Best 40 MPH Electric Scooters (5 Selected From a Lineup of 15)

Out of a possible 15 models in our 140+ strong database, we’ve hand-selected the 5 best electric scooters that can hit speeds of up to 40 mph.

During the selection process, we carefully assessed the size and power of the motors (including voltage, watts, top speed, torque, and acceleration), as well as the controllers, and batteries. We also assessed the tires, safety features, suspension, durability, and overall build quality.

40 MPH Electric Scooters

Our Top Picks:

See which electric scooters we recommend for reaching speeds of up to 40 mph.

Under $1,800
Mantis V2
Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)
$1,799.00 $1,899.00
Under $2,000
Apollo Phantom
52V Apollo Phantom
$1,999.00 $2,099.00
Under $2,200
Mantis Pro V2
Mantis Pro V2
$2,299.00 $2,499.00
Under $2,400
Wolf Warrior X Pro
Wolf Warrior X Pro
$2,399.00 $2,499.00
Under $2,600
$2,599.00 $2,799.00

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Under $1,800

Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)

Save $100 | Was: $1,899 | Now: $1,799
Mantis V2
Best 40 MPH Electric Scooter Under $1,800

Motor Power:


The Good:

The Bad:

Discount Code:



The Kaabo Mantis V2 sets a new standard for affordable performance scooters.

With a top speed of 40 mph, it has a blisteringly fast acceleration rate and exceptional ride quality to match.

On top of its jaw-dropping performance, the V2 is a significant upgrade to the popular Kaabo Mantis. Although the original was an excellent scooter in its own right, the designers at Kaabo have outdone themselves to improve it. They've smoothed out the acceleration with Sine Wave controllers, added an impressive set of lights, and included a fully hydraulic set of Zoom brakes.

Why We Recommend It:

If you're looking for a fast-performance scooter but don't want to break the bank, then the Mantis V2 is just what you're looking for. At only $1,799, it runs on two 1000W motors giving a combined peak output of 3000W. Together they easily get you to 40 mph, and the 60V 18.2Ah battery provides enough power to travel for up to 33 miles on a single charge.

Made from a hard-wearing aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the Mantis V2 is well-built and feels solid underfoot. The large battery and dual motors mean that at 65 lbs, this isn't a light scooter and won't be well suited to most commuters. However, even in its folded form, we found that you should be able to store it in most car trunks with some careful wiggling.

This is an exceptionally comfortable scooter to ride – it's at home on most surfaces and can even bump up and down curbs with ease. As well as 10-inch pneumatic tires, you get front and rear swingarm suspension. Some scooters with dual suspension can feel unbalanced and rock you back and forth every time you speed up or slow down, but the Mantis V2 protects you from bumps and vibrations while also remaining firm during sudden movements.

Now let’s take a look at performance; as well as having an excellent top speed of 40 mph, the V2 scooter can accelerate to 15 mph in a lightning-quick 2.1 seconds. It also has more than enough torque to climb most steep hills with ease. In addition, Kaabo has removed any jerkiness from the throttle by including Sine Wave controllers. By smoothing the transmission of power from the battery to the motors these controllers ensure that acceleration is a steady movement that won't jerk your head back as you pull away.

When it comes to slowing down after such quick speeds, the V2 delivers. While the original Mantis had to settle with semi-hydraulic brakes, the V2 comes with fully hydraulic Zoom brakes. These are exceptionally responsive and can bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in just 2.7 meters. This is a 21% improvement over the original’s stopping power.

Turning our attention to the cockpit, the onboard display is the standard QS-S4. This is a combined display and throttle unit found on many electric scooters. It displays crucial information and allows you to customize features such as acceleration strength and control preferences. In direct sunlight, you might find it a little hard to read, but it performs well in most cases. The trigger throttle is finger-operated and is generally comfortable. The only problem is that it is located a little too close to the brake lever, making it tricky to quickly alternate between them.

Also on the handlebars, you can control the headlights, turn signals, and horn. These features were missing from the Mantis base (V1) model, so they are welcome additions. The front headlight is mounted high up on the stem making it perfectly placed to provide a large area of visibility at night.

The Kaabo Mantis V2 is a stand-out scooter that has set the standard for all performance scooters in its price bracket. It combines safety, ride comfort, and performance to a high standard with no compromises. If you want a scooter that will give you the best in speed, range, and extra features, then look no further.

Under $2,000

Apollo Phantom 52V

Save $100 | Was: $2,099 | Now: $1,999
Apollo Phantom
Best 40 MPH Electric Scooter Under $2,000

Motor Power:


The Good:

The Bad:


The Apollo Phantom is a stunning combination of innovation, performance, and sophisticated style.

What's more, the 52V mechanical brake version is the cheapest Phantom available and can be yours for only $1,999. Although the 38 mph top speed is the slowest on this list, its dual 1200W motors balance it out with a fast acceleration rate and plenty of torque. Plus, you get the luxury of quadruple springs, a display that calculates your remaining mileage, and a scooter whose design demands attention.

Why We Recommend It:

The 52V 23.4aH battery offers an impressive single-charge range of up to 40 miles when used in the most economical settings. It takes 12 hours to charge, which is a long time but relatively standard for one of this size. However, if you want to speed things up, you can halve the time to 6 hours by buying a fast charger. Another benefit of the Phantom is that you can use the Dynavolt battery for over 500 cycles without losing its peak performance. If you charge it three times a week, it will be more than three years before you notice any difference in performance.

Close up of Apollo Phantom Charging Ports

The Phantom is a real head-turner; its black and grey finish is enhanced by its prominent suspension and ultra-wide sweeping handlebars. The deck is spacious and measures 8.5 by 20 inches giving you plenty of room for both your feet side by side. The angled kickplate at the rear gives you extra space and lets you choose from a range of stance options.

Apollo Phantom Logo on the Deck

Weighing 77 lbs, the Phantom is by no means a portable scooter; however, it does fold down for storage. Once folded, it clicks into place securely and won't fall open when you try and lift it. Unfortunately, the handlebars don't fold, but if you drive a larger car or SUV, you'll still be able to pack it into the trunk.

Rear View of Apollo Phantom Folded

With 10-inch pneumatic tires and quadruple spring suspension, the Phantom is ideal if you want to split your time between street and off-road riding. The unique suspension system was designed specifically for the Phantom and can't be found anywhere else. The four springs provide great support and shield you from bumps and jolts that could otherwise rattle your legs, back, and wrists.

Rear of Apollo Phantom

The dual 1200W motors provide enough torque to take on steep hills with ease, and they also deliver an exceptional rate of acceleration and will get you from 0 to 15 mph in 2.5 seconds. While there are similarly priced scooters that can outperform the Phantom's acceleration, they don't have the same build quality or as many user-friendly features.

Apollo Phantom 1200W Motor

To slow this beast safely, you need some decent brakes. The Phantom comes with a choice of mechanical or hydraulic discs. While hydraulics is the better option and will stop you slightly quicker (3.0 meters from 15 mph vs 3.4 meters), the mechanical brakes are more than effective. If you're looking to save some money, opting for the mechanical brakes will keep the price at $1,999 and save you $150. As well as the front and rear cable disc brakes, you get an electric regenerative brake that enhances the stopping power.

Apollo Phantom Rear Disc Brake

If we move our attention to the controls and cockpit display, you'll see that the Phantom has a unique next-generation HEX display. It's centrally mounted and features a large screen that makes it easy for you to take in all the essential information at a single glance. Here you can see your speed and predicted miles left in the battery. You can also adjust any of the customizable settings, including things like the brightness of the display, as well as performance metrics like brake and acceleration strength.

Close up of Apollo Phantom HEX Display

Other fantastic Phantom features include a locking spot in its stem and the lighting setup. The lock spot adds an extra layer of security to your scooter and makes it harder for someone to ride off with it. The lighting system is one of the best we've ever tested. The headlight is 1000 lumen and is more than bright enough to see where you're going at night. You also get deck lights, a bright taillight, and integrated rear turn signals.

Apollo Phantom Headlight Projecting onto Wall

Everything about the Phantom feels premium and looks great. Apollo made all the parts specifically for this model, and it shows in the innovative finish and build quality. The 52V version is an excellent choice if you like the look of the Phantom but are on a budget. The only compromise is the braking system (i.e. mechanical and not hydraulic); however, the rest of its build, alongside its performance – including top speed, acceleration, and range – remains.

Apollo Phantom Frame

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Under $2,200

Mantis Pro V2

Save $200 | Was: $2,499 | Now: $2,299
Mantis V2
Best 40 MPH Electric Scooter Under $2,200

Motor Power:


The Good:

The Bad:

Discount Code:



With its larger LG battery, souped-up controllers, and superb EY3 display, the Mantis Pro V2 serves up some valuable upgrades over its forebearer, the Mantis V2.

With the same blend of style, specs, and performance that we've come to expect from the Mantis line, the Pro V2 is an exceptional all-rounder that offers something for everyone. Plus, with bigger controllers than the Mantis V2 (27A vs 25A), the Pro V2 beats its sibling off the line with a faster acceleration rate.

Why We Recommend It:

There are so many reasons why the Mantis Pro V2 is one of the best scooters; its zippy acceleration, 45-mile single-charge range, solid build quality, and super smooth suspension, are to name a few. On top of that, you get a 60V 24.5Ah LG battery instead of the standard FST one found in the base model. Can this really make much of a difference, I hear you say? Yes. An LG battery will maintain its performance for many more cycles ensuring that you get the most from every charge for many years.

As to be expected, the frame is made of a hardwearing aluminum alloy finished in matte black, and although this is a common sight on electric scooters, on the Pro V2, it looks exceptionally stylish. The thickness of the deck gives away where the battery is kept, and you'll also notice its width and anti-slip rubber matting. Not only does this add to the already impressive aesthetic, but it gives you more than enough room to get comfortable and find a stance that’ll keep you glued to the deck.

If you need to fold the scooter, you'll find that the stem folds intuitively and clips to the rear of the deck. Unfortunately, the handlebars don't fold, but in most cases, I think this is best for performance scooters as those that fold can sometimes feel insecure.

At 65 lbs, it is one of the lightest performance scooters. While it's nowhere near the 42 lb limit that I usually recommend for commuters, it's still maneuverable and easy to carry for short stints.

The Mantis Pro V2 feels smooth and stable, whatever speed you're at. Whether you're on flat urban roads, grass, or dirt trails, you'll feel comfortable and protected from bumps and vibrations. The 10-inch pneumatic tires and front and rear swingarm suspension effectively dampen shocks and provide one of the smoothest rides you'll get at this price.

The Pro V2 delivers punchier acceleration than the Mantis V2, thanks to the dual 60V 1000W motors and 27A controllers. The more powerful controllers amp up the torque, making acceleration faster. When it comes to a head-to-head, very few scooters can pull away quicker than the Pro V2. It's also competitive when it comes to hill climbing and has a maximum incline rate of 30 degrees.

To successfully bring such a powerful scooter to a halt takes some very special brakes and those on the Pro V2 are definitely that. They're fully hydraulic and can be applied via the dual hand levers with minimal effort. Because you don't need to squeeze them as hard as most cable brakes, you get more direct control during your journey. Whether you want to make small adjustments or an emergency stop, you'll find them responsive and easy to control.

Plus, the anti-lock braking system prevents skidding and losing traction when the brakes are applied. As if that wasn't enough, you also get electronic regenerative brakes that you can customize across five strength settings via the EY3 cockpit controls. For context, using the Pro V2 out of the box (i.e. without changing any settings), results in a stopping distance of 2.7 meters from 15 mph.

As well as allowing you to adjust the electronic brake strength, the Minimotors EY3 display and throttle is an advanced unit designed to give you full control over your scooter's performance. Not only can you view riding stats like speed and distance, but it also has intelligent features that work with the controllers to adjust the power output and prolong your battery life. Also on the handlebars are controls that let you switch between one motor or two and engage eco or turbo modes.

If like me, you love what Kaabo have done with their Mantis range, the Mantis Pro V2 is as good as it gets. Not only do you get that 40 mph top speed, but you also get numerous design and tech features that take this model a step above the rest.

Under $2,400

Wolf Warrior X Pro

Save $100 | Was: $2,499 | Now: $2,399
Wolf Warrior X Pro
Best 40 MPH Electric Scooter Under $2,400

Motor Power:


The Good:

The Bad:


The Wolf Warrior X Pro has been designed for riders who want to enjoy the many benefits of Kaabo's Wolf scooter range but with a smaller frame. Alongside the sturdy dual stem, you get all of the Wolf's key traits – including the hydraulic suspension and brakes – but with greater portability and superior handling.

While Wolf Warrior X Pro is more expensive than its near-identical sibling – the X – it brings a couple of upgrades that take this exceptional scooter to a whole new level.

Front View of Wolf Warrior X Frame

Firstly, the battery has been upgraded from a standard 21Ah FST battery to a 28Ah one with LG cells. As a result, the maximum range of the X Pro is 50% greater than that of the X (60 vs 40 miles).

Secondly, you get a MiniMotors EY3 display instead of the common QS-S4. This provides greater customization and works hand-in-hand with the dual 27A MiniMotors controllers to effectively pull power from the battery and funnel it to the motors.

Wolf Warrior X EY3 MiniMotors Display

Why We Recommend It:

Kaabo's Wolf Warrior and Wolf King lines are well known for their comfort and stunning performance. However, while many riders loved their imposing size, others were put off by their lack of nimbleness and portability. With the introduction of the Wolf Warrior X and X Pro, Kaabo has addressed these issues and made both models more accessible.

Rear of the Wolf Warrior X

The Wolf Warrior X Pro weighs 79 lbs, making it the heaviest scooter on this list; however, it's still a massive improvement compared to the 101 lbs of the original Wolf Warrior, and 115 lbs of the Wolf King GT.

One of the drawbacks of the larger Wolf scooters was that when folded, they got longer. With the X and the X Pro, you get a double-clamp mechanism that folds the handlebars at the stem and significantly reduces the height, while maintaining the length.

Wolf Warrior X Folding Clamps

Although this is still a large scooter with a bulky double stem, this returns many rewards in the form of handling. The tall stem and wide handlebars feel secure at any speed and allow you to ride with confidence. The front fork hydraulic suspension, dual rear springs, and pair of 10-inch pneumatic tires deliver a smooth ride and close to perfect handling even on rough terrain. One more thing to note is that while the X Pro comes with a choice of off-road or street tires you automatically get the latter (unless you select otherwise).

Wolf Warrior X Knobby Tires

When it comes to performance, the Wolf Warrior X Pro delivers plenty of torque with dual 1100W motors. However, the use of 27A Minimotors controllers instead of the X's 30A Sine Wave controllers means that the throttle response isn’t as smooth. Nevertheless, the X and X Pro are still exceptionally quick and can hit 15 mph in 2.2 seconds and 25 mph in 4.7.

Wolf Warrior X Durable Frame

The combination of such effective power delivery and large dual motors makes the X Pro a beast on the hills. Able to climb slopes of up to 35-degrees, there aren’t many other 40 mph electric scooters that can compete.

Wolf Warrior X Rear Motor

Now let's take a look at the brakes; the X and the X Pro come with a fully hydraulic Zoom disc braking system that can be activated by two hand levers. This is paired with an electronic regenerative brake that feeds any power lost during braking back into the battery. Also, you get an anti-locking braking system (ABS) to prevent skidding and bring you to a safe stop. As a result, the X Pro can come to a complete stop from 15 mph in just 3.0 meters.

Close Up of Wolf Warrior X Disc Brake

Turning our attention to the handlebars, you'll find that the QS-S4 throttle module on the X has been replaced with a Minimotors EY3 unit for the X Pro. While the QS-S4 is found on many scooters of different styles and prices, the EY3 is usually reserved for Dualtron scooters alone. The previously reviewed Mantis Pro V2 and several Wolf models – including the Wolf Warrior and King GT – are just a few exceptions.

Wolf Warrior X Handlebars

The EY3 is chunkier with large user-friendly buttons and an easy-to-read screen. As well as providing the usual insights into speed, battery life and driving mode you can also customize a vast range of settings. A few examples are: adjusting the strength of the regen brakes, engaging the battery-saving features, and changing the max power output.

Both the X and the X Pro also have a set of tactile buttons that allow you to operate the horn and lights.

Wolf Warrior X Scooter Controls

The lights are ideal for riding at any time of the day or night. You get a dazzling double headlight, a taillight, turn signals, and RGB LEDs that wrap around either side of the deck. You can also adjust the color of the RGB lights via an app. While these look great and increase your visibility in the dark, the casing isn't as strong as the rest of the scooter and can get damaged if they are struck.

Wolf Warrior X Deck Lights

With all things considered, the X Pro isn’t content to sit around and let its big bro (the original Wolf Warrior) hog the plaudits. Taking almost everything we love about the classic Wolf Warrior’s design and features – and improving them – the X Pro is a progressive, powerful scooter.

Rear View of the Wolf Warrior X

Under $2,600


Save $200 | Was: $2,799 | Now: $2,599
Best 40 MPH Electric Scooter Under $2,600

Motor Power:


The Good:

The Bad:

Discount Code:


INOKIM strikes again with the OxO, a scooter built to deliver second-to-none ride quality, handling, and design prowess. While this scooter promises a top speed of 40 mph, it’s a little slow off the line – however, for riders seeking one of the most comfortable rides that can soak up undulations like a hot knife cutting through butter, this is the one.

There’s something comforting about buying a scooter from a household name, and that’s never truer than with those from INOKIM. This is one of the best-known scooter brands in the world and there’s a reason for that. If you place a lot of stock in brand reputation, alongside build quality, you’re going to love the INOKIM OxO.

Why We Recommend It:

With a ride quality that can be compared to running your finger along silk, the INOKIM OxO oozes luxury. Its sleek, well-built frame and punchy orange accents highlight the excellent build quality, but whether or not the OxO is the Rolls Royce of the scooter world will depend on if you can let its flaws slide.

Josh on the INOKIM OxO

It’s a fact that INOKIM produces high-quality scooters and they’ve been doing so for many years. When you purchase an INOKIM scooter, you’re not just buying a transport solution, you’re investing in a machine that’s in it for the long haul. These scooters are durable and built to last. However, you should expect to pay for this privilege. At $2,599, the OxO isn’t a cheap scooter – even though some of its stats are lower than those on more affordable options like the Mantis Pro V2. It’s good to be aware that a portion of the asking price is down to the weight of the INOKIM name.

INOKIM OxO Durable Frame

That being said, the OxO still deserves its reputation as a powerhouse. With its punchy 60V 1000W dual motors, it delivers some serious torque and can accelerate up to a top speed of 40 mph. Thanks to its boost of power, you won’t have any trouble conquering more challenging hills with the dual-motor mode enabled (providing you build up momentum). Swapping down to just a single motor can help to conserve your battery.

INOKIM OxO Dual Motor Button

The smooth acceleration isn’t the only thing that makes this scooter a buttery-smooth ride. The 10 x 2.5-inch air-filled tires provide excellent cushioning, so you’ll get that much-coveted floating sensation no matter what kind of surface you’re traveling over. You’ll feel stable and balanced, even if you sit at the heavier end of the 265 lbs load limit.

INOKIM OxO Front Tire

If you think that sounds good, wait until you hear about the suspension. The front and rear rubber torsion system make tackling uneven terrain a dream. It soaks up any bumps and surface imperfections so you’ll barely feel a thing, even when going at top speed.

INOKIM OxO Orange Swingarm

The swingarms are also fully adjustable to fit a variety of rider needs. The Low setting is perfect for faster rides on city roads, whereas the High setting gives additional clearance if you’re venturing off-road. If you’re not sure which kind of rider you’re going to be, make sure to get yourself a scooter that can do both, just like the OxO.

Side Profile of INOKIM OxO Deck and Chassis

Whether we’re talking about on or off-road riding, there’s one thing that needs to perform regardless: the brakes. Thankfully, the ever-reliable INOKIM has made sure that the OxO is up to scratch, outfitting this scooter with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. These are the best brakes and give you excellent control over your stopping power thanks to their responsiveness and strength.

INOKIM OxO Rear Brake Caliper

You’ll find another high-quality component in the form of the powerful 26Ah LG battery. Once again, this is one of the best battery options out there, so you can rest assured that INOKIM hasn’t skimped on the most important components. They claim the OxO can deliver a top range of 68 miles, however, under our tests – where we max out the speed settings – you can expect a respectable 36 miles. (We see a drop in mileage across all models that we test).

Front of INOKIM OxO Handlebars

When you need to recharge, be prepared to wait between 12 and 14 hours to fully juice up. You can opt for the faster charger which reduces this by about 65%, but it’ll cost you extra.

INOKIM OxO Charging Port

Another sign of INOKIM’s attention to detail is the exceptionally good folding mechanism. It takes just a few seconds to fold and unfold, and when the stem is locked into place, there is zero stem wobble, making the OxO a reliable scooter for long rides. Out of all of the folding mechanisms that we’ve tested, this is one of the best.

INOKIM OxO Folding Lever

When it comes to the OxO, you can feel the attention to detail, all the way from the black and orange-accented frame to the seamless cable management and exquisite features like the thumb throttle that is lined with light sensors so that the scooter can detect and automatically turn on the front and rear lights. There’s no doubt that this scooter has been purpose-built to deliver a smooth but thrilling ride, which is why it’s such a popular choice amongst scooter riders everywhere.

INOKIM OxO Beautiful Frame

Further Information:


By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price Top Speed
Wolf Warrior X Pro $2,399 43 MPH
Mantis Pro V2 $2,299 40 MPH
Mantis V2 $1,799 40 MPH
INOKIM OxO $2,599 40 MPH
Apollo Phantom 52V $1,999 38 MPH


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price 0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Mantis Pro V2 $2,299 2.0 s
Mantis V2 $1,799 2.1 s
Wolf Warrior X Pro $2,399 2.2 s
Apollo Phantom 52V $1,999 2.5 s
INOKIM OxO $2,599 3.5 s


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 25 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price 0-25 MPH (Seconds)
Mantis Pro V2 $2,299 4.1 s
Mantis V2 $1,799 4.7 s
Wolf Warrior X Pro $2,399 4.7 s
Apollo Phantom 52V $1,999 5.6 s
INOKIM OxO $2,599 6.6 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

Scooter Price Max Range
INOKIM OxO $2,599 68 miles
Wolf Warrior X Pro $2,399 60 miles
Mantis Pro V2 $2,299 45 miles
Apollo Phantom 52V $1,999 40 miles
Mantis V2 $1,799 33 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

Scooter Price Max Range
Wolf Warrior X Pro $2,399 42 miles
INOKIM OxO $2,599 36 miles
Mantis Pro V2 $2,299 33 miles
Mantis V2 $1,799 28 miles
Apollo Phantom 52V $1,999 25 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

Scooter Price Braking From 15 MPH
Mantis V2 $1,799 2.7 meters
Mantis Pro V2 $2,299 2.7 meters
INOKIM OxO $2,599 2.7 meters
Wolf Warrior X Pro $2,399 3.0 meters
Apollo Phantom 52V $1,999 3.4 meters

By Type


Mantis V2 – $1,799.

Further Information:

Cheap Electric Scooters

Heavy Adults:

Apollo Phantom – Supports up to 300 lbs.


Wolf Warrior X Pro – 43 mph.

Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:

INOKIM OxO – 68 miles (36 miles realistic).


Wolf Warrior X Pro.

Most Portable:

Mantis V2.


Apollo Phantom.

Further Information:

Electric Scooters For Commuting

Biggest Wheels:

Apollo Phantom – 10 x 3.25 inches.

Hill Climbing:

Wolf Warrior X Pro – 35-degrees.


INOKIM OxO – Rubber torsion and adjustable swingarms.

Further Information:

Electric Scooters With Suspension


Apollo Phantom – IP54 water-resistance rating.

Optional Seat Attachment:


Further Information:

Electric Scooters With Seats

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