Best Electric Scooters for Commuting (We Tested Them All)

Picture this: It’s Monday morning, and your alarm is shrieking in your ear. You roll over, desperate for another five minutes of shut-eye – or a hot cup of coffee.

The day – and a full, daunting week of work – looms ahead. But before that…the commute. So what will it be?

A frantic, sweaty jog because you’ll inevitably be running late? A train that doesn’t show up? An expensive, uncomfortable public transport struggle, squashed between jostling bodies and breathing stale subway air?

Whatever your commute, you can kiss goodbye to any refreshment that last night’s sleep gave you. But what if there was a different way?

Enter the electric scooter: revolutionizer of the dreaded commute.

Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

Over the last few years, we’ve reviewed a wide variety of scooters – amassing a database of 140+ models in the process. Add that to the fact that we’re also all commuters ourselves, and we’re well-placed to help you choose the best electric scooter for your daily commute.

Now, we’re sharing that knowledge – unveiling our top 9 electric scooters for commuting. All of the scooters we recommend below are light, compact, and have the perfect blend of speed, range, and ride quality. These scooters will make your commute not only more efficient but more enjoyable, too.

And to make it even easier to compare and contrast each commuter scooter that follows, we’ve split them into three price categories – budget, mid-range, and premium.


Our top choices for the cheapest commuter electric scooters.

Under $500
Turboant M10
Turboant M10
Under $600
Turboant X7 Pro
Turboant X7 Pro
Under $700
GoTrax G4
GoTrax G4


Commuter scooters that sport more features and better ride quality than the budget models.

Under $800
Apollo Air Pro
Apollo Air Pro
$799.00 $999.00
Under $900
Horizon 13
$849.00 $879.00
Under $1,000


Scooters whose every design detail is primed for commuting and have the highest level of ride quality.

Under $1,400
Emove Cruiser
EMOVE Cruiser
Under $1,600
INOKIM Quick 4
INOKIM Quick 4
$1,499.00 $1,699.00
Under $1,800
Apollo City 2022
Apollo City Pro

We reviewed the Cheapest & Most Compact Dual-Motor Scooter

Take a closer look at our recommendations by viewing the scooters in the categories below.

Our top choices for the cheapest commuter electric scooters

Commuter scooters that sport more features and better ride quality than the budget models

Scooters whose every design detail is primed for commuting and have the highest level of ride quality

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Budget Commuter Electric Scooters

Under $500:

Turboant M10

Now: $449.98 at Turboant
Turboant M10
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $500
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Fast, reliable, and impressively affordable, the Turboant M10 is proof that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Weighing less than 30 lbs – and supporting over 7 times that amount in rider poundage – the M10 is easy to fold, pick up, and transport. With huge 10-inch tires offering comfort and a slick frame adding class, the M10 is for commuters wanting their money – and their scooter – to go further.

Turboant M10 Folded in Parking Lot

Why We Recommend It:

Where were we before the Turboant M10 came along? We can’t remember – and we’re not sure we want to. That’s because before this superb budget scooter arrived at our HQ, we’d never seen a model with such spectacular features and specs available for such a wallet-friendly price point.

On the market for just $449.98, the M10 is a commuter’s dream – the kind when you wake up with a huge smile on your face. In that dream, you’re cruising along inner-city lanes, eating up the asphalt at a pace of 20 mph. Perhaps, you’re extending your ride out to make the most of the M10’s 18-mile range. Or, in that dream, you’re gliding to a stop, and taking advantage of the M10’s quick, intuitive, and hassle-free folding mechanism. All for that price point – should we pinch ourselves?

Turboant M10 Handlebars

The Turboant M10 is, of course, a reality – although there’s a dream-like quality to the ride experience it offers. The scooter’s plump pneumatic tires, which are full of air rather than a solid foam or rubber, are designed for soaking up the shocks of most urban surfaces.

Sure, the M10 doesn’t come with any traditional form of suspension – it’s not fitted with springs, coils, or swingarms – but nor are any other scooters in its pricing bracket. Plus, those plus-sized wheels (at 10 inches in diameter, they compare with some of the most esteemed performance scooters on the market) do more than enough to compensate.

Turboant M10 Plush Tire

As a commuter, ride comfort will be high up on your scooter wish list – and it’s a box the M10 comfortably ticks. But safety will also be one of your top priorities: so how does the M10 stack up?

Thanks to a single, hand-operated mechanical disc brake (located over the rear wheel to enable safer stopping), the M10 performs against the expectations of its modest price point. In cahoots with an electronic regenerative braking system (the kind that feeds the energy from the scooter’s brakes back into its battery), the M10 boasts a braking distance of just 4.9 meters from 15 mph. That aligns with the average of scooters in its class, but it’s still impressive for such an affordable scooter.

Turboant M10 Rear Disc Brake

Yet brakes are only one part of the safety equation – to feel truly comfortable on a commuter scooter, you’ll need a strong lighting setup, too.

Luckily, the M10 provides a headlight at the fore, and a taillight embedded into the rear fender. This taillight also flashes when you’re braking, so it’s well-suited to keeping up with the rigorous, fast-paced (and often short-tempered) demands of city traffic.

We do admit that the M10’s lighting setup isn’t the brightest or most comprehensive – and if you’re planning on riding extensively at night, you’ll probably be wise to invest in extra attachable USB lights to strap onto the handlebars. Fortunately, the M10 is made for city riding, and the city’s where you’ll be – so you’ll at least have street lamps to help illuminate your way.

We rarely recommend riding in the rain – it’s not the safest, and, should you incur any damage to your scooter, it won’t be covered under warranty. As a commuter, however, sometimes you just need to get to work – rain or shine. If that’s the case, the M10 has you covered. It comes equipped with an IP54 water resistance rating, meaning it’s protected from sprays of water from all angles.

Turboant M10 Deck and Wheels

For such an affordable scooter, water-resistance credentials of this caliber are impressive – many of the electric scooter industry’s top models, including most of the Dualtron range, lack them. But for a perennial overachiever like the M10, it’s just par for the course.

Take the durability of its frame, for instance. Not only is the M10 forged from a hardened aluminum alloy, but – build quality-wise, at least – it represents an improvement over previous Turboant models, such as the X7 Pro (which, incidentally, is coming up next). The M10’s battery is housed in the deck, rather than the stem (as the X7 Pro’s is), which makes it easier to pick up. Similarly, the M10 has a mechanism that easily locks the stem and deck together when folded – meaning it’s simpler to carry, too.

Turboant M10 Handlebars Hooked into Rear Fender

And the best part? The Turboant M10 takes just 5 hours to charge, meaning you can have it juiced up and ready to ride in just over half a regular working day. During the day, your plugged-in M10 will be the envy of the office. Then, as you ride home in the evening, it’ll be all yours to enjoy: as it zips you safely and stylishly down the street.

Yes, the Turboant M10 is the best electric scooter for commuting under $500. But to say that’s all it is would be doing it a disservice. Because the M10 is a profoundly multi-talented scooter, it also appears on our list of the best budget scooters and claims the Electric Scooter Insider Award for the Best Overall Scooter Under $500.

If you’re on a shoestring budget but aren’t willing to compromise on performance (or aesthetics), you won’t find anything better than the Turboant M10.

Turboant M10 Handgrip and Bell

Further Information:

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Under $600:

Turboant X7 Pro

Now: $549.98 at Turboant
Turboant X7 Pro
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $600
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Commuters, you’ve met the Turboant M10. Now, meet its older brother – the X7 Pro. Offering 12 miles more range, supporting more rider weight, and boasting a detachable battery pack to boot, the X7 Pro isn’t content to be replaced by its upstart younger sibling.

With a light frame, an indefinite range, and an intuitive folding mechanism, the X7 Pro provides versatility in spades. Affordability, too – because you won’t find better on a sub $600 budget.

Why We Recommend It:

As a commuter looking for the perfect scooter, range is always going to be one of your top priorities. After all, the average commute is increasing (blame a lack of investment in infrastructure, rising house prices, and employers' lack of flexibility for that) – so your scooter needs to be able to go the distance.

However, this brings up a paradox: many commuter scooters (particularly the more budget-friendly ones) don’t tend to offer much mileage for your money.

Fortunately, then, the Turboant X7 Pro bucks that trend, packing a stunning range of up to 30 miles off a single charge. But its capacious capacity isn’t the only noteworthy aspect of the X7 Pro’s battery. It’s also detachable. This is an especially rare feature on a commuter scooter, but – as we’ll explain – an especially welcome one, too.

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

Firstly, that’s because you won’t need to charge the whole X7 Pro – just its battery. When you get to work in the morning, you can simply decouple the battery from the scooter: taking the battery up to your floor to charge, while leaving the actual scooter in safe storage downstairs. The same principle applies when you get home – why bother lugging all 33 lbs of the scooter upstairs, when you can take the battery alone?

Secondly, purchasing an additional battery pack (or two) can extend the X7 Pro’s range indefinitely. All you need to do is don a backpack ahead of your next ride, and pack it with a fully charged extra battery pack. When your X7 Pro runs out of power, simply pop in a spare – and ride to your heart’s content.

Turboant X7 Pro Handlebars and LED Display

Thirdly, because the battery is located in the stem – not the deck, it is less prone to damage. Should you bottom out, or your deck picks up a scrape while you attempt a curb mount, your battery won’t pay the price. Better still, your robust, energy-efficient battery will reach full charge in just 6 hours – comfortably within the confines of the classic 8-hour working day.

Speed-wise, the Turboant X7 Pro tops out at 20 mph – fast enough to get you to work on time, but slow enough to keep you safe while zipping between hectic inner-city traffic. You can keep track of your speed via the slick, centered LED display. From here, you’re also able to view your riding mode, of which there are three:

  • ‘Beginner’ caps your speed at 6 mph
  • ‘Eco’ restricts you to 12 mph
  • ‘Sport’ mode is unlimited and lets you hit the full 20 mph

Regardless of the riding mode, you’ll still want the peace of mind that only the most effective braking systems can provide. And, while it is a cheap scooter, the X7 Pro hasn’t cut any corners in serving up stopping power.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display and Throttle

The X7 Pro utilizes a three-pronged approach to braking. The first is a disc brake positioned over the rear wheel – you’ll activate this whenever you squeeze the lever located on the handlebars.

The second is a foot brake, which is easy enough to understand and use – it’s positioned over the scooter’s rear wheel, so simply slamming your back foot down on it does the trick.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel Fender and Disc Brake

Lastly, this braking duo is complemented by a third, final act – the electronic braking system. This slows the front wheel, spreading the braking power.

So, is the Turboant X7 Pro portable? The answer is yes – after all, we wouldn’t be recommending it for commuters if it wasn’t. Weighing in at 33 lbs (yet able to support more than 8 times that amount in rider load) the X7 Pro is easy to fold and transport. Owing to the chunkier nature of its stem (there’s a battery pack in there) it can be a little awkward to carry – but it’s no big deal.

Turboant X7 Pro Folded

Like the M10, the X7 Pro eschews its lack of traditional suspension to deliver a silky, smooth ride. Of course, for that, we have its jumbo 10-inch pneumatic tires to thank. Most scooters in the X7 Pro’s pricing bracket come with tires of 8.5 inches in diameter, so the plump profile of the X7 Pro’s – which is around 18% larger than the norm – is a welcome sight. Having a larger contact patch increases traction, and offers an enhanced sense of stability.

Not only do the tires deliver excellent cushioning from the vibrations of less even city terrain, but their fine tread pattern aids traction in wet weather – helping you navigate slippery urban conditions. Which, by the way, isn’t a problem as the X7 Pro comes kitted out with an IPX4 water resistance rating, so it’s splashproof.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

If anything lets the Turboant X7 Pro down, it’s the lackluster 3W headlight, which isn’t sufficient for night rides. Taking into account how reliable the rest of the scooter’s build is, though – and the extent to which it punches well above the weight of its price – we’re willing to give it a pass.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Brake Light

Further Information:

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Under $700:

GoTrax G4

Now: $649.00 at GoTrax
GoTrax G4
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $700
The Good:
The Bad:

For less than $700, the GoTrax G4 is the ideal commuter scooter. Blending affordability, portability, and durability – all terrific traits for a commuter scooter to have up its sleeve – the G4 backs it up with fantastic features.

With cruise control, an LED display, and a digital and cable lock, the G4 is perfect for traversing the concrete jungle of the city.

GoTrax G4 Side Profile of Frame

Why We Recommend It:

If you’ve cut your teeth in the world of budget scooters and want to step up to something with more commuter-oriented features, the GoTrax G4 will be a great fit.

Capable of a 20 mph top speed it goes toe to toe with the Turboant M10 and X7 Pro. Against the backdrop of the rest of the GoTrax line, such as the XR Ultra, XR Elite, Apex, and GXL V2 – which all hover around the 15-16 mph mark, the G4 cranks things up a notch in the speed stakes.

GoTrax G4 Handlebars From Rider's Point of View

Range-wise, the G4 comes with a manufacturer-stated range of 25 miles – impressive for a scooter with such a modest price point. A scooter with this kind of distance usually retails for well over $750 – so through that lens, you’re grabbing a bargain.

However, there’s a catch – namely that in our tests, we were only able to extract around 14 miles of range. You’ll have a better chance of hitting the upper limits of the G4’s manufacturer-stated range if you go easy on the throttle and don’t accelerate too hard. Nevertheless, this is a natural occurrence in the scooter world with the Turboant X7 Pro and M10 both also taking a dent on their maximum range when ridden in their fastest modes (16 and 13 miles, respectively).

GoTrax G4 Full Deck

What the G4 does have, though, is big, fat, pneumatic tires. Measuring up at 10 inches in diameter and filled with air, the tires offer shock absorption and stability in spades. They’re also coated on the inside with a generous coating of innovative tire slime, which helps guard against punctures (pneumatic tires’ biggest weakness).

Think of the G4’s tires as two big doughnuts, filled with jelly. Puncture the outside, and the jelly starts oozing out – right? Only with the tire slime, it works the other way. Should your tires pick up a nick of 6 mm or less, the slime in their lining will pour into the gap, plugging the aperture and preventing the outward flow of air from your precious wheel.

GoTrax G4 Plush Air-Filled Tire

This nifty aspect of the G4’s design is mirrored in the rest of the scooter’s construction. Made of a sturdy, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the G4 is built to last, while its IP54 water resistance rating means it’s built to withstand the ravages of wet weather.

Of course, we don’t recommend riding your scooter in the rain – for the sake of both your warranty and your safety. But, if you have to make it to work on a rainy morning, the G4 at least has you covered.

GoTrax G4 Frame

For stopping power, the G4 relies on a dual braking system: a disc brake at the rear, with an electronic regenerative braking system backing it up. While the rear brakes are sufficient to bring you to a safe stop, we’d have preferred to see them accompanied by a front brake to spread out the stopping power.

Still, the fact that it comes equipped with a regenerative system, which feeds braking energy back into the 36V 10.4Ah Li-On battery, is a nice touch. With that battery also equipped with a smart management system – to safeguard it from overheating and short-circuiting, and facilitate more recharge cycles – you can be confident that your G4 will stand the test of time.

GoTrax G4 Rear Disc Brake

It also charges in just 4-5 hours – so you can have it recharged and ready to go by the end of the working day.

Predictably, the G4 offers plenty of portability. It’s a little heavier than the Turboant models on our list, but – at just 37 lbs – it’s still comfortably within the upper 46 lbs limit we put on commuter scooters. Plus, the G4’s one-step folding mechanism makes it easy to collapse when it comes to storing and transporting it.

GoTrax G4 Folded in Trunk

Simply pull the lever at the bottom of the tiller, and the G4 folds down. Better still, the stem hooks into the rear fender – meaning the scooter stays folded and is easier to lift and carry around. It’s a fantastic feature that all commuters will love – and there’s more where that came from. From the centered LED display, you’ll be able to view your speed and battery life, and activate cruise control and a savvy digital lock. The former means you can travel at a constant speed, without having to keep the accelerator depressed – so it offers some respite to your finger on long commutes. The latter? Well – let us explain.

The G4’s digital lock allows you to set a unique 3-digit code to unlock your scooter. If it’s not entered, the wheels will lock, and the scooter will beep and flash its light if someone tries to move it. Working with a built-in cable lock, this lock offers a refreshing layer of anti-theft protection – although, at 37 lbs, there’s still a good chance any prospective thief could simply pick the scooter up and walk off with it.

GoTrax G4 Cable Lock

Finally, the GoTrax G4 comes with a headlight, a responsive tail light (which flashes when you apply the brakes), and 6 different reflectors. While these all add to your visibility to other road users – especially at night – they’re not sufficient in and of themselves for after-dark excursions. We recommend strapping some extra lights on to be safe.

GoTrax G4 Headlight

Further Information:

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Mid-Range Commuter Electric Scooters

Under $800:

Apollo Air Pro

Now: $799.00 at Apollo Scooters
Apollo Air Pro
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $800
The Good:
The Bad:

Got a little more budget to play with, and want the ride experience to match? Look no further. As the best commuter scooter – nay, best overall scooter – available for under $800, the Apollo Air Pro offers unparalleled ride comfort.

For similar money, you won’t find its front dual fork suspension anywhere else – and the Air Pro’s flowing lines, dynamic design, and silky folding mechanism are truly unique.

Josh Standing on Apollo Air Pro

Why We Recommend It:

With 18 mph of speed and 18 miles of range in its locker, the Apollo Air Pro isn’t the fastest scooter on our list – nor is it capable of the longest distances.

It’s a similar situation with weight. At 38.5 lbs, the Air Pro isn’t the lightest commuter scooter – so it won’t be a fit for all riders.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and you’re right – when it comes to specs, the Apollo Air Pro isn’t the most immediately impressive commuter scooter. But – and it’s a big but – the Air Pro offers a lot more than meets the eye. And it’s so much more than its spec sheet.

Front of Apollo Air Pro Frame

Take, for instance, its aesthetic qualities. The Apollo Air Pro has a streamlined, aerodynamic design, with a tapered deck and wide, upswept handlebars giving it a dreamlike, almost whimsical look and feel.

That’s not to say this thing’s all style and no substance, though. The Air Pro’s built from a combination of dependable, precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy and reinforced plastic. Its handgrips and deck are coated in durable anti-slip rubber, while an IPX4 water resistance rating gives the Air Pro basic protection from splashes and wet weather rides.

Right of Apollo Air Pro Handlebars

What’s more, it has been built to Apollo’s strict standards – and rigorous attention to detail. Apollo’s precise manufacturing process utilizes CNC technology, cutting components from a single piece of aluminum alloy. This seals unsightly seams and imbues the Air Pro with the silky sense of being forged from the same piece of custom-built metal.

Build quality? Check. Where the Apollo Air Pro stands out, though, is in the top-tier levels of ride comfort. The dual fork suspension over its front wheel is ripped straight out of the pages of the mountain bike playbook, and – aesthetically, at least – is reminiscent of the Wolf Warrior’s huge inverted hydraulic shock absorbers.

Apollo Air Pro Fork Suspension

Plus, the Apollo Air Pro’s one of the few scooters in the sub $800 price class to boast a suspension system. It’s also notable for the pair of 10-inch pneumatic tires it comes with. These air-filled beauties will soak up the majority of impacts – whether they be potholes, cracks, or crevices in the concrete – that inner-city terrain can throw at you. The result? The best ride quality of all electric scooters under $800.

Apollo Air Pro Slick Tire Tread

With comfort and build quality both accounted for, let’s take a look at another area in which the Air Pro excels – safety. With a front drum brake working in tandem with an electronic regenerative braking system at the rear, the Air Pro will bring you to a stop in around 3.5 meters from 15 mph. This is a vast improvement over the other scooters featured prior in this list since they take around 5.0 meters to stop.

Apollo Air Pro Drum Brake

The Air Pro also comes kitted out with an adjustable headlight – you can tilt it upward or downward for the most optimal line of sight – and a responsive brake light that stays on while you ride. The taillight also flashes when you brake, while reflectors at the front and rear aid visibility in low-light conditions.

Close Up of Apollo Air Pro Headlight

However, it must be noted that while the headlight can be adjusted, its lowest downward-facing setting isn’t angled enough to light up the ground in front of you, but instead lights up what’s ahead at eye level. As a result, we still recommend adding an extra headlight if you’re planning on sustained after-dark adventures. This isn’t an issue that only the Air Pro has, though. It is rare for any scooter at the Air Pro’s price point to boast lighting setups that are powerful enough for night riding.

Apollo Air Pro Headlight Projecting on Wall

Returning to what makes the Air Pro one of our top picks for commuters, is its convenience.

It charges in just 5.2 hours – easily less than most shifts or traditional working days – and plays host to a bunch of life hacking features. From its centered LED display, you can activate the lights and cruise control feature, monitor your speed and remaining battery life, and be your own mechanic by interpreting the scooter’s array of error codes.

Apollo Air Pro Display

A trio of riding modes will cap your speed at 4 mph, 8 mph, and unlimited, respectively, while a smart power management system – preventing short-circuiting, overheating, and over-discharging – ensures the longevity of your scooter’s battery. The Air Pro even boasts an integrated app that enables you to customize performance settings like acceleration strength. Convenient, indeed.

Further Information:

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Under $900:

Horizon 13

Save $30 | Was: $879.00 | Now: $849.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $900
The Good:
The Bad:

In the case of the Horizon 13, you don’t just get what you pay for – you get more. When it comes to this scooter, expect premium features, high speeds, full suspension, and an awesome range for a comparatively small price tag.

It’s heavier than other models on the list but has compact folded dimensions to add portability. So, if the best ride quality, speed, mileage, and hill-climbing are on your radar – and all for under $900 – the Horizon 13 is for you.

Why We Recommend It:

If you thought 13 was an unlucky number, think again – because there’s nothing unfortunate about this powerful, precise model from Horizon. From Miami-based FluidFreeRide, the Horizon 13 is a speedy, sensational scooter that delivers on performance – without breaking the bank.

Josh with the Horizon

Although it has a smaller motor than some competitors, the Horizon 13’s single 500W motor has more than enough power to propel you to a top speed of 25 mph. Plus, with the motor’s peak 800W output, it generates enough torque to scale the majority of urban inclines: making it the best hill climber for under $900. You can ride it to work and save on the sweaty hill hikes.

Regular hill climbs will make the battery drain faster, but – luckily – it’s one of the commuter scooters with a longer reach, allowing you to travel for up to 25 miles on a single charge. This makes it a good fit for riders with a medium-length commute. If you need to go further, take a look at the EMOVE Cruiser. It’ll cost you quite a bit more ($550 more, to be precise), but, with a whopping 62 miles of range in its locker, offers well over double the Horizon’s distance.

View of the Horizon From the Rear

The Horizon 13 weighs in at 42 lbs, so it’s at the upper end of the 46 lbs limit that I tend to recommend for commuters. When it’s folded, however, the 13 is one of the most compact scooters around – courtesy of its simple folding mechanism, telescopic stem, and foldable handlebars. Still, if you think 42 lbs might be a little too heavy for you, you can always buy the optional trolley wheels and carry handle to make it easier to maneuver.

Horizon Folded Handlebars

With dimensions of 38.6 (l) x 7.1 (w) x 14.6 (h) inches, the Horizon 13 collapses down into a small package that’s both easy to carry and store out of sight – making it ideal for stowing away.

Front View of Horizon Folded Frame

As you’ll have gleaned by now, commuter scooters need to deliver a comfortable ride, especially if you’re going to use them regularly. Luckily, the Horizon delivers. It sports an 8.5 x 2-inch air-filled tire at the front and an 8 x 2.5-inch solid rubber tire at the rear. The thinner front tire provides the agility and shock absorption necessary to navigate urban surfaces, while the thicker rear tire sports a larger contact patch: delivering increased traction and more grip when you brake.

Close Up of Horizon Front Air-Filled Tire

Both tires are complemented by an exceptional suspension system, which is outstanding for what you pay. This considered, the Horizon 13 takes the prize of the cheapest scooter with a full suspension system. A spring shock in the front and dual shocks in the rear team up to protect against bumps and cracks underfoot, and deliver a smooth riding experience across roads and sidewalks.

Horizon Front Spring Suspension

In terms of safety, a drum and electronic brake combo mean that braking power is directed to the rear wheel. While this setup brings you to a stop in approximately 5.0 meters, the imbalance of stopping power means that the braking performance can’t quite match a scooter equipped with dual brakes – such as the SPLACH Twin, which has drum brakes at both the front and rear.

Horizon Rear Drum Brake

Building on these safety features is the lighting setup, which consists of a headlight, two front button lights, and dual taillights. The rear lights blink as you pull on the brake, which plays a pivotal role in letting other road users know that you’re slowing down. The front lights, on the other hand, are all positioned low to the ground – which doesn’t make them ideal when it comes to visibility.

Close Up of Horizon Front Button Lights

This isn’t unique to the Horizon, though. There are few scooters in our 140+ strong database of electric scooters that have sufficient lighting for riding at night – most of which are at least quadruple the price of the Horizon and have extreme-performance specs to match. As a result, I recommend purchasing an additional headlight.

You can control the lights from the QS-S4 display which also allows for complete visibility over your speed, distance traveled, and battery level. And this isn’t the only savvy feature in the Horizon’s locker. Commuters eyeing this scooter up can also look forward to cruise control, as well as handlebars that are telescopic – meaning you can adjust the height of them to fit the profile of whoever’s riding it.

Horizon QS-S4 Display

Further Information:

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Under $1,000:


Now: $999.00 at SPLACH
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1000
The Good:
The Bad:

Sporting dual 600W motors, dual drum brakes, and dual spring suspension, the SPLACH Twin lays claim to not only the best commuter scooter under $1,000 but the best overall electric scooter at this price bracket.

Everything from its durable build, sublime control, and sleek aesthetic, make the Twin a fantastic electric scooter for new and experienced riders alike.

Josh on SPLACH Twin

Why We Recommend It:

It’s around this point in our list of the best electric scooters for commuting that the scooters start to ‘step up’. With the SPLACH Twin, we’re moving away from everyday, budget-oriented rides, and into a whole new realm of performance and power. These scooters are capable of some seriously impressive feats of speed, distance, and durability – and beyond.

SPLACH Twin Handlebars POV

Take the SPLACH Twin’s speed, for instance. Spearheaded by dual 600W motors, the Twin can hit a maximum velocity of 28 mph. Range, too – the 48V 15.6Ah battery takes around 7.5 hours to reach full juice, but once road-ready will carry you up to 28 miles off a single charge. There are even a couple of different riding modes, which cap your speed and allow you to squeeze more distance out of your battery – not to mention providing an even safer, more secure ride.

SPLACH Twin Front Tire

Speaking of safety, the SPLACH Twin has you covered. Pairing dual drum brakes with electric brakes at the front and rear, the Twin will bring you to a safe stop, no matter what your speed. Regardless of the conditions, too – the Twin’s water resistance rating protects it from rain, dust, and dirt, making it our best waterproof scooter under $1,000.

SPLACH Twin Rear Drum Brake

Typically, the presence of an IP rating means a scooter’s designers haven’t skimped on the build quality – and the SPLACH Twin doesn’t disappoint. The scooter is made from an ultra-strong aluminum alloy called 6061: a substance that’s more flexible than most steel, and also weighs around two-thirds lighter. Needless to say, the Twin’s been built to last – and it can handle far more than what your morning commute can throw at it.

SPLACH Twin Stem

One area of the Twin’s build that impressed us was its suspension. Its shock absorption comes from two sources. The first is its front and rear springs, and the second is its swingarms. Working in tandem, they deliver a considerable amount of travel that far surpasses any of the prior scooters on this list. For a commuter scooter, the suspension system is the best that you can get. It cushions you from aggressive apertures in the asphalt.

SPLACH Twin Spring

The tires, by contrast, are solid and offer nothing in the way of shock absorption, but the suspension mostly negates this. The upside, though is that solid tires run zero risk of picking up punctures – so dependability is a definite.

SPLACH Twin Solid Rubber Tire

After getting the Twin out of the box, we had high hopes for its lighting setup. Alongside button lights embedded in the front and rear of the deck, the Twin boasts a horizontal strip of lights running the length of its deck. The integration of the lights is well-designed but, unfortunately – like the majority of electric scooters – after we turned the lights on, it became glaringly obvious that they were not bright enough.

SPLACH Twin Acrylic Deck Lights

The one glaring omission to the Twin’s lighting arsenal is a headlight. Without a headlight, we’re reluctant to endorse it as a companion for night riding – and extra lights are a must.

Fortunately, the Twin sports plenty of user-friendly features – several of which make it tailor-made to commuters.

SPLACH Twin Folding Mechanism

For one, there’s the intuitive folding mechanism that makes it simple to collapse and stow away – whether that’s in the garage, or on the bus, train, or subway. There’s also the telescopic stem, which allows you to adjust the height of the handlebars and minimize its size for storage and transport.

SPLACH Twin Telescopic Stem

Overall, if you’re a commuter not content to settle for less – and want to spice up your daily ride with more adrenaline – the SPLACH Twin is a fantastic fit.

SPLACH Twin Folded

Further Information:

SPLACH Twin Review

Premium Commuter Electric Scooters

Under $1,400:

EMOVE Cruiser

Now: $1,399.00 at Voro Motors
Emove Cruiser
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1400
The Good:
The Bad:

Kicking off our premium commuter scooter options is the EMOVE Cruiser. And when we say premium, we mean premium. Dollar for dollar, it offers more range than any other scooter on the market.

Add to that its collapsible handlebars, telescopic stem, and fuss-free folding mechanism, and it’s clear the Cruiser isn’t light on features. The only thing it is light on? Your wallet.

Why We Recommend It:

No, no – your eyes didn’t deceive you. That figure is completely correct, and yes: the Cruiser offers a whopping 62 miles of range. This, as you’ll see, is the largest range of any commuter scooter and in the bigger picture of electric scooters, is unparalleled in its price class.

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

So, what does the EMOVE Cruiser’s 62-mile range mean for your commute?

Well, the Cruiser is ideal if your commute is longer than the average. It could replace your train, car, or bus ride entirely – reducing your carbon footprint. Similarly, the gargantuan range may mean that you won’t have to worry about charging it every day – offering much-needed convenience.

EMOVE Cruiser Handlebars

Better still, a full recharge of your Cruiser will only take between 9 and 12 hours. Charge it at night while you’re sleeping, and wake up with 62 miles of open road stretching before you.

While it is easy to get hung up on its incredible range (as we just did), there are plenty of other strings to the Cruiser’s bow. For instance, its 52V 1000W motor means it’s capable of a zippy 30-mile top speed – a venomous velocity that belies the Cruiser’s single motor. In this list, only the 32 mph of the Apollo City Pro outstrips the Cruiser for speed, so it’s not to be sniffed at.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Mudguard

Now, specs are important, but – as any self-respecting, aesthetic-conscious commuter will know – style is, too. Thankfully, the EMOVE Cruiser allows you to go your own way: choosing between purple, red, orange, white, and black.

You’ll also fall in love with its sturdy, stocky design. Built with a long deck, wide handlebars, and savvy S-knob stem folding mechanism – plus a whole host of in-built extra features – the Cruiser puts the fun in functionality.

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

Among those features are a neat key-ignition to deter sticky fingers, plus a battery voltmeter. Located on the handlebars, this handy device offers near-perfect readouts of your battery health, allowing you to better plan your commutes – and avoid getting stranded without power. Cruise control is included as standard, too, as is a horn and the option to add a seat. There’s even a smart battery management system to ward off the perils of battery overheating and prevent overcharging.

EMOVE Cruiser Charging Port

We could wax lyrical about the EMOVE Cruiser’s features all day (we haven’t even discussed its QS-S4 display or turn signals yet, after all). But in the interests of brevity, let’s move the discussion on to the two big ‘S’s’: safety and suspension.

Fortunately, both are top-notch. The Cruiser’s front and rear 140 mm semi-hydraulic brakes will bring you to a stop in just 3.4 meters from 15 mph, while its car-grade pneumatic tires offer a wealth of shock absorption. The fact that these 10-inch monstrosities are paired with a highly competent suspension setup – large front springs, coupled with rear air shocks – only furthers the Cruiser’s status as the full package.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

Plus, the Cruiser’s tires – which, with a whopping profile, are as large and wide as those on some of the electric scooter industry’s top models – offer lots to love in the way of grip and carving from side to side.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Plush Air-Filled Tire

The Cruiser is well-equipped to handle wet weather, too. It sports an IPX6 water resistance rating – one of the highest in the industry – plus a wonderfully oversized rear tire hugger to put the kibosh on mud splashing up onto your clothes. Of course, this kind of attention to detail and design finesse is nothing less than we’d expect from the EMOVE name – the same brand that brought us the Touring, another dependable commuter stalwart.

Front View of EMOVE Cruiser

Like the Touring, the Cruiser relies on a combination of steel and stress-tested aluminum alloy, while rubber, grip tape, and reinforced plastic have been used on the handgrips, deck, and more superficial parts, such as the tire hugger. The Cruiser looks and feels reliable.

Even the moving parts – like its telescopic stem – feel stable. Often, these components tend to be the most fragile on scooters, and are generally the most prone to breakage and dysfunction. On the Cruiser, though, they feel solid and stable and will give you peace of mind on your commute. The only area that could do with improvement is if the foldable handlebars were to screw into place instead of simply sliding over the central T-bar. This would eliminate the slight wiggle experienced in both grips. Luckily, the wiggle can be eliminated by tightening a few screws – however, for future models, it would be great if this design flaw was eradicated in the scooter’s blueprint.

EMOVE Cruiser Telescopic Stem Extended

Finally, it’s worth calling upon the LED setup. Like the SPLACH Twin, it sports deck-embedded button lights, but – unlike the Twin – it doesn’t stop there. The Cruiser throws in a bright headlight (located above the front fender), plus a rear responsive taillight and surprisingly effective turn signals. This all combines to render the Cruiser as one of the most well-equipped commuter scooters where lighting is concerned.

EMOVE Cruiser Turn Signals

Under $1,600:

INOKIM Quick 4

Save $200 | Was: $1,699.00 | Now: $1,499.00 at Fluid Free Ride
INOKIM Quick 4
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1600
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

If you’re a commuter looking for premium design and quality – and are happy to pay extra for it – the INOKIM Quick 4 will be up your street. Flaunting a portable build, automatic lights, and a dual suspension system, the Quick 4 is the nexus at which head-turning design meets thrilling functionality. The fact that it comes with INOKIM’s pedigree is a bonus, too.

Why We Recommend It:

In our full review of the INOKIM Quick 4, we liken this scooter to a Porsche. Just as the latter consistently lay claim to the title of the best car manufacturer, so too does INOKIM deliver on design quality.

Josh on the INOKIM Quick 4

Made via the same CNC manufacturing process we waxed so lyrically about during our Apollo Air Pro review above, the Quick 4’s stem and base are forged from a single piece of aluminum alloy. That means no weldings, and no worries – just a scooter with proven durability credentials.

So, what makes the INOKIM Quick 4 suitable for commuters? Let’s start with the rapid-fire folding mechanism. We timed how long it took our team to fold and unfold it and found that the process took just 15 seconds, making this model quick not just in name, but in nature. That fast-folding also means that the Quick 4 is ideal if you’re running late in the morning – or are just super keen to get out of the office after work.

INOKIM Quick 4 Folded

Next up are the tires. Sporting twin 10 x 2.5-inch pneumatic tires, the Quick 4 cushions you from the impact that speed bumps, potholes, or simply less even roads will throw at you. The tires are mounted on split rims, too – so they’re easy to swap out should you pick up a puncture. The healthy width of the tires also means they offer a wide, stable contact patch with the road – and this equates to a comfortable riding experience.

INOKIM Quick 4 Front Tire

Working in tandem with the tires is its shock absorption setup, with a front spring supported by a rear rubber shock. Prior to the Quick 4, none of INOKIM’s commuter-style scooters had conventional suspension – they simply relied on the air in their pneumatic tires to handle things in that area. With the Quick 4’s suspension, it’s amazing to see the brand taking rider feedback on board, and making their scooters more rider-centric – and more commuter-friendly.

INOKIM Quick 4 Spring Suspension

In terms of speed, the INOKIM Quick 4 falls a little short of its competition. Its 25 mph speed is on par with the $849-priced Horizon 13 and is easily dwarfed by the heady velocities of the SPLACH Twin (28 mph), EMOVE Cruiser (30 mph), and Apollo City Pro (32 mph).

Compared to the other commuter scooters in this list, its range fares a little better than its speed. Beating almost the entire lineup, the 43 miles of range is outstripped only by the EMOVE Cruiser, so you get a lot of distance for your money.

INOKIM Quick 4 Durable Frame

Similarly, the braking distance – 3.6 meters from 15 mph – aligns with the industry standard for its price point and profile. The stopping power here comes from a responsive set of drum brakes. Unlike discs, these drum brakes are sealed – meaning they’re less likely to pick up damage from curbs and stone chips, require less maintenance, and won’t fade in the wet.

INOKIM Quick 4 Drum Brake

One thing that may fade in the wet, though, is… the scooter. Well, not really, but the INOKIM Quick 4 doesn’t come with an IP rating, so its performance in wet conditions hasn’t been tried and tested.

A quick heads up – the Quick 4 and Horizon 13 are the only scooters on this list not to sport an IP rating. So, if riding in the rain is important to you, you’ll be better off looking elsewhere.

As you may have spotted already, the INOKIM Quick 4 was named for its speed – not its lightness. At 47 lbs, it’s just over the upper limit we generally recommend for commuter scooters. However, we’re willing to make a rare exception here.

INOKIM Quick 4 Folded Frame

After all, the INOKIM Quick 4 does sport foldable handlebars – and its telescopic stem allows you to extend and retract the handlebars. This is particularly useful if you have multiple people (of varying heights) using the scooter. Commuters, of course, will love it too – especially when it comes to squeezing the scooter into the small storage spaces of offices or public transport.

INOKIM Quick 4 Stem Clamp

With these neat portability hacks – plus the lightning-quick folding mechanism – it would be criminal not to include the INOKIM Quick 4 in the annals of commuter scooter stardom.

And how about the extra features? On top of a central control unit, the Quick 4 boasts ‘Park Mode’. This mode will disable the throttle if the scooter is left idle for half a minute or more, preventing it from ‘running’ away should you accidentally bump the throttle.

INOKIM Quick 4 Central Control Unit

Finally, the lights aren’t quite bright enough to ride comfortably at night, but the trio of LEDs – two at the front, one at the rear – certainly win points for style. The lights turn on automatically once ambient light reaches a certain level, and – thanks to the scooter’s highly customizable control unit – that level is all yours to personalize.

INOKIM Quick 4 Button Lights

Further Information:

INOKIM Quick 4 Review

Under $1,800:

Apollo City Pro

Now: $1,699.00 at Apollo Scooters
Apollo City 2022
Best Commuter Electric Scooter Under $1800
The Good:
The Bad:

When a scooter comes built from a proprietary mold – and with its own mobile app – you know it’s going to be good. And the all-new Apollo City Pro 2022 (which is almost unrecognizable from the old Apollo City) doesn’t disappoint.

Sporting self-healing tires, powerful regenerative brakes, a one-click folding mechanism, and an IP56 water resistance rating, the City Pro represents a new frontier of high-performing commuter scooters.

Why We Recommend It:

Remember the old Apollo City, with its telescopic stem and royal blue trim? Well, cast it from your memory and get over the nostalgia, because an all-new City is in town – and it’s stunning.

Josh on the Apollo City 2022

Boasting a proprietary design put together by Apollo’s CTO, the City’s build is a far cry from the original, which was an OEM production unit. Aesthetically, the City feels more evolved than its predecessor. Decked stem to fender in a lean, mean space gray aesthetic, the City 2022 channels a look and feel more reminiscent of the latest iPhone than your average commuter scooter.

OLD Apollo City vs Apollo City 2022

The latest incarnation of the Apollo City improves on the original in many other ways, too. Available in both a single and a dual-motor version (though it’s the dual we’re reviewing here), the City 2022 offers more speed than the original – and can climb steeper hills.

The new-and-improved dual-motor City also couples an improved triple spring suspension system with swingarms, while also beefing up the profile of its tires. It also upgrades the IP54 water resistance rating of the original to a superior IP56, adds turn signals, and gives the display screen and finger throttle a makeover.

Close Up of Apollo City 2022 Rear Springs

The Apollo City 2022 is a superb scooter that pays homage to the past while bringing a classic model into the present. So why is this good for commuters, you ask? Let us explain.

Firstly, the City 2022 sports the best folding mechanism we’ve ever tested. Complete with a built-in safety button – which prevents the latch from uncoupling when you’re in motion – the scooter’s one-click mechanism is simple and intuitive. When being lifted, a hook/latch combo keeps the two halves of the scooter connected, so it’s easy to pick up and carry. However, when left folded to its own devices, the hook on the back of the handlebars tends to slip out of the latch – this is by no means a deal-breaker but more of an annoyance.

Apollo City 2022 One-Click Folding Mechanism

Of course, there’s also an elephant in the room here – namely, the Apollo City’s elephant-like weight. At 65 lbs, it’s certainly heavier than that we’d normally recommend for commuters. However, the ease with which it folds and its integration of many features mean it’s more than worthy of commuter contention.

One of the key things the Apollo City 2022 gets right is comfort. The scooter pairs springs and vertically pivoting swingarms to achieve an excellent ride experience. No jarring vibrations. No chattering teeth. No aching wrists. Just an alluring ride – every time.

Apollo City 2022 Durable Swingarm

The tires should take some credit for that, too. Tubeless and self-healing, they’re not only less likely to pick up flats but require far less maintenance than their run-of-the-mill counterparts. Thanks to their inflated size compared to the original City – 10 x 3.5 inches, compared to 8.5 x 2 inches – they’re also more comfortable with strength and stability to boot.

Apollo City 2022 Plush Tire

Now we’re on the topic of upgrades, we should mention the braking setup. Dual drum brakes replace the disc/drum combo of the original, while superior regenerative brakes complete the picture. All told, the lot will bring you to a complete stop within 3.4 meters from 15 mph. While not mind-blowing, that certainly represents satisfactory performance compared to similar scooters in the City’s niche.

Apollo City 2022 Right Handbrake Lever

Continuing in the safety vein, it comes with a headlight that’s seamlessly integrated into the stem. Like the scooter’s responsive taillight (which flashes as you brake), its bright headlight is elegant, efficient, and primed for night rides.

Apollo City 2022 Headlight On

Better still, its turn signals are the best we’ve tested. Unlike other scooters, the City 2022 informs you of when the turn signals are on via icons on the centered LED display followed by loud beeps. It’s impossible to forget when you’ve activated your turn signals. But if you do, they’ll auto-turn-off after ten seconds. Not bad, Apollo.

Apollo City 2022 Turn Signal Light On

When it comes to key specs such as speed and range, the City Pro is a mixed bag. Capable of hitting up to 32 mph of speed, it’s the fastest commuter scooter on our list. But, when compared to the cream of the crop (against all other scooters in its price class – i.e. not limited to commuter models) for speed, the City Pro loses out to a handful of other models that are capable of hitting 40 mph. Nevertheless, these scooters are primed for raw performance and don’t share the same attributes that make the City Pro such a good commuter scooter.

When it comes to range, the City Pro stacks up well against the commuter competition, but it is beaten by the cheaper EMOVE Cruiser. Here, it's important to weigh up how important features like puncture-proof tires, customizable performance via an integrated mobile app, and regenerative braking are to you since the City Pro offers a wealth of benefits that make it superior to the Cruiser. If you don’t mind sacrificing a longer mileage for a scooter that is more well equipped for the challenges of everyday commuting use, then the City Pro is a great choice.

Apollo City 2022 Chassis with Turn Signal On

What’s more, the City Pro’s range comes coupled with an equally impressive charge time. Utilize its 3a fast charging port and included fast charger (unlike other brands, Apollo doesn’t make you pay for this) and you’ll have your scooter ready to roll in just 6 hours.

With the integrated mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) you can tinker with the cruise control settings, gears, kick-to-start function, and strength of the acceleration and regen brake. You can even set customized speed limits across its three riding modes. Plus, the cockpit’s slick, centered LED display will flash up a set of error codes when there’s something awry, so you can diagnose and solve any issues with your scooter’s health.

Apollo City 2022 Mobile App

The Apollo City Pro 2022 is more expensive than the other commuter scooters on our list – and its frame is on the heavy side, but if you’re after ultimate build quality and an unrivaled feature set, then this is the scooter for you.

Apollo City 2022 Anodized Frame

Further Information:

Apollo City 2022 Review

By Type

Heavy Adults:


Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:


  • None

Biggest Wheels:

Most Portable:

Hill Climbing:



Optional Seat Attachment:

  • Budget: None
  • Mid-Range: None
  • Premium: EMOVE Cruiser – Available for $65

Further Information:

Best Seated Scooters


What is the Best Electric Scooter For Commuting?

The best electric scooters for commuting, ordered by price, are as follows:

How Do I Choose an Electric Scooter for Commuting?

When choosing an electric scooter for commuting, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

1. Speed

How much time do you need to allow yourself to get from one place to the next? If your goal is to cut back on the time spent traveling, speed is the defining factor that you want to look for.

Fast commuter scooters tend to sit around the 30 mph mark.

2. Mileage

How far is your commute? If your commute is long, you’re going to need to get a long-range electric scooter.

The commuter scooter with the longest range is the EMOVE Cruiser, which clocks in at 62 miles.

3. Weight & Portability

Will you need to fold and carry your scooter? Are you going to be carrying it upstairs? Do you need to put it in the trunk of a car, or store it out of the way in the office?

Weight and portability are two factors you need to pay attention to. No one wants to spend their day lugging around a 50 lb electric scooter. For ultimate portability, you should choose a scooter that has a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars.

4. Charge Time

How often are you going to use your electric scooter?

If you plan on commuting frequently you’re going to want to avoid models that take a long time to charge. Ideally, you’ll want to opt for a scooter that takes only a few hours to charge (4-6 hours). In circumstances, however, where the electric scooter has a long-range, charge time may not play a big factor since you won’t need to charge it daily.

5. Durability

Durability is often pushed aside as an afterthought, but you should keep this front of mind and opt for a scooter that is going to last the test of time.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Generally speaking, the more expensive the scooter is, the better its build quality.

Because most commuter scooters have a fairly sedate top speed they don’t suffer from the same issues as high-performance models that need to withstand extreme pressures when riding. One area of build quality that is prominent for commuter scooters, though, is battery quality. If you buy a scooter, make sure it comes with a good quality battery and a system that regulates the battery’s health. This will mean that you can rest assured knowing that it has the pedigree to deliver a long battery life.

Similarly, water-resistance ratings are key to commuter scooters since it's likely that you’re going to need a model that can weather the storms of differing conditions.

6. Extra Features

.Features such as self-healing tires, regen brakes, turn signals, and bright lights, should also play a role in your decision. Not only do extra features like these make the riding experience more enjoyable but they turn your scooter from a machine that simply gets you from A to B to one that is primed for the challenges of inner-city riding.

How Much Do Electric Commuter Scooters Cost?

Electric commuter scooters come with wide and varied price tags depending on their performance and features.

At the cheapest end of the scale, you can pick up a commuter scooter for around $450. But, if you want to get a top-of-the-line model, (i.e. something that goes fast, far, and provides premium ride quality), you’re going to be spending closer to $1,700.

What is a Commuter Scooter?

A commuter scooter is a scooter that has been engineered to be ridden to and from work, and for traveling in general. Among other traits, commuter scooters are made with functionality in mind.

Commuter scooters are easy to fold, lift, and transport, and have short charging times for a quick turnaround.

Are Electric Scooters Good for Commuting?

Absolutely. Electric scooters can be the ideal partner for commuting: whether you plan to ride them the whole way to work, or in combination with a train or bus as part of a ‘last mile’ solution.

That is, of course, if you select the right scooter. Not all electric scooters, after all, are made equal – and not all scooters will suit commuting. Be sure to select a scooter that has a simple, seamless folding mechanism, and is equipped with the features that are essential for your commute (i.e. a water resistance rating, turn signals, effective headlight, self-healing tires, low maintenance brakes, etc). If a scooter has a telescopic stem or foldable handlebars, they’ll be even easier to fold and stow away – making them even more fit for purpose.

Choosing the right commuter scooter isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help. In our list of the best electric scooters for commuting are a variety of models perfect for all budgets.

How Far Can You Commute on an Electric Scooter?

This depends on the electric scooter you choose because they all have different-sized batteries. On the cheaper end of the scale, batteries tend to run at 10Ah, while models higher up in price can have batteries that are as big as 30Ah.

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the battery, the further the range.

The commuter scooter with the longest range is the EMOVE Cruiser. The Cruiser clocks in an impressive maximum 62-mile range thanks to its large 52V 30Ah LG battery.

Are Commuter Scooters Legal?

Laws relating to electric scooters vary widely. In some states, they’re forbidden on the streets – in others, on the sidewalks. Even in states where electric scooters are allowed, there are restrictions on the speed that you can go.

For the full low-down on the latest rules and regulations, visit our dedicated electric scooter laws page.

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