel Pro Black Frame

This is the Mercane way: extract every drop of value out of its expertly designed, relatively low-priced scooters to surprise and delight customers.

It may not have the ultra-performance credibility of, say, Kaabo or Dualtron, and it isn’t as budget-friendly as GoTrax or Turboant; no, Mercane sits somewhere in between, bridging the gap between entry-level, everyday workhorse and rarified performance juggernaut.

If this sounds like where you’re at on your electric scooter journey then Mercane is a brand that guarantees you a smooth transition. And you’ll look great in the process, which is always a bonus.

NAMI – Highly Recommended

NAMI Electric Logo

Where To Buy:

NAMI Burn-e 2

Our Top Pick:

If you’ve read any of our reviews or guides of NAMI’s scooters then you’ll be fully aware of just how much love we have for this brand. Quite simply, NAMI has rewritten the rule book on what is possible from an ultra-performance electric scooter. Dualtron and Kaabo both have some catching up to do.

NAMI embodies the value of listening to your customers. The Burn-e 2 is the product of taking feedback on the original Burn-e Viper onboard and reimagining one of the world’s best scooters. The result: a model that retains the adrenaline-inducing power, buttery-smooth ride quality, and next-gen integrations of its predecessor, but comes at a much lower price.

Out of all the scooter brands out there, we think NAMI may be the most exciting one of all. There’s an elegance to its designs, while the quality of its models is simply awe-inspiring.

Josh in Electric Scooter Safety Gear

Sure, such quality doesn’t come cheap – the Burn-e 2 will set you back $3,499, while the more powerful Burn-e 2 MAX is even steeper at $4,690.

NAMI doesn’t do everyday budget scooters. Instead, it sits at the cutting-edge of next-generation performance. We, therefore, don’t recommend this serious piece of precision engineering if you’re starting on your journey into the world of electric scooters.

But, if you have a little experience and want to take a giant leap into a whole new universe of possibility, NAMI is the brand for you.

Segway Ninebot

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Segway’? The gravity-defying, self-balancing two-wheel oddity, perhaps? Well, prepare to have your mind blown, because Segway also owns an electric scooter line.

It’s one of the most purchased scooter brands on the planet. But does the quality of Segway Ninebot’s models match up to the brand’s fame and popularity?

Segway Ninebot Max Side Profile

There’s no doubt that Segway Ninebots are fun to ride. Simple, sturdy, and practical, they are favored among commuters as a stress-free means of getting from A to B. They’ve even taken their first steps into the world of performance scooters with their new line of GT models. The problem is, when comparing the budget models to, say, GoTrax or Turboant scooters, they are overpriced. There is a lingering sense that you’re paying extra for the brand name without getting full bang for your buck.

But let’s not forget that we are, nevertheless, talking about one of the world’s most popular scooter brands. If you’re an entry-level rider or someone who just wants to speed up your commute, a Segway Ninebot won’t let you down. The MAX G30P, for example, has a range of 40 miles and, if you have $999 to spare, offers a dependable, practical alternative to public transport.

Segway being Segway, you can be sure of good build quality and a stylish piece of kit. We just think there are other brands out there that offer better value for money. Visit the Segway website to see if you agree.

SPLACH – Highly Recommended

SPLACH plotted its route to becoming one of the world’s leading scooter brands by turning to the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. With over $770,000 raised from its campaigns, the brand seemingly put every dollar to great use by launching a host of models. The Twin, in particular, is a stupendously good all-rounder for $999. Value for money? You bet.

Every time SPLACH announces the release of a new product, it has forums buzzing with excitement as soon as word of its development hits the grapevine.

Josh Riding on the SPLACH Twin on a Dirt Track

This isn’t to say SPLACH is all about the hype. No siree – these guys know how to produce an electric scooter. In fact, they are bonafide experts at making beasts.

But SPLACH is no one-trick-pony. The brand also has a much-loved commuter range in its arsenal.

They specialize in taking popular OEM units, adding their flare, and offering scooters at a discounted rate. We’re excited to see where SPLACH goes next.

Turboant – Highly Recommended

Pound-for-pound, Turboant wins the arms race in its mission to deliver a host of reliable budget scooters. Its wide range of scooters span entry-level, everyday knockabouts, such as the popular M10, to the mighty long-range road-shredder that is the V8 Dual Battery – yes, one is removable.

Turboant is a brand that offers fantastic value for money. Its scooters are robust, simple, and surprisingly plucky, with commuters and weekend warriors firm acolytes.

Is it the best budget scooter brand around? It has a serious case, though the likes of GoTrax will have something to say about that. What is indisputable, however, is that Turboant should be considered if you’re looking for a reliable model with minimal fuss and upkeep.

Josh With Turboant X7 Max

Turboant was the first brand to introduce removable batteries in the scooter world, and ever since, its line of X7 scooters – including the Max and Pro – have become some of the world’s most popular models. With the ability to remove and replace a spent battery, Turboant gives you the ability to extend the range of its scooters indefinitely.

As is the case with almost every model that Turboant brings out, they immediately take the crown in their price class as the best overall scooter (for instance, the Turboant X7 Max has just taken over the X7 Pro as the best scooter under $600).

With prices starting at $450 and going up to $800, we’re confident you’ll find a model within your budget.


New Unagi Logo

Where To Buy:

Unagi Model One Red

Our Top Pick:

You know that enigmatic kid at school who was just cooler than everyone (and boy, didn’t they know it)? That’s what Unagi is to the scooter world.

If you enjoy oat-mocha-chai-fennel lattes and read Dostoyevsky in your spare time, this might be the brand for you. It has just one scooter – the Model One – and a website that’s more like an art installation. But don’t let any of this put you off.

Unagi E500 Carbon Fiber Frame

Because when it comes to style, Unagi knows what it’s doing. Starting at $790, the Model One is an elegant commuter scooter that will have city fashionistas drooling. Portable, lightweight, and surprisingly spritely, it comes in a choice of five colors, the option of single or dual motors, and has an interface that can be likened to the screen of an iPhone.

Sure, Unagi has one heck of a brand consultancy team behind it. And more seasoned riders may look at its spec sheet with a whiff of nonchalance; there is an element of style over substance. But, if you value the art of design and want a set of good-looking wheels to transform your inner-city journeys, you can’t go far wrong with Unagi.


Varla has been around since 2018, and in just a few years they have amassed over 20,000 riders worldwide. Its mission is to reinvent all-terrain scootering – whether it has nor not will depend largely on your affinity with the brand.

There’s no denying Varla models are rugged, sturdy beasts. They’re also packed with features that make their price-point look like reasonable value for money.

Like many other brands, Varla started its journey by acquiring OEM scooters (i.e. white-label products), adding their branding, and selling them at a discounted rate to undercut its competitors that were selling the same scooter under a different brand.

Josh Riding the Varla Eagle One

As the Varla brand continues to grow and develop, they have begun to venture into more unique designs to bring entirely new scooters to the market. However, because they are still relatively new to the market, they don’t have as much pedigree as other brands like Apollo, for instance.

Prices range from $1,200 to $2,100, and one thing is for sure – Varla boasts a legion of fans, so if you have a spare thousand dollars or two, it could be the brand for you.


VSETT is one of the most talked-about, hype-inducing scooter brands around. It has a serious heritage, with the likes of the popular Zero range being its forebearer. In fact, the VSETT line was originally intended to be the Pro line of the Zero range, but because the new models far surpassed the power, build, and ride quality of the Zero scooters, the VSETT brand was born.

And the brand is showing no signs of losing its touch. A new generation of models – spearheaded by the 11+ and 10+ – has enraptured fans and experts alike, vaulting the brand back into the big leagues when it comes to the market’s leading players.

VSETT 9+ Full Frame

VSETT scooters look like serious pieces of heavy machinery with garish streaks of color epitomizing the boldness at the heart of the brand.

They also ride exceptionally well. VSETT is a master of suspension, build quality, and maneuverability.

From the $850 of its entry-level scooter, all the way up to the $4,000 of its ultra-performance model, the VSETT line is home to a range of models that suit all experience levels and budgets.

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