Lightest and Most Compact Folding Electric Scooters

Folding electric scooters come in 3 forms: light, compact and seated.

By the end of reading this article you should have an idea of which folding electric scooter is best for you.

I’ve compiled hundreds of hours of research and my first hand experiences so I can provide you with the best possible resource to compare and pick the perfect scooter. I’ve even listed the best foldable electric scooters for adults, kids, speed and much more.

If you’d like to see the top pick for the lightest, most compact and seated electric scooters, simply scroll to the list below.

GoTrax G2

This smooth riding, light (21 lbs) and easy to fold electric scooter is ideal for beginners who want to want a model they can carry and store. It's not only the cheapest model, it also has a top speed of 15.5 mph and can be ridden for 9 miles.

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Most Compact

$199.99 $349.99 See Scooter

SwagCycle Pro

If you want a seated model that you can fold to store in your house or at the office after your commute, then the SwagCycle Pro will be a good for for you. You'll be able to reach speeds up to 18 mph or 15.5 miles and take advantage of cruise control and charging your devices on the go, as well as many other features.

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Best Seated Model

$399.99 $439.99 See Scooter
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Lightest Folding Electric Scooters

1. GoTrax Glider

gotrax glider
GoTrax Glider
GoTrax Glider

Ideal for adults or kids, the GoTrax Glider is the lightest and most compact electric scooter, weighing just 20 lbs. It's also the cheapest model, has a top speed of 16 mph, a ride range of 9 miles and a modern, sleek, design.

$199.99 $299.99

The GoTrax Glider is as light as a feather.

Well, not really, but you get the idea.

It weighs just 20 lbs and is the lightest electric scooter out of all the models that I have reviewed.

To put that into perspective, it weighs about the same as a small dog, but much easier to carry.

Being light isn’t the one winning feature of the Glider. Folding the scooter is extremely easy.

You simply have to pull down on the lever at the bottom of the handlebar post, fold the post down to the rear wheel, grab the scooter by the post and you’re good to go. It is that simple, and takes a matter of seconds.

gotrax glider portable design

Because the scooter folds at the Tiller (the part that connects the deck of scooter to the front tires), it makes the scooter compact when completely folded. Some scooters have a a folding handlebar post that pivots above the front wheel. These tend to be less compact.

As you can imagine, carrying the GoTrax Glider is very easy, making it ideal if you need a scooter for commuting or if you are on the go.

Given how light and portable this foldable electric scooter is, it is ideal for pretty much anyone.

Need it to commute to work? Tick.

Need to be able to easily store it? Tick.

Want a scooter to just have fun on? Tick.

Want an inexpensive model that your kid could also ride? Tick.

The performance of the Glider does not just stop at how light and easy to carry it is though. It may be one of the cheapest foldable electric scooters you can buy but you’ll be able to rev the motor to reach 16 mph for a distance of 9 miles.

Not bad, right?

If you are impatient like me and want a scooter that you can ride the same day you get it, then you’ll love the fact that this ultra lightweight, high performance, electric scooter takes not 5, not 4 but just 3 hours to fully charge.

Some scooters can take up to 12 hours to charge!

To top all of that off, you’ll also benefit from some of the more advanced features that highlight the modern, sleek design. In brief, you can take advantage of the LED headlight to ride the scooter at night whilst you check the handlebar display to track your speed and battery life and, if you really want, ride it in the rain – thanks to its water resistant frame.

2. GoTrax G2

gotrax g2
GoTrax G2
GoTrax G2

This smooth riding, light (21 lbs) and easy to fold electric scooter is ideal for beginners who want to want a model they can carry and store. It's not only the cheapest model, it also has a top speed of 15.5 mph and can be ridden for 9 miles.

$199.99 $349.99

Maybe you want a scooter that has the same folding functionality as the GoTrax Glider and is super light (21 lbs) but you want to take life easy and don’t yet feel like you want to speed down the streets at 16 mph.

If that sounds like you, read on. If it doesn’t, skip this review.

To kick this review off I am going to tell you who the GoTrax G2 is good for.

The G2 is a good choice for adults and kids. In particular, it is good for adults who are new to electric scooting and want a model that they can ride without feeling like they are being propelled down the street.

Essentially, if you are a beginner, the G2 will be a good fit for you. Additionally, if you are a parent looking for a stylish, light, easy to fold electric scooter for your child but want reassurance that they can’t go too fast, then the G2 is definitely one to consider.

gotrax g2 folded

Personally, I prefer the Glider. It’s cheaper ($199.99 vs $229.99) and you can always throttle the first gear for a smooth sailing 11 mph ride while you get used to handling the scooter and then kick it into second gear (16 mph) once you’ve mastered riding it.

One area where the G2 does come into its own is the size of the tires. The G2 runs on solid 6.5 inch rubber tires. Compared to the Glider, these are 1 inch larger and have been designed to take on city sidewalks. The extra inch helps to soften the ride over the cracks and bumps on the sidewalks and gives an ever-so slightly more comfortable ride than the Glider.

3. Swagtron City Commuter

swagtron city commuter
Swagtron City Commuter
Swagtron City Commuter

The Swagtron City Commuter is the fastest folding electric scooter, capable of reaching 18 mph for a distance of 11 miles with built-in cruise control, among many other features. It weighs just 26 lbs and carrying the folded scooter is easy.

$349.99 $410.00

Want a model that is super fast, light and packed full of technology? Carry on reading.

The Swagtron City Commuter is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market, capable of reaching 18 mph for a distance of 11 miles, has cruise control and app integration that lets you control everything from turning on the headlight to putting the scooter in sleep mode, and an easily collapsible handlebar post that gives the scooter a portable design.

All of this and it weighs just 26 lbs.

Carrying the scooter around is easy. Once you’ve released the folding latch, you simply move the handlebar post down and clip the handlebars onto a hook on the mudguard of back wheel. You can then lift the scooter by the secured handlebar post with one hand.

swagtron city commuter folded

Because the City Commuter folds above the front tire as opposed to from the deck, it is not as compact as the other two foldable electric scooters in this list (GoTrax Glider and G2). However, this isn’t so much of an issue if you all you care about is being to fold and carry it.

Generally speaking, you’ll want an electric scooter that is compact if you are concerned about storing it. However, given that the City Commuter only has a folding size of:

41.5 in (length) x 17 in (width of the widest part – the handlebars) x 19 in (height)

…it is still small enough to stow away in the trunk of your car, in a closet or even under the desk at work.

Earlier in the review, I mentioned that the City Commuter is packed full of technology. For all of you tech junkies out there, the Swagtron City Commuter is the one for you and I’m going to show you why.

Like the Gotrax Glider and G2, it has a handlebar display that shows battery life, headlight status and your speed. On top of this, the iOS/Android app lets you control the scooter through your phone. All you need to do is pair both devices, open the app and your ready to activate cruise control, choose your speed and switch the headlight on or off.

My personal favorite feature is the phone mount. I’m going to put it out there…I am a millennial and I love my phone! Who doesn’t? So, what’s better than riding with your phone in your pocket? Riding with it firmly attached to the handlebars in the phone mount.

And here is the best bit…You can use your phone as a real-time GPS display. You could load up your destination on Google Maps, hit the directions button and let the map direct you to your end location.

Finally, this light foldable electric scooter can support up to 320 lbs. This is by far the strongest electric scooter that I have reviewed and the fact it only weighs 26 lbs but can support that much weight is impressive.

Compact Folding Electric Scooters

1. Gotrax Glider (G1)

gotrax glider
GoTrax Glider
GoTrax Glider

Ideal for adults or kids, the GoTrax Glider is the lightest and most compact electric scooter, weighing just 20 lbs. It's also the cheapest model, has a top speed of 16 mph, a ride range of 9 miles and a modern, sleek, design.

$199.99 $299.99

You may have already seen my review of the GoTrax Glider as the lightest foldable electric scooter but thanks to its folding design it is also the most compact.

Instead of re-stating the points I made earlier about the Glider, I will just give a brief recap and then take a look at what makes the Glider so compact, including it’s dimensions.

So, to recap, the Glider has a fast, fold and release mechanism making it extremely portable, a top speed of 16 mph, a battery life capable of running the scooter for 9 miles and it takes just 3 hours to charge meaning you can ride it the same day you get it.

Thanks to the Glider’s carefully crafted design with the LED headlight and display both fitting flush in the handlebars, it is both sleek and slim – making it more compact than those models which have attachments protruding out of the scooter. The small 5.5 inch tires also allow for the scooter to be folded more tightly.

Ultimately, the positioning of the lever activated folding mechanism ensures that the scooter can be collapsed down so it is roughly 10-12 inches in height.

As a result of its compact design, you’ll have no problems carrying or storing the Glider.

2. GoTrax G2

gotrax g2
GoTrax G2
GoTrax G2

This smooth riding, light (21 lbs) and easy to fold electric scooter is ideal for beginners who want to want a model they can carry and store but don’t yet want to be propelled down the streets at speed (12.5 mph).

$229.99 $349.99

Similar to the GoTrax Glider, the G2 uses the exact same folding frame that allows it to be compact.

However, the G2 does have slightly larger tires tires than the Glider meaning that once folded it is about 11-13 inches in height. To be honest, the difference between the Glider and G2, in terms of portability and how compact they are, is so minimal that you can discount that from your decision as to which to opt for.

Instead, focus on the performance that the G2 delivers compared to the Glider. To recap:

  • Speed – G2 (12.5 mph), Glider (16 mph)
  • Distance – G2 (7 miles), Glider (9 miles)
  • Charge time – G2 (4 hours), Glider (3 hours)
  • Weight – G2 (21 lbs), Glider (20 lbs)

Ultimately, I would advise you to choose the Glider over the G2. It is cheaper and you’ll get more value for your money.

3. GoTrax GXL 2

gotrax gxl2
GoTrax GXL 2
GoTrax GXL 2

The GoTrax GXL 2 delivers in every area that you would want a foldable electric scooter to deliver in. It utilizes a fast, fold and release mechanism that is simple to use and makes the scooter compact to carry and store, weighs 27 lbs and is packed full of advanced features that will please any tech fan.

$299.99 $499.99

The GXL 2 is GoTrax’s latest foldable electric scooter. It delivers in every area that you would want an electric scooter to deliver in.

But, before I give the GXL 2 a complete shakedown, I’m going to explain how compact it is.

When choosing a foldable electric scooter it is always good to bear in mind the dimensions that it is when folded

I got in touch in the team at GoTrax and they sent me the dimensions of the GXL 2 when it is folded. So, the folded dimensions are as follows:

44 in (length) x 17 in (width) x 16.5 in (height)

I know what you are probably thinking – ‘17 inches wide! That doesn’t sound very compact.’

I thought that too but the missing detail is that the 17 inches is as a result of the handlebars! So really, the GXL 2 isn’t 17 inches wide down the whole scooter but instead just at the handlebars.

Generally, foldable electric scooters tend to be a similar size so you don’t need to worry about the length too much. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the height. The way that the scooter folds is dependent on the folding mechanism used and this can directly affect how compact it is.

All of GoTrax’s electric scooters utilize the same fast, fold and release mechanism which allows the frame to fold at the deck to make it as short as possible.

gotrax gxl 2 folded

Some scooters, like the Swagtron City Commuter fold from the bottom of the handlebar post which makes gives them larger height dimensions, which, in turn, makes them slightly less compact but still portable.

The GXL 2 is not GoTrax’s most compact electric scooter (the Glider is) but it is their most powerful.

The GXL 2 will let you roll along comfortably at 15.5 mph for 12 miles on a single 4 hour charge. It also has large 8.5 inch air-filled, shock absorbing, tires that let you easily ride over bumpy streets and sidewalks.

For me, how the scooter looks plays a big part in my decision process. Some of you may not be too bothered by how it looks as long as it delivers what it says on the box but for those of you who do care, here is my take on it.

This scooter has the most aesthetically appealing design out of all that I’ve reviewed in this article. The matte black, seamless frame and rich red highlights radiate style while the LED headlight and handlebar display play up the futurist look of the scooter.

If you are a fan of all things tech and gadget related and you are conscious about style, then you can’t go wrong with the GXL 2.

3. GoTrax GXL

gotrax gxl
GoTrax GXL
GoTrax GXL

With the same compact frame and weight as the GoTrax GXL 2, the GXL comes at a cheaper cost and with a different braking mechanism. If you don't mind pressing a button or standing on a rear brake to slow down then the GXL will be a great choice. If you'd prefer to use a hand-operated brake then the then the GXL 2 will be better.

$299.00 $449.99

The GoTrax GXL is the older model of the GXL 2. It delivers the same performance, has the exact same folded dimensions and looks amazing too.

So, what’s the difference? I hear you ask…

The GXL is about $50 dollars cheaper than the GXL 2.

If you want the folding capabilities and performance of the GXL 2 but at a lower cost then opt for the GXL.

gotrax gxl folded

But, before you do that read what I have to say next.

To ride the GXL you need to push on the accelerator button located on the right hand side of the handlebar LED display. To brake you can either push on the left thumb brake button to slow down or if you need to stop quickly you can step on the rear brake.

Although this method of braking is safe, it depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you’re familiar with riding a bike you may prefer a hand operated brake. It is here that the GXL and GXL 2 differ. The GXL 2 comes equipped with a hand operated brake which you can engage from the handlebars.

The hand operated brake doesn’t affect how compact the scooter is but it is something to consider before choosing which folding electric scooter is best for you.

Folding Electric Scooters with a Seat

1. SwagCycle Pro

Swagcycle pro
Lightest Electric Scooter with a Seat
SwagCycle Pro
SwagCycle Pro

If you want a seated model that you can fold to store in your house or at the office after your commute, then the SwagCycle Pro will be a good for for you. You'll be able to reach speeds up to 18 mph or 15.5 miles and take advantage of cruise control and charging your devices on the go, as well as many other features.

$399.99 $439.99

Often, electric scooters that have a seat tend not to be foldable. Either the seat is welded into the frame or they are too large to fold (e.g. the Razor EcoSmart Metro).

However, there is one hybrid model which I think is a good solution.

The reason I say hybrid is because it is a combination of an electric bike and scooter. It has no pedals and is solely powered by electric but has the frame of a bike.

Let me introduce the SwagCycle Pro.

The SwagCycle Pro isn’t the most portable option and it certainly isn’t the lightest. Your probably better off choosing a standard folding electric scooter like the GoTrax Glider if you want something that you can easily fold and take with you on public transport. However, if you simply want a model that you can fold to store in your house or at the office after your commute, then the SwagCycle Pro will be a good choice.

swagcycle pro folded

You can fold the handlebars down by pulling up the silver bolt in the side of the folding latch, then while lifting the bolt up, you use your other hand to unfold the latch that is keeping the handlebar post in place by pulling it down and away from the post. Once the latch is undone, you just need to fold the handlebar post down and you’re good to go.

Trust me, it is a lot easier to do than it sounds.

Due to the hybrid style of the SwagCycle, it isn’t as compact as the other scooters I have listed. To put it into perspective for you, the folded dimensions are as follows:

39.4 in (length) x 18.9 in (width – as a result of handlebars and foot pegs) x 21 in (height)

As you would expect, the main difference is the height of the scooter. The length is actually shorter than some of the other models I have reviewed. The width is slightly larger but impressively, a lot of space is saved thanks to how the handlebars fold. They fold to the side so that the they run parallel to the frame.

Also, it weighs 30.4 lbs so carrying it for a short period of time is no problem.

Now that you have a good idea of the folding capabilities of the SwagCycle Pro, let’s take a look at the fun stuff.

It is in joint first place for speed alongside the Swagtron City Commuter as the fastest folding electric scooters. The high torque 350w boosts the hybrid device to 18 mph and the powerful 36v lithium battery can not only drive the motor for 15.5 miles (the greatest mileage of all the scooters I have reviewed) but also lets you charge your devices on the go as it has a USB socket.

On top of all of that, the handlebar comes fitted with a battery life indicator so you’ll never get stuck without having enough juice in the battery and a headlight so you can ride at night.

Finally, the cruise control function lets you quite literally, sit back and cruise along – whether you’re on the boardwalk at the weekend soaking in the sun or commuter to work in the week.

Further Information: Want to see more models with a seat? Check out my List of the Top Seated Electric Scooters

Folding Electric Scooters by Type

There aren’t many electric scooters with a seat that can fold to choose from. There are two reason for this – the first is because there aren’t many seated models on the market, and secondly, seated models tend to have the seat welded into the deck and frame or they are too large to fold, making them almost impossible to carry.

However, there is one model that is light and can fold and in fact, it is actually one of the most advanced in the market.

The Best Foldable Electric Scooter with a Seat

  1. SwagCycle Pro

Often when choosing an electric scooter a lot of attention will be put on the top speed of the electric scooter. However, speed may be important but battery power is even more important. You don’t want to invest in an electric scooter that can go super fast but then the battery dies after just 20 minutes of riding it.

With that in mind, here are my top choices for fast foldable electric scooters that also deliver decent battery life.

  1. SwagCycle Pro – 18 mph and 15.5 miles
  2. Swagtron City Commuter – 18 mph and 12 miles
  3. GoTrax Glider – 16 mph and 9 miles

It is easy to get sucked into spending less thinking you’re going to get a great deal but, you need to be careful. Make sure you check all the specs of the model that you’re buying to be confident that you’re getting a good deal.

I have thoroughly reviewed many electric scooters and hunted out the best prices for reliable models. So, here are my top choices.

Top 3 Cheapest Electric Scooters That Fold:

  1. GoTrax Glider – $199.99
  2. GoTrax G2 – $229.99
  3. GoTrax GXL – $299.99

The bigger the wheels the smoother the ride. If you are planning on riding on uneven terrain then larger tires will absorb more shock from the uneven ground below and even off better grip, especially as some have anti-slip treads.

Top 3 Foldable Electric Scooters with Big Wheels:

  1. SwagCycle Pro – 12 inch front, 10 inch rear tire/li>
  2. GoTrax GXL 2 – 8.5 inch tires
  3. Swagtron City Commuter – 8.5 inch tires


It depends on who they have been designed for and what they will be used for.

The main purpose for being able to fold electric scooters is to carry and store them.

Some kids electric scooters are not foldable because kids don’t, necessarily, need to carry them. Kids are more concerned about having fun riding them round the block, rather than folding and carrying them.

Electric scooters for adults, on the other hand, tend to be foldable because of how they are used. For example, an adult commuting to work will need an electric scooter that they can easily fold to take on public transport and keep under their desk.

I endorse Razor scooters, they have a great range for kids and adults, but, from my experience, the folding capabilities of Razor electric scooters are poor.

You should always check the dimensions of the scooter so you can gauge a good idea of how big, small or compact it is going to be when folded.

You can ask the brand selling the scooter for the:

Length x Width x Height

Different brands and scooter types use different folding mechanisms.

Generally, the way electric scooters fold can be grouped into 2 mechanisms.

1. The electric scooter folds from the deck of the board – Imagine an electric scooter, now look at the deck (the part you stand on) and move your eye across to where the deck connects to the front tire. It is here that the folding happens. This often the most compact way to fold an electric scooter as the handlebars lay parallel to the deck.

2. The electric scooter fold from the handlebar post – Imagine the scooter again, then look at the handlebar post and move your eye down towards the bottom end of the post just above the front tire. It is here that the folding happens. Once the handlebars have been folded they sit at a downward angle as they rest or hook into the fender over the rear tire. As you can imagine, this folding mechanism is slightly less compact that the above.

Yes, it takes a matter of seconds.

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