Best Heavy Duty Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults (Up to 352 lbs)

Electric scooters aren’t made for heavy adults: true or false?

Once upon a time, this might have been true. But today, such an assumption is grossly outdated. Gone are the days when electric scooters came saddled with narrow handlebars, thin decks, and measly load-bearing capacities.

We’re entering a new era of inclusive electric scooting – one where there’s a scooter for every shape, size, height, and weight. And there’s even better news – that we’re here to walk you through all the options and help you find the heavy-duty scooter that’s right for you.

Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults

Scouring our extensive database of over 140+ scooters, we’ve handpicked our top 10 models. These scooters have large frames, robust build quality, and – most importantly – can support anywhere from 275 to 352 lbs of rider weight. We’ve also focused on performance including power, range, and comfortability – so you’ll be hearing a lot about motors, batteries, and suspension throughout.

And, as always, our recommendations are underpinned by our three core values:

  • Extensive Research – We provide quantitative data (both real and manufacturer stats) alongside our expert knowledge about how scooters measure up in various categories of performance.
  • Thorough Review Process – We have the most substantial, complete, and comprehensive scooter review process. To put this into perspective, we’ve published over a million words of in-depth scooter reviews, guides, and comparisons.
  • Impartial Advice – We don’t just focus on the good, we also highlight the bad to let you be the judge.

Everything we write – and the way we write it – is designed to help you make the right decision. That’s why we help over 60,000 people choose the best scooter, every month.

So, to help you narrow down your options – and pick the heavy-duty scooter that’s most in line with your budget – we’ve organized the scooters by price. We’ll kick things off with the cheapest (under $600), and then progress to the heavy-duty scooters in the $3,500+ bracket.

Under $600
Turboant X7 Pro
Turboant X7 Pro
Under $900
Orange EMOVE Touring
EMOVE Touring
Under $1,200
Under $1,500
Emove Cruiser
EMOVE Cruiser
Under $1,800
Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost
$1,499.00 $1,599.00
Under $2,000
Mantis Pro SE
Mantis Pro SE (18.2Ah) 2022
$1,799.00 $2,299.00
Under $2,500
Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom
Under $3,000
Wolf King
Wolf King
$2,999.00 $3,499.00
Under $3,000
Wolf King GT
Wolf King GT
$3,595.00 $3,795.00
Over $3,500
NAMI Burn-e 2
NAMI Burn-e 2 Max
$4,790.00 $4,890.00

IMPORTANT: Throughout the guide, you’ll see a lot of references to ‘load’ – that is, how much rider weight a scooter can support. However, this maximum load is just that: a maximum. To get the best performance from a scooter, you don’t want to overload it.

With this in mind, we recommend choosing a model with a load capacity that’s at least 30 lbs beyond your weight. For example, if you weigh 245 lbs, a scooter that can support up to 275 lbs will be ideal. Our testing and research have shown that 30 lbs is the sweet spot – so be sure to keep this in mind.

To make it easy for you, we have included the maximum figure alongside our recommended figure (ESI Recommended Load), for each scooter.

Take a closer look at our recommendations by viewing the scooters in the categories below.

See Scooters Organized by Price (Prices Start at $500)

See Scooters Organized by Load-Capacity (275-352 lbs)

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We reviewed the Cheapest & Most Compact Dual-Motor Scooter

By Price

Under $600:

Turboant X7 Pro

Save $50 | Was: $549.98 | Now: $499.98 at Turboant
Best Under $600
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Weighing in at 33 lbs and available for less than $550, the Turboant X7 Pro is both the lightest and cheapest scooter on our list. Capable of supporting up to 275 lbs, the X7 Pro is proof that load and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Add in a lengthy 30-mile range and detachable battery pack for convenience, and the X7 Pro is the best budget scooter for heavy riders.

Why We Recommend It:

Looking for a scooter that’s tailor-made for a heavy rider, but that’s light on your wallet? Relax – your search is over. Supporting up to a 275 lbs payload – and with a frame designed and built to meet the needs of a larger variety of riders – the Turboant X7 Pro is a no-brainer for those on a shoestring budget.

Turboant X7 Pro Folded

Let’s start with its design. One of the first things you’ll notice about the X7 Pro is that its stem is slightly bulkier than on other scooters. This is because, while most competing models on the market have batteries stored in the scooter’s deck, the X7 Pro’s is located in its stem.

This design feature has several benefits for larger, heavier riders. For one, the lack of a deck-located battery allows the Turboant X7 Pro to ride a little higher than other scooters. That means more clearance under the deck, which – in turn – means you’re less likely to bottom out when coming off the curb, or while traversing less even terrain. This is especially good news for heavier riders, who – with more downward force operating on the scooter – are more prone to scraping the underside of the deck and incurring damage to it.

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

Plus, the X7 Pro’s stem-located battery has another huge plus – it’s detachable. This is one all riders, regardless of size or weight, will enjoy. The X7 Pro’s battery can simply be unclipped and charged separately from the main scooter, meaning you won’t have to drag the whole frame up the stairs of your apartment building or office block.

The X7 Pro’s battery provides up to 30 miles of ride time off a single charge – though realistically, that figure is closer to 16 miles under realistic conditions. However, the detachability of the X7 Pro’s battery – and the fact that you can purchase an extra one for just $199.98 – means that you can effectively double (or triple) the scooter’s range by buying more batteries. Pop an extra one in a backpack before you set out, and – when your current battery dies – simply sub in the fresh one to keep riding. When spent, it’ll take around 4-6 hours for your X7 Pro’s battery to reach full charge again.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

Of course, if there’s one aspect of a scooter’s spec sheet that heavier riders will be particularly interested in, it’s the P-word – power. After all, scooters with weak motors won’t be able to generate the torque needed to get you to the speed you want to be at. Luckily, the Turboant X7 Pro belies its low price point with an impressive top speed of 20 mph. It’s not the fastest accelerator, sure – mainly because its motor is located in the front wheel, rather than the rear – but it will see you up and over slopes of 8.5 degrees without too much of a struggle.

Turboant X7 Pro Handlebars and LED Display

Ultimately, the X7 Pro is ideal for cruising urban bike lanes and for heavier riders seeking a compact companion for their commute. It’s not up there with the most rapid scooters on the block – those sorts of titles are reserved for dual motor scooters – but it’s certainly not the slowest, either.

The Turboant X7 Pro is well-adapted to a city environment, and – providing you don’t stray too far beyond the predictable pathways of urban centers – delivers a comfortable ride. Like most scooters in its price bracket, the X7 Pro doesn’t have suspension. However, heavier riders should still be pleased to hear that the X7 Pro sports a pair of pneumatic tires.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel Fender and Disc Brake

In lieu of one of the more comprehensive suspension setups – such as the shocks, swingarms, hydraulics, and coil-over-shocks we’ll see further down this list – air in the X7 Pro’s tires insulates you from the impact of cracks in the concrete surface of the road, and prevents the pain of potholes.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display and Throttle

Another key pain point when it comes to picking the perfect scooter for heavy riders is build quality. You can’t have your scooter falling apart when exposed to the stress of a little extra weight, can you?

Don’t fret – the Turboant X7 Pro won’t. For a scooter available for so little, there’s nothing cheap about the way it’s been built. The aluminum alloy of its frame is robust and reliable, and – even after having ridden this thing for well over a year – we still haven’t spotted any signs of wear and tear.

Turboant X7 Pro Deck

In addition to being a scooter for riders of all shapes and sizes, X7 Pro is truly a scooter for all seasons, too. Its sturdy frame arrives with the backing of an IPX4 water-resistance rating. While this by no means makes the scooter waterproof, it still allows you to ride safely in the knowledge that light rain or splashes aren’t going to mess up your scooter (or your day).

We never recommend riding in wet or unsafe conditions, but – should you find yourself in them – you can take comfort from the X7 Pro’s triple braking system. Bringing together a hand-operated, regenerative, and rear foot brake, the Turboant X7 Pro provides effective, no-nonsense stopping power.

Turboant X7 Pro Rubber Handgrips

Further Information:

Turboant X7 Pro Review

Under $900:

EMOVE Touring

Now: $899.00 at Voro Motors
Best Under $900
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

Ah, the EMOVE Touring – powerful, portable, and perfectly capable of supporting riders of up to 308 lbs.

Available in five colors and designed for commuters and recreational inner-city riders, the Touring is small and agile enough to dart in and out of traffic and pedestrians. Yet – with a large, durable frame, long deck, and accomplished suspension – it also provides a highly stable, secure riding experience that heavier riders will love.

EMOVE Touring on Leafy Road

Why We Recommend It:

If there’s one thing more important to heavier riders than power and load, it’s customizability. After all, riders with bigger frames and larger weights will have different requirements than smaller, lighter people – a ’one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work.

EMOVE knows this. The brand behind the EMOVE Cruiser – an uber-popular long-range scooter with some serious specs – uses all of that innovation to make the Touring one of the most reliable, robust releases it’s put out.

Rear View of the EMOVE Touring on Leafy Road

Where to start? It could be with the Touring’s telescopic stem, which lets you adjust the height of the handlebars to fit your height. Or, we could begin with the Touring’s optional seat attachment – a rare find in the electric scooter world – which allows you to screw in a place to sit and make longer journeys a little easier on your legs. The adjustable, hydraulic seat post flexes with your weight, and with your wallet – it’s available for $65, or $95 with installation.

With the EMOVE Touring, comfort isn’t simply a facet of the scooter’s design – it’s the principle that underpins that design. The Touring benefits from one of the best suspension systems of any commuter scooter we’ve reviewed – here’s why.

The Touring pioneers a unique, innovative triple front suspension system. Combining dual coil-over-springs on either side of the front wheel with a spring at the base of the stem, the Touring provides exceptional shock absorption. It’s worth not getting too carried away, though – like the lower-budget scooters on this list, the Touring does its finest work in urban, rather than off-road environments.

The level of comfort on offer is quite an achievement – particularly considering it only has a single pneumatic tire, with a solid rubber one in the rear. Traditionally, solid tires give more of a jarring ride because their shock absorption and traction aren’t as good as that of their air-filled counterparts. However, the awesome suspension more than makes up for any discomfort this might cause.

EMOVE Touring Front Triple Spring Suspension System

The only downside here is that the Touring’s tires are a little on the small side, measuring only 8 inches. If not for the super spacious deck, this might make the Touring feel less stable. As it is, you’ll need to keep an eye out for large potholes or rocks on the road, as smaller tires won’t be able to deal with these as confidently as larger ones. Luckily, the Touring’s deck isn’t just super long and stable but has good clearance, too. This protects it from sustaining any recoil damage, safeguarding heavier riders from the disquieting experience of bottoming out.

EMOVE Touring Deck with Grip Tape

But of course, comfortability counts for squat without the credentials to back it up. So how does the Touring stack up when it comes to the specs?

Lift the (proverbial) hood, and the EMOVE Touring sports a juicy 48V 13Ah battery. While it takes around 8 hours to charge (4 hours with a fast charger), it packs a punch of power, delivering 25 miles off a single charge – though bear in mind this will be less when carrying a heavier rider, or one intent on milking the scooter’s thumb throttle for all it’s worth.

Its 500W motor adds another feather to the Touring’s bow, allowing it to hit a top speed of 24 mph, and climb hills of up to 15 degrees. But with speed comes no attenuation of EMOVE’s well-documented focus on safety. The Touring sports a rear mechanical drum brake capable of bringing even heavier riders to a stop within 5.0 meters from 15 mph.

EMOVE Touring Rear Fender

For a scooter available for less than $900, the EMOVE Touring is a bargain – particularly because it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to build quality. The aluminum alloy frame has been stress-tested for durability, while its long deck, folding frame, and collapsible handlebars make it ideal for heavier adults not only to ride but to transport, too.

While they’re not as visible, the components of the Touring’s interior work just as hard-wearing to ensure the scooter’s longevity. A smart battery management system guards against the perils of overcharging or overheating, while an IP54 water-resistance rating means you can still get from A to B in less-than-ideal weather.

Front View of EMOVE Touring with Headlight Turned On

Plus, like all good commuter options, the Touring comes with bright front and rear lights which do a good job of making you visible to others on the road. Disappointingly, however, they don’t have enough power to adequately illuminate dark paths in front of you. If you plan on doing extended nighttime rides, make sure to purchase an additional headlight.

Further Information:

EMOVE Touring Review

Under $1,200:


Now: $999.00 at SPLACH
Best Under $1,200
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

Crowdfunded and public-driven, it’s no surprise that the brand-new SPLACH series of scooters are already taking the market by storm. And the Twin is the most powerful we’ve seen yet.

A pair of 48V 600W motors give it up to 31 mph of speed, while a formidable frame and durable design mean it’s comfortable supporting up to 265 lbs of rider weight. The SPLACH Twin is ideal for heavier, style-focused riders that want to jump on one of the electric scooter industry’s newest, hottest prospect.

Josh on SPLACH Twin

Why We Recommend It:

As soon as we spotted the SPLACH line of scooters making some noise on the Kickstarter platform Indiegogo, we listened. So far, the range consists of several models – the Ranger, Turbo, Turbo Plus, the Swift, and the Mantis. Yet there are two more SPLACH scooters that – at the time of writing, at least – are yet to be released.

SPLACH Twin Frame From the Rear

One is the Transformer. The other one is the Twin – and it also happens to be the best heavy-duty scooter (for heavy adults) available for less than $1,200. It’s also the cheapest dual motor electric scooter. Of course, at Electric Scooter Insider we get the scoop on the freshest scooters before they’re even on the shelves – so let’s serve it up.

SPLACH Twin Durable Chassis

Second only to the SPLACH Mantis for power, the Twin’s dual 600W motors – where it gets its name – allow you to smash sound barriers, and hit speeds of up to 31 mph. That’s providing you’re in ‘unlimited’ mode, of course; if you’d rather start things a little more slowly, you can disengage one of the Twin’s motors (and thus enter ‘limited’ mode), which will cap your speed at 15 mph.

SPLACH Twin Motor Selection Buttons

The SPLACH Twin can also go the distance. A deck-housed 48V 15.6Ah battery allows for up to 34 miles of travel time off a single charge. Mind you, that’s in optimal conditions – you’ll have to be riding in the Twin’s ‘limited’ mode (and conservatively at that) to hit this kind of mileage. Realistically, you’ll see closer to 22 miles – and when your battery is fully depleted, you’ll face a charge time of a reasonable 7.5 hours before you’re back in the saddle.

SPLACH Twin Dual Motors

Ever heard of a scooter called the VSETT 8 and 9+R? We’re pretty sure SPLACH’s designers have because they’ve gleaned some info from the style and shape of the VSETT models. Like these scooters, the SPLACH Twin sports a telescopic stem – for adjusting handlebar height – and a rear kickplate, which allows you to lean into the ride at high speeds for extra traction and stability.

SPLACH Twin Telescopic Stem

Also like the VSETT line, SPLACH’s models are extremely well built. The Twin’s frame is composed of an ultra-strong aluminum alloy, while close-fitting tire huggers over the front and rear wheels protect you – and your threads – from splashes of mud and filthy water. And it’s not just your clothes that are safeguarded, but your scooter, too. The Twin boasts an IP44 water-resistance rating, so it’s immune to damage from light rain and splashes.

SPLACH Twin Wide Tire

The Twin folds at the stem, and it's a surprisingly simple process to collapse the scooter down when it’s time to store or transport it. That said, its 53 lbs of bulk doesn’t make it all that portable, so – while the Twin is a good fit for bigger riders – it won’t cut the mustard as a light commuter scooter.

SPLACH Twin Folded Frame

Let’s face it – we wouldn’t have named the Twin one of our top scooters for heavier riders unless it was pleasant to ride. And it is – larger riders will feel at home on the Twin’s spacious deck, while the customizable height of its handlebars makes the ride experience a profoundly personal one. There’s also the matter of the Twin’s front and rear spring suspension.

SPLACH Twin Handlebars POV

Utilizing the spring and swingarm combo – popular with premium scooters – the suspension is fully adjustable. This means that you can manually tinker with it to fit your body weight, as well as the profile of the terrain. This is a particularly handy feature for heavier riders, who’ll experience a more cushioned ride, and are less likely to bottom out.

SPLACH Twin Spring

Like the SPLACH Turbo Plus (which it shares its frame with) the Twin sports dual drum brakes – one over each wheel. Backed up with front and rear electric brakes, the braking system provides excellent stopping power. Even aside from its brakes, it’s clear SPLACH has placed safety at the forefront of the Twin’s design.

SPLACH Twin Drum Brake

Take its lighting setup, for instance. Front and rear button lights make you visible to traffic and are complemented by acrylic side lighting – meaning you’re covered from all angles. If push came to shove, though, we’d still suggest strapping on an extra headlight if you’re planning on riding at night. While the existing LEDs will help you be seen, you’ll want a brighter headlight for full visibility after sunset.

SPLACH Twin Acrylic Deck Lights

Further Information:

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Under $1,500:

EMOVE Cruiser

Now: $1,399.00 at Voro Motors
Best Under $1,500
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

The holy grail of mid-priced scooters for heavier riders, the EMOVE Cruiser can support a load of up to 352 lbs. Yep, you read that right – 352 lbs. But that’s not the only impressive number the Cruiser has in its locker.

Thanks to the large LG battery in its deck, the Cruiser boasts a (frankly outstanding) range of up to 62 miles. Packed with premium features – yet designed for practicality – the Cruiser is an all-rounder that you can count on.

Why We Recommend It:

Remember the EMOVE Touring from earlier? Well, the Cruiser takes everything its cousin excels in (which is a lot) and…makes it even better. Let’s start with that figure heavier riders will be most interested in – the Cruiser’s 352 lbs payload.

EMOVE Cruiser Full Frame

Suitable for heavy riders, the Cruiser’s heavy-duty frame is as sturdy as it looks – and then some. Only the Wolf King – a scooter that costs more than double the price of the Cruiser – outstrips it for load. Yet despite the King’s 400 lbs of load-bearing capacity, it’s also large and bulky. It weighs 105 lbs – again more than double the Cruiser’s 52 lbs – so the Cruiser is a better choice for heavy riders seeking to keep things nimble and portable. (Plus, Kaabo now recommend not exceeding 330 lbs on the Wolf King),

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

But I know what you’re thinking. Does the Cruiser still have the muscle to deliver a top-quality ride when carrying a heavier rider?

You bet it does. The Cruiser comes fitted with a large 52V 30Ah LG battery – one of the best on the market – which gives it a chart-topping range of 62 miles. In practice, though, you’re likely to see less than this because the battery will need to work harder to support the extra weight it’s supporting. Still, rides of 40-46 miles aren’t off the table for heavier riders, and the distance you’ll achieve also depends on how many hills you’re taking on – and how aggressively you’re working the throttle.

EMOVE Cruiser Display and Finger Throttle

One other thing to bear in mind is that the Cruiser claims to have a hill-climbing ability of up to 20 degrees. However, this is based on a rider weighing 165 lbs – for heavier riders, you can expect this to be reduced. The Cruiser will also struggle to maintain faster speeds on steeper inclines. Acceleration and ride quality are at their best on the flat, and you’ll always observe optimal outcomes on urban, rather than off-road, terrain.

EMOVE Cruiser Handlebars

With the Cruiser, long-range is definitely on the cards. Fortunately, though, long charge times aren’t. Belying its enormous battery capacity, the Cruiser requires an impressively brief 9-12 hour window alone to reach full juice again.

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

Complementing its distance credentials are the Cruiser’s 30 mph top speed and zippy acceleration rate. Armed with a 1000W motor – which has a peak output of 1600W – the Cruiser comes raring out of the blocks. Despite not quite being able to compete with dual motor scooters for pace or power, the Cruiser packs enough of a punch to get you from A to B without a struggle – regardless of how much you weigh. Once you arrive at your destination, the Cruiser’s dual 140mm semi-hydraulic brakes deliver outstanding stopping power, bringing you to a safe halt within 3.4 meters from 15 mph.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

With a heavy checkmark in the safety box, let’s turn our attention to comfort – a front on which the EMOVE Cruiser delivers with aplomb. Large front springs couple up with a pair of air shocks at the rear to offer plenty of cushioning for heavier riders. Unlike the SPLACH Twin, the Cruiser’s springs aren’t adjustable. But that’s no big deal – especially when we consider that the Cruiser’s tires (also unlike the Twin’s) are both pneumatic.

EMOVE Cruiser Suspension System

Built to a plush, plump 10-inch specification, the Cruiser’s tires boast a profile that offers just as much stability as it does shock absorption. Their tubeless design also makes them more flat-resistant, which makes for lower maintenance. Oh, and did I mention that the Cruiser’s tires are car-grade? That’s right – these bad boys are as reliable as they come. They soak up bumps without a murmur and are one of the reasons the scooter serves up such a soft and luxurious ride. Their rounded profile is awesome for carving from side to side, too.

EMOVE Cruiser Front 10-Inch Tire

The Cruiser isn’t the lightest scooter around (it weighs in at 52 lbs), so it’s not as portable as some of the scooters earlier in our list. Despite being a little heavier to lift, the Cruiser compensates with a slick folding mechanism, foldable handlebars, and telescopic stem, so it’s compact once collapsed.

EMOVE Cruiser Fully Folded

When it comes to value for money, the Cruiser knocks it out of the park. This thing is fit to burst with features: from its integrated turn signals and front and rear lights to its LED display, battery voltage meter, and smart battery management system. Like its relative – the EMOVE Touring – the Cruiser can also be fitted with an optional seat attachment, ideal for heavier riders looking to max out the Cruiser’s impressive range.

EMOVE Cruiser Scooter Controls

The Cruiser hasn’t been built to thrill. Instead, it excels at being a scooter you can rely on — light and heavier riders alike. It’s been designed for practicality and has the performance to back it up.

Further Information:

EMOVE Cruiser Review

Under $1,800:

Apollo Ghost (Hydraulic Brakes)

Save $100 | Was: $1,599.00 | Now: $1,499.00 at Apollo
Best Under $1,800
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

A breath-stealing, heart-stopping intro to the bright and brash world of performance scooters, the Ghost delivers haunting speed and supernatural power.

Dramatic View of Apollo Ghost Frame

Built with a large deck, adjustable spring suspension, and wide handlebars, the Ghost is a comfort-focused ride. Its water-resistant, heavy-duty frame also supports up to 300 lbs of load – so it’s a dream for heavier riders.

Why We Recommend It:

Choosing a pair of wheels isn’t just about finding a scooter that can support your weight. No – it’s about finding one that can support your weight, look good while doing it, and do it all without breaking the bank. Spoiler alert: it’s not easy.

Apollo Ghost Rear Wheel and Swingarm

Plus, if you’re seeking a scooter that outperforms most of the pack – particularly where speed and features are concerned – the search becomes even more difficult.

But don’t despair, because the Apollo Ghost is a scooter that succeeds on all fronts. At either $1,499 (regular brakes) or $1,649 (hydraulic brakes), the Ghost isn’t just affordable, but effortlessly stylish. Finished with a wicked black color scheme and cut-out detailing that makes its frame look more like an exoskeleton than a traditional scooter, Apollo’s spookiest offering easily lives up to its ghostly moniker.

Apollo Ghost Skeletal Neck

In the past, we’ve awarded the Ghost the vaunted title of ‘best entry-level performance scooter’ – and it wasn’t for nothing. This bad boy can reach velocities of as high as 34 mph. For perspective vis a vis the heavy-duty scooters we’ve already listed, the Ghost is 70% faster than the Turboant X7 Pro, almost 42% quicker than the EMOVE Touring, and over 13% zippier than the EMOVE Cruiser. In other words, the Ghost is quick.

Apollo Ghost Rear Motor

Thanks largely to the super-strong torque its dual 800W motors put out, the Ghost can tackle steep inclines (up to 25-degrees, to be precise) – though it’s the scooter’s acceleration that steals the show. No matter what your size or weight is, the Ghost will practically jump off the starting line, and you can expect to hit 25 mph in as little as 5.3 seconds. When it comes to 0-15 mph, the Ghost is even more deadly – at 2.3 seconds, its acceleration rate even beats out powerhouses such as the Apollo Phantom and Mantis Base.

Back of Apollo Ghost Handlebars

Given the phenomenal power and acceleration on show here, it should come as no surprise that Apollo has fitted the Ghost with a best-in-class hydraulic braking system to match. Crisp and responsive, the Ghost pairs this hydraulic setup – widely considered to be one of the best on the market – with a regenerative brake. This feeds power from the motor back into your scooter’s battery, making for a more energy-efficient ride.

Apollo Ghost Zoom Hydraulic Disc

Of course, there’s always that tradeoff between price and performance. So, if you want to save yourself $150 – but sacrifice the extra stopping power only hydraulic brakes can provide – you can trade down to the Ghost’s dual disc brakes. Despite the drop-off in performance, the Ghost’s discs will still bring you to a stop from 15 mph within 3.4 meters (vs 3.0 meters).

The Ghost, then, is all about pace and power – but that doesn’t mean it puts comfort on the back burner. The luxurious profile of the Ghost’s 10-inch tires provides a large surface area – which allows you to balance your weight nicely – while their pneumatic nature means you can expect plenty of cushioning from the imperfections of the asphalt. Adding to the Ghost’s shock absorption credentials are its dual spring shocks, which – while they’re a little bouncy – are fine if you’re planning to stick to urban routes or glide over dirt paths and forest trails.

Apollo Ghost Slick Tire Tread

Alongside its suspension, the tall and wide handlebars and large, ergonomic handgrips inspire confidence while riding – no matter your size.

Apollo Ghost Robust Swingarm

While we like pretty much everything that the Apollo Ghost has going for it, there is one thing that you may, at first sight, think is a little lackluster – its range. At 39 miles, the Ghost’s maximum mileage is outstripped when compared to the other scooters in its price range (take the EMOVE Cruiser, for instance). However, it is important to note that the realistic range (25 miles) of the Ghost is in line with the majority of its competitors and therefore, it delivers in this department.

It’s also worth noting the Dynavolt cells used in the Ghost’s battery. Capable of performing at a similar level as the industry-leading LG pack, the battery delivers peak performance across countless charge cycles. If you care for it properly and make sure not to overcharge it, it’ll last for many years before you need a replacement. (For context, the battery will continue to perform at peak performance for 4 years, even if you charged it 3 times a week. This is significantly better than scooters that use cheaper quality batteries).

Apollo Ghost With Lights on

At 64 lbs, the Ghost is more welterweight than flyweight. It’s not a commuter scooter, nor would it fall under anyone’s definition of ‘portable’ – so you won’t want to be carrying it around for an extended period. Offsetting the Ghost’s bulk, though, is its excellent folding mechanism and collapsible handlebars, which give it at least a semblance of portability.

Apollo Ghost Handlebars Folded

The bottom line is that – while range and weight aren’t its strong points – the Ghost is a fantastic scooter for heavier riders looking to kick their ride experience up a notch. It supports up to a whopping 300 lbs of weight, sports a zinging top speed, and flaunts a mouth-watering design that offers increased stability and comfort for all.

Apollo Ghost Grippy Deck

Further Information:

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Under $2,000:

Mantis Pro SE (18.2Ah) 2022

Save $500 | Was: $2,299.00 | Now: $1,799.00 at Voro Motors
Best Under $2,000
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

Powerful, robust, and a sheer delight to behold, the Mantis Pro SE sits deservedly amongst the industry’s best.

Boasting top-of-the-range components (hydraulic brakes, effective suspension system, and wide curved handlebars among them) and supporting up to 330 lbs of rider load, the Pro SE breaks boundaries – without breaking the bank. It’s also our favorite performance electric scooter.

Why We Recommend It:

Given that the original Mantis Pro regularly tops the ranks of the most popular electric scooters on the market, it’s no surprise that its older brother – the Mantis Pro SE – follows suit. The SE (which stands for ‘Special Edition’) takes its forebear’s healthy dollop of star power and improves it, adding some neat design and functional perks into the mix.

Josh on the Mantis Pro SE

First up on the Pro SE’s list of covetable specs is one that heavier riders will love. That’ll be the SE’s impressive load-bearing capacity. It can support a payload of up to 330 lbs. This makes the Pro SE a great pick for larger riders looking to graduate to the next level of the electric scooter hierarchy.

When you’re on the heavy side, ride comfort is a big deal. Too many scooters are built for those on the lighter end of the spectrum, and squeezing yourself onto their narrow dimensions is never fun. Fortunately, inclusive riding is the SE’s specialty. From the generous 8.5-inch width of its deck to the rear kickplate, the Pro SE adapts to you – not the other way around.

Mantis Pro SE Deck Covered in an Anti-Slip Rubber Veneer

But wait – there’s more. The SE also comes fitted with a set of 10-inch pneumatic tires, that – along with the dual spring suspension system – are a dab hand at absorbing surface imperfections. Although you’ll see the best results on smoother, harder concrete and asphalt surfaces, the Pro SE can easily handle the off-road routes of dirt paths and forest trails. This is largely thanks to the larger profile of its tires and swingarms that allow for a great amount of travel to provide superb traction for even weight distribution.

Front View of the Close up of the Mantis Pro SE 10-inch Tire and Button Lights

This kind of balance is vital when exploring a scooter’s top speeds, and oh, boy – can this baby ride.

The Mantis Pro SE’s dual 60V 1000W motors allow it to hit speeds of up to 40 mph. Now, while this is impressive, what sets this scooter apart is its phenomenal acceleration rate. The Pro SE can reach 15 mph in just 2.0 seconds, and 25 mph in an eye-watering 4.1 seconds.

Close up of the Mantis Pro SE Rear Air-Filled Tire

With this much brawn and blistering torque on offer, the Pro SE’s superb hill-climbing abilities come as no surprise. Capable of overcoming hills of up to 30 degrees, most neighborhood slopes (even those of the near-vertical variety we see in San Francisco) are child’s play.

Mantis Pro SE Gold Rings on the Handgrips

Now we’ve set your mind at ease about the Mantis Pro SE’s pace and power, let’s talk distance. The Mantis Pro SE’s top-of-the-range Samsung (or LG) 18.2Ah battery gives it a maximum mileage of 40 miles – though, in practice, you’re more likely to see around 30. Upgrading to the 24.5Ah model will cost you an extra $500, but treat you to around 10-15 more miles of range.

Side Profile of Mantis Pro SE

Of course, the Mantis Pro SE wouldn’t be here if it didn’t boast a degree in durability. When it comes to the dependability department, the SE has it covered. Forged from hardened aviation-grade aluminum alloy – and sporting all-new features, including a tactile button console and piercing headlight – the Pro SE’s 2022 edition doesn’t hold back. Build-wise, the Pro SE also rectifies the design eccentricities we took issue with on the original Mantis Pro. The SE solves that model’s frustrating stem wobble and other niggles to provide a rock-solid experience for heavier riders. It even adds turn signals into the mix.

Mantis Pro SE Full Frame

The Pro SE is a Kaabo scooter, which means it’s been built to the most rigorous quality standards. But that doesn’t mean it’s all about function. The addition of striking gold swingarms and rich, matador red springs adds a vibrant splash of color – something the black (and a bit boring) palette of the original Mantis Pro never did.

Mantis Pro SE Spring Supension

The Mantis Pro SE is an excellent option for heavier riders. However, that means it’s not the daintiest of models. At 65 lbs, the Pro SE sits firmly in the weight bracket of performance models (where it belongs) – and you probably won’t be taking this thing on the subway with you every morning. That said, you can fold it with ease, and a hook at the rear of the deck allows the handlebars to slot into place with a satisfying click for easier lifting.

Mantis Pro SE Folded From Rear

With this scooter, though, it’s not just that ‘click’ that’s satisfying – it’s the whole ride experience. Built to a big, ambitious blueprint and supporting up to 330 lbs of rider poundage, the Pro SE is ideal for heavier riders looking for a performance scooter that packs a punch. There’s a reason why the original Mantis Pro is consistently voted as the best electric scooter and the Pro SE improves on it even further whilst offering better value for money.

Mantis Pro SE Front Plush Air-Filled and Gold Swingarm

Further Information:

Mantis Pro SE Review

Under $2,500:

Apollo Phantom + NUTT Hydraulic Brakes

Now: $2,299.00 at Apollo Scooters
Best Under $2,500
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

Uniting the principles of comfort, design, and durability with all the bells and whistles the highly rated Apollo brand name is known for, the Phantom is perfectly suited for heavier riders.

Not only can it support 300 lbs of weight, but – thanks to a big 52V 23.4Ah battery – it packs 40 miles of ride time, too. Add in that alluring hydraulic braking setup, large reinforced frame, and beefy handgrips, and the Phantom is a sophisticated scooter that heavier riders will love.

Why We Recommend It:

If the Apollo Ghost caught your eye, but you’re after something a little more powerful – and premium – the Phantom is for you. Serving up all the exquisite build quality and design we know we can expect from the Apollo line, the Phantom’s futuristic, ‘cyberpunk’ frame also supports up to 300 lbs of rider weight.

Josh with the Apollo Phantom

So what else makes the Apollo Phantom such a great fit for heavier riders? Let’s start with power. After all, the bigger the rider, the more oomph you’ll need behind you. The Phantom’s comes courtesy of dual 1200W motors, located in each wheel. Combined, their peak output of 3200W will fire you to 15 mph in 2.5 seconds, and 25 mph in just 5.6. While the Phantom’s acceleration rate falls short compared to some popular alternatives – the VSETT 10+R is 34% faster, and the Mantis Pro SE 24% – it’s still sizzlingly quick off the mark.

Apollo Phantom Durable Frame

The Phantom is a reliable hill climber and can tackle slopes of up to 25 degrees without breaking a sweat. It’s just worth remembering that – as is the case with the scooter’s range – heavier riders may not see the maximum manufacturer-stated performance, especially if you plan to ride in hilly areas or keep the throttle pinned down for the entirety of your journey. Just as the Phantom’s 40-mile range is only attainable when riding conservatively, riders at the upper end of its 300-lbs weight limit may not be able to scale the steepest slopes.

Apollo Phantom 1200W Motor

We’ll level with you – in terms of core specs, the Phantom doesn’t stand out. Its top speed of 38 mph is on a par with most scooters in its price point, as is its 40 miles of range (which, in realistic conditions, will be more like 25). Nope – the areas where the Apollo Phantom stands out are its construction and comfort levels.

Close up of Apollo Phantom HEX Display

The Phantom’s proprietary design includes a never-before-seen HEX display panel, which – in addition to communicating your essential ride stats, such as speed and battery life – also offers 20 customizable settings. As well as adjusting the strength of your electric brake and acceleration, you can drill down into a deeper level of personalization, tinkering with the start style, display brightness, and measurement units.

Apollo Phantom Handlebars

The HEX display is also one of the most accurate we’ve seen when it comes to predicting the scooter’s remaining range, which is ideal for planning your ride and avoiding a dead battery.

On top of all this flashy stuff, the Phantom introduces several (but perhaps less noticeable to the untrained eye) features which ensure outstanding build quality. Its double reinforced stem and neck make it extra tough, while 3 independent folding safety mechanisms eradicate stem wobble. Simple plug-and-play connectors make it easy to repair or replace all the electrical components, while its CNC manufacturing process ensures quality, every time.

Apollo Phantom Folding Mechanism

Even the Phantom’s charging ports are protected. A protruding kickstand safeguards them from scrapes and knocks, while – on the inside of the ports – a fuse protects the circuitry within from water damage. Heat sinks help regulate the temperature of the motors (thereby preventing them from overheating), while a smart battery management system does a similar thing for its 52V 23Ah Dynavolt battery.

Apollo Phantom Rear Fender, Disc Brake, Swingarm, and Kickplate

Now, a scooter that gets all that right wouldn’t neglect something as fundamental as ride comfort, would it?

Not at all – and it comes as no surprise that the Phantom delivers one of the finest ride experiences in its niche. The Phantom comes with tubed 10 x 3.25-inch pneumatic tires for shock absorption, but its unique quadruple spring suspension is the real piece de resistance. Dynamic, dependable, and (if you have a c-spanner) adjustable, the Phantom can take both urban and off-road surfaces in its stride.

Apollo Phantom Dual Rear Springs

Beyond the performance of the suspension alone, there’s plenty to love about the Phantom’s comfortability. With super-wide handlebars offering control, large tires providing stability, and a kickplate letting you lean into the ride, the whole scooter is set up for heavier riders. Plus, the Phantom’s deck cuts a generous 20 x 8.5-inch profile, making it a similar size to that of the colossal Wolf Warrior.

Apollo Phantom Kickplate

And it’s not only stability that the Phantom offers for large riders, but security, too. That $2,299 price tag includes a pair of NUTT hydraulic brakes, which can achieve a stopping distance of 3.0 meters from 15 mph. As some of the best brakes on the market, we love NUTT hydraulic brakes.

If you’re on a tighter budget, but don’t want to compromise on all the bells and whistles the Phantom provides, you can opt for a version with regular disc brakes ($2,099), or one with ZOOM hydraulic brakes ($2,199), instead.

Apollo Phantom Rear Disc Brake

Ultimately, the Apollo Phantom will be the perfect fit for any heavier rider looking for a comfortable, spec-stacked scooter. Everything about the Phantom – from its next-gen HEX display to its steely, skeletal frame – oozes class. No matter your shape or size, the Phantom doesn’t disappoint.

Apollo Phantom Frame

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Under $3,000:

Wolf King

Save $500 | Was: $3,499.00 | Now: $2,999.00 at Voro Motors
Best Under $3,000
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

The Wolf King is one of those all-too-rare models in the electric scooter industry – one that does everything to the max. Boasting one of the most rapid acceleration rates on the market – not to mention near unrivaled power – the King is a champion of extreme riding.

Wolf King Gold Frame

And, when it comes to heavier riders, the Wolf King excels. It can support up to a staggering 330 lbs, giving it one of the largest weight-bearing capacity of all scooters. Get a load of that.

Why We Recommend It:

Once upon a time, the Wolf Warrior was the crowning glory of the scooter world. But, as with many monarchies, its throne has been usurped, and there’s a new ruler in town – the Wolf King.

Wolf King Durable Frame

Taking the legendary legacy of its predecessor, the King’s applied the Midas touch to the Warrior’s speed, power, and riding prowess. But most importantly, it’s upped the load-bearing capacity to a whopping 330 lbs, resulting in a spec sheet that’s as golden as this thing’s sparkling frame.

Now, let us be clear – the Wolf King sets the standard and means that riders of all shapes and sizes can now experience the thrill of extreme riding – without having to compromise on comfort or speed.

Wolf King Wide Handlebars

Given how much weight it can support, it’s no surprise that the Wolf King is built less like a wolf, and more like a tank. And don’t be fooled by its gaudy golden exterior – the chunky, dual-stemmed exoskeleton of the frame not only boasts an IPX4 water-resistance rating but is made up of a durable 6082 aluminum alloy. As the same material used on bridges, cranes, and highly-stressed applications, it’s fair to say the Wolf King is made of tough stuff.

Wolf King Rear Wheel and Gold Tubular Kickplate

That’s a good thing, too – particularly when you consider the sheer amount of power this thing can put out. Packing dual 1500W motors alongside 72V 40Ah controllers, the King’s capable of ferocious speeds of up to 60 mph. That means the Wolf King is amongst illustrious, exclusive company – including the Dualtron Storm, Wolf King GT, and NAMI Burn-e Viper – as just a handful of scooters to hit the 60 mph mark.

In other words, the Wolf King is one of the fastest scooters on the market. It’s so rapid that it’ll take you a mere 1.9 seconds to hit 15 mph, and just 4.9 seconds to reach 30 mph. That’s less than 5 seconds…to hit 30 mph.

We’re just going to pause for a moment to let that sink in.

Wolf King Rear of Deck

Speed is a thrilling, elemental force, of course – but without the right safety protocols in place, it’ll do more harm than good. Luckily, then, the Wolf King’s superior hydraulic brakes provide unparalleled stopping power. You only need to think about braking, and you’ll have come to a precise stop within seconds. That said, these babies are powerful – so I’d recommend using the rear brake first to slow your speed, before engaging the front one to unleash the full force of both hydraulics.

Close up of Wolf King Disc Brake

Power is the Wolf King’s middle name, and it sports a mean hill climbing game. This thing can take on inclines of up to a jaw-dropping 45 degrees. With most of the steepest urban streets sitting below the 20-degree mark, you’ll have to go in search of a mountain to put the King to the test.

With Kaabo choosing to prioritize speed and power in the King’s design, one aspect of its spec sheet suffers – its range. Unlike its forebear, the Wolf Warrior – which can hit up to 70 miles off a single charge – the Wolf King tops out at around 50 miles. In reality, though, this is more like 30-33 miles – especially if you’re a heavier rider keen to push the King to the brink of its brilliance.

Side Profile of Wolf King

Given all the power on offer, it wouldn’t be comfortable (or safe) if the King came with a narrow, cramped foot deck – nor would it suit heavier riders. Fortunately, Kaabo hasn’t skimped in this area, kitting the King out with a deck that’s 9 inches wide and 20 long. That equals plenty of legroom for you to find a natural stance, and balance your weight for maximum comfort and stability.

Wolf King Wide Rubber Deck

Speaking of balance, no conversation around the Wolf King’s extra-special capabilities is complete without mentioning its 11 x 3.5-inch wheels. Operating in cahoots with this behemoth’s buttery-smooth dual hydraulic suspension, the pneumatic tires serve up serious shock absorption. They’re tubeless, too – meaning they’re thicker and far less likely to pick up a puncture. (For truly puncture-proof tires, though, check out the King’s big bro, the Wolf King GT).

The King can handle both urban and off-road environments with ease. However, if you’re going to be spending more time on dirt paths and forest trails than concrete and asphalt, we’d recommend swapping out the King’s racing tires for a knobbier, chunkier pair designed specifically for off-road adventures.

Wolf King Front Tire

While there’s no doubting the Wolf King’s pedigree, it does have one major drawback – its weight. Tipping the scales at a monstrous 105 lbs, the King’s one of the heaviest scooters around. You can fold it, sure, but we don’t see much point in doing so – even when collapsed, it’s still massive.

Overall, the King is about as close to perfection as you can get – especially if you’re a heavier rider. Not only is it almost inexplicably affordable – you can bag it for just $2,999 – it’s also feature and spec-rich, and looks good to boot. If you’re an experienced rider looking for next-level thrills, the Wolf King is the ultimate scooter.

Wolf King Rubber Handgrip

Further Information:

Wolf King Review

Under $3,500:

Wolf King GT

Save $200 | Was: $3,795.00 | Now: $3,595.00 at Voro Motors
Best Under $3,500
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:

Seemingly not content with one of the fastest, most powerful high-performance scooters on the market, Kaabo one-upped the Wolf King with a super-charged, super-powered variant – the GT.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

Faster and more distance-oriented than the original, the GT also flaunts taller and wider handlebars (excellent for larger riders), and a premium cockpit with all-new controls. Capable of supporting 330 lbs of rider weight, the GT’s not quite as load-focused as its predecessor, but it’ll still fit the bill for the lion’s share of heavier riders.

Why We Recommend It:

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – at $3,595, the Wolf King GT doesn’t quite squeeze into the ‘under $3500’ category. But give us a few moments, and we’ll explain why the Wolf King GT offers superb value for money – and why it just might be the ideal heavy-duty scooter for you.

Dramatic Shot of the Wolf King GT Frame

Firstly, the GT improves on the original Wolf King in several key areas of functionality. For one, the GT introduces an all-new TFT display, from which you can monitor all your basic riding stats – speed, riding mode, distance traveled, and remaining battery life – as well as more advanced info.

Wolf King GT Bright and Clever Display

Unlike the original King’s EY3 display, the TFT screen is anti-glare and password-protected. It even comes with an auto-dimmer and is full color. Plus, at 4.2-inches, the display is large – so it befits a scooter tailored to riders pushing the upper end of the size charts. Even the GT’s water resistance rating gets an upgrade, with an IPX5 rating representing an improvement on the original’s IPX4 billing.

Wolf King GT Chassis

The King GT also boasts a more ergonomic thumb throttle – a big upgrade from the awkward finger throttle of the original. And, in a big boost for big riders, the handlebars are both taller and wider than those on the original. We’re not sure if the newer King model’s initials stand for ‘Girthier and Taller’, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Wolf King GT Thumb Throttle

Moving on to the Wolf King GT’s stats, its most noticeable improvement over the original reveals itself – that 70-mile range. Offering around 40% more distance than its ancestor, the King GT matches its cousin, the Wolf Warrior (a model well-known for its distance credentials) – though, in practice, you’re likely to see 45-50 miles as a heavier rider.

Wolf King GT and Wolf Warrior

In this sense, the King GT is like a blend of the original King and the Wolf Warrior. The GT sports the same dual tubular stem design, twin headlights, and metallic gold palette as the original King while infusing it with the Warrior’s endurance and popularity.

Wolf King GT Gold Tubing

Making the GT’s magnificent mileage possible is its 72V 35Ah Samsung/LG battery. This battery – which is equipped with the finest quality cells in the industry – succeeds on multiple fronts. Not only is it protected by a smart battery management system to safeguard it from overheating, but it also takes as little as 7 hours to charge – so you can be straight back out there tearing up your favorite roads, mountains, or forest trails.

Wolf King GT Front Motor

Heavier riders need more power, and the King GT provides it. With dual 2000W motors and 50Ah Sine Wave controllers spearheading a peak output of (yes, you heard right) 8400W, the GT can hit speeds of up to 62 mph. That makes the GT one of the fastest scooters on the planet – and we’re not just saying that. Of our entire database of 140+ scooters, only two top it – the Dualtron X 2 (68 mph) and the Dualtron Storm Limited (74.5 mph).

Wolf King GT Handlebars

Similarly, the GT’s acceleration rate is just as explosive, with 15 mph attainable in 1.7 seconds and 25 mph in a mere 3.0. Predictably, all that torque also means that the GT is more than a match for hills of up to 50 degrees (pretty much any hill in the universe). For heavier riders – who’ll struggle to crest gradients on less powerful scooters – this kind of brawn will be a godsend.

Wolf King GT Motorcycle-Grade Suspension

Power is one thing, though – comfort is quite another. Fortunately, the Wolf King GT delivers in both areas, with inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers providing the bulk of the shock absorption. Fitted with a wide, long deck that also offers a generous 8 inches of ground clearance, the King is well-suited to more ambitious terrain and maneuvers.

Wolf King GT Deck and Kickplate

Adding to the Wolf King GT’s comprehensive shock absorption profile is its pair of plush 11-inch tires. Like those on the original King, these are tubeless – so they soak up the worst excesses of rough terrain – and you can also take your pick of interchangeable sets of on or off-road tires. But there’s more to these tires than the eye can see – they are puncture-proof. Lined with a coating of special tire slime, the inner of the tire molds to the shape of any object that protrudes into it. Imagine the tire rolling over a nail. The nail will pass through the outer rubber shell of the tire but the slime inside will be pushed up with the nail without being pierced. If the slime does become pierced, though, tests have shown that the tires retain 100% of their pressure for 24 hours.

Wolf King GT Rear Tire

Even the combination of the thumb throttle and Sine Wave controllers play an important role in comfort. Unlike the original King, which leaped into action from the slightest of pulls on its finger throttle, the GT is smoother off the mark. Although it touts an impressive 62 mph top speed and blistering acceleration rate, there are 11 riding modes for you to choose from – each being slightly faster than the one before.

Wolf King GT Controller Box

Whether you’re a larger rider or not, there’s one thing all scooter enthusiasts enjoy, and that’s riding after dark. Fortunately, the Wolf King GT makes this possible with a lighting display as potent and plus-sized as its predecessor. Along with the signature dual headlights we’ve come to know and love from the Wolf range, the GT boasts turn signals and slick under-deck swag lighting.

Wolf King GT Powerful Lights at Night

If you have just as much an eye for style as you do functionality, the Wolf King GT will suit you to a tee. For what you get – a performance scooter with sensational specs and a rabid reputation – it’s worth every cent and provides heavier riders with a welcome injection of power and pace.

Wolf King GT Turn Signal On

Further Information:

Wolf King GT Review

Over $3,500:

NAMI Burn-e 2 Max

Save $100 | Was: $4,890.00 | Now: $4,790.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Over $3,500
Load & Dimension Stats:
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

Any scooter that weighs over 100 lbs isn’t going to be flimsy. And any scooter that offers 90 miles off a single charge – and up to 60 mph of speed – isn’t going to be boring. Enter the NAMI Burn-e 2 Max (aka the Viper) – the best heavy-duty scooter for heavy adults.

Supporting up to 330 lbs of rider weight, the Viper’s water-resistant one-piece aluminum frame blends durability with dynamism. And aesthetically, this one’s a doozy, with a menacing, tubular stem design shaped in the image of this scooter’s moniker – a viper, ready to strike.

Josh on the NAMI Burn-e 2

Why We Recommend It:

Heavy-duty scooters don’t get any better than this.

NAMI Burn-e 2 From Rear

Weighing in at 103 lbs and supporting over three times that, there’s nothing light about the NAMI Burn-e. Better known by its venomous eponym, the Viper won’t be everyone’s cup of tea – its scorching acceleration and top speed are only for the most experienced of riders, and it is expensive – but it’s one hell of a thrilling ride.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Handlebars

After all, the Viper’s one of the industry’s quickest – capable of 60 mph, its top speed pales only to a handful of other models. Yet despite this, the Viper’s acceleration rate comfortably goes toe to toe with the world’s best.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Motor

To 15 mph, the NAMI Burn-e is 11% quicker than the Wolf King and Warrior, and 29% more rapid than the Dualtron Storm. To 25 mph, the results are even more striking – the Viper is 17% pacier than the Wolf King, 19% faster than the Storm, and 23% zippier than the Warrior. Of course, this all looks like numbers on a page right now, but trust us – in practice, the Viper’s insane acceleration rate will make you feel like you’ve been roped to the back of a Formula One car. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride – if you dare.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Thumb Throttle

Of course, for heavier riders looking for durability and dependability, it’s not all about pure, unvarnished speed. Build quality is equally important – so how does the Viper stack up?

In truth, I’m not sure how adequately words can describe the titanic quality of the Viper’s build. Where do we begin – with the one-piece aluminum welded frame or the carbon fiber stem? The stainless steel of its moving parts? Maybe it’s the fact that the Viper’s frame has been heat-treated to safeguard it from the ravages of age and wear and tear, or the fact that it boasts not one, but multiple water-resistance ratings?

NAMI Burn-e 2 Chassis

Oh yes. When the Viper’s maker Michael Sha put this thing together, he didn’t hold back.

Luckily, though, he didn’t get too carried away – and hence safety never takes a backseat to speed or style. The Viper’s LOGAN 4-piston full-hydraulic brakes are paired with large 160mm rotors, which aren’t just reliable, but frighteningly responsive. You’ll need a light touch here, and – with the 60 mph of speed the Viper’s capable of – you’ll never want to go faster than you can handle.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Disc Brake

If you liked the off-road chops of the Wolf King and Wolf King GT, you’ll love the NAMI Burn-e. Like those golden goliaths, the Viper’s been tailor-made to handle pretty much every riding surface you can throw at it. And we’re not just talking about forest trails or dirt paths, either. On top of being fully adjustable, the Viper’s best-in-class KKE suspension and 165mm coil shocks will soak up the infractions of even the most challenging, mountain-esque terrain.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear of Tire and Suspension

In fact, the NAMI offers the best ride quality of all the electric scooters that we’ve tested. I make the joke that my 88-year old Nan could adjust the NAMI’s suspension – it's exceptionally easy to do and an absolute game-changer in the fierce ultra-performance market where the NAMI resides. By adjusting the rebound speed of the springs, you can customize the suspension to your weight – a feature that isn’t found on any other scooter. Combined with the tall handlebars and insanely large deck, the NAMI has all the credentials to make it the ultimate electric scooter for heavy riders.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rebound Adjustment

Plus, when it comes to stability, the NAMI sports big, plush 11-inch tires that ensure a large contact patch with the ground. Filled with air via a tubeless design, and designed to work in tandem with the suspension system, the wheels are its shock-absorptive vanguard: cushioning you from the worst transgressions of the tarmac. Their large design also aids in braking performance, where the powerful hydraulic brakes bring the NAMI to a halt in just 3.0 meters from 15 mph. (This is among the best braking performance in the business).

NAMI Burn-e 2 PMT Tire

Rider comfort is a big deal – especially if you’re going to be hitting the kind of distances the Viper’s got in its locker. By locker we mean its deck, and by distances we mean the staggering 90-mile range this thing’s supersonic 72V 32Ah battery provides.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Charging Ports Open

Yep, the Viper offers a near full century – and with it, one of the longest ranges in the electric scooter history books. The only scooters in our 140+ database to top the Viper’s Herculean feats of endurance are the 106 miles of the Dualtron Thunder 2 and the 137 miles of the Dualtron Storm Limited.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Imposing Frame

From its extremely tall and wide handlebars, enormous deck, and adjustable suspension, to its powerful 1500W motors, herculean 72V 32Ah battery, and ability to create customized riding modes to your heart's content, the NAMI has all of the components needed for heavier riders.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Display

Further Information:

NAMI Burn-e Review

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Wolf King GT 330 lbs $3,595
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What is the Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults?

Based on our 140+ database of electric scooters, hands-on testing, and years of expert knowledge, the best electric scooters for heavy adults are:

What is the Maximum Weight for an Electric Scooter?

All scooters come with a weight limit that varies from model to model.

The load capacity of electric scooters start at 220 lbs, however, there are others such as the EMOVE Cruiser, which can support riders of up to 352 lbs.

When choosing an electric scooter, it’s best to check the advertised maximum load to make sure it’s right for you.

What Happens if You Put Too Much Weight on an Electric Scooter?

As a rule of thumb, if you overload the payload of an electric scooter you will experience a lower rate of performance.

For example, if you weigh 240 lbs and ride a scooter that has a maximum load of 220 lbs, you can expect a 35-40% decline in performance.  If the scooter had a manufacturer quoted top speed of 25 mph and a range of 25 miles, you may only reach 16 mph and a range of 16 miles.

Aside from a lower rate of performance as a result of a greater downward force, exceeding the weight limit of an electric scooter will also void your warranty.

Can You Go Over the Weight Limit on an Electric Scooter?

Yes, you can, but it is not advised.  Going above the recommended weight will result in a significant drop in performance and void your warranty.

To get the best performance from your electric scooter, we recommend choosing a model with a load capacity that's at least 30 lbs beyond your weight. 

Josh Frisby

Josh Frisby

Hi, I'm Josh, I started Electric Scooter Insider because, just like you, at first, I wasn't sure which electric transport device to pick. There's a variety of different models out there and it can be quite confusing to choose between them. So, I created this site to share my first hand experiences, research and findings to help you find the best option for your needs.

  1. The promo code for the Emove Cruiser doesn’t work, wanted to let you guys know. Great article I was going to buy the cruiser but wanted to check in on that promo code.

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