Scooter News: Smooth New Electric Scooter Breaks Kickstarter Record

Australian escooter startup, Raine Scooters, became the fastest funded electric vehicle in Kickstarter history when their crowd funding goal was achieved in under 43 minutes!

With only two days to go in their Kickstarter, they’ve amassed 390k USD of pledges, smashing the original goal of 50k USD. With a heavily discounted launch price tag of $979 USD, the Raine One takes a worthy place at the premium end of the electric scooter market.

With superior acceleration, poly-shock suspension, aircraft grade materials and safety – the Australian designed Raine One is said to be “one of the safest and smoothest” rides available on the market.

Features of the Raine One:

Front and Rear Wheel Suspension

One of the main issues with the majority of electric scooters is a hard and bumpy ride. The Raine One comes with both front and rear polyshock suspension system, ensuring the smoothest of journeys for scooter lovers.

Heated Handle Bars and Wide Deck

With heated handle bars, you can forget the gloves and still be riding during the winter months. Even the wide, tough grip scooter deck means you’ll never have to worry about losing balance.

Strong Range

This scooter goes the distance, covering up to 40 kilometres / 25 miles of range out of this impressive machine.

Smart Technology

With built in GPS, you’ll be hard pressed getting lost. Riding the streets at night can be a blast too, the scooter is equipped with the latest LED technology (thanks to tech designer Marc’s expertise) which makes sure you’re always visible.

Foldable X-Frame

Weak muscles? Fear not, the X-system fold with carbon fibre elements makes the Raine One light and compact, conveniently folding up for easy transportation. Unlike some other scooters, the folding system does not compromise on shock absorption or structural strength – which took over 12 months to perfect!

Raine One Scooter Specifications:

Top Speed

50 kmh / 31 mph


40 km / 25 mile


12 kgs / 26 lbs


Front and rear full suspension sprung and poly-shock damped

Charge Time

Fast charging – recharge speed of less than 2 hours for a minimum of 20 km / 12.5 miles of range


High power brushless flux drive


ABS brakes


High grip, puncture-proof all-weather tyres


Night and day LED lights

Meet Team Raine:

Raine Scooters is the brainchild of three Melbourne entrepreneurs: James Murphy, Michelle Mannering and Marc Alexander.

James and Michelle previously launched off-road electric skateboard company BajaBoards, an award-winning beast of a board.

Frustrated with the lack of quality electric scooters, they spent the last 12 months perfecting the design for their first model, the Raine One. They joined forces with experienced LiFX smart light bulbs co-founder Marc Alexander to help bring their vision to life.

To learn more about the Raine One, head over to their kickstarter campaign page.

Josh Frisby
Josh Frisby

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