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Apollo Ghost 2022 Review


8/10 (Expert Score)


September 19, 2022

Price When Reviewed: $1699.00

On the hunt for an entry-level performance scooter that won’t leave you considering therapy when looking at your bank account? A scooter that delivers supernatural power while remaining portable enough to fit in your car trunk for weekend haunts? Introducing the new and improved Apollo Ghost 2022.


Apollo being the venerated God of the scootering world, the brand has once again listened to customer feedback on the original, much-loved Ghost; gone back to the drawing board; and developed an altogether tougher, more powerful, “no frills, high thrills” beast.


Cower in the wake of dual 52V 1000W motors that far surpass the original’s 52V 800W offerings. Glory in a strengthened stem that is now 50% stronger than that wielded by its predecessor. And bask in the brilliance of an upgraded folding mechanism that elevates this spirited firecracker to new levels of design elegance. The people have spoken, and the Apollo Ghost 2022 has answered with what we think is the best entry-level performance electric scooter.

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Apollo Ghost 2022 vs Ghost 2021: Significant Upgrades

Apollo always listens to rider feedback and is one of the only brands to regularly update their existing product line to make their scooters better. The brand new Ghost 2022 is a perfect example of this.

Apollo Ghost 2022 vs Apollo Ghost 2021

While the Ghost, may at first glance, appear to be the same as its predecessor, there are 4 key improvements that you should know about:

  • Two new 1000W motors replace the original’s 800W offering. Based on our tests this doesn’t deliver any discernible difference in acceleration rate but it does promise an ever-so-slightly higher top speed. The new motors are also more efficient meaning that they have a better ratio between power output and power input.
  • Because of the beefed-up motors, the rims have been reinforced. They are now 50% stronger and more resistant to cracks and splits.
  • A newly designed and more robust stem is now 50% stronger than the original. Aside from its geometrically-inspired revamp, the reinforced design eliminates wobble and instability at speed.
  • A new superior folding mechanism replaces the original clunky collar clamp. The new mechanism is easier to use, more secure and eliminates stem wobble.

Aside from the changes in its design, we also noted the following improvements in its performance:

  • Despite sharing the same battery, the new Ghost delivered 3 more miles of realistic range (25 vs 22 miles), equating to a 14% increase.
  • In my review of the 2021 Ghost I noted that if the terrain became too rugged, you would experience the suspension bottoming out. While Apollo hasn’t upgraded the suspension per se, I presume they may have added more preload to the springs to prevent them from compressing as much and bottoming out.
  • And finally, with all the improvements that the new 2022 version of the Ghost has to offer, we are pleased to report that the ride quality of the new model surpasses that of its predecessor.

As for all the other performance metrics that we measure and haven’t yet covered, including braking and hill-climbing, they all remained within the same range going toe-to-toe with the original model, but we will discuss these more throughout the review.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the Apollo Ghost 2022 Be a Good Fit For You?

The Apollo Ghost 2022 doesn’t concern itself with unnecessary trimmings. It has no time for app integrations, doesn’t care for fancy extra features, and turns its nose up at any idea of style-over-substance (though it does bring both in spades).

Josh on Apollo Ghost 2022

No, this spook is all about going back to basics; it’s built for those who want to experience the joy of feeling at one with their scooter as they burn rubber on the asphalt and get their adrenaline pumping on forest tracks. The Ghost 2022 is an aggressive, brooding howitzer that will leave your heart thumping in your chest and your eyes bulging out of their sockets.

If you’re new to performance scooters, you may be reading this thinking it all sounds a bit terrifying. Indeed, we suggest exercising caution on the throttle if that’s the case. Yet, what distinguishes the Ghost is that it will delight novices and experts alike; it is heaps of fun to ride. And with its bulked-up stem, industrial-standard frame, springy suspension, and 300 lbs load capacity, it’s a superb ride for heavier thrill-seekers, too.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Chassis From Rear

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful dual 52V 1000W motors
  • Fast acceleration rate
  • Perfect balance of power to get your adrenaline pumping without losing control
  • Super strong stem eliminates wobble at speed
  • Big tires and dual springs allow for great ride quality
  • Best-in-class folding mechanism
  • Excellent brakes
  • Good value for money
  • Swanky deck lights
  • Foldable handlebars for enhanced portability
  • Supports heavy riders
  • IP54 water-resistance rating


  • Extra lighting is needed for night rides
  • Key-lock ignition is outdated and would be better replaced with a simple start button
  • Kickstand is weak

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

The first thing to note here is that the Apollo Ghost 2022 can be purchased with either hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. This review focuses on the former, which are far superior and deliver exceptional braking performance. The hydraulic variant will set you back $1,849, while the mechanical disc option is $150 cheaper.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Hydraulic Disc

I’ve tested countless electric scooters, and I can safely say the Ghost is up there when it comes to fun rides. One of the key reasons for this is the outstanding build quality. The strengthened stem and robust frame eliminate any chance of wobble or feelings of instability, freeing your mind to fully enjoy the sensation of gliding down roads at soaring speeds. This ability to reconnect you with the undiluted joy of riding an electric scooter is, in my opinion, priceless. I’d be surprised if you didn’t feel the same way after your first ride.

Sure, the Ghost’s top speed and range may be trumped by a few other models in its price class, but factor in the ride and build quality and what you have is an entry-level performance scooter that practically excels in every area – it has no major weaknesses. Whether you’re a commuter with a wild side or a true weekend trailblazer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better scooter under $1,900.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Sleek Frame

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

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Perhaps it’s because they’re not the widest we’ve tested, but at first glance, it looks like there’s a lot going on with the handlebars. Yet, it’s a layout you’ll soon get to grips with – which brings us to our starting point: the grips.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Handgrip

Simply put, they are among the best we’ve ever tested. Widening out at the ends to deliver a satisfying sense of added security, the rubber molds ergonomically around your palms while providing enough grip to prevent any unwanted slips.

On the right, you have a simple QS-S4 display complete with finger throttle; here, you’ll also find buttons to activate eco/turbo and single/dual motor modes; on your left is a key lock ignition and voltmeter that gives you a more detailed measure of your battery life, while on both sides you’ll find brake-levers.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Handlebars

Most noteworthy of all, however, is that the handlebars are foldable, which boosts the Ghost’s credibility as a portable performance scooter. On other scooters this can sometimes compromise the structural integrity of the handlebars, but, thanks to the central coupler that twists and locks the handlebars into place, this isn’t the case on the Ghost.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Folding Handlebars

I don’t have many major gripes with this scooter, but one area of its design that I’d like to see improved is the key-lock ignition.

A year or two ago, these were a go-to accessory, but since the market has developed they have become outdated. It now feels a little cheap and vulnerable.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Key Ignition

We experienced its limitations when our 2021 Ghost fell over, causing the key lock to smash, thereby rendering the scooter obsolete until we could replace the unit.

On future iterations, we’d like to see the Ghost equipped with a simple on/off button and a thumb throttle to bring the design of the cockpit up to a more modern level.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Right Side of Handlebars


Few things in life are certain, but one thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is that any new Apollo Ghost scooter will come with the line’s signature matte black frame. We’re not complaining; raw, edgy, and enigmatic as ever, the Ghost 2022 is yet another minimalist triumph.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Skeletal Frame

The aesthetic flair doesn’t end there, however, with cut-outs along the neck, swingarms, and fenders giving the Ghost a skeletal-like aesthetic that is befitting of its name.

The stem, meanwhile, has undergone a geometrically-inspired revamp. This angular, almost industrial look plays into the Ghost’s brutalist, non-nonsense appeal. It's not just style either, the new design eliminates stem wobble.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Stem and Handlebars


While the deck isn’t slathered in rubber or enveloped in grip tape, what it does have is two thick columns of grip that run either side of the deck plate. Combined these provide enough traction, however for even more security, we recommend adding a strip of grip tape across the front section of the deck between the two columns to give your front foot more to grip onto when adopting an aggressive riding stance.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Deck Tape

That aside, the deck is spacious enough for riders big and small, providing ample space to settle in a comfortable riding position no matter the size of your feet. It also comes equipped with a kickplate that allows you to lean into the ride for added control.

As with many scooters, the deck houses the battery, which means this is also where you’ll find the charging ports. One thing to take note of is to be careful to avoid scraping the ports against curbs; though protected by plastic caps, they’re not impervious to damage.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Deck


Any spook worth its weight in cold sweats needs to be able to glide, and thankfully the Ghost comes with the plush 10-inch pneumatic tires that established its esteemed ancestor as a bona fide crowd pleaser.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Push Tire

The new Ghost also sports the same split rims that made the Ghost 2021’s tires so easy to change. This time, however, the rims have been reinforced – they’re 50% thicker – to handle the extra power of the Ghost’s 1000W motors. This also makes them more resistant to cracks and splits.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Neck and Front Wheel

All in all, the tires deliver exactly what you’d expect: a cushioned, smooth ride that reduces most road imperfections to an insignificance. Their profile is primed for carving, too – meaning that you can take tight corners at speed.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Rear Tire

Build Quality & Durability

One of Apollo’s calling cards is the exceptional build quality that characterizes each of its scooters. Predictably, the Ghost 2022 hits another home run.

One of the biggest differences between the two Ghosts is the 2022’s fortified stem – it’s 50% stronger than what we saw on the 2021 model. This makes it far less prone to wobble while improving the sense of control and stability you feel while riding at fast speeds.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Frame

Constructed out of forged, hollowed-out aluminum, the frame is both robust and lightweight for everyday use. Allied with reinforced front and rear fenders, neat cabling, and an IP54 water-resistance rating, this is a scooter that can deal with the rigors of city life while also holding its own on tougher dirt tracks.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Durable Frame

Weight & Load

At 64 lbs, the Ghost is no waif-like banshee. You won’t want to carry it up many flights of stairs, which may spook some riders looking for a commuter scooter. Yet, for a dual-motor performance scooter – and all the additional bulk that entails – its weight is well within the realms of what we would expect.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Folded Frame

With a max load-bearing capacity of 300 lbs, the Ghost is a great option if you’re a heavier rider. While some scooters can feel a bit fragile, you’ll have no such concerns with this spectral mule.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Large Deck

Folding & Portability

One of its most supernatural qualities is the new folding mechanism. To put it simply, it’s light years ahead of its predecessor’s clunky collar clamp set-up. Thanks to the built-in latch and easy-to-use lever, you can have the stem folded down in mere seconds – that’s not an exaggeration.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Open Folding Mechanism

To put the stem back into its upright position, you hook the claw-like mechanism under the anchor point and push to lever towards the stem until it clicks and locks into place. To eliminate the risk of the folding mechanism coming loose while riding, Apollo equipped it with a safety latch that needs to be pinched to release the mechanism from its locked position.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Folding Mechanism Being Pinched

Corresponding with this new functionality are trusty foldable handlebars; with everything compacted down, it can fit in a car trunk and under desks with consummate ease. That’s some feather in the cap for a dual-motor performance scooter.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Frame Folded


Getting the Ghost ready to ride is a simple process.

First, you need to attach the handlebars and tighten each of the cockpit components. The components are loosened for their protection during shipment.

You’ll then want to make sure the tires are sufficiently pumped up, while also testing the brakes and throttle to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Ride Quality

Is the Apollo Ghost 2022 Comfortable to Ride?

This is Apollo, so you can be sure of the Ghost delivering good ride quality.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Frame From Side

This is in no small part down to the scooter’s front and rear dual-spring suspension, which works particularly well for all riders. Plus, if you’re of a lighter or heavier profile, the suspension can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.

With the new motors and controllers working in cahoots alongside the reinforced stem, ergonomic handgrips, and rounded front-on profile of the tires, you feel extremely stable and secure while riding the Ghost.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Powerful Rear Motor

With all the improvements that the new 2022 version of the Ghost has to offer, we are pleased to report that the ride quality of the new model surpasses that of its predecessor.

Performance & Safety

Top Speed

Wielding its dual 52V 1000W motors, the Apollo Ghost can hit a top speed of 37 mph – 3 mph faster than the 2021 model. That’s quick enough to make most seasoned scooter enthusiasts choke on their cornflakes.

Apollo Ghost 2022 vs Apollo Ghost 2021 - Speed and Acceleration

Let's look at how the Ghost measures up against scooters within its price and weight classes.

Speed vs Price Comparison

Hydraulic Version

At $1,849 there are 10 other models that can be compared with the Ghost (Hydraulic) within a range of $500.

Here, it emerges a respectable third, with a suite of Mantis, Varla, and Apollo Phantom models dominating the field.

Apollo Ghost 2022 (Hyd) Speed vs Price Comparison

One of the key differentiators is that the Ghost’s motors operate at 52V, whereas the model claiming first place – the Mantis V2 – operates at 60V. Now, you may be asking why the Varla Eagle One doesn’t deserve the outright top spot, but again, like the Ghost, the Varla operates on 52V. This means that the Mantis V2 has more torque, which translates into a faster acceleration rate to leave the rest of the lineup – including the Ghost – trailing.

It’s worth noting, though, that despite being beaten by other models for top speed, the Ghost offers the best balance of power and portability.

Regular Version

Things change when we switch our attention to the regular version of the Apollo Ghost 2022. This time, it ranks second out of 9 other comparable models.

Apollo Ghost 2022 (Reg) Speed vs Price Comparison

Again, it’s the Mantis V2 and Varla Eagle One that outpace the Ghost, but as previously discussed, the 60V of the dual 1000W motors set the Mantis apart from the rest of the pack with more torque and faster acceleration.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

When comparing the Ghost’s top speed against other scooters in its weight class, we see a similar story to the Speed vs Price comparison with its closest rival, the Mantis V2 (18.2Ah) sharing the top spot with its sibling the Mantis V2 (24.5Ah), and the Dualtron Eagle Pro.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Speed vs Weight Comparison

The Eagle Pro seemingly stands out here. As well as matching the Mantis models for speed, it outperforms them in terms of mileage. However, what the stats don’t tell you is that the build and ride quality of the Eagle Pro is inferior to the Mantis models and so it’s both of these that truly deserves the crown.

All is not lost here for the Ghost because the well-rounded performance, combined with its portability credentials supplied by the foldable handlebars makes it a unique proposition. This is especially evident when you consider that its folded dimensions sport a width that is approximately 43% narrower than its competitors that don’t have foldable handlebars.


When it comes to getting out of the blocks, the Ghost more than holds its own.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Acceleration Comparison

It has an acceleration rate that is perfectly tuned for getting your adrenaline pumping, but not enough for you to lose control as a result of wheel spinning. All told, the Ghost pulls away in a controllable and stable manner.

When compared to the scooters that we recommend as alternatives, it is a close match to its pricier cousin, the Apollo Phantom, but the undisputed speed freak when it comes to acceleration is the Mantis V2.

Scooter0-15 MPH (Seconds)0-25 MPH (Seconds)
Mantis V2 ($1,899)2.14.7
Apollo Ghost 2022 Reg ($1,699)2.55.3
Apollo Ghost 2022 Hyd ($1,849)2.55.3
Apollo Phantom Hyd ($2,099)2.55.6

The Mantis hits 15 mph from a standstill in just 2.1 seconds, which is 16% faster than the Ghost. The Ghost does, however, make up some ground when accelerating up to 25 mph with the Mantis achieving a time that is just 11% faster.


Armed with a 52V 18.2Ah battery, the Ghost delivers a respectable maximum range of 39 miles.

Under our tests where we maxed out the speed settings, the Ghost was capable of keeping the wheels rolling for 25 miles.

Apollo Ghost 2022 vs Apollo Ghost 2021 - Mileage Comparison

Mileage vs Price Comparison


Compared to the 10 other models within a price range of $500 around the Ghost’s $1,849 price tag, it places in the lower mid-table, but this doesn’t tell the full story.

Apollo Ghost 2022 (Hyd) Mileage vs Price Comparison

The INOKIM Ox Super takes the crown here with its large 60V 21Ah battery, but the caveat is that it only has a single 800W motor and is much slower than the Ghost.

Meanwhile, the EMOVE Roadrunner boasts dual motors (one is 350W and the other is 500W) and a big battery (48V 26.1Ah), but it is a seated scooter and therefore, serves an entirely different purpose from the Ghost.

Among the scooters that remain, the maximum mileage of all these is 40 miles. When you consider that the Ghost has a range that is just 1 mile shy of these models, its performance begins to shine.

If battery power is at the top of your agenda, though, the Apollo Phantom is the best choice out of the models that surpass the Ghost, especially as it stores 29% more energy.


Similar to the hydraulic version comparison above, the INOKIM Ox Super and EMOVE RoadRunner hold the top spots, with the INOKIM Quick 4 entering the fray this time round. Importantly, all three of these models serve different purposes to the Ghost and therefore don’t make for the best comparison.

Apollo Ghost 2022 (Reg) Mileage vs Price Comparison

What we can take away from the chart, though, is that while there are a couple of scooters that have an ever-so-slightly higher maximum range, the Ghost delivers the best overall performance package where range, speed, build, and ride quality are concerned.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Comparing the Ghost’s mileage against other scooters in its weight class, it lands in the middle of the pack.

Some familiar faces reemerge here, with the INOKIM Ox Super taking the top spot, followed by the Dualtron Eagle Pro and Mantis V2 (24.5Ah).

Apollo Ghost 2022 Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Out of all three models, we recommend the Mantis since it outperforms the others across the board. However, if you do decide to opt for the Mantis, it’s important to know that it costs $2,299 which is between $450 and $650 more than the Ghost. With this in mind, if you want to keep your budget within the realms of the Ghost’s price tag, there’s no better scooter to choose than the Ghost itself.

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Hill Climbing

Here’s one area where the beefed-up motors shine. Thanks to their increased power capacity, they can easily dominate challenging inclines while maintaining a good speed throughout.

Apollo Ghost 2022 52V 1000W Motor

This establishes the Ghost as a great performance scooter for putting the pedal to the metal in undulating cities and environments.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

I’ve reviewed a lot of Apollo scooters now, and I’m starting to run the risk of sounding like a broken record player when it comes to commenting on their shock absorption capabilities.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Front Swingarm

In short, you cannot go wrong with the combination of suspension and tires on offer. Combined, they absorb the vast majority of shocks and vibrations thrown up by city streets, and as mentioned in my comparison of the 2022 and 2021 models, the suspension no longer bottoms out while riding over rough terrain.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Chassis From Front


As you’ll by now be aware, the Apollo Ghost can be purchased either with mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Brake Lever

Our recommendation would be to stump up the extra dollar if you have it because frankly, the hydraulics are outstandingly responsive. With them, you can come to a complete stop from 15 mph in just 3.0 meters – this is a match for the 2021 hydraulic model, and nearly two feet shorter than what you’ll achieve on the regular Ghost.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Charge Time

The battery takes a maximum of 12 hours to fully re-juice with one standard charger.

It comes with two charging ports, though, so you can easily halve that time with the purchase of a second charger.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Charging Port

Extra Features

QS-S4 Display

The 2022 Ghost is billed as a “no frills, high thrills” scooter, and this is evidenced by its QS-S4 display. It’s simple and pretty unassuming, supplying stats on your speed, battery life, and odometer. The screen is bright, colorful, and unlike others that we’ve tested can be seen in direct sunlight.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Display and Throttle

Using the console’s button, you can toggle between three riding modes: Gear 1 will limit your speed to 15 mph, Gear 2 will cap you at 25 mph, and Gear 3 will unleash the full fury of the dual motors. The button also lets you activate your lights via a long press.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Cockpit

Low-Mounted Front Headlights, Rear Brake Lights, & Deck LED Strips

The 2022 version of the Ghost retains its supernatural lighting package.

Apollo Ghost With Lights on From Above

Made up of two low-mounted headlights, rear brake lights, and blue LED strips that run the entire length of the deck, it positively glows when the sun sets.

Rear View of Apollo Ghost With Lights On

While the aesthetics of the lights get our firm seal of approval, there is one major area for improvement.

Unfortunately, Apollo chose not to equip the Ghost with a high-mounted headlight despite feedback from reviewers of the previous model. As a result, the low-mounted lights are unable to illuminate a comforting portion of the way ahead, so we recommend purchasing an additional headlight that you can strap onto the handlebars.

Apollo Ghost Bright Headlights

Smart Power Management

As is the case with all Apollo scooters, the Ghost 2022 comes complete with a battery management system. This is an extra layer of security that protects against short-circuiting and overcurrents, while also providing effective temperature resistance.

You even benefit from protection against overcharging and undervoltage.

Apollo Ghost 2022 Deck LEDs

In brief, the system keeps your scooter in good health by ensuring that it operates within a range of safety parameters.

IP54 Water-Resistance Rating

Equipped with an IP54 water-resistance rating, the Ghost continues to be protected from light rain, small puddles, and other splashes, as well as electrical enclosure from the ingress of dirt and dust which is convenient if you decided to ride off-road.

Specification: Apollo Ghost 2022 Review




Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Mechanical), Electronic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Lights, Water Resistance Rating, Dual Motors

Max Incline (degrees)


Water Resistance Rating


Warranty & Post-Purchase Support

All Apollo scooters are covered by a 12-month warranty in the case of manufacturing defects. This does not cover misuse or accidental damage.

In addition to the already comprehensive warranty, Apollo provides a 24-month protection plan for wear and tear. This covers consumables including brake pads, inner tubes, tires, and fenders.

Apollo has also built an extensive self-help hub with a wealth of resources that stretch from general buying FAQs to set-up guides and everything in between. When you need more help, their dedicated customer support team is on-hand via email where they provide you with one-to-one help.

Specification: Apollo Ghost 2022 Review




Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Mechanical), Electronic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Lights, Water Resistance Rating, Dual Motors

Max Incline (degrees)


Water Resistance Rating


Apollo Ghost 2022 Review
Apollo Ghost 2022 Review


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