7 Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooters (Based on 45 Models)

After several months of testing, we’ve selected the 7 best dual-motor electric scooters from a field of 45 models.

To make it easy to find the perfect model, we categorized them by performance and price.

There were a lot of models to choose from – so, to pick the best dual-motor scooters, we paid special attention to the size and power of each scooter’s motors – including their Voltage (V), Watts (W), Nominal and Peak Power – as well as their battery capacity (Wh).

Dual Motor Electric Scooters

Voltage, Watts, Nominal, Peak Power, and Watt-Hours…What Do They All Mean?

Before we dive into our list of the electric scooter industry’s top dual-motor models, let’s unpack what these different units of measurement mean for an electric scooter’s power capacity.

Metrics that Affect Motor Power:

Voltage (V): Affects the motor’s torque. Higher Voltage = Faster acceleration.

Watts (W): Affects the size of the motors and their power output. Higher Watts = Higher speed.

Nominal Power: Measured in Watts and refers to the power that a motor can continuously produce without incurring damage. Higher Nominal Power = Higher continuous speed.

Peak Power: Measured in Watts and refers to the maximum power that a motor can generate for short periods before overheating. Higher Peak Power = Higher top speed.

Metrics that Affect Battery Power:

Watt-Hours (Wh): Affects battery capacity (i.e. the amount of energy it can store). Higher Watt-Hours = Greater mileage.

Dual Motor Electric Scooter

Entry Level:

Our top choices for riders that are on a budget and want the luxury of dual-motors. These scooters have dual motors that range between 48-52 volts, a combined 1,200-1,600 watts, and have a peak power output of at least 2000 watts.

Under $1,000
Under $1,500
Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost
$1,499.00 $1,599.00


Our top choices that sit in the middle of the performance spectrum. These are often the most popular models and have dual motors that range between 52-60 volts, a combined 2000-2400 watts, and have a peak power output of at least 3000 watts.

Under $2,000
Mantis V2
Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)
$1,799.00 $1,899.00
Under $2,500
Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom
$2,149.00 $2,299.00


Our top choices for riders that want the highest levels of performance. These have dual motors that range between 72-84 volts, a combined 2000-4000 watts, and have a peak power output of at least 5000 watts.

Under $3,000
Wolf King
Wolf King
$2,999.00 $3,499.00
Under $3,500
NAMI Burn-e 2
NAMI Burn-e 2
$3,399.00 $3,699.00
Under $4,000
Wolf King GT
Wolf King GT
$3,595.00 $3,795.00

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Our top choices that sit in the middle of the performance spectrum.

Our top choices for riders that want the highest levels of performance.

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Entry Level Dual-Motor Electric Scooters

Under $1,000:


Now: $999


Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $1,000
The Good:
The Bad:

New to the market, the SPLACH Twin is already generating plenty of hype, and deservedly so. With a pair of 48V 600W motors providing torque, speed, and hill-climbing excellence, the Twin is already the best – and cheapest – dual-motor electric scooter.

Remarkably, this pocket rocket also sports an effective suspension system – a rarity for scooters in the sub-$1,000 price category.

With all things considered, the Twin delivers far beyond its budget price tag.

Josh on SPLACH Twin

Why We Recommend It:

We’re starting, unsurprisingly, with its dual 48V 600W motors. These give the Twin a blistering acceleration rate, and a level of hill-climbing prowess that rivals some of the electric scooter industry’s top models. This combination is also responsible for the Twin’s 28 mph top speed – sure to impress your friends and leave whatever commuter scooter you’re using now firmly in the dust.

SPLACH Twin QS-S4 Display

Plus, let’s not forget that dual-motor scooters of this price are rare – particularly on a model flaunting a price tag as alluring and affordable as the Twin’s. Of our 140+ strong database of electric scooters, just 32% (that’s 45 models, to be exact) boast dual motors. And, just two of these models slip under the $1,000 mark – the Unagi Model One and SPLACH Twin. However, while both scooters share a near-identical price, the SPLACH delivers head and shoulders above the Unagi. For instance, the Twin is equipped with 2.4 times more motor power than the latter. If this doesn’t scream value for money, we don’t know what does.

SPLACH Twin Rear Motor

With this in mind, the Twin’s current-hungry, power-packed dual motors mean it punches well above its weight. But there’s plenty more to love.

It’s insanely well built, for starters. Made of a hardened aluminum alloy, the frame has also been fortified against the elements. An IP54 water-resistance rating offers protection from the ingress of splashes and precipitation, while a pair of diligent tire huggers keep you (and your clothes) dry.

SPLACH Twin Swingarm

Plus, the Twin’s design isn’t just durable, but intelligent. Its telescopic stem lets you easily customize the height of its handlebars, while its large deck, wide handlebars, and spacious frame make it an ideal companion for both street and off-road riding.

SPLACH Twin Logo on Deck

While the Twin can handle well-kept off-road tracks – dry, well-paved urban environments suit it best. The Twin’s front and rear suspension, like that of the VSETT 9+, harnesses the tried and tested spring and swingarm double act. This just happens to be completely adjustable, too – meaning you can tighten or loosen each spring to reflect the particulars of whatever surface you’re taking on. As a result, the suspension offers plenty of protection from the bumps and bruises of uneven terrain.

SPLACH Twin Spring

When you’re tearing up the asphalt with the pace and power that only dual motors can provide, you’ll want to feel safe doing so. Fortunately, when it comes to safety, the SPLACH Twin has it down-pat – both in terms of the fundamentals and the extra features.

Dual drum brakes (one located over each wheel) provide the perfect counterpoint for the Twin’s dual motors. They’re also augmented by electric brakes at the front and rear, so you’ll have no trouble stopping in an emergency – or in conditions of rain or low visibility.

SPLACH Twin Rear Drum Brake

On the topic of safety, the only area of the Twin’s design that would benefit from improvement is if the lights were brighter because, as standard, they provide low visibility at night. Sporting front and rear button lights alongside sexy side lighting, the Twin has the makeup for a good lighting package, but it is let down by not having a headlight high up on the handlebars. This isn’t an issue unique to the Twin – we often experience the same lackluster lights on other scooters. The good news is that you can remedy this by strapping on some additional lights.

SPLACH Twin Front Light

If you’re not at the apex of your confidence on a scooter just yet, the Twin can help you adjust. It offers the option to cap your speed at 15 mph by switching off one of the motors. While this mode won’t excite the adrenaline seekers, it is good for saving the battery. Because there’s no voltage moving through half of your Twin’s motors, there will be more energy to keep the rear wheel rolling – thereby enabling longer rides off a single charge.

SPLACH Twin Wide Solid Tire

So, we’ve established that the SPLACH Twin is fast, a wicked accelerator, and can be tamed. But did you know that, when it comes to its other key specs, this scooter goes the distance?

Housing a 48V 15.6Ah battery, the Twin has up to 28 miles in its locker (when ridden conservatively). Better still, it only takes around 7.5 hours to charge. Under realistic conditions, when you rip the throttle and unleash the full power of both motors, you can expect a range of around 22 miles. As a result, you can be sure of spending more time cutting a blazing trail across the neighborhood than sitting in your garage waiting for it to charge.

SPLACH Twin Charging Port Open

Ultimately, the SPLACH Twin is a dual-motor electric scooter with unparalleled value. For less than $1,000, you won’t find any better scooter.

SPLACH Twin Handlebars

Further Information:

SPLACH Twin Review

Under $1,500:

Apollo Ghost

Save $100 | Was: $1,599 | Now: $1,499
Apollo Ghost
Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $1,500
The Good:
The Bad:

Spooky by name, downright terrifying by nature, the Apollo Ghost is a scarily powerful dual-motor electric scooter.

Josh on Apollo Ghost

From its 34 mph top speed to the 25-degree inclines it can scale in a snap, the Ghost offers plenty to admire – and to fear. Regarded as one of the most popular entry-level performance scooters, the Ghost benefits from Apollo’s quality, prestige, and pedigree.

Plus, with a wealth of features, including a Dynavolt battery, an IP54 water-resistance rating, and the ability to adjust acceleration strength, the Ghost easily justifies its price tag.

Why We Recommend It:

Entry-level dual-motor electric scooters don’t come much better than the Apollo Ghost. And, when we consider that the Ghost is available for less than $1,500, its power and credentials are even more impressive.

Dramatic View of Apollo Ghost Frame

Armed with a potent pair of 800W brushless motors, the Ghost sports an enviable 1600W of total nominal power. Each motor, at their peak, offers a staggering 1000W of power, equating to a maximum output of 2000W.

Apollo Ghost Rear Motor

This…is fast. The Ghost is capable of hitting speeds of up to 34 mph and has the acceleration rate to match. It can reach 15 mph in just 2.3 seconds, and 25 mph in a breezy 5.3 seconds.

For perspective, that makes the Ghost 23% faster to 15 mph than the SPLACH Twin, followed by 13% faster to 25 mph. Plus, when compared to the INOKIM Quick 4 – a popular commuter scooter that boasts only one 600W motor, yet is the same price as the Ghost – the Ghost’s gulf of superiority is even more pronounced with an acceleration rate that is, on average, 51% faster.

Apollo Ghost Stealthy Frame

The hunt for the best dual-motor scooter is a constant search for balance. Namely, between two key factors: style and substance.

The Apollo Ghost has both. Backing up its speed and silkiness, the scooter is exceedingly easy on the eye. Sporting Apollo’s characteristically black color scheme and cut-out detailing, the Ghost cuts a moody, imposing figure – and one that’s hauntingly reminiscent of its name. It’s large, too, with wide, tall handlebars and a deck that offers plenty of room to maneuver. (Side note: the Ghost is what we call a heavy-duty scooter, so it’s an ideal choice for plus-sized riders).

Apollo Ghost Grippy Deck

As we mentioned earlier, the Ghost is an Apollo scooter, and the Apollo moniker has its benefits – particularly when it comes to build quality and ride comfort.

Exhibit A? The plump pneumatic tires. With 10 inches of air cushioning you from the jarring impacts of the road and a large contact patch to give you ample grip, you’ll enjoy unfettered levels of ride experience. That’s not all the Ghost offers in the shock absorption department, either – dual springs alongside robust swingarms allow the deck to pivot up and down helping to absorb vibrations from craggy surfaces.

Apollo Ghost Swingarm

Another sign of Apollo’s unwavering commitment to quality is the Ghost’s safety setup. Dual LED lights at both the front and rear complement blue deck-embedded strips to illuminate the scooter and give it's signature wraith-like appearance. However, we still recommend adding a headlight for improved visibility.

Apollo Ghost Sidelights

Whether you’re planning to ride at night or not, one thing isn’t negotiable – powerful brakes. And luckily, the Ghost has them, with dual disc brakes and a regenerative braking system bringing you to a safe stop within 3.4 meters from 15 mph.

Apollo Ghost Brake Lever

Should you want even more stopping power, you can spend an extra $150 and trade the brakes up for superior hydraulics. More or less the best brakes that money can buy, the hydraulics will shave 0.4 meters off your braking distance.

Apollo Ghost Zoom Hydraulic Disc

Though the Ghost looks the part, it’s certainly not just for show, and the Apollo-imbued quality it possesses goes much deeper than meets the eye.

Take its battery, for instance. The Ghost’s power source comes kitted out with Dynavolt cells, which – when it comes to performance, at least – go toe to toe with industry-leading LG cells. Armed with this level of endurance, the Ghost can deliver up to 39 miles off a single charge (though in realistic conditions, this will be more like 22 miles).

Back of Apollo Ghost Handlebars

So, who is the Apollo Ghost best suited to? Our dedicated review will tell you that. But broadly speaking, it’s for people looking to take their first steps into the world of performance scooters. What the Apollo Ghost isn’t, though, is a commuter scooter. Despite having foldable handlebars, it still weighs in at 65 lbs and is too heavy to lug around.

Apollo Ghost Folded

The Ghost, then, will suit anyone looking for a budget-friendly dual-motor electric scooter, especially one aimed at progressive, performance-oriented (or simply recreational) riding.

Apollo Ghost Slick Tire Tread

Further Information:

Apollo Ghost Review

Intermediate Dual-Motor Electric Scooters

Under $2,000:

Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)

Save $100 | Was: $1,899 | Now: $1,799
Mantis V2
Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $2,000
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

What do you get when you take dual 1000W brushless motors, add 25Ah Kaabo Sine Wave controllers, then throw in a slick, midnight black paint job? That’d be the Mantis V2.

Available for just $1,799, the V2 channels everything we love about its fellow Manti models. Sporting powerful hydraulic brakes, plush pneumatic tires, and an excellent suspension system, the V2 is everything you’d want in a sequel – and more.

Why We Recommend It:

Here at Electric Scooter Insider, we’ve tested and reviewed a lot of Mantis models. The Base, the Pro, the Pro SE… the list goes on.

But this one – the Mantis V2 – takes the cake. Dual-motor equipped and packing a 60V 18.2Ah battery, the V2 is a powerhouse that takes all the best elements of its Mantis forebears and combines them. The result? The best dual-motor scooter available for under $2,000.

The Mantis V2 makes several major improvements over its predecessor. For starters, the V2 comes equipped with an IPX5 water resistance rating – meaning it’s safeguarded from damage by low-pressure jets of directed water from any angle. For comparison, the original lacked an IP rating altogether.

What’s more, the V1 – much to our chagrin – came with foam handgrips. They looked and felt cheap, and were prone to wear and tear. The V2, however, does away with these, instead arriving kitted out with rubber, ergonomically shaped handgrips for enhanced tactility. These are the same grips seen on far more expensive Kaabo models, like the Wolf King GT.

Adding to the list of improvements, Kaabo equipped the V2 with a high-mounted headlight and turn signals, in addition to the already present button LEDs and the deck lights. Plus – and this one will be most noticeable when you’re riding on a rainy day – the V2 arrives with both tires flanked by tire huggers – the rear of which can be extended using the free fender extender in the box. Together, these offer you comprehensive coverage from the perils of filthy surfaces.

The final – and possibly most significant upgrade – is the new controllers. Previously, the Mantis relied on Square Wave controllers. Controllers are responsible for pulling power from the battery and funneling it to the motors. While many electric scooters use Square Wave controllers, they pull power in a fairly erratic fashion – or as the kids would say 0 to 100. This resulted in a somewhat jerky throttle response. Sine Wave controllers, on the other hand, pull power in a far smoother and fluid manner to ensure that the throttle response is smooth. So, instead of going from 0 to 100, you can go from 0 to 10, to 20, and then to 30, and so on.

It’d be easy to keep comparing the V2 against the V1, but the truth is that the Mantis V2 succeeds in its own right. Its pair of 60V 1000W motors combine for a peak output of 3000W – so they mean business. Together, they propel the V2 to eye-watering top speeds of up to 40 mph – and enable it to come racing out of the blocks.

It is capable of hitting 15 mph in just 2.1 seconds flat, and 25 mph as quickly as 4.7 seconds. That’s on level ground, of course – but on hills, the V2 is just as impressive. It can handle inclines of up to 30 degrees, so it easily has enough torque to get you up and over every incline.

Regardless of the terrain, the Mantis V2 guarantees a comfortable ride. It comes fitted with a reliable dual swingarm and spring suspension system, with 10-inch tires providing a vanguard against the road’s surface imperfections. While the V2 will always do its best work on asphalt and concrete, its shock absorptive credentials earn it a passing mark on more ambitious terrain, including forest trails, dirt roads, and gravel paths.

You can even adjust the preload of the springs if you have the know-how. They arrive quite tightly packed (best for harder surfaces), so you can soften them for different types of off-road terrain.

Safety-wise, the Mantis V2 holds up its end of the bargain. The power of its fully hydraulic Zoom disc brakes is just a squeeze away and enables a complete stop from 15 mph in just 2.7 meters.

This scooter’s impressive specs are a manifestation of the time, care, and quality of the Mantis brand (and its manufacturer, Kaabo). If it's a dual-motor scooter with a thrill that you’re searching for, the Mantis V2 is sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Under $2,500:

Apollo Phantom + NUTT Hydraulic Brakes

Save $150 | Was: $2,299 | Now: $2,149
Apollo Phantom
Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $2,500
The Good:
The Bad:

There’s so much good stuff to say about the Apollo Phantom.

After all, when a scooter sports quadruple suspension, 38 mph of speed, 40 miles of range, and highly-efficient hydraulic brakes, where do you even begin? Of course, it’s not too hard to see why the Phantom is such a popular dual-motor electric scooter. For one, it’s made by renowned Canadian brand Apollo. Secondly, it was developed in response to rider feedback – how’s that for democracy.

Why We Recommend It:

Don’t get us wrong, we love the Apollo Ghost. But, the fact is, when it comes to Apollo’s unceasing drive for more innovative, more powerful scooters, the Ghost was just the tip of the iceberg.

Enter the Apollo Phantom – the poster boy of what truly pioneering, forward-thinking scooter construction looks like. We’ll get to its dual motors in just a sec, but oh, boy – that design.

Apollo Phantom Rear Fender, Disc Brake, Swingarm, and Kickplate

The Phantom sports a sleek, menacing design, eschewing Apollo’s traditional blue-accented color palette in favor of a dominant, devilish black – finished off with silky silver accents.

Centered between its handlebars is an angular next-gen HEX display, which is one of the best we’ve seen when it comes to predicting your remaining mileage. Other cockpit-located buttons turn on the headlights, activate the turn signals, and allow you to toggle the Phantom’s pair of hub-located motors.

Close up of Apollo Phantom HEX Display

Speaking of which, both of the dual 1200W motors pack plenty of punch. Capable of delivering speeds of up to 38 mph, they don’t quite put the Phantom into ultra-performance territory. But, they do serve up considerable excitement, and they’ll do wonders for your adrenaline levels.

Apollo Phantom 1200W Motor

With a peak output of 3200W, the Phantom can propel you at speeds of 15 mph in 2.5 seconds, and 25 mph in 5.6. Hills aren’t much of an issue, either. The Phantom can scale slopes of up to 25 degrees – meaning that, while few urban gradients will present issues, the Phantom isn’t well-suited to the kind of off-road inclines that more advanced dual-motor scooters in this list thrive on.

Apollo Phantom Frame

Yep – the Phantom’s natural habitat is…well, anywhere you take it. Well-paved pathways and well-maintained asphalt roads are where it does best, but forest trails and dirt roads, are well within its capabilities.

Heavy scooters need equally heavy-duty sources of power. And, while the Phantom’s 52V 23.4Ah battery does offer a manufacturer-stated maximum range of up to 40 miles, in practice this will be much less when using the full force of the large motors (25 miles). Nevertheless, the Phantom’s battery utilizes high-quality Dynavolt cells, which are among the industry’s best. These ensure long-lasting performance, meaning you can rely on the Phantom’s battery to power the motors for many years to come.

Apollo Phantom Plush Tire

As we’ve said time and again, scooter enthusiasts flock to Apollo for their industry-leading levels of design.

Take the tubed 10 x 3.25-inch tires as Exhibit A. Working with the unique quadruple spring suspension system – which is an industry-first – the scooter’s shock absorption profile is, for its niche, the gold standard. You can even use a c-spanner to adjust the springs to suit your body weight and riding terrain.

Apollo Phantom Dual Rear Springs

But as far as the Phantom is concerned, a commitment to comfort doesn’t stop with suspension. This is one scooter with a truly holistic approach to ride experience – from its extremely wide handlebars to its large, reinforced kickplate, and a deck that measures up at a leviathan 20 x 8.5 inches (almost as big as the Wolf King GT’s, which we’ll get to later in the guide).

Apollo Phantom Deck

Of course, when you’re working those dual motors to their limit, you’ll want to be sure of two things: safety and build quality. After all, you need to be able to brake effectively, and you don’t want your scooter falling apart at top speed.

Fortunately, the Apollo Phantom delivers both with gusto. Safety-wise, brakes don’t come much better than this. Courtesy of full hydraulic NUTT brakes and large 160 mm rotors, the braking power is truly exceptional. You’ll reach a safe stop within just 3.0 meters from 15 mph – providing the perfect partnership of performance and peace of mind.

Apollo Phantom Front Disc Brake

We recommend opting for the hydraulic brakes. But, if you’re on a budget, you can downgrade to mechanical brakes and shave $150 off the price. These will bring you to a stop in 3.4 meters from 15 mph.

Apollo Phantom Handbrake

One look at build quality, and it’s evident that Apollo’s engineering team has been busy. The Phantom boasts a reinforced stem and neck for durability, while three independent safety mechanisms consign stem wobble to history. Elsewhere, simple plug-and-play connectors make maintenance a cinch, while the CNC manufacturing is a surefire sign of quality.

Apollo Phantom Folding Mechanism

The bottom line? The Apollo Phantom comes with serious pedigree. That pedigree doesn’t come cheap, sure. But is it worth the money? We say yes – every nickel of it.

Apollo Phantom Handlebars

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Expert Dual-Motor Electric Scooters

Under $3,000:

Wolf King

Save $500 | Was: $3,499 | Now: $2,999
Wolf King
Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $3,000
The Good:
The Bad:

The stuff of myth and legend in the electric scooter industry, the Wolf King has attained cult status – and it’s not hard to see why.

Wolf King Gold Frame

From its iconic gold and black frame to the 60 mph its dual 1500W motors enable, the King lives up to its regal eponym. Though it may be large and heavy (and not so forgiving as far as your budget is concerned) the Wolf King is dual motor royalty.

Why We Recommend It:

So far, we’ve walked you through four dual motor scooters, ranging from entry-level to performance.

Now, we’re getting to the top-tier end of our list – to dual-motor electric scooters of the ultra-performance caliber. And the first? The Wolf King.

Wolf King Rear of Deck

The Wolf King pairs dual 1500W motors with 72V 40Ah controllers, meaning ferocious speeds – even those up to 60 mph – aren’t out of its wheelhouse. To put that kind of speed into perspective, only a small, exclusive cabal of scooters are as fast.

Plus, the Wolf King isn’t just quick while in transit, but insanely fast out of the blocks. From a complete standstill, you’ll hit 15 mph in 1.9 seconds, and 30 mph in 4.9. Of course, the King is no stranger to a steep slope. Faced even with the most intimidating inclines, the King maintains pace and power. It can take also on gradients of up to 45 degrees – meaning no incline in the world can best it.

Wolf King Durable Frame

With all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Wolf King has been engineered for all types of terrain – though it’s challenging off-road terrain where you’ll get the most from its innate abilities.

Its enormous 11 x 3.5-inch wheels are, of course, tubeless – meaning their air-filled nature offers a versatile vanguard against the jarring impact of difficult terrain. You can also take your pick, at checkout, from a set of regular urban street tires, or a pair of the knobby, chunky off-road variety.

Wolf King Rear Street Grade Tire

But the King’s real point of difference (when it comes to ride comfort, at least) is its dual hydraulic suspension. Like the King’s dual tubular stem – and the dual motors in its wheel hubs – this two-pronged approach to shock absorption offers great performance.

Wolf King Hydraulic Motorcycle-Grade Suspension

And it’s not only the wheels and suspension that have been built with the apex of performance in mind. Every aspect of its engineering (spearheaded by Kaabo, of course) exudes class and quality. Size, too – the deck alone measures up at a whopping 20 x 9 inches, so it’s suitable for riders of all sizes.

Wolf King Wide Rubber Deck

In fact, heavier riders will find plenty to love about the Wolf King’s presence and profile. Not only does it sport tall, wide handlebars (and that aforementioned gargantuan deck), but it also has a large rider weight limit of 330 lbs.

Wolf King Wide Handlebars

The King packs 105 lbs of pure, prolific poundage. All of that is a potent mix of reinforced steel and aluminum alloy – the same stuff used to build highly-stressed applications such as bridges and cranes. The King also comes equipped with an IPX4 water-resistance rating and a reinforced rear tire hugger – so it truly is a machine for all seasons.

Of course, wet (and mountainous) conditions come with their hazards – so the Wolf King’s evident commitment to safety is reassuring. The King comes kitted out with hydraulic brakes for optimal performance, while even its build feels safety-oriented. A kickplate at the deck’s rear gives you license to lean firmly forward and into the ride, offering extra handling.

Side Profile of Wolf King

Speed and safety aren’t the King’s only selling points. Born with a 72V 28Ah Samsung (or LG, depending on where you buy it from) battery fused into its circuitry, the Wolf can hit up to 50 miles off a single charge. In practice, however, this will be closer to between 30 and 33 miles. While that’s not bad, it certainly pales to some of the Wolf King’s (admittedly stiff) competition – most notably the NAMI Burn-e 2’s 90 miles of range, and the Wolf King GT’s 70 miles.

What’s more, all these specs and features – not to mention your piece of the electric scooter industry’s history – are available for less than $3,000. When you consider that the Wolf King is the cheapest ultra-performance dual-motor scooter that money can buy, it really is a bargain. It’s just not for the faint-hearted.

Wolf King EYE MiniMotors Display

Further Information:

Wolf King Review

Under $3,500:

NAMI Burn-E 2

Save $300 | Was: $3,699 | Now: $3,399
NAMI Burn-e 2
Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $3,500
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The hotly anticipated sequel to the revolutionary original (known as the “Viper”) has hit the shelves, and what a game-changer this scooter is.

Bringing everything we loved from its far more expensive sibling, the NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX, it delivers a level of ride quality akin to slicing butter with a hot knife, a whole lot of pace and power, and Sine Wave controllers that are responsible for an acceleration rate that goes toe-to-toe with models with larger motors and more expensive price tags.

Josh With the NAMI Burn-e 2

This supercharged scooter is not to be missed.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Deck Lights

Why We Recommend It:

Aliens. The Godfather: Part II. The Empire Strikes Back. Even Toy Story 2.

Some sequels are simply better than the original – and the NAMI Burn-e 2 is one of them. Okay – so we won’t get too carried away. The first NAMI Burn-e (the Viper) is both faster (+15 mph) and offers more range (+10 miles). As does the scooter that followed that – the NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Imposing Frame

But in many other ways, the Burn-e 2 surpasses both its forebears in all the metrics that matter. And the team here at ESI had the chance to test it out.

So how does the Burn-e stack up against the original Viper?

For starters, the new Burn-e adds waterproof motor connectors and improved charging ports, making it more tolerant to the caprices of rain and poor weather. It also comes with a 5Ah fast charger (the original didn’t) and boasts new-and-improved turn signals. Even the handlebars are wider, with an extended 27-inch profile that’s sure to appeal to taller, larger riders.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Handlebars

But best of all, perhaps, is that the Burn-e 2 is more affordable than its snake-like predecessor. Available for just $3,399, it is by no means cheap but is certainly reasonable for what you get. It’ll also set you back $1,500 less than the NAMI Burn-e 2 MAX – meaning it strikes that sweet balance between price and performance.

But enough comparing, let’s get to what you came here for.

NAMI Burn-e 2 From Rear

The NAMI Burn-e 2’s dual 1000W motors offer a peak power output of more than 5000W, and come twinned with dual Sine Wave controllers – so speed, it’s fair to say, is definitely on the menu. But beyond its maximum 45 mph velocity, it also brings stunning hill climbing abilities and a seriously zippy acceleration rate to the table.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Motor

Let’s now turn to one of the NAMI Burn-e 2’s many strong suits – its alluring shock absorption setup. Its pair of adjustable 165 mm coil-over-shocks are exceptional, and no other suspension system comes close to their level of comfort and customizability. It, quite frankly, makes its competitors look archaic.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rebound Dial

Adding to the lofty levels of ride comfort are its 11-inch tubeless tires. When ours arrived, it was fitted with PMT tires, and even though we’ve tested countless scooters, with hundreds of different tire variations, these are by far the best.

NAMI Burn-e 2 PMT Tire

Their outstandingly good grip controls wheel spin and gives you the uncanny feeling of being glued to the ground. Similarly, the PMT tires do wonders for general riding. Their rounded front-on profile makes them more nimble, and thus more effective at taking on sharp turns. They also give braking performance a big boost, resulting in an impressive stopping distance of 1.8 meters from 15 mph (vs the typical result of 3.0 meters).

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear Disc Brake

Like the Apollo Phantom, the NAMI Burn-e 2 was born as a result of rider feedback – and some of it was ours. After testing the original NAMI Burn-e Viper, we noted that, while its signature carbon fiber stem looked amazing, its design made the scooter feel a little unstable at high speeds. We recommended a dual stem (like the Wolf King GT, which is coming up next) for increased control.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Frame From Rear

And guess what? NAMI heard our prayers. However, instead of fitting it with a dual stem, NAMI kitted it out with the components required to fit a steering damper, and – better yet – a free one (worth $149) comes included in the box. Fixing this into place is super simple, and makes riding at high speeds feel phenomenal.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Steering Damper From Above

While we’re on the topic of control, it’s worth noting that – while the Burn-e 2 is fast – it never places speed before safety. Our model, for instance, came fitted with speed limiters that capped the top speed at 15 mph. Located on each side of the controllers, these can be easily plugged in and out (so are an ideal hack should you be stopped while traveling at high speeds).

NAMI Burn-e 2 Speed Limiter

For new riders that may be less comfortable with the Burn-e 2’s blistering top speeds, its five different riding modes offer peace of mind. These run the gamut: from Turbo mode for ultimate pace, or speed-limiting ones to get you warmed up. You can even create customized riding profiles to set your boundaries. All this is the complete opposite of dual-motor scooters from brands such as Dualtron – even for experienced riders, those models are extremely torquey and hard to control.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Display

Perhaps the only room for improvement is in the folding mechanism. While it’s significantly better than any other in its price class, nothing stops the beautiful display from scratching against the kickplate when the stem is collapsed.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Display Hitting Kickplate

With all the above things considered, the NAMI Burn-e 2 is an extremely welcome addition to the electric scooter market. It takes everything we love about NAMI’s existing models and repackages it into a dependable, dynamic electric scooter – at a heavily reduced price.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Kickstand

Dualtron? Kaabo? The NAMI Burn-e 2 puts its competitors to shame. It’s better designed, with superior build quality, and – even taking into account the entirety of our 140+ strong scooter database – is the most complete two-wheeled package that money can buy. (Speaking of packaging, the Burn-e 2’s is completely sustainable: relying on thick corrugated cardboard in favor of hard-to-recycle Styrofoam).

Bravo, NAMI – you’ve truly thought of everything.

NAMI Burn-e 2 With Headlight On

Under $4,000:

Wolf King GT

Save $200 | Was: $3,795 | Now: $3,595
Wolf King GT
Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter Under $4,000
The Good:
The Bad:

Sitting proudly atop our list of the world’s best dual-motor electric scooters is the Wolf King GT – a tantalizing new take on a bona fide classic. Yet, while the GT shares most of its name with its predecessor – plus that instantly recognizable color palette – it makes some remarkably intelligent improvements.

Upgrading the size of its forebear’s motors, and enhancing its controllers, display, thumb throttle, and cockpit button console, the King GT invites you to rediscover your love of the wonderful Wolf range.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

Why We Recommend It:

With a bolstered pair of 2000W motors facilitating a mind-boggling 62 mph of speed, the Wolf King GT is less a scooter than a rabid, rampaging wolf. Do you ride it? Or does it ensnare you – seizing you tightly in its maw, and refusing to let go?

Wolf King GT With Lights On During the Day

Philosophical questions aside, there’s no doubting the Wolf King GT’s ultra-performance credentials. Equipped with a couple of 50Ah Sine Wave controllers, the GT has a peak output of an incredible 8,400W. In the real world, that means it can reach top speeds in a matter of seconds, and scale hills of up to 50 degrees with ease. Basically, it’ll come close to breaking land speed records, without breaking so much as a sweat.

Wolf King GT Rear Motor

So what do those Sine Wave controllers mean, exactly? And how do they differ from the GT’s predecessor – the original Wolf King?

Well, the original King sported Square Wave controllers. The core difference between those and the GT’s Sine Wave variety is in how they pull power. Think of these controllers, for a moment, as a force pushing a bowling ball down a lane. While the Square Wave controllers jab and nudge, the Sine Wave ones administer a smooth, constant push the whole way. The smoother motion is clear as day.

Wolf King GT Thumb Throttle

And controllers aren’t the only way in which the GT steps out of the shadow of its popular predecessor. As well as a higher top speed, 20 miles more range, and an extra 5-degrees of incline-assaulting prowess, the GT sports several welcome design quirks unseen on its ancestor.

Dramatic Shot of the Wolf King GT Frame

An all-new anti-glare TFT display, for instance, is highly customizable and sports an intuitive design. An ergonomic thumb throttle has also been added, while the GT’s handlebars are both taller and wider than those on the original King – making it ideal for heavier riders, and to control the might of its dual motors.

Wolf King GT and Wolf Warrior Handlebars

Kaabo’s ever-present eye for effective engineering bleeds into the rest of the GT’s construction, too. An IPX5 water-resistance rating safeguards the Wolf King GT from moderate rain, while its lighting setup has you covered after dark. Comprising dual headlights, under-deck lighting, and remarkably effective front and rear turn signals, the GT is made for all time zones and terrain.

Wolf King GT Powerful Lights at Night

Yep – the Wolf King GT is terrain-agnostic. And for proof, look no further than its interchangeable on and off-road tires. Swap them in and out to customize your scooter to fit the environment – and never get caught with the wrong wheels.

Wolf King GT Rear Tire

Better still, the tires are multi-talented: large, air-filled, puncture-proof, and tubeless. The sum of all these attributes – aside from you not having to worry about flats – is comfort, stability, and convenience. The large 11-inch profile delivers an ample contact patch with the road. But, be warned, it’s not the most agile of scooters, and can be cumbersome.

Fortunately, the dual hydraulic brakes aren’t cumbersome. They’re quite the opposite – not only strong but highly responsive. They come backed up with a handy ABS (anti-lock braking system), too – aiding their effectiveness – although they might take some getting used to. To help stop succinctly, shift your weight to the back of the scooter when braking. Use the kickplate, it’ll help.

Wolf King GT Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

We’ve talked a lot so far about the power of the motors – but what about that of its battery?

Equipped with a 72V 35Ah battery (which, like the original King’s, is either Samsung or LG), the GT can reach up to 70 miles off a single charge. Though, in realistic conditions, that figure is likely to come down to between 53 and 55 miles. The battery is also safeguarded by a smart battery management system, which protects against the perils of overheating, and the pitfalls of short-circuiting. Plug it in, and you can expect to have it charged within 7 hours.

Wolf King GT From the Rear

Don’t get us wrong, the original Wolf King is a fantastic scooter (it wouldn’t have made this list if it wasn’t), but it speaks volumes about its successor’s quality that, on almost all points of comparison, the GT blows its older counterpart out of the water.

The Wolf King GT is, of course, more expensive than the original. But if you’re an experienced rider seeking unfettered, unparalleled performance that only the finest dual-motor scooters can deliver, pick the Wolf King GT. You won’t be disappointed.

Wolf King GT Motorcycle-Grade Suspension

Further Information:

Wolf King GT Review

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Motor Size

Ordered from most to least powerful.

Scooter Price Motors
Wolf King GT $3,595 72V 2000W (x2)
Wolf King $2,999 72V 1500W (x2)
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 72V 1000W (x2)
Apollo Phantom $2,149 52V 1200W (x2)
Mantis V2 $1,799 60V 1000W (x2)
Apollo Ghost $1,499 52V 800W (x2)
SPLACH Twin $999 48V 600W (x2)


Our Top Picks by Peak Power

Ordered from largest to smallest.

Scooter Price Peak Power
Wolf King GT $3,595 8400W
Wolf King $2,999 6720W
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 5040W
Apollo Phantom $2,149 3200W
Mantis V2 $1,799 3000W
SPLACH Twin $999 2136W
Apollo Ghost $1,499 2000W


Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price Top Speed
Wolf King GT $3,595 62 mph
Wolf King $2,999 60 mph
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 45 mph
Mantis V2 $1,799 40 mph
Apollo Phantom $2,149 38 mph
Apollo Ghost $1,499 34 mph
SPLACH Twin $999 28 mph


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price 0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Wolf King GT $3,595 1.7 s
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 1.7 s
Wolf King $2,999 1.9 s
Mantis V2 $1,799 2.1 s
Apollo Ghost $1,499 2.3 s
Apollo Phantom $2,149 2.5 s
SPLACH Twin $999 3.0 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

Scooter Price Max Range
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 90 miles
Wolf King GT $3,595 70 miles
Wolf King $2,999 50 miles
Apollo Phantom $2,149 40 miles
Apollo Ghost $1,499 39 miles
Mantis V2 $1,799 33 miles
SPLACH Twin $999 28 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

Scooter Price Max Range
Wolf King GT $3,595 55 miles
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 50 miles
Wolf King $2,999 33 miles
Mantis V2 $1,799 28 miles
Apollo Phantom $2,149 25 miles
Apollo Ghost $1,499 22 miles
SPLACH Twin $999 21 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

Scooter Price Braking From 15 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 1.8 meters
Mantis V2 $1,799 2.7 meters
SPLACH Twin $999 2.8 meters
Wolf King GT $3,595 3.0 meters
Wolf King $2,999 3.0 meters
Apollo Phantom $2,149 3.0 meters
Apollo Ghost $1,499 3.4 meters

By Type


Further Information:

Cheap Electric Scooters

Heavy Adults:


Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:


Biggest Wheels:

Most Portable:


Further Information:

Commuting Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing:


  • Entry-Level: Apollo Ghost – Dual springs and swingarms
  • Intermediate: Apollo Phantom – Quadruple springs and swingarm
  • Expert: NAMI Burn-e 2 – Adjustable hydraulic coil-over-shocks and swingarms


Optional Seat Attachment:

  • Entry-Level: None
  • Intermediate: None
  • Expert: Wolf King GT – Available for $145

Further Information:

Best Seated Electric Scooters


What is the Best Dual-Motor Electric Scooter?

The best dual-motor electric scooters, ordered by price, are as follows:

What is a Dual Hub Electric Scooter?

A dual hub electric scooter has a motor located in each wheel. A hub is the central part of the wheel that rotates on the axle. In most electric scooters, motors are housed in the hub. So dual hub means, for all intents and purposes, dual motor.

Which Motor is Best for an Electric Scooter?

Brushless DC motors (BLDC) are best for electric scooters. Vis a vis the competition, they have superior power-to-weight ratios, are more dependable, and less susceptible to overheating.

Do Electric Scooters Have Brushless Motors?

Electric scooters either have brushless DC motors or brushed DC motors. Most high-quality electric scooters will have brushless motors.

How Does an Electric Scooter Motor Work?

When you press the throttle, it transmits a signal to the controllers, telling them to pull power from the battery and funnel it to the scooter’s motors. This generates kinesis of the wheels.

How Do You Take the Motor Out of an Electric Scooter?

We don’t recommend taking the motor out of your electric scooter. For regular maintenance, repair, or replacement of your scooter’s integral circuitry and electronic parts, always seek help from a trained professional.

What is Torque in an Electric Scooter?

Torque is a force measured in Newton-meters (Nm). In the world of electric scooters, we know it as the twisting force that’s required to rotate your scooter’s wheels and get you moving. Essentially, torque measures the strength of an electric scooter’s motor. As a rule of thumb, the higher the voltage of a motor, the higher the torque, and the faster the acceleration.

How Many Watts Are in Electric Scooter Motors?

It depends on the electric scooter.

At the lowest end of the scale, budget electric scooters can have motors as small as 250W. On the other hand, electric scooters that are at the apex of performance can have dual 2000W motors.

How Much Horsepower Does an Electric Scooter Have?

For every watt of motor power, an electric scooter has 0.00134 mechanical horsepower. So, for instance, budget models that have small 250W motors have 0.34 horsepower, while ultra-performance models that have peak power outputs of 8,400W have 11.3 horsepower.

What Makes an Electric Motor More Powerful?

Three factors affect how powerful an electric scooter is.

  1. Voltage (V): Affects the motor’s torque. Higher Voltage = Faster acceleration.
  2. Watts (W): Affects the size of the motors and their power output. Higher Watts = Higher speed.
  3. Watt-Hours (Wh): Affects battery capacity (i.e. the amount of energy it can store). Higher Watt-Hours = The longer the motor can run.

The strength of an electric motor also depends on the length of the wire in its stator’s electromagnet. The longer the wire, the more coils in the stator – and the more powerful the magnetic field. With this added strength comes enhanced power to move the rotor, propelling the scooter at a faster pace.

What is the Most Powerful Electric Scooter?

The most powerful electric scooter in our database of over 140 models is the Dualtron Storm Limited. With its monstrous dual motors enabling an earth-shattering peak output of 11,500W – adding up to a top speed of 75 mph – it’s the fastest, most potent powerhouse we’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Josh Frisby

Josh Frisby

Josh, Founder of Electric Scooter Insider. Over the last 4 years, I’ve tested countless scooters, amassed a database of 140+ models, and helped thousands of people find the right scooter. All of the scooters that I review are put through a rigorous review process so I can clearly distinguish where one is better or worse than another.

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