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Josh With Apollo Air Pro, Ghost, and Phantom

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  1. Under $400 – Turboant M10
  2. Under $600 – Turboant X7 Pro
  3. Under $800 – Apollo Air Pro
  4. Under $1,000 – Apollo City
  5. Under $1,200 – VSETT 8 (19.2Ah)
  6. Under $1,400 – EMOVE Cruiser
  7. Under $1,600 – Apollo Ghost
  8. Under $1,800 – Mantis Base
  9. Under $2,000 – Mantis Pro SE
  10. Under $2,200 – Apollo Phantom
  11. Under $2,400 – Wolf Warrior X Pro
  12. Under $2,600 – INOKIM OxO
  13. Under $2,800 – VSETT 10+R
  14. Under $3,000 – Wolf King
  15. Over $3,000 – NAMI Burn-e Viper

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Under $400:

Turboant M10

Save $50 | Was: $449.98 | Now: $399.98 at Turboant
Best Electric Scooter Under $400

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Looking for the best scooter under $500? Look no further because Turboant’s new entry to the budget electric scooter market carves out its crown as king of the $400 bracket. 

Turboant M10 Frame

With a lightweight frame, one of the fastest top speeds in its price bracket, and best-in-class ride quality, the Turboant M10 is the perfect scooter for first-time, thrifty riders. We were previously impressed with the X7 and X7 Pro – Turboant’s earlier models for commuters and casual riders. But, while both scooters have their pros and cons, the M10 welcomes some improved design details over its predecessors.

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If you’re looking for a quality scooter that hits all the right notes, whilst also keeping costs down, the M10 is a strong contender. This budget model is the latest offering from Turboant, who are already well-known for their affordable scooters.

The M10 follows in the footsteps of the ever-popular X7 Pro, delivering a 20-mph top speed that’s perfect for urban commuting and weaving through busy traffic. It comes equipped with 3-speed modes: Beginner (6 mph), Eco (9 mph), and Sport (20 mph). These are perfect for moderating your pace and matching the requirements of crowded city streets. Plus, they’re great for beginners who are just finding their footing.

Front of Turboant M10 Handlebars

If this is your first scooter, and you’re feeling a little nervous about heading out, the M10 has got your back. It comes with a double braking system, consisting of an electronic brake, as well as a rear disc, to give you control over the M10’s 350W motor. Although I’d prefer to see braking action on both wheels, this setup is standard for a scooter at this price point.

Turboant M10 Rear Disc Brake

Where the M10 delivers on features above its price point, though, is in its tires. Most budget scooters come with at least one solid rubber tire, which is great for avoiding flats, but terrible news for shock absorption. The M10, however, doesn’t have this problem because it sports two large plush 10-inch pneumatic tires.

This means the tires are air-filled rather than solid, making them much softer and better able to mold to the road surface underfoot. As a result, they absorb the vibrations from traveling over uneven surfaces, making for a surprisingly smooth ride. Plus, their larger size means increased stability and a much more balanced experience.

Turboant M10 Plush Tire

Good quality tires are especially important for the M10 because, like the X7 Pro, this scooter doesn’t come with suspension. Luckily, the tires are more than capable of picking up the slack. It’s worth mentioning, though, that this scooter is only meant to be ridden on city roads and paths, and so, I don’t advise taking it off-road – you’ll be in for a rather unpleasant and bumpy ride if you do.

At first glance, the M10 looks like any other scooter, but its build quality is sturdy enough to stand up to everyday use with the curved ergonomic handlebars encouraging a more relaxed riding position. They also make reaching the trigger throttle easy. Unlike scooters that sport QS-S4 displays and finger trigger throttles, you don’t need to change your grip to reach the M10’s throttle, solving the problem of holding your hand in an unnatural claw shape whilst you accelerate.

Turboant M10 Handlebars

Just because this scooter has a decent build quality doesn’t mean that it’s heavy and unwieldy. In fact, this scooter is extremely light. Weighing just 29.8 lbs it’s ideal for carrying. Like all good commuter scooters, it also comes with an excellent folding mechanism.

Turboant M10 Folded in Parking Lot

Whilst the M10 doesn’t have the most extensive range on offer, its 7.5Ah battery delivers a travel time of up to 18 miles. This is likely to be less (11 miles) if you plan to ride consistently in Sport mode, but it is enough for shorter urban commutes. And when it comes to recharging, the M10 only takes 5 hours to re-juice.

The LCD display is a little different from the ones you’ll usually find on budget scooters and is instead built into the curved handlebars for a clean and tidy aesthetic. From here you can monitor your speed and range, as well as activate cruise control, the headlight, and taillight.

Turboant M10 Display

It might not be the flashiest scooter on the block, but with a price tag of $449.48, the Turboant M10 is a perfect option for beginners and no-nonsense commuters looking for a nifty model that comes with everything needed to get from A to B. It champions simplicity without compromising overall performance.

Further Information:

Turboant M10 Review

Under $600:

Turboant X7 Pro

Save $50 | Was: $549.98 | Now: $499.98 at Turboant
Best Electric Scooter Under $600

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The Turboant X7 Pro is the best budget electric scooter. An awesome scooter at an awesome price, the X7 Pro is perfect for first-time riders. With a top speed of 20 mph, a long 30-mile range, portable design, robust build (including its IPX4 water-resistance rating), and plush 10-inch air-filled tires, the specs on offer are unrivaled by scooters in the same price bracket.

Unlike the majority of electric scooters, the X7 Pro’s battery pack is removable, which also makes it super convenient to charge and gives you the option to switch out the battery for a new one to double its range.

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So you need a scooter that’s an excellent commuter and great value for money? Don’t worry, you’re not asking too much. I’ve got just the thing to tick all your boxes: the Turboant X7 Pro.

Turboant X7 Pro Folded

My favorite thing about the X7 Pro is the range on offer. This scooter has a maximum range of 30 miles on a single charge which beats the likes of more expensive models. (14-16 miles if ridden in its fastest speed setting). This makes it the perfect choice if you’re planning long journeys. It takes between 4 and 6 hours to recharge which isn’t bad considering the maximum miles available.

There’s more to this scooter than meets the eye, though, like the fact the battery is not hardwired internally but has, instead, been fitted to the stem of the scooter. This might seem like a strange design quirk, but it’s so that you can remove the battery from the scooter completely. Not only does this mean you’ve got the option of charging the scooter as a unit or the battery by itself, but if you need more miles on the clock, you can purchase a second battery to extend the range even further. This gives the X7 Pro a level of versatility that its competitors lack. It’s also a nifty security feature – who’s going to want to steal a scooter without its battery attached?

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

Of course, the total mileage you get is dependent on how aggressively you ride, which is why the X7 Pro comes with 3 riding modes – Beginner, Eco, and Sport – each with a different speed limit. Beginner will keep you below 6 mph, Eco will take you up to 10 mph and Sport allows you to reach the X7 Pro’s top speed of 20 mph. It also has a nifty energy saver mode. After 10 minutes of no activity, the main controls will shut the scooter down to help preserve the battery even further.

Turboant X7 Pro Handlebars and LED Display

The X7 Pro’s top speed is powered by a 350W motor, which makes this scooter pretty zippy once it gets going. The top speed is an ideal pace for new riders and the motor is strong enough to propel you up gradual inclines. It’s worth noting, though, that despite having the same size motor as the Turboant M10, the position of the motor is different which results in a slower acceleration curve. Here, the X7 Pro’s motor is mounted into the front wheel, as opposed to the pacier rear-mounted position of the M10. For context of how this affects performance, the X7 Pro takes 7.3 seconds to hit 15 mph, while the M10 takes just 5.4.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

When it comes to ride quality, the large 10-inch air-filled tires do a great job of cushioning against bumps and cracks. This is crucial considering that it doesn’t have any suspension. For this reason, I suggest sticking to smoother roads when you can – even with the wheels, you’ll feel grueling terrain.

The X7 Pro comes with a triple braking system which is especially impressive on a scooter that can be snapped up for under $600. Most models at this price (and some more expensive options, too) struggle to incorporate a single decent braking mechanism, let alone three. The X7 Pro features an electronic brake as well as a rear mechanical disc and foot brake which combine to deliver good stopping power relative to the scooter’s speed output.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel Fender and Disc Brake

Budget scooters tend to be light and portable, and weighing in at 33 lbs the X7 Pro is both of these things. It folds down quickly and neatly, so storing it under a desk or lifting it onto public transport is easy. For smaller hands, the battery position on the stem does make it tricky to grip when carrying, but for most this shouldn’t pose a problem.

If you find yourself riding in the dark, you can switch on the LED headlight as well as the rear red taillight, which also doubles as a brake light. These do a good job of making you more visible as well as brightening the path ahead, but for true nighttime riding, additional lighting is needed.

Turboant X7 Pro Headlight

The lights can be controlled from handlebars, where you’ll also find the LED screen that shows your riding stats, including your battery level and speed. The ergonomically designed throttle combines the controls to power the scooter on and off, activate cruise control, and swap between riding modes. This means you don’t have to take your hands off the grips to awkwardly press any buttons, everything is within the distance of your right thumb.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display and Throttle

For the price you pay, the Turboant X7 Pro delivers exceptional value for money. Thanks to its long mileage, portable design, robust build (including its IPX4 water-resistance rating), and premium features like the removable battery, it holds its own against more expensive models and is perfect if you need to keep your costs below $600.

Further Information:

Turboant X7 Pro Review

Under $800:

Apollo Air Pro

Save $100 | Was: $799.00 | Now: $699.00 at Apollo
Best Electric Scooter Under $800

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The Apollo Air Pro secures the crown for best-in-class ride quality in the sub $800 bracket.

Replacing the ‘Apollo Light’ and superseding the more limited Air model, the brand new Air Pro cranks up its predecessor’s dials with superior specs, suspension, and stature.

Josh Standing on Apollo Air Pro

We often refer to INOKIM as producing some of the best-built electric scooters as a result of their precise manufacturing process, but just as INOKIM joins the components of its scooters with perfect alignment – forging unsightly seams that are all too common, especially on entry-level scooters – Apollo has done the same for the Air Pro. It eschews the clunky style that many scooters in its price bracket have with curved lines, flush finishes, and a design that flows from one section to the next. Bravo, Apollo.

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For all their fun features, the biggest benefit of an electric scooter is that it has the potential to revolutionize how you get from A to B, allowing you to swap sweaty, crowded subways for the freedom of the open air. The Apollo Air Pro is ideal for this and its balance of speed, range, and a Rolls Royce level of build quality makes it a reliable model that is well worth the layout.

Front of Apollo Air Pro Frame

The Air Pro’s lithium-ion 10.4Ah battery means it can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge. On a scooter that costs $699, you may question its ability when set aside the first two models in our list – the Turboant M10 and X7 Pro – both of which are cheaper, yet either match the Air Pro or outperform it for maximum mileage. However, digging deeper into performance, we found from our tests, that while the two Turboant models have larger maximum mileage figures, this doesn’t present the best spec to use for comparison, but instead, focusing on real-world mileage paints a far clearer picture.

Apollo Air Pro Handlebars

The majority of brands in the scooter industry use maximum mileage figures to promote their scooters – which is fine because it's common practice even across the entire automotive industry – but it’s worth noting that these figures are based on a 165 lbs person riding the scooter in its lowest speed setting across flat terrain. Because real-world usage often results in riding the scooter in one of its fastest settings across varying terrain, you can, as a rule of thumb, expect a 35-40% reduction in the maximum mileage. Though, in this case, Apollo is one of the few brands that doesn’t embellish the specs of their scooters and 18 miles is exactly what you get. So, circling back to the two cheaper models – the Turboant M10 (11 miles, real-world) and X7 Pro (16 miles, real-world) – the Air Pro outperforms both when it comes to mileage.

Apollo Air Pro Chassis

Whether you’re carving through city streets or racing along the flat at the full 18 mph clip, the Air Pro delivers best-in-class ride quality.

Apollo Air Pro Tire and Suspension

While its shock-absorbing tire and fork combination work in harmony to soak up rough terrain – like a memory foam bed molding to your body – the rubber deck keeps your feet firmly pinned and the wide handlebars make riding the Pro as smooth as Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

Apollo Air Pro Rubber Deck

Similarly, one other area of the Air Pro’s design that surpasses any other scooter in the sub $800 price bracket is its impressive stopping power. While the vast majority of budget scooters direct all of their stopping power to their rear wheel, the Pro improves on this by moving its mechanical brake – in this case, a drum – to the front while routing its regenerative system to the rear. This spreads out the stopping power, funneling braking ability to both wheels, rather than just one. The result of this is a powerful setup that brings you to a stop 30% quicker than its top contenders. In actual figures, this equates to a stopping distance of just 3.5 meters from 15 mph.

Apollo Air Pro Drum Brake

When it comes to folding the scooter, another prime example of its fantastic build quality is its intuitive, hassle-free folding mechanism, which is made up of both a clamp and a quick-release lever. Folding the scooter takes mere seconds and the simple-yet-ingenious hook-and-latch combo keeps the handlebars locked to the deck for easy lifting.

Apollo Air Pro Folded

Plus, you only have to look at the design of the folding hook that is kept flush to the stem in a magnetized cavity at the top of the stem to see the amount of thought that has gone into the Air Pro’s design.

Apollo Air Pro Folding Hook in Cavity

So, in conclusion, not only does the Air Pro deliver a level of build quality and performance that is unmatched by its competitors, but its sleek display, IPX4 water-resistance rating, and smart power management system further bolster its place as the best premium entry-level scooter.

Apollo Air Pro Taillight

Further Information:

Apollo Air Pro Review

Under $1,000:

Apollo City

Save $100 | Was: $1,099.00 | Now: $999.00 at Apollo
Best Electric Scooter Under $1,000

The Good:

The Bad:


City by name and city by nature, the Apollo City is the perfect urban ride and an essential consideration for anyone looking for something light and zippy for nipping around urban streets.

Weighing in at 39 lbs, as well as boasting a quick stem folding mechanism and intuitive foldable handlebars, the Apollo City is one of the most portable scooters.

Apollo City Light Setup

Delivering a comfortable ride with its dual suspension system, effective braking, and great build quality, it’s a reliable choice for those taking their first steps into the world of scooters and who are keen to have the backup of a good warranty.

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Meet the Apollo City, Apollo’s version of an ultra-portable commuter scooter specifically designed for the city streets.

Thanks to its 600W motor and 800W peak output, the City isn’t shy about leaving the crowds behind. It has a top speed of 25 mph which is ideal for an urban environment and you might find that, in some cases, this scooter is faster than residential speed restrictions. It can reach 15 mph in just over 4 seconds and can climb gradual hills with confidence. The City can easily keep up with cars, whilst leaving cyclists trailing in its wake. It’s the perfect way to supercharge your commute.

Apollo City Handlebars

Speaking of charging, the battery on the City is made up of Dynavolt cells. If these sound unfamiliar to you, it’s because they are usually found on electric motorcycles rather than scooters. They’ve been shown to perform just as well as LG batteries and are responsible for the City’s top range of 28 miles, although, taking into account realistic riding conditions, you’re likely to see closer to 22 miles.

When you need to recharge, purchasing the fast charger will result in a 2 to 3 hour turnaround, whereas the regular charger will take between 4 and 5 hours. This is still relatively quick considering budget scooters take just as long but only last for 10-18 miles.

No commuter scooter is worth its salt without being easily portable. Thankfully, this is one of the City’s strengths. It weighs just 39 lbs, so can be lifted and carried with one hand. Taking it up flights of stairs isn’t too challenging either. The telescopic stem and folding handlebars mean that it is extremely compact so it can be stored easily on public transport, under your desk, or in the corner of your living room.

Apollo City Folded

Like all Apollo Scooters, rider comfort is a priority. The roomy trademark blue and black deck is spacious enough for riders of up to 265 lbs to find their balance and is big enough if you want to purchase and set up the additional seat attachment. The handlebars can also be adjusted to suit a variety of different rider heights.

The ride quality of the City is pretty good. In fact, it’s better than you’d find on the average commuter scooter. The plush pneumatic tires mold to the inconsistencies of urban terrain, while the responsive suspension system dampens the vibrations that would otherwise cause your wrists, knees, and brain to rattle. Plus, the deck has ample clearance which is perfect if you’re going to be launching yourself off curbs.

Apollo City Foot Deck

Compared to other scooters that are similarly priced to the City, only 24% (including the City) are equipped with dual mechanical brakes. It takes an unconventional approach to its braking setup with a drum at the rear and a disc at the front. Typically, scooters rely on one type of braking mechanism (i.e. discs at the front and rear) but don’t let this mix and match approach throw you off. The City’s controlled stopping power equates to a braking distance of 3.1 meters from 15 mph, which is very good.

Overall, the Apollo City has the perfect combination of speed, range, weight, and portability which is why it’s the best electric scooter for commuting. Not only do you get a ton of premium features, like the command center that lets you track key riding stats and configure various settings like your start mode (zero or kick to start) and the strength of the regenerative brake, but it’s all available for an affordable price. Plus, when it comes to Apollo you know that you’re getting quality through and through.

Apollo City Command Center

Further Information:

Apollo City Review

Under $1,200:

VSETT 8 (19.2Ah)

Now: $999.00 at Rev Rides
Best Electric Scooter Under $1,200

The Good:

The Bad:


As one of the most affordable models in the VSETT range, the 8 offers a perfect combination of a scooter that’s as easy on the eye as it is on your budget, with the performance to match.

VSETT 8 Frame

For the price and power on offer, you won’t get much better speed, range, and hill-climbing than what the 8 delivers. Its stack of neat features – which includes an NFC key-lock immobilizer, adjustable suspension, and turn signals – is a bonus to its alluring, army-issue color scheme that will appeal to a wide array of riders.

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If you’ve been riding for a while now, there’s a strong chance you’ve started to outgrow your beginner scooter. It’s only natural that as your confidence increases, you’re going to want to invest in something with a bit more power and style. The VSETT 8 fits this bill perfectly.

The great thing about the 8 is that it bridges the gap between novice scooters and more advanced models. Don’t get me wrong, it can’t match up to performance scooters like the Apollo Ghost – the best scooter under $1,600 – but it’s ideal if you want to move your riding experience in that direction.

Rear View of VSETT 8

This is because it’s a lot faster than your typical commuter scooter, boasting a top speed of around 26 mph. This faster pace will suit you if you’re looking for a scooter with a bit more bite, but thanks to its single motor, newer riders won’t be hanging on for dear life every time they hit the throttle. In comparison to the Apollo City – our best scooter sub $800 – they share a similar top speed and acceleration rate, but where the VSETT carves its crown is in ride quality.

While the VSETT 8 comes with a rear solid tire and the fact that I’ve made no secret that I prefer pneumatic tires thanks to their enhanced shock absorption, the defining factor between the VSETT and its most direct competitors – including the Apollo City – is its use of swingarms.

VSETT 8 Front Tire and Swingarm Suspension

With a pair of coil springs and swingarms, the VSETT 8 delivers a deeper level of suspension as the springs compress and the swingarms pivot. This combination counteracts the solid rear tire to ensure a smooth-sailing ride.

Not only is the ride quality superior to its competitors in the same price class, but it also obtains considerable stopping power (3.2 meters from 15 mph) from a pair of mechanical drum brakes. Now, it’s not uncommon to hear drum brakes referred to as ‘old tech’, but don’t let this put you off. Drum brakes are highly effective, and they’re easier to maintain, too.

VSETT 8 Front Air-Filled Tires and Drum Brake

The 8’s top speed, ride quality, and brakes aren’t the only things that will appeal to riders. Thanks to its large 19.2Ah battery, it performs when it comes to range, delivering a maximum mileage of 38 miles. This is staggering compared to its competitors, all of which struggle to deliver more than 30 miles.

Of course, reaching the 8’s upper mileage threshold is dependent on riding conditions (which we’ll explore next). If you’re a heavier rider, or you plan to ride at top speed non-stop, your travel time will be significantly reduced, and will realistically sit closer to 25 miles.

I wouldn’t recommend taking this scooter off-road – it is a city-dweller through and through. If you want to get the best out of it, stick within urban boundaries.

However, a word of warning: just because the 8 is better suited to a city environment, it doesn’t automatically make it a commuter scooter. This is because, at 46 lbs, it’s a little too heavy to fit into this category. Sure, you can use it for commuting if you want, but it is on the heavy side.

VSETT 8 Folded

Saying that the 8 still folds down into a compact package for easy storage. It sports a trio of mechanisms, including a cantilevered folding neck, foldable handlebars, and a telescopic stem. I’m a particular fan of the foldable handlebars – these give the scooter a narrow profile when collapsed which makes it much more versatile when it comes to storage.

Although it might be a little too heavy to carry for long periods, the extra bulk serves a purpose because the 8’s build quality is rock-solid. It’s made from aviation-grade aluminum that’s more commonly used in high-tension constructions like bridges and cranes. It’s purpose-built to withstand a lot of pressure and it can support riders of up to 265 lbs without breaking a sweat. Plus, it comes with wide handlebars and a generous deck to accommodate a diverse range of riders.

VSETT 8 Deck and Kickplate

To top all that off, it has a badass style. Its matt, khaki-colored frame channels a militaristic vibe that’s a refreshing change from the usual muted black tones. That’s not surprising, though, given that when it comes to styling, VSETT tends to favor bold designs so that all of their scooters stand out from the crowd.

There are some tried and tested features that the 8 sticks with, though, including the ever-popular QS-S4 display and throttle. It also comes with a voltmeter for super-accurate visualization of your battery level.

VSETT 8 QS-S4 Display

Finally, we can’t talk about the 8 without mentioning its NFC (near-field communication) key-lock immobilizer. This is a feature that can be found on all VSETTs and it’s an awesome anti-theft deterrent. Each scooter comes with a card that’s unique to that individual machine. Just wave the card in front of the reader and you’re ready to go. This kind of security measure is pretty rare in the electric scooter world, but its effectiveness makes it one of the 8’s best features.

The VSETT 8 has a lot to offer, especially if you’re ready to throw off the training wheels and start supercharging your riding experience. It’s ideal if you want to turn the dial of ride comfort up without splashing the big bucks on more advanced models. Plus, if you want to keep costs down, you could consider the VSETT 8 (15.6Ah) version. It has a smaller battery but is $200 cheaper.

Under $1,400:

EMOVE Cruiser

Save $97.93 | Was: $1,399.00 | Now: $1,301.07 at Voro Motors
Best Electric Scooter Under $1,400

The Good:

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Discount Code:



The EMOVE Cruiser is the best scooter under $1,400.

Compounding monstrous range and load-bearing capacities with a multitude of extra features – including an IPX6 water resistance rating, telescopic stem, and a choice of five colors – the EMOVE Cruiser is just as much fun as it looks. But all that style doesn’t mean the Cruiser overlooks substance.

With semi-hydraulic brakes, silky spring suspension, and plump car-grade pneumatic tires all combining for a superb riding experience, the Cruiser delivers on all fronts. You won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on it, either.

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If you’re planning to use your electric scooter regularly, you need to be able to rely on it, which is why the Emove Cruiser is a great option for anyone who’s planning everyday riding. It’s one of the most reliable scooters available, managing to appeal to a wide range of needs, all in one absurdly well-designed package.

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

One of the standout features of this scooter is the extended mileage it offers. Thanks to the impressive 52V 30Ah battery, you can expect an impressive maximum range of 62 miles. That’s phenomenal for a scooter that costs less than $1,400 and it regularly outpaces models that are more than double its price. This battery isn’t any old cheap unit, either; it’s manufactured by LG and is 3x more powerful than other batteries in the same price bracket. It’s no wonder that this scooter consistently comes out ahead of competitors in its price bracket for mileage.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Mudguard

As with all scooters, if you plan to put the pedal to the metal you should expect to see about 35-40% less mileage. This holds true with the Cruiser, but it’s safe to say you’ll be able to go for weeks without even thinking about recharging. But when you do run out of juice, expect to wait between 9 and 12 hours for a complete top-up.

EMOVE Cruiser Charging Port

It’s clear that the Cruiser has been built with a specific focus on range, but that’s not to say speed has been neglected. Despite featuring only a single 52V 1000W motor, the Cruiser has a peak output of 1600W which delivers an impressively punchy 30 mph. Acceleration isn't on par with the higher performance models that have dual motors, like the rest of the models in our list beyond the $1,400 mark, but it’s still capable of hitting 15 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

EMOVE Cruiser Handlebars

Hitting the top speeds is comfortable, too. Sometimes, even expensive scooters suffer from their ride quality taking a nose dive as the speed increases but with two large coils at the front complimenting rear air shocks, the Cruiser is tailor-made to prioritize rider comfort. Plus, the car-grade tires have exceptional traction, making the Cruiser one of the most enjoyable scooters to carve on – you’ll feel like a skier slamming down a slope.

EMOVE Cruiser Front 10-Inch Tire

It’s not just the plush 10-inch pneumatic tires that provide great stability, though, the wide deck means you can wave goodbye to awkward, narrow feet placements. Instead, you’re able to easily plant your feet in a natural stance that promises excellent balance. This is key if you’re planning to make the most of that range and ride for long stretches. You can even purchase an additional seat attachment to level up the comfort. This is sold separately, but worth it if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road.

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

It’s also worth noting that the EMOVE Cruiser could be considered the king of electric scooters for heavier riders. It can support up to 352 lbs of rider weight which is unmatched by any other scooter in its price class. Typically, budget scooters support 220 lbs, and this increases to around 265 lbs for performance models, so it's easy to see why the Cruiser is such a popular scooter – it combines performance with a design that is suitable for all types of riders.

For its price point, the Cruiser has a lot to offer, not least of which is its dual semi-hydraulic disc brakes. With just a light feathering of the brakes, you’ll be able to achieve smooth, controlled braking that is perfectly geared towards keeping you safe. You can expect to be able to come to a stop in as little as 3.4 meters when traveling at 15 mph.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

The safety features don’t stop there. When riding at night, the Cruiser has got you covered. It features a bright headlight, two front button lights, and rear taillights. It also comes with turn signals that emit an audible beep (so know when they’re engaged), and a key-lock ignition.

EMOVE Cruiser Headlight

Just like many other scooters in its price class and above it, the cockpit is equipped with a QS-S4 display that monitors your speed, mileage, riding mode, and battery level. You’ll also be able to set your cruise control and flick between various power settings, as well as customize the ride to your preferences. The Cruiser comes with a finger throttle as standard, however, if you prefer to use a twist or thumb throttle you have the option to upgrade. I find thumb throttles more ergonomic.

EMOVE Cruiser Battery Voltmeter

For a scooter aimed at commuters, the Cruiser ticks almost all the boxes but it is a little over the 42 lb weight limit that I place for these types of scooters. Nevertheless, the folding handlebars, telescopic stem, and one of the most simple-to-use folding mechanisms, make it super easy to pack up and carry if needed.

EMOVE Cruiser Fully Folded

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EMOVE Cruiser Review

Under $1,600:

Apollo Ghost

Save $100 | Was: $1,599.00 | Now: $1,499.00 at Apollo
Best Electric Scooter Under $1,600

The Good:

The Bad:


The Apollo Ghost is hands down the best entry-level performance scooter.

Josh on Apollo Ghost

It scores top marks when it comes to speed, hair-raising acceleration, and adrenaline-filled rides, and it's even capable of supporting up to 300 lbs, so a diverse range of riders can get in on the action that this specter has to offer. Even better, with an affordable price and a phantasmal set of features designed to take your riding experience to the next level, you can experience what performance scooters have to offer without blasting through your life savings.

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Choosing your first performance scooter is a big task, but if you want a hair-raising ride that doesn’t skimp on thrills, look no further — the Apollo Ghost has everything you could want and more.

Released on Halloween, this scooter channels haunting cool in everything it does. With its all-black frame, adorned with skeletal, peek-a-boo cuts out, the Ghost understands the assignment and it delivers.

Apollo Ghost Front Tire and Disc Brake

This is especially the case when it comes to speed. Do you want to go fast? The Ghost will gladly deliver. It sports dual 800W motors that put out a top speed of 34 mph, which might not seem that impressive on paper compared to other performance scooters, but in reality, its acceleration is so extreme that I only recommend stepping on board if you’ve got some serious riding experience under your belt.

Apollo Ghost Rear Motor

That’s because once you hit that throttle, you’ll be able to reach 15 mph in a heart-seizing 2.3 seconds. And if you want to go even faster, you’ll be cruising at 25 mph in just 5.3 seconds. That’s 0.1 seconds faster than the more expensive Apollo Phantom. There’s a lot of fun to be had here, but I also advise caution — controlling the Ghost’s acceleration might prove challenging if this is your first rodeo.

Back of Apollo Ghost Handlebars

Luckily, this scooter comes with a set of Ghost-busting brakes to help you manage the awesome power it puts out. It features dual mechanical disc brakes, delivering responsive and efficient braking power to both wheels. They’re super-sensitive too, and you’ll feel their effect immediately, even if you give them only the barest of twitches.

Apollo Ghost Brake Lever

If you’re a little disappointed that the Ghost doesn’t come with hydraulic brakes, I’ve got good news for you. Although disc brakes come as standard, Apollo introduced the option to purchase the Ghost with hydraulics instead. However, you will need to pay extra for them, with the overall cost of the scooter coming in at $200 more than the original.

Apollo Ghost Zoom Hydraulic Disc

Given the speed and acceleration that this scooter has to offer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Ghost is a decent hill-climber. There are better out there, but in reality, this bad boy has more than you’ll need. It can scale inclines of up to 25 degrees. Most serious hills don’t go above 20 degrees, so you shouldn’t struggle too much here.

When you choose a scooter that has the supernatural power of the Ghost, its build quality becomes even more important. The last thing you want is for the whole thing to fall to bits when you’re riding flat out. Well, you won’t have to worry about that with the Ghost. Electric scooter giants Apollo are absolute masters of design and they’ve taken everything to the next level with this specter of a machine.

Dramatic View of Apollo Ghost Frame

It’s constructed from forged aluminum, however, the frame is hollowed out, reducing its bulk whilst still delivering a tough, durable exterior. It also boasts an IP54 water-resistant rating, which will be sure to come in handy if you’re ever caught out in a surprise shower.

And mentioning weight, how does the Ghost stack up in terms of portability? Well, at 64 lbs it’s no dainty flower, and I wouldn’t recommend choosing it as a commuter option because you won’t be able to carry it for long stints. However, it’s still fairly lightweight compared to other models in the performance category, and its foldable handlebars mean it’s quite compact.

Apollo Ghost Folded Handlebars

As well as functionality, the Ghost has also been engineered to deliver a comfortable ride for riders up to 300 lbs. It comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires, adjustable dual spring suspension, and sports a spacious deck with generous ground clearance. I've tested both the Apollo Phantom and Ghost – arguable Apollo's two top-performing and most popular models – and based on my assessment of each, I'd go as far as to say that the Ghost's ride quality goes toe-to-toe with that of its more expensive, quadruple-spring, sibling.

Apollo Ghost Spring Suspension

The 52V 18.2Ah battery that is encased in the Ghost’s deck is fitted with Apollo’s favored Dynavolt cells. These are more commonly found in electric motorcycles, however, they roughly match LG in terms of performance, and in this case, deliver a travel time of around 39 miles with a recharge time of 6 hours (if you use two chargers or a fast charger).

Like the EMOVE Cruiser – the best scooter under $1,400 – the Ghost comes with an anti-theft feature in the form of a key-start ignition. Although not as fancy as an NFC card reader that you’ll find on models from VSETT, it’s still a great way to deter thieves. However, I still recommend investing in a sturdy lock to be on the safe side.

Apollo Ghost Key Lock Ignition

Aside from the key-lock, the rest of the Ghost’s cockpit is beautifully designed. Featuring wide sweeping handlebars with a QS-S4 display-throttle combination, motor and turbo control buttons, a voltmeter, and the best handgrips in the business, the cockpit elevates rider comfort. From here, you can also control the suite of impressive lights for those times you want to turn your scooter into a glowing neon phosphorescence of LEDs.

Rear View of Apollo Ghost With Lights On

There’s no question about it — the Apollo Ghost is one incredible scooter. As a first-time performance scooter, it ticks all the right boxes, delivering style and raw power in one affordable dose.

Further Information:

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Under $1,800:

Mantis Base

Save $100 | Was: $1,649.00 | Now: $1,549.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Electric Scooter Under $1,800

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The Mantis Base is fast, affordable, and fashioned with the same best-in-class suspension system as its bigger brothers, the Mantis Pro and Pro SE. More importantly, it’s a fantastic gateway into the world of performance scooters.

Mantis Pro Full Frame

As a scaled-back version of the Mantis Pro, you can be forgiven for confusing the two – but don’t let your eyes deceive you. While the Base doesn’t boast all the bells and whistles of its doppelganger, it weighs less, can go just as fast, and is a whole $650 cheaper – meaning it’s a scooter that any self-respecting bargain hunter will find impossible to ignore.

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How would you like to get your hands on the most popular performance scooter? What about a model that merges awesome speed, range, and comfort all in one stylish and unique frame? Well, take a look at the Mantis. This scooter is one hell of a fun ride and there’s a bunch of reasons as to why it made it onto my list of the best scooters.

First, let’s talk about those aesthetics. There’s no denying that with its smart black frame and punchy red trim, the Mantis shoots straight for the hearts of scooter enthusiasts.

Side Profile of Mantis Base Frame

The sleek color scheme isn’t the only thing about this scooter that will get your heart fluttering. It delivers a punch of power from its dual 60V 1000W motors. This translates into a top speed of 40 mph and a fast acceleration rate that’ll get you from a standstill to 15 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Plus, there’s enough power to help you get up and over 30-degree inclines.

As a result of the power thrumming through its frame, I recommend the Mantis for anyone looking for a scooter that packs pace and can be ridden outside of the confines of urban environments welcoming new riding experiences through forest trails and dirt paths. Similarly, it’ll suit those wanting to take the step up from a budget scooter, but, equally, don’t want to spend $2,000+ to get their hands on top-performing models like the VSETT 10+R.

Rear View of Mantis Pro

So, aside from the raw power on offer, what makes the Mantis such a great scooter? Well, while it delivers excellent value for its overall specs, build quality, and performance, one of the biggest reasons why the Mantis is overwhelmingly popular is that it’s just so comfortable to ride.

The Mantis has it all – plush 10-inch pneumatic tires and a dual spring suspension system soak up vibrations, the tall and wide handlebars afford excellent control over the steering column, and the powerful semi-hydraulic brakes instill rider confidence.

Mantis Pro Spring Suspension

The Mantis also boasts a maximum range of 30 miles. However, it’s worth knowing that the Base’s 30-mile range is just two-thirds the amount you’ll get with the Mantis Pro (45 miles), and three-quarters of the Pro SE (40 miles). On top of this, the Base’s battery is not only smaller than its Manti counterparts but lower quality, too – it’s made of cheaper Chinese battery cells that don’t deliver the same level of performance as the Pro and Pro SE’s LG cell-equipped varieties.

The main difference between Chinese and LG batteries is that the latter have been shown to hold their peak performance for many more charge cycles. This is a key reason why the Base model is so much cheaper than the Mantis Pro and something that not all other reviewers of electric scooters like to point out.

Mantis Pro Grippy Rubber Deck

The Mantis does benefit from being extremely durable, though. As well as being stress-tested to ensure that it’s fit for the gauntlet of everyday use, and benefitting from design features like the extra grippy deck and reinforced kickplate, its build quality is something all Kaabo scooters are known for.

As for the scooter controls, the cockpit has been kept simple with just the bare necessities including a standard QS-S4 display, motor selection buttons, and a button to control the lights.

Mants QS-S4 Display and Throttle

Illumination comes in the form of two front button lights, responsive taillights, and two striking strips of white LEDs that run along the platform. As with most scooters, you’ll need to attach an additional headlight for riding at night.

In conclusion, the Mantis is one of my favorite scooters. It combines value for money with the pedigree of the Kaabo line for an all-around scooter that seamlessly transitions from fast-paced rides on the road to daring dirt path adventures.

Under $2,000:

Mantis Pro SE (2022)

Save $500 | Was: $2,299.00 | Now: $1,799.00 at Voro Motors
Best Electric Scooter Under $2,000

The Good:

The Bad:


When a scooter is released as a ‘Special Edition’ version of another scooter, it can be easy to dismiss it as just a gimmick, or a cynical cash grab on the part of the manufacturer. However, the Pro SE isn’t that.

It dramatically improves the design and build quality of the original Mantis Pro. Its blistering acceleration gives most competing scooters a run for their money, whilst its tires and spring suspension keep the ride quality plush and indulgent.

The Pro SE is, hands-down, one of the best performance scooters.

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If you’ve got your eye on the Mantis Pro, but your budget won’t stretch over the $2,200 mark, never fear. The Mantis Pro SE could be the answer to your prayers — and a godsend for your bank account, too.

Josh on the Mantis Pro SE

It’s undeniable: the SE is fantastic value for money. Despite its lower price point of $1,799, it takes everything good about the Mantis Pro and improves on it. In addition to reinforcing the stem to prevent the wobble and increasing the depth of the motor and its bolts to prevent them from shearing, the Pro SE also cranks the style factor up. Adding touches of gold on the handlebars and swingarms gives the SE its own personality, as does changing its deck lights from a plain white to an electrifying blue. Plus, by adding a bright headlight and turn signals into the mix the Pro SE ups-the-ante even further.

Mantis Pro SE Full Frame

Manufactured by Kaboo (the genius behind the legendary Manti and Wolf lines), the SE is brimming with top-quality pedigree. Although it might not be as fast or off-road-ready as its extreme cousins – the Wolf Warrior and King – it has enough power to satisfy riders who want to burn rubber on the city streets and leave clouds of dust behind them on dirt paths.

Mantis Pro SE Rear Motor Hub

With its feisty 40 mph top speed and aggressive torque, the dual 60V 1000W motors hit 15 mph in just 2.0 seconds and 30 mph in 5.8 – one of the fastest acceleration rates ever recorded and up to 2.0 seconds faster than some of its more notable competitors. This scooter is an absolute beast and a serious contender if an adrenaline-inducing pace is high up on your checklist.

Front View of the Close up of the Mantis Pro SE 10-inch Tire and Button Lights

Because of the amount of power the SE is packing, it’s also one of the best hill-climbing scooters in its class. It’s capable of scaling inclines up to 30 degrees. To give you a clear idea of what this means, the steepest street in the world has a gradient of 19 degrees. If you’re going to challenge the SE, you’ll need to start searching for some near-sheer cliff faces.

The Mantis SE ticks all the boxes for providing a thrilling ride, but it also doubles down on safety. It’s fitted with superior full hydraulic brakes which, in my opinion, are the best in the business. There’s no comparison — they guarantee responsive and precise braking, bringing you to a smooth halt, even if you have to slam them at the last minute. They’re the perfect antidote to the zippy acceleration this scooter is capable of.

Mantis Pro SE Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brake

Its frame has been designed for maximum safety and security, too. It’s constructed from an aviation-grade aluminum alloy that’s been specially hardened to withstand the rigors of frequent riding. It channels the bomb-proof exterior seen on the rest of Kaabo’s scooters and the only thing that would make it better would be an official water-resistance rating.

Mantis Pro SE Front Plush Air-Filled and Gold Swingarm

Given the additional features that the SE has to offer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it would break the scales. However, it comes in at a modest 65 lbs. This is pretty reasonable for a performance scooter, and the fact that its handlebars hook into the deck makes it far easier to carry than those performance models that don't.

Mantis Pro SE Folded From Rear

When it comes to comfort, the ride quality of the SE is as golden as the flashy accents adorning its swingarms and handlebars. This thing rides like a dream as a result of its 10-inch pneumatic tires and cushiony dual spring suspension. Together, they soak up imperfections for a ride that’s as smooth as cream. You can even adjust the suspension so that it matches the terrain you’re tackling. Because of this, it’s suited to light off-road riding as well as city cruising, however, the lack of knobby tires means you should avoid more extreme off-road conditions.

Mantis Pro SE Spring Supension

The SE doesn’t just balance speed with ride and build quality, though, it effectively balances the ratio of speed to mileage with a maximum range of 40 miles, and just like the original Mantis Pro, it comes equipped with a high-quality LG battery that holds its peak performance even after years of use.

Similarly, the Pro SE shares the same trigger throttle and display as the original Mantis Pro, which is an upgrade on the Mantis Base (the best scooter under $1,800) which uses a QS-S4. Made by Minimotors, the company behind the famed line of Dualtron scooters, the EY3 trigger throttle display is arguably one of the best display systems and gives you exceptional control over your ride and clear visualization over your stats. This circular screen is a gateway into granular customization and it gives the SE a premium finish.

Mantis Pro SE QS-S4 Display and Motor Selection Buttons

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to test numerous scooters, and the Mantis Pro SE is one of my all-time favorites – I highly recommend it. It blows its competitors out of the water and it looks good doing it.

Under $2,200:

Apollo Phantom

Now: $2,099.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Electric Scooter Under $2,200

The Good:

The Bad:


It’s a rare day when I’m not exactly sure how to begin a review or summarise a scooter in a single paragraph. Usually, I like to highlight the top features but this time, I’m truly stumped. Not because this scooter has nothing going for it, but because it has everything going for it.

Whilst the first batch of stock flew off the shelves faster than a group of bargain-hunters rushing through the sliding doors of a Best Buy store on Black Friday, I was lucky enough to get an exclusive look at this titan of a scooter, and let me tell you, the Apollo Phantom is an absolute marvel in scooter innovation.

It’s seen what its competitors can do and has savagely outpaced them with its sophisticated style, monolithic acceleration, and never-seen-before proprietary design and features. Whether you’re a die-hard dirt track fan, a leisurely cruiser, or a high-speed adrenaline junkie, the Phantom can match your preferences, delivering a first-rate experience in all departments.

This scooter is the result of a whole ton of testing and research based on feedback from riders. It really is the scooter of the people.

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It’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s start with the exciting stuff: how fast can this baby go? Fitted with dual 1200W motors, the Phantom has a lot of power under its hood, resulting in a top speed of 38 mph and a hill-climbing ability of 25 degrees. It can hit 15 mph in 2.5 seconds and, although this is slower than some of its competitors, it’s still very fast.

Josh with the Apollo Phantom

You might be wondering why the Phantom doesn’t match the acceleration of the Apollo Ghost despite the higher price tag, but I want you to picture these two scooters as horses. The Ghost is like a bucking bronco — wild and a little bit unpredictable. On the other hand, the Phantom is a well-trained purebred stallion. It oozes a premium kind of luxury, so even your take-off is smooth and indulgent as it gets up to its top speed.

Apollo Phantom Durable Frame

Speaking of indulgence, what sets the Phantom apart is its truly incredible ride quality. This is down to several things, but mostly it's custom-made quadruple spring suspension. An innovation in the electric scooter world, it rolls with the terrain, adapting almost effortlessly, no matter whether you’re cruising on urban rides or getting adventurous with some light off-roading. I’d avoid any extremely rocky routes, though — this is somewhat outside of the Phantom’s comfort zone.

Apollo Phantom Spring Suspension

Its unique suspension system is complemented by the Phantom’s beefy pneumatic tires. They measure 10 by 3.25 inches, meaning they have both the height and the width to deliver a stable and balanced ride. They also boast awesome shock absorption to help you over irritating road obstacles, although their tread is better suited to smooth roads and light trails.

Apollo Phantom Plush Tire

It's not just the suspension and tires that are responsible for the Phantom’s unreal ride quality. The whole package works together to keep you comfortable. The ultra-wide 27-inch handlebars, 20 by 8.5-inch foot deck, kickplate, and the ability to support riders up to 300 lbs all help to promote a sense of stability when riding at speed.

Apollo Phantom Handlebars

The Phantom’s build quality also instills rider confidence. It’s the result of three rounds of rigorous testing and, therefore, is nigh-on perfect. Constructed from aviation-grade aluminum, it features an IP54 water-resistance water and exudes toughness, so you can be sure it’s not going to fall apart on you anytime soon. Plus, the fact that all of its components are specifically made for Apollo gives it an air of continuity that’s lacking in many of its competitors. Every inch of it is based on feedback from real-life riders, so that you’re left with a perfect all-rounder that delivers a heap of features alongside impressive range, style, and straight-up ingenuity.

Apollo Phantom Tire Hugger

Impressed so far? I haven’t even started talking about the brakes, yet. The Phantom comes in two variations: one features regular disc brakes, whilst the other sports a full set of superior 160 mm hydraulics. The latter version will cost you an extra $150, but they’re worth the investment. In exchange, you’ll get phenomenal stopping power that outperforms most of its competitors. You’ll be able to go from 15 mph to stationary in just 3.0 meters which is up there with the best of all the scooters we’ve tested.

Apollo Phantom Rear Disc Brake

When it comes to mileage, the Phantom features a 52V 23.4Ah battery, giving it a maximum range of 40 miles. On paper, this looks pretty good, but you’re more likely to see around 30 miles if you’re an aggressive rider. However, the high-quality components that form the Phantom’s battery make up for this. The battery contains Dynavolt cells that perform to the same standard as LG cells to keep the wheels rolling for years before you even need to start thinking about replacing the battery.

Thanks to its hefty build and the weight of the motors and battery, it’s no wonder the Phantom tips the scales at 77 lbs. It’s filled to the brim with all the good stuff, but good stuff doesn’t usually mean light and portable. The increased weight is the payoff for a scooter that does everything else with style and finesse. At least you can still fold it, although you might not want to lift it.

Apollo Phantom Folded

Although everything about the Phantom screams luxury, it’s in the cockpit where you’ll find evidence of its extraordinarily innovative character in the form of its next-gen HEX display. Situated in the middle of the handlebars, the large screen gives you full control over your stats, and also allows you to check your predicted mileage, and adjust its 20 P-settings.

Close up of Apollo Phantom HEX Display

Its lighting setup is also one of the best I’ve seen thanks to its near-blinding 1000W lumen headlight as well as two front deck lights, a dedicated brake light, and turn signals. It's not often you find these on scooters, but they’re super important if you’re planning to ride on the road. My only complaint here is that the turn signals don’t appear at the front of the scooter.

Side Profile of Apollo Phantom Headlight

Quite frankly, I could talk about the Phantom all day. It’s a scooter that’s kicking down barriers in the industry and it demonstrates what can be achieved through rigorous testing and real-life user feedback. It delivers the whole package, giving you a riding experience that will leave you coming back for more.

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Under $2,400:

Wolf Warrior X Pro

Save $800 | Was: $3,195.00 | Now: $2,395.00 at Voro Motors
Best Electric Scooter Under $2,400

The Good:

The Bad:


Thought you knew the Wolf Warrior? Think again. Led by a vision to make the original Wolf Warrior 11+ cheaper, slimmer, and more accessible to a wider audience of scooter lovers, Kaabo has introduced the all-new X Pro.

Side View of the Wolf Warrior X Frame

Let’s do some quick math. First, take the power, features, and build quality of the Wolf Warrior 11+, then subtract its heaviness, clunkiness, and awkward folding mechanism. Add some color-changing swag lighting, turn signals, and a leaner frame, and what do you get? The Wolf Warrior X Pro.

This hotly-anticipated redo of Kaabo’s classic model is turning heads and starting conversations, and it's easy to see why.

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If you loved the look of the original Wolf Warrior 11+ but didn’t want to drop $2,999 on it, then the X Pro is going to be the scooter for you.

This baby is set to be one of the most popular scooters on the market, and once I give you the rundown of its impressive spec sheet and fantastic value for money, you’ll see why.

Wolf Warrior X Durable Frame

Okay, so $2,399 isn’t exactly a lightweight price tag, but when it comes to everything the X Pro has to offer, it’s more than reasonable.

A rare breed of all-rounder, the X Pro is as comfortable on the dirt roads and forest trails of the great outdoors as it is on the paved, pristine paths of the city. In isolation, the X Pro’s performance is impressive, but comparing it to the illustrious company of the scooters in its price class shines an even brighter light on its trailblazing performance.

Rear of the Wolf Warrior X

As a result of the 27Ah MiniMotors controller that controls the power being pulled from the huge 60V 28Ah LG battery, the X Pro delivers a maximum range of 60 miles, placing it in the top-tier of long-range electric scooters. Under realistic riding conditions, you can expect to ride for 42 miles and this stacks up well against its competitors.

Wolf Warrior X Deck

It’s not lacking in the speed department either. Boasting dual 60V 1100W motors, the X Pro accelerates to 15 mph in just 2.2 seconds and delivers a scorching top speed of 43 mph. This tremendous power also comes in handy when scaling both urban and off-road hills. It can conquer inclines up to 35 degrees, making it one of the best hill-climbers in its price bracket.

Wolf Warrior X Rear Motor

Unsurprisingly, the X Pro excels when it comes to braking, which is a good thing considering its rapid acceleration curve. It’s equipped with Zoom hydraulic disc brakes and an adjustable electric regenerative braking system to give you a braking distance of 3.0 meters from 15 mph, which aligns with the average of the hydraulic brake-equipped scooters in the X Pro’s class.

Close Up of Wolf Warrior X Disc Brake

It’s not just speed and range that make the X Pro so popular, though, it’s the whole package — a large chunk of which is its sublime ride quality. After my test rides, I found that the robust handlebars lend themselves to surgical control of the scooter’s handling. The fact that the handlebars are pinned together by a stock bar gives you an extra sense of stability while riding. Combined with the menacing dual tubular stem, front fork hydraulic suspension, dual rear springs, and pair of nimble 10-inch tires, the X Pro has one of the most satisfying handling experiences of any scooter I’ve ridden.

Wolf Warrior X Fork Suspension

There are a couple of areas for improvement but none that make a big dent on the X Pro. Firstly, the scooter isn’t protected from the elements, meaning it lacks a formal IP water-resistance rating. Secondly, while the addition of the customizable RGB lights on the undercarriage of the deck injects fun into the scooter, the plastic casing is fragile to the point where I think it’ll shatter from the slightest of knocks.

Wolf Warrior X Deck Lights

Overall, though, where build quality is concerned, the X Pro follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King, with a frame that benefits from precipitation-hardened, stress-tested aluminum forging alloys that form the bulk of the materials used in its construction. Against this backdrop, the X Pro has durability running through its veins.

Front View of Wolf Warrior X Handlebars

One area of build quality that has been significantly improved is the X Pro’s folding mechanism. Previously, the Wolf Warrior 11+ had a cumbersome folding mechanism that extended the scooter in length when folded. Thankfully, this is something Kaabo’s engineers have addressed because the X Pro folds in half above the stem, via two sets of collar clamps. The mechanism has been designed to allow you to fold the stem down to the deck in a way that doesn’t extend its length.

Wolf Warrior X Folding Clamps

By now, you'll have seen how the X Pro delivers the goods when it comes to power and performance, but what about the little extras that take a scooter from “good” to ”great”? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of that too, beginning with the brain of this machine — the EY3 throttle display.

Kaboo often fits their scooters with this piece of MiniMotors equipment, most likely because it’s arguably one of the best displays on the market. As well as giving you a summary of your riding stats at a glance, it’s the gateway into the X Pro’s many customizable settings. From here, you can set your speed, enable ABS or cruise control, as well as adjust the scooter’s torque level and regenerative braking strength.

Wolf Warrior X EY3 MiniMotors Display

Underneath the display, you’ll find buttons to control the dual motors as well as whether you want to ride in Eco or Turbo mode, and then to the left, there’s a bank of buttons that controls the dual headlights that resemble the piercing, inquisitive gaze of an owl, the turn signals, and the extremely loud motorcycle-grade horn.

Wolf Warrior X Handlebars

Ultimately, if you want a durable terrain-agnostic performance scooter that offers just as much in the way of ride quality as it does build quality, then look no further because X marks the spot.

Rear View of the Wolf Warrior X

Further Information:

Wolf Warrior X Pro Review

Under $2,600:


Save $100 | Was: $2,599.00 | Now: $2,499.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Electric Scooter Under $2,600

The Good:

The Bad:

Discount Code:



The INOKIM OxO is a scooter that divides the scootering world.

On one side you have the thrill-seekers, who think it lacks speed and oomph. And on the other, you have those who are all about build and ride quality and think it's superior to anything else because of these traits.

On paper, the OxO isn't slow. After all, it has a top speed of 40 mph. But its sluggish throttle response and lack of urgency make the scooter feel a lot slower than it is. There are a lot of good things, though, and none more so than its rubber suspension and single-sided swingarms. The two combined do a fantastic job at soaking up undulations like a hot knife cutting through butter. This, alongside the crisp, sharp hydraulic brakes bring the scooter to a stop in 2.7 meters — which is unheard of in the world of performance scooters.

Whether or not the OxO is the Rolls Royce of the scooter world will depend on if you can let its flaws slide.

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Commonly seen as the forefather of electric scooters, INOKIM is well-known for its quality machines. It would, therefore, be a crime not to include at least one of their models on this list. Thankfully, the bold OxO can more than hold its own against competing titans of the scooter world.

INOKIM OxO Beautiful Frame

With its striking black and orange color scheme, and praying mantis-like shape, the OxO is anything but meek. This scooter isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd — an attitude that matches its impressive spec sheet.

Right Side of INOKIM OxO Frame

It’s certainly not just a pretty face. The OxO’s frame is more than worthy of the INOKIM name, delivering a toughness that can handle almost anything you throw at it. Because all of its components are custom-made and slot together without the need for welding, there isn’t a single weak spot to be found. In fact, its build quality is one of the best things about it.

Front of INOKIM OxO Handlebars

This also contributes to the OxO’s exceptional ride quality. Given INOKIM’s reputation for seamless and excellent design, it’s no surprise that everything about the OxO is specifically tailored to deliver a supremely indulgent riding experience. In addition to its fantastic build, this is down to the combined might of the OxO’s tires and unique suspension.

INOKIM OxO Orange Swingarm

The dual rubber shock absorbers and single-sided swingarms offer some of the best damping I’ve ever experienced. They allow the OxO to glide over obstacles and soak up vibrations effortlessly, adapting to the terrain with a sponge-like quality. Whatever the tires miss, the suspension soaks up. Measuring 10 by 2.5 inches, the tires have plenty of traction, but their thinner profile keeps the OxO’s movements nimble.

INOKIM OxO Front Tire

The only improvement INOKIM could make to improve the OxO’s overall ride quality is by adding some grip tape to the deck. Although the deck is extremely spacious, its plastic covering isn’t ideal when riding in wet conditions. However, it seems like INOKIM has decided to ignore adverse weather because the OxO’s frame also lacks a water-resistant rating.


A comfortable ride is important on a scooter that has as long a range as this one does. Although its real-world range sits at 37 miles, in ideal conditions, the OxO’s 60V 25.6Ah LG battery can reach up to 68 miles. This is pretty extraordinary and makes the OxO an ideal choice if you’ve got a little further to go.

Side Profile of INOKIM OxO Deck and Chassis

Fitted with dual 1000W motors, these are the driving force behind its maximum 40 mph speed and respectable hill climbing ability. However, despite this, its acceleration is lacking. The throttle feels sluggish, meaning that take-off is slow and uninspiring. This is made worse by the fact that the OxO doesn’t come with a zero start mode, so you’ll always need to kick off to get it going.


Once you pick up speed, the OxO wakes up a bit and the acceleration suddenly becomes more responsive, however, this isn’t ideal if you need to make a quick getaway at a junction or stoplight. When compared with its direct competitors, it takes the OxO 3.5 seconds to hit 15 mph, which is more than double the amount of time it takes the VSETT 10+R and much slower than the Wolf Warrior.

It does redeem itself when you take a look at its brakes, though. Fitted with precise hydraulics, it has the most powerful stopping power out of our entire database of scooters. It can come to a complete halt from 15 mph within 2.7 meters. This is better than the average performance scooter (3.0 meters) and is a true testament to the consideration INOKIM has taken with the OxO’s design.

INOKIM OxO Hydraulic Disc

As is often the case, portability has been sacrificed in the name of build and design. The OxO weighs a pretty beastly 74 lbs, so it’s safe to say that this bad boy isn’t commuter-friendly. However, it does come with a very sturdy folding mechanism, and the stem locks neatly into the kickplate for a secure grip, in case you need to carry it.

INOKIM OxO Folded From Rear

Compared to other scooters in this price bracket, the OxO’s cockpit is fairly minimalist. It features a basic LCD complete with an ergonomic thumb throttle, as well as a motor-control button. It also comes with low-mounted lights that turn automatically as soon as it gets dark. However, they aren’t bright enough to provide adequate illumination.

INOKIM OxO Front Light

If you’re looking for a scooter that flaunts a robust yet exquisite design, the INOKIM OxO should be one of your contenders. When it comes to top-quality components and exceptional build and ride quality, there aren’t many models that rival it. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll have to sacrifice acceleration, because, sadly, the OxO doesn’t offer the best of both worlds.

INOKIM OxO Black Frame

Further Information:


Under $2,800:


Now: $2,790.00 at Rev Rides
Best Electric Scooter Under $2,800

The Good:

The Bad:


Boasting a titanic range, lightweight frame (for the power on offer), and sitting comfortably within the top 10 fastest scooters, there’s a lot to love about the VSETT 10+R.

It negotiates a delicate balance between power and price – delivering a highly versatile and nimble scooter that improves on its younger sibling, the 9+R while packing almost as large a punch as its big bro, the 11+. But most of all (as far as high-performance scooters go) it’s affordable and most certainly a model that no confessed scooter lover can afford to miss.

VSETT 10 Frame

Reminiscent of Bumblebee from Transformers, it stands out from the crowd with a flamboyant yet effortlessly stylish robotic and geometric frame.

Read More

Before we get started, let me tell you that the VSETT 10+R is one of my personal favorites.

Any scooter that can confidently rock an aesthetic reminiscent of Bumblebee from the transformers and make it look effortlessly cool is a winner in my book. The 10+R strikes a perfect balance between understated stealth mode and daring showstopper. The splash of yellow is the gilding on top of its very impressive stat sheet.

VSETT 10 Front Tire

So what will you get for the $2,790 price tag?

The only place to start with this bad boy is its speed and power. The 10+R has a top speed of 50 mph, vaulting it into the upper echelons of high-performance scooter territory. This is thanks to its dual 1400W motors, both of which deliver a blistering acceleration rate.

However, there is a slight catch. You’ll only be able to reach the 10+R’s top speed for a maximum of 2 minutes at a time. You’ll then need to wait out the 10-minute cooling period before you can boost your speed once again, cruising at between 44 to 47 mph until then.

VSETT 10 Scooter Controls

This wait may seem irritating, but there are some clever benefits to it. By moderating your speed surges, you’re helping to extend the longevity of your motors, controllers, and battery so that your scooter will stay in top condition for longer.

Limiting your pace will also help you to push the boundaries of your mileage. However, even without this, the 10+R has one of the best ranges on the market, delivering an almost unbelievable travel time of 74 miles. This is all down to its monstrous 60V 28.0Ah LG battery. It is worth noting that the real-world range sits between 37 and 42 miles if you’re a fan of riding in dual motor mode. This is still pretty respectable, especially when the charge time sits at only 7 hours when using two chargers.

VSETT 10 Charging Ports

The 10+R’s speed cap thankfully doesn’t affect its hill-climbing ability, which, I can confidently say, is one of the best in the business. This scooter can chew hills up and spit them out in no time, boasting the power to best inclines up to 35 degrees. This is steeper than any urban slopes you’re likely to come across.

Luckily, the 10+R can cope with a variety of different terrain. This is thanks to the absurdly adaptable front spring and rear hydraulic suspension, alongside its plush but chunky 10 by 3-inch pneumatic tires. This formidable trio delivers a beautifully comfortable ride. It is worth mentioning that if you want to tackle extreme off-road routes, you might be better looking at either the Wolf Warrior or Wolf King.

VSETT 10 Rear Hydraulic Suspension

Given that the 10+R can reach such high speeds, strong and responsive braking power is a safety must. This scooter more than delivers. It comes with best-in-class Nutt hydraulic brakes, resulting in a smooth stop no matter how fast you’re going.

VSETT 10 Front Disc Brake

VSETT’s safety-first attitude doesn’t just stop there. It extends into the 10+R’s build quality. Made from the same extremely tough aerospace-grade aluminum alloy as the Wolf King, it’s rock solid and more than up to the task of coping with anything you throw at it. In fact, you’d more commonly find this alloy in the construction of highly pressured structures like bridges and cranes. Supporting riders up to 285 lbs is practically child’s play in comparison.

VSETT 10 Wide Deck

Despite it having such a robust frame, the 10+R is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs 79 lbs. This might sound heavy, but in the high-performance scooter category, it’s remarkably manageable – especially when you consider that some of its competitors weigh 100+ lbs.

VSETT 10 Folded

Plus, it comes with foldable handlebars and a hook on the back of the stem that secures to the kickplate. This means lifting and storage are made easier.

VSETT 10 Handlebar Hooked into Kickplate

Like all VSETT scooters, the 10+R comes with an NFC key-lock immobilizer. This works as an awesome anti-theft deterrent as the scooter can’t be unlocked without the card that’s specifically keyed to that individual model. You can find this just below the QS-S4 display-throttle combination, which gives you access to all of the scooter’s P-settings, as well as an overview of your riding stats.

VSETT 10 QS-S4 Display

Another thing I particularly like is that it comes with turn signals, which are a rarity on electric scooters. The rest of its lighting setup is pretty good too, and it features a bright front headlight, button lights, and rear tail lights. This provides plenty of illumination, but the headlight does tend to bounce up and down on uneven terrain.

If you’re searching for a scooter that combines blistering speed and a colossal range with superb build and ride quality, and a healthy dose of style, then the VSETT 10+R is one of the best high-performance scooters available.

VSETT 10 Rear Pneumatic Tire

Further Information:

VSETT 10+R Review

Under $3,000:

Wolf King

Save $500 | Was: $3,499.00 | Now: $2,999.00 at Voro Motors
Best Electric Scooter Under $3,000

The Good:

The Bad:


If you’re looking for a badass scooter that puts almost every other electric scooter to shame, the Wolf King is the answer.

Side Profile of Wolf King

With a ferocious top speed of 60 mph, almost unparalleled hill-climbing ability, and terrain-agnostic abilities, the King is all about performance and raw power. But be warned, this scooter has been built for experienced riders – you’ll need to know what you’re doing to tame this beast.

Read More

Feisty, fierce, and full of ferocious energy, when it comes to electric scooter royalty, the Wolf King sits in the upper echelons of the family tree. Its power and performance need to be experienced first-hand to be believed, but I’ll do my best to try and convey how truly insane this beast of a machine is.

Wolf King Durable Frame

Once upon a time, the fastest an electric scooter could go was 20 mph. Those days are long gone, and the Wolf King is a prime example of what new engineering advances can achieve. Fitted with dual 1500W motors, it can hit a maximum speed of 60 mph, making it the third-fastest scooter I’ve ever reviewed. It’s so fast, it can hit 15 mph in 1.9 seconds, which is, quite frankly, outstanding.

With this much power to play with, it should come as no surprise that the King’s hill-climbing prowess is off the charts. Its ability to scale inclines up to 45 degrees makes it one of the best hill climbers on the market. To get an idea of what the King can do, I want you to imagine the steepest street in the world, which measures 19.2 degrees. Now, I want you to take its steepness, and double it. That’s what the Wolf King is capable of.

Wolf King Wide Handlebars

Of course, when faced with this kind of power and speed, brakes suddenly become very important. Don’t worry — Kaboo has got you covered. They fitted the Wolf King with a pair of front and rear hydraulic discs that deliver sublime stopping power that can bring you to a halt in a blink. They’re so responsive that I suggest activating the rear brake first and then hitting the front one to bring you to a complete stop.

Close up of Wolf King Disc Brake

If you’re worried about losing your balance when slowing down from top speeds, the Wolf King has a sturdy kickplate in the rear to help keep you steady. Plus, given that its foot deck is super long and wide, you have plenty of space to distribute your weight.

Wolf King Rear of Deck

There’s a lot about this scooter that lends itself to almost unparalleled ride quality. First up is its state-of-the-art suspension. It features motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic shock absorbers in combination with dual rear springs to bring you a superior level of damping that makes it perfect for tackling extreme off-road terrain, just as easily as smooth, well-maintained roads.

Wolf King Hydraulic Motorcycle-Grade Suspension

But the suspension system isn’t acting alone. You’ve also got the King’s beefy tires to thank for its indulgent royal rider treatment. Measuring 11 by 3.5 inches, these tubeless tires are perfect for devouring surface vibrations. The King comes with road tires as standard, but they can also be used off-road. However, the slicker tread makes them less suited to rocky routes, so I’d recommend swapping them out for the knobbier off-road variety if you’re planning to head into the wilderness.

Wolf King Rear Street Grade Tire

Whether you choose to stay local or get off the beaten track, the King’s bombproof exterior will be able to handle it all. Monstrous in both form and manner, its bright-gold frame is constructed from the same alloy that’s used in high-tension constructions like bridges and other heavy-duty structures and comes with an IPX4 water-resistance rating. It’s no wonder it can support riders up to 400 lbs, which is the greatest load-bearing capacity of any scooter.

Wolf King Wide Rubber Deck

All that extra muscle, however, means that the Wolf King has not been designed for portability. It weighs a backbreaking 105 lbs, and because of its size, it has a cumbersome folding mechanism that takes some getting used to. It’s also near impossible to lift once folded.

Luckily, thanks to its long-range, if you want to take the King anywhere, you can just hop on and ride it straight from your door. However, this is one of the few areas where the Wolf King doesn’t improve on its younger brother, the Wolf Warrior 11+. The King offers 20 fewer miles of travel time, with a maximum mileage of 50 miles. If you ride the King in its most powerful settings, this reduces down to 33 miles.

Don’t let this put you off, though. The King has been designed with speed and raw power in mind. As a result, it prioritizes motor power over its battery. If you’re looking for a thrilling ride that will get your heart racing and your adrenal glands pumping, the King should be at the top of the list.

Wolf King Front Tire

Of course, there’s more to this scooter than just unadulterated horsepower. Its added extras give it a layer of finesse that you won’t find on lesser models. The first of these is its smart EY3 throttle display. Not only does this keep you informed of your current riding stats, but it also allows you to access the king’s deeper P-settings for a customized ride.

Wolf King EYE MiniMotors Display

The King comes with one of the best lighting setups I’ve ever tested, too. Its bug-eyed dual headlights do an awesome job of lighting even the darkest of roads, while the under-deck swag lighting adds to the King's prowess and the reactive rear safety lights illuminate every time you pull the brakes. The only thing that could make this setup even better would be integrated turn signals.

Wolf King Huge Headlights

Put simply, there is no other scooter like the Wolf King. It pushes the boundaries of what scooter engineering can achieve and delivers one hell of a fun ride. To round it all off, it’s exceptionally good value for money. You can get all of this for just $2,999, which, in my eyes, is a good deal considering it beats Dualtron scooters which share similar specs but have price tags exceeding $4,000.

Wolf King Gold Frame

Further Information:

Wolf King Review

Over $3,000:

NAMI Burn-e Viper

Save $100 | Was: $4,499.00 | Now: $4,399.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Electric Scooter Over $3,000

The Good:

The Bad:

Discount Code:



If you like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to scooter innovation, look no further than the Burn-e Viper.

To call this beast a powerhouse is an understatement. It delivers speed, range, comfort, and innovation all in one supersized package. Its price tag might look scary at first, but given the impressive stats it has to offer, it’s worth every single dime.

Taking the ultra-performance scooter category by storm, the Burn-e is capable of wind-whipping speeds of up to 60 mph and a range of 100 miles. The Viper is a venomous, versatile scooter that easily vindicates its large $4,499 price tag. Offering similarly volcanic levels of acceleration as Dualtron’s industry-leading line of scooters, the Viper isn’t content to merely match the market’s finest models – it tops them. It is better-designed than its closest competitors, while its feature set is unparalleled across the electric scooter industry.

With a range of riding modes, a pair of exclusively designed Sine Wave controllers, and the option to customize, the Viper is the ultimate scooter. It has everything you could want, making it the most complete package out of our 100+ database of electric scooters.

Read More

When it comes to the NAMI Burn-e — commonly known as the Viper — it’s hard to know where to start. This scooter defies all expectations and blows its competition out of the water, delivering a truly revolutionary ride.

Josh on NAMI Burn-e Viper

Do you want to know what concoction of elements gives this striking serpent of a machine the credentials to top our 100+ strong database? Let me show you.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Beautifully Crafted Chassis

Okay, let’s get the money talk out of the way first. With a price tag of $4,499, the Viper isn’t cheap. But when you consider everything that gets you and weigh it up against its closest competitors, its value is clear. Its spec sheet is formidable, and its performance will leave you reeling.

The Viper is fitted with dual 1500W motors and two custom 50Ah Sine Wave controllers, meaning it can reach a top speed of 60 mph. It leaves models like the Wolf King panting in the dust.

Rear of NAMI Burn-e Viper Chassis

Of course, some scooters match the NAMI for top speed, but none of them can beat the Viper when it comes to acceleration. With its Turbo mode enabled, it can hit 15 mph 11% faster than the Wolf King, and as you speed up, its scorching acceleration rate only increases. This beast can reach 15 mph in 1.7 seconds and 25 mph in 3.0 seconds flat. Simply put, that makes it the fastest scooter you can buy.

If you’re an inexperienced rider though, don’t despair. Normally, these kinds of next-level models are reserved for the enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, However, the Viper’s makeup means it's accessible to newer riders.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Thumb Throttle

That’s because it comes with three different riding modes: Eco, Drive, and Sport. The Eco mode caps your speed at 20 mph, which is perfect if you’re not quite ready for the blistering pace the Viper can unleash. Drive mode is a bit faster, allowing you to ride at 40 mph, whilst Sport unlocks 55 mph. When you’re ready for it, you can engage Turbo mode which will provide a boost of power, increasing your speed by 12% and allowing you to hit that golden 60 mph for a limited amount of time.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Wide Handlebars

I don’t think I need to say any more to prove that this titan is an absolute speed machine, but with great speed comes great responsibility and the Viper rises to meet that challenge. Fitted with 160 mm Nutt hydraulic brakes alongside a regenerative braking system, the Viper has exceptional braking power. Even the slightest of touches will have you slowing immediately. Sharp, crisp, and precise, these brakes are everything you could want from an ultra-performance scooter like this one.

NAMI Burn-e Viper NUTT Hydraulic Brake

Speaking of safety, the Viper comes fitted with a near-blinding 2000W lumen headlight for superior visibility during nighttime rides.

Close Up of NAMI Burn-e Viper Headlight

This beacon is complemented by some pretty cool mood lighting along the deck that also doubles as turn signals, rippling when you indicate left or right. Although I’m pleased that the Viper includes this, it’s pretty hard to see unless you’re riding alongside the scooter, so hopefully, this will be improved on future models.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Deck Lights

In the same way that the Viper caters to different kinds of riders, it can also handle a variety of terrain — this is no one-trick pony. Fitted with 165 mm KKE hydraulic coil shocks and 11-inch tubeless tires, it’s built to devour whatever terrain you throw at it, redistributing vibrations so that you don’t feel a thing.

Rear of NAMI Burn-e Viper Front Spring

Even better, you can adjust the suspension to match your needs. No wrench or spanner needed — just dial in the exact amount of damping you want. This makes it an ideal companion for serious off-roaders.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Rebound Adjustment Dial

However, it’s worth noting that the Viper’s standard tires come with a slick tread. This means they’re better for urban riding or cruising light trails. For more extreme off-road routes, I recommend investing in some specialist knobby tires for increased traction and stability. These are available for an extra $109.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Huge Tire

Given the kinds of trails the Viper is built for, and the speed it can reach, it’s a good thing this scooter is built like a tank. It blends a mixture of innovative materials to make up its bulky frame, including a carbon fiber stem and aviation-grade aluminum fused one-piece frame. That’s not to mention its massive deck. To top it all off, the whole thing has been heat-treated for extra protection and boasts multiple water-resistant ratings.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Brake Light

It’s no wonder the Viper can support riders up to 330 lbs, but that does mean it’s packing a few lbs of its own. At 103 lbs, it’s just 2 lb shy of the Wolf King. It can fold, but in my honest opinion, that doesn’t make much of a difference in reducing the physical presence of this machine. This is not a scooter you want to be lifting and carrying.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Folded

Its weight isn’t helped by the fact that its deck houses a massive 72V 32Ah Panasonic battery. This gives it a maximum range of 100 miles, which is huge compared to its competitors. What’s even better is that it comes with two chargers — a rare edition. Usually, you’d need to buy the second charger yourself. This means the Viper recharges in just 6 hours.

NAMI Burn-e Viper Deck

This isn’t the only area in which the Viper is breaking the typical scooter mold. You only need to look at its revolutionary display to see that it’s doing things differently. More iPhone than display, this tablet-like control center offers next-level customization, allowing you to adjust 14 core P-settings and a further 7 advanced settings. It also allows you to create two additional riding modes.

Close up of NAMI Burn-e Viper Display

On top of all this, the interface displays an odometer, G-force readout, your battery voltage, average power consumption, speed, remaining range, and monitors and displays the temperatures of the motors. Plus, it comes with a password-protection feature, meaning that you can create a unique code to unlock the scooter.

There’s no doubt that the Viper is the best all-around scooter I’ve ever reviewed. Speed, comfort, range, innovation…the only question here is not “What can this scooter do?”, but “What can’t it do?”

NAMI Burn-e Viper Frame

Further Information:

NAMI Burn-e Viper Review


Which Electric Scooter is Best?

Price Category Scooter
Under $400 Turboant M10
Under $600 Turboant X7 Pro
Under $800 Apollo Air Pro
Under $1,000 Apollo City
Under $1,200 VSETT 8 (19.2Ah)
Under $1,400 EMOVE Cruiser
Under $1,600 Apollo Ghost
Under $1,800 Mantis Base
Under $2,000 Mantis Pro SE
Under $2,200 Apollo Phantom
Under $2,400 Wolf Warrior X Pro
Under $2,600 INOKIM OxO
Under $2,800 VSETT 10+R
Under $3,000 Wolf King
Over $3,000 NAMI Burn-e Viper

How Do I Choose an Electric Scooter?

This depends entirely on what you want to use your electric scooter for.

Each has its pros and cons, so the one that’s right for you is the one that ticks all – or at least, most – of your boxes.

For example, if you’re an experienced scooter rider, your perfect scooter may have jaw-dropping top speeds and overwhelming power, but if you’re looking to alleviate the stress of the daily commute, chances are you’ll be after something light and portable with a long-range.

To make it easier for you, take a look at our guides of the best electric scooters by type.

Category Description
Budget Best value for money scooters under $600.
Adults Best overall electric scooters for adults categorized by price.
Heavy Adults Best electric scooters that can support rider weight ranging from 200 to 350+ lbs.
Teenagers Best electric scooters for teenagers from the age of 13 to 18 years old.
Students Affordable and lightweight scooters that come with the ideal combination of speed and range that’s perfect for riding to, from, or across campus.
Kids Best scooters based on age, safety, and durability.
Commuting Best scooters that have the right mix of speed, range, weight, portability, and charge time.
Light & Folding Best scooters that weigh less than 30 lbs, are compact when folded, and can be easily carried and stored.
Fastest Best scooters that have responsive acceleration and can go 30+ mph.
Dual Motor Best scooters that have dual motors categorized by price.
Long-Range Best scooters that can be ridden for 30+ miles.
Off-Road Best scooters that have responsive suspension, robust build quality, and ability to tackle varying terrain.
Suspension From springs to hydraulics and rubber systems, the best scooters categorized by suspension capabilities.
Big Wheels Best scooters with wheels at least 10″ in height or 4″ in width.
Hill Climbing Best scooters that can climb hills from gradients of 5 to 30 degrees.
Water-Resistance Electric scooters categorized by IP ratings and price.
Seated Best scooters that can be fitted with an optional seat accessory.

Which Brand of Electric Scooter is Best?

From entry-level to ultra-performance electric scooters there are a bunch of different brands.

Choosing one brand as the best is a difficult task but based on our years of testing scooters, we recommend Apollo Scooters. They have a range of competitively priced models that run from budget to performance, all whilst maintaining Apollo's stellar reputation.

Aside from Apollo, there are some other fantastic brands to choose from, and these include Turboant, GoTrax,  Kaabo, Dualtron, Varla, EMOVE, INOKIM, VSETT, Zero, Hiboy, Unagi, EVOLV, and NAMI.

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