6 Best Off-Road Electric Scooters (Selected From 45 Models)

In our ever-growing database of 140+ electric scooters, we identified 45 models that are capable of tackling off-road terrain. After much deliberation and months of hands-on testing, we’ve selected the 6 best off-road electric scooters.

While testing, we placed particular emphasis on each scooter’s suspension system (i.e. springs, rubber, swingarms, adjustability, etc), tire type and size (i.e. air-filled, tread pattern, etc), torque and motor power, braking power, incline ability, and overall durability.

We also made sure to only include models that have appropriate protection against dust and water ingress.

Off-Road Electric Scooter


Our top choices for riders that are on a budget and want an electric scooter that can easily glide over off-road terrain that isn't too challenging, including parks, fields, and dirt paths.

Under $1,000
Under $1,500
Apollo Ghost
Apollo Ghost


Our top choices that make light work of unpredictable grassy knolls, forested trails, and pot-marked dirt roads.

Under $2,000
Mantis V2
Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)
$1,799.00 $1,899.00
Under $2,500
Apollo Phantom
Apollo Phantom
$2,149.00 $2,299.00


Our top choices that are capable of adapting to any environment and maintaining a supreme level of ride comfort. Terrain includes rocky mountain trails, craggy dirt tracks, and haphazard forest trails.

Under $3,000
$2,599.00 $2,799.00
Under $3,500
NAMI Burn-e 2
NAMI Burn-e 2
$3,399.00 $3,699.00

We reviewed the Cheapest & Most Compact Dual-Motor Scooter

Take a closer look at our recommendations by viewing the scooters in the categories below.

Our top choices that can easily glide over well-kept parks, fields, and dirt paths.

Our top choices that can handle grassy knolls, forested trails, and pot-marked dirt roads.

Our top choices that can adapt to rocky mountain trails, craggy dirt tracks, and haphazard trails.

Or, if you'd rather view the scooters by performance (e.g. top speed, range, braking, etc), or by type (e.g. for heavy adults, portability, etc), click on either of the below.

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Entry-Level Off-Road Electric Scooters

Under $1,000:


Now: $999.00 at SPLACH
Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Under $1,000
The Good:
The Bad:

Kicking off our guide to the best off-road scooters is the SPLACH Twin, a model boasting a suspension system that turns any park or field into a luxuriant, emerald green carpet. Sporting a combination of swingarms and springs on the front and rear that distinguish it from other scooters in the sub-$1,000 category, this smooth operator is the perfect companion for new riders who want to experience a little more oomph on a sunny weekend.

Usually, we’d say its solid, puncture-proof tires temper a scooter’s ride quality, but that isn’t the case here. Their wide profile allies with the shock absorption supplied by the suspension to allay any cause for concern, with our tests leading us to award the Twin a richly-deserved 6 on our suspension scale – 1 being extremely stiff, and 10 extremely soft.

Josh on SPLACH Twin

Why We Recommend It:

Riding off-road often requires you to scale inclines – so you’ll want a model that can brush them off with minimal fuss. Thankfully, the Twin shines in this field. Propelled by dual 600W motors and a 15.6Ah battery, moderate inclines are well within its mighty grasp, while a maximum range of 28 miles means an afternoon of exploring won’t be riddled with fears of running out of juice. Further peace of mind can be found in the Twin’s selection of different riding modes, which enable you to cap your speed and squeeze more distance out of a battery that can be fully recharged in a respectable 7.5 hours.

SPLACH Twin Charge Port

Being a dual-motor scooter – and the cheapest on the market, at that – you would expect the SPLACH Twin to be capable of some impressive feats of speed. You won’t be disappointed. It can hit 15 mph in just 3.0 seconds, while its top speed of 28 mph leaves pricier models in the dust. The acceleration and torque mustered by this little pocket rocket position the Twin as the perfect scooter for navigating slopey, undulating terrains with minimal fuss – but of course, other ingredients are needed to receive our full, hearty endorsement.

Right Side of SPLACH Twin

Cue, build quality. The Twin comes with the most ergonomic handgrips we’ve ever tested. They boast a unique, sculpted form that molds around the contours of your fingers and palms to ensure complete control of the sturdy steering column at every turn.

Underside of SPLACH Twin Handgrip

Coupled with this are the wide handlebars and elevated footrest, which guarantee stability on unpredictable off-road terrain. And augmenting the sense of security are the dual drum brakes with electric brakes at the front and rear. This system keeps a tight leash on the Twin’s surprising power, which is vitally important if you’re purchasing it as a step-up from a single motor model.

SPLACH Twin Rear Drum Brake

In fact, the Twin yells rider confidence from whichever direction you look at it. The frame is made from an ultra-strong aluminum alloy called 6061: a substance that’s more flexible than most steel, and weighs around two-thirds less. Needless to say, the Twin’s been built to last – and it can handle far more than what a sunny day in the park can throw at it, with its IP54 dust and water resistance rating a welcomed feather to its bow. This is an all-weather scooter with the durability to match.

SPLACH Twin Beautiful Design

And it’s one you can carry with relative ease, too. Reasonably lightweight at 53 lbs, a telescopic stem (without the wobble) and foldable handlebars distinguish the Twin as the most compact dual-motor electric scooter.

SPLACH Twin Folded

There are other features worth mentioning. The handlebar display is clear and easy to read – even in the middle of a sun-drenched field – while the cable management is neat and tidy. We’re also fans of the metal lid that screws onto the top of the charging port. This is a huge uptick compared to the cheap plastic lids you find on other scooters, therefore ensuring no dirt or water gets in.

SPLACH Twin Display

Nothing about the SPLACH Twin is cheap, in fact: it looks swish as hell, with geometric shapes and sleek flourishes of color on the handlebars and swingarms reminding us of more expensive models such as the Mantis Pro SE. Its deck is spacious enough for riders of all sizes and comes complete with ample grip.

SPLACH Twin Red Swingarm

The lighting is admittedly insufficient for off-roading, but this can be easily remedied with extra lights. There’s also a slight rattle from the front tire when going over particularly rough terrain, but we’re not recommending the Twin for such pursuits anyway.

SPLACH Twin Solid Rubber Tire

The fact is, the SPLACH Twin offers incredible value for money. For riders looking to go to the next level while enjoying the nation’s bounty of beautiful parks and fields, the Twin will embroider your travels with power and elegance. For a budget of $1,000, we implore you to give this scooter serious thought.

SPLACH Twin Frame

Further Information:

SPLACH Twin Review

Under $1,500:

Apollo Ghost

Now: $1,499.00 at Apollo Scooters
Apollo Ghost
Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Under $1,500
The Good:
The Bad:

Join us now, as we creep further into the heart-thudding world of off-road scooters with the Apollo Ghost.

Josh on Apollo Ghost

Underscored by an adjustable dual spring suspension system, shuddering disc brakes and a pair of air-filled tires that will flatten the most rugged of parks or fields, this otherworldly star of the esteemed Apollo range is manna from heaven for riders intent on conquering green spaces in comfort and style.

Why We Recommend It:

First, the suspension system. Easily on a par with the Ghost’s pricier, quadruple-springed sibling, the Phantom, the ride quality on offer is second to none within the $1,500 price category. This front and rear dual-spring set-up works in cahoots with the swingarms and cushion-like, traction-loving pneumatic tires to deliver a smooth experience that registers 6.5 on our suspension scale – you can be the talk of Central Park, and feel like Aladdin in the process.

Apollo Ghost Front Swingarm

Regarded as the most popular entry-point into performance scooters for a reason, the Apollo Ghost wields dual 52V 800W motors that can summon top speeds of 34 mph from their bubbling cauldron. This power allows it to reach 15 mph from a standstill in a hair-flapping 2.3 seconds and traverse inclines of up to 25 degrees, which though unremarkable on paper, is more than sufficient for most parks and fields.

Apollo Ghost With Lights on

With a maximum range of 39 miles, the Ghost is eclipsed by the likes of the EMOVE Cruiser and INOKIM Quick 4 Super. But don’t let this put you off: where it may fall behind slightly in range, it makes up for in its impressive number of charging cycles. If you charge the Ghost 3 times a week on average, you can expect the battery to last around 4 years before the performance will start to drop. This is an important, often overlooked quality unique to Apollo scooters. And let’s not beat around the bush – 39 miles will be enough for most riders.

Apollo Ghost Rear Wheel and Swingarm

The raw speed and acceleration of the Ghost can be somewhat intimidating for scooterists who aren’t used to this level of power, which is where its herculean brakes enter the equation. The discs will allow you to come to a stop in 3.4 meters from 15 mph – while there’s also the option of upgrading to hydraulics for an extra $150. Honestly, if you’re on a tight budget then the standard issue brakes will more than have your back.

Apollo Ghost Zoom Hydraulic Disc

We’re talking about Apollo, after all – and Apollo doesn’t cut corners. This is no more evident than in its frame, which is forged from aluminum and hollowed out for maximum lightness. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and durable. All boxes ticked, in our view.

And the fine workmanship doesn’t end there, with the handlebars providing the width required to master the unpredictability of grassy knolls, forested trails, and pot-marked fields. Riders of any weight up to 300 lbs can be assured of complete control of the wobble-free steering column, while the spacious, grippy deck adds that all-important layer of security.

Apollo Ghost Full Deck

Confidence is reaffirmed by the high-quality QS-S4 display console, which facilitates the monitoring of riding stats as well as the modulation of acceleration power and regenerative braking strength. This comes fitted with a throttle lever for maximum control, while motor and turbo control buttons give you the option of seamlessly managing your power output.

Back of Apollo Ghost Handlebars

And there’s more. As a scooter that’s custom-built for off-road terrain, the Apollo Ghost is awash with added design features that furnish its enigmatic black frame. From the tire-hugging fenders and smart power management system to its big, palm-hugging handgrips and reliable folding mechanism: the Ghost is made to withstand whatever the day throws at you – as typified by its all-weather IP54 dust and water rating.

Apollo Ghost Folding Mechanism Locked

Yes, it could do with another headlight higher up the stem – though the deck LEDs are a nice touch and the low-mounted front lights are pretty bright. And sure, it is not the lightest scooter around, weighing in at 64 lbs carrying it is more effort than anyone would like. But it can still fit in the trunk of your car or tucked away in the corner of a room when it comes to storage thanks to its foldable handlebars.

Apollo Ghost Handlebars Folded

The fact is, if it is parks, fields, and other green spaces that truly stir your soul, then the Apollo Ghost will take you to the stratosphere. It’s wholly deserving of its place in our list of the best off-road electric scooters – and for its $1,499 price, we think you’d be a ghoul not to put your faith in it.

Dramatic View of Apollo Ghost Frame

Further Information:

Apollo Ghost Review

Intermediate Off-Road Electric Scooters

Under $2,000:

Mantis V2 (18.2Ah)

Save $100 | Was: $1,899.00 | Now: $1,799.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Mantis V2
Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Under $2,000
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

If it’s silky smooth, best-in-class suspension that forms the bedrock of your off-roading dreams then the Mantis V2 (18.2Ah) will cradle you into a deep, satisfying sleep. Or perhaps its huge, 10-inch pneumatic tires would be enough to satisfy your all-terrain expectations? From every vantage point, this scooter is purpose-built to make light of dirt tracks, forest paths, and hiking trails.

Sporting dual 60V 1000W motors, this sub-$2,000 bargain whistles up to top speeds of 40 mph and can accelerate from 0-15 mph in a ferocious 2.1 seconds. Armed with Sine Wave controllers that serenely funnel power to the motors, the Mantis V2 is a spiky scooter with the blend of grace and brawn that riders have been praying for.

Why We Recommend It:

Hills? The Mantis V2 eats inclines of up to 30 degrees for breakfast, putting it on the same level as its more experienced brethren, the Mantis Pro. There’s simply no better hill-climber in its price category.

Bumpy terrain? Pah. Adjustable front and rear springs, swingarms, and those beastly 10-inch pneumatic tires mean balance and comfort are assured, wherever your sense of adventure takes you. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Mantis V2 delivers the best shock absorption for its price – we even think it is a close match to the much-vaunted, quadruple-springed Apollo Phantom. It takes the most uneven, rugged terrain in its balletic stride, saving your joints and muscles a lot of aggro in the process.

Where the Mantis V2 falls short against its competitors is its stamina. With a maximum range of 33 miles (when riding on eco mode), you would perhaps expect a little more from the V2 – but the truth is that its price is much cheaper than other scooters that deliver its combination of speed and battery power.

Yet a silver lining sheens in the form of its charging time: nestling between 10 and 12 hours, the 18.2Ah version of the Mantis V2 takes a full 3 to 4 hours less to reach full juice than the 24.5Ah version – and this can be reduced by up to 50% with an extra charger.

If you’re liking what you see from the Mantis V2 but wish it came with a longer range, we suggest opting for the 24.5Ah version. Not only will it give you an extra 10-12 miles of range but the larger battery also uses superior LG cells which promise a higher number of recharge cycles to deliver peak performance for longer. Plus, the 24.5Ah version shares the same design as the 18.2Ah model, so you benefit from everything that this formidable off-road electric scooter has to offer.

Considering its power, it's reassuring to know that the Mantis V2 is built with rider safety front of mind. Wide handlebars, a roomy anti-slip rubber deck, a large kickplate, and powerful hydraulic brakes coalesce to maximize control and security.

Kaabo is a manufacturer known for its build quality, and the V2 strengthens this aura. Its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame and locking mechanism safeguard against any potential for instability or stem wobble, while the foam handgrips that blighted the V1 and other previous Mantis models have been jettisoned in favor of more durable rubber grips.

The Mantis V2 also comes loaded with an array of added features. The handlebar houses a QS-S4 display that allows you to gauge speed, battery life, distance covered, and riding mode, while the headlight and turn signals represent a real upgrade on the V1. You can also switch between Eco or Turbo modes, and Single or Dual motors, via buttons located below the console. These functions grant you control over speed and battery life, which is a welcome feature on any scooter.

And if that wasn’t enough to illuminate your interest, there’s mood deck lighting that brings enough swag to the table to stop Nicky Minaj in her tracks. This commitment to style is Mantis’ calling card, and the V2 represents another firm thumbs up from us. The simple matte black facade is artfully underscored by flourishes of red on the tire treads and suspension springs.

All things considered, the Mantis V2 represents great value for money as a performance scooter that enables you to tackle trails, forests, and hiking paths. This is a plucky all-rounder that will deliver supreme ride comfort wherever you choose to take it. For us, it’s the standout scooter in the sub-$2,000 price category.

Under $2,500:

Apollo Phantom 52V + Hydraulic Brakes

Save $150 | Was: $2,299.00 | Now: $2,149.00 at Apollo Scooters
Apollo Phantom
Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Under $2,500
The Good:
The Bad:

As you will have gathered from our guide to the Phantom’s little sibling, the Ghost, we are huge fans of pretty much everything Apollo does. So including this all-terrain behemoth in our list of the best off-road electric scooters was always on the agenda. Its 45-degree, downward-angled, quadruple spring suspension system simply demands your attention.

This groundbreaking system works in conjunction with the robust swingarms and 10-inch air-filled pneumatic tires to deliver an incredibly smooth ride that adjusts to pretty much all but the rockiest and mountainous terrains. Rubber bushings at the bottom of each spring also wade in to help the Phantom strike the perfect balance between bounce and cushioning for maximized stability. Our tests placed the Phantom at an impressive 7 out of 10 on our suspension scale.

Apollo Phantom Dual Rear Springs

Why We Recommend It:

Let's start with its power. Wielding dual 1200W motors, the Apollo Phantom can clock top speeds of 38 mph and a peak output of 3200W. Its acceleration to 15 mph in 2.5 seconds is pretty fast and the combined power and torque of the motors can easily conquer steep inclines – which puts most off-road routes well within range.

Apollo Phantom 1200W Motor

Ah yes, range. Carrying a 52V 23.4Ah battery that utilizes the same premium Dynavolt cells as the majority of Apollo’s models, the Phantom guarantees reliable, long-lasting quality that will take you to a maximum range of 40 miles in a single charge. The battery can be fully replenished in 12 hours, though the regen brakes also help you maintain battery life.

Apollo Phantom Frame

If you’ve read our review of the Apollo Phantom then you’ll be aware that the brakes can be switched between regular discs and hydraulics, with the latter available via a $150 price upgrade. It’s this model that features in our off-road guide because the ability to stop on a sixpence when on rough terrain at top speeds is of paramount importance. The NUTT hydraulics are unmatched in the smoothness, strength, and reliability that they offer, granting you the control and stability to make off-roading safer and, by extension, more enjoyable.

Apollo Phantom Rear Disc Brake

The comfort factor is elevated by the huge pneumatic tires that absorb every little vibration, with the traction supplied by their souped-up width (3.25 inches) and terrain-agnostic texture adding to the sense of stability that this scooter specializes in providing.

Apollo Phantom Plush Tire

Every single aspect of the Phantom has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to maximize ride comfort – it is the culmination of three prototypes rolled into one perfect finished piece. This commitment to quality can be seen in the aviation-grade aluminum frame – which is known for delivering high-strength without the extra weight – and the double-reinforced stem that guarantees extra durability. It also comes equipped with a secure stem locking mechanism and safety pin that eliminates any potential for dreaded stem wobble.

Close up of Apollo Phantom Folding Mechanism

Elsewhere, super-wide handlebars and a sizeable kickplate allow you to lean into the ride for added balance and steering control, while its spacious, grippy deck can support riders weighing up to 300 lbs.

Apollo Phantom Handlebars

One of the Apollo Phantom’s true claims to greatness is its next-gen display. The proprietary HEX display is seriously good and features unique functions such as predicted mileage, which allows you to estimate the number of miles left on the clock based on your most recent acceleration pattern.

Close up of Apollo Phantom HEX Display

You can also thumb through 17 pre-set options using simple up and down buttons – these include regenerative brake strength and acceleration power. And if that wasn’t enough to solicit an approving nod, there’s also a theft deterrent key-locking ignition for extra security.

Another area where the Phantom outdoes the Ghost is with its high-mounted, dazzlingly bright 1000-Lumen headlight, which is backed up by deck lights, a taillight, and well-positioned turn signals.

Apollo Phantom Headlight Turned On

Along with its IP54 dust and water resistance rating, the Apollo Phantom can be relied upon whether night or day, rain or shine. This distinguishes it as a fantastic off-road option for riders with a budget of $2,500 or less.

Apollo Phantom Logo on the Deck

It’s a scooter sculpted for the adventurer in all of us; for the love of erring from the beaten track. If cutting-edge design and flawless ride quality matter to you, we seriously recommend the Apollo Phantom.

Apollo Phantom Rear Fender, Disc Brake, Swingarm, and Kickplate

Further Information:

Apollo Phantom Review

Expert Off-Road Electric Scooters

Under $3,000:


Save $200 | Was: $2,799.00 | Now: $2,599.00 at Fluid Free Ride
Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Under $3,000
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The INOKIM OxO may not be the fastest kid on the block, and it may not have the most brain-melting acceleration, but if it's range and ride quality you’re after, this juggernaut of an off-road electric scooter will leave your jaw well and truly on the floor.

Indeed, in full flow we think this is one of the best long-range electric scooters – and it all comes down to ride quality. See, like its predecessor, the INOKIM Ox, the OxO has the same rubber cartridge suspension with adjustable swingarms for High and Low settings. This makes it malleable on any type of terrain: from smooth parkland and undulating fields to craggy dirt tracks, sinewy forest trails, and rocky, mountainous terrain. It’s an all-rounder, capable of adapting to any environment and maintaining a supreme level of ride comfort.

INOKIM OxO Orange Swingarm

Why We Recommend It:

First, let’s focus on range. Capable of chewing its way through 68 miles off a single charge (or an average of 38 miles, taking into account realistic conditions), the OxO is the marathon man of its price category. Its 60V 25.6Ah battery will outlast most riders and can be fully recharged in 12.5 hours – just enough time to build yourself up for another day of trailblazing.

INOKIM OxO Front Motor

Its hill-climbing abilities depend on how much acceleration you can build, but once you get past its mediocre acceleration curve of 0-15 mph in 3.5 seconds, you can expect the OxO to breeze up steep inclines without breaking a sweat.

Josh on the INOKIM OxO

The damping of the suspension also ensures that the wheels remain firmly rooted to the ground – whatever the surface, your joints are free from sudden pangs of pain. The result is a ride quality that’s buttery smooth – so smooth, in fact, that we awarded the OxO a deserved 8 out of 10 on our suspension scale. The air-filled, slender pneumatic tires add to the overall riding experience by caressing the ground while facilitating agile steering.

INOKIM OxO Front Tire

But alas, this scooter does divide opinion, and that’s because of its speed. With 40 mph the maximum that the INOKIM OxO can reach, it’s not exactly a sloth on wheels – though it is around 10 mph slower than the front-runners in its price category. The main issue, however, is its aforementioned difficulties with acceleration, which is in no small part due to its slightly sluggish throttle response.

Front of INOKIM OxO Handlebars

For us, the negatives end there – everything else about this scooter is high class. Equipped with Zoom hydraulics, the brakes keep a tight rein on any speed, possessing the power to bring this hefty scooter to a complete standstill from 15 mph in 2.7 meters – well above the average of 3.0 – 3.4 meters. Just don’t pull too hard on the levers if you want to avoid ghastly lock-ups and heart-skipping skids.

INOKIM OxO Brake Caliper

Indeed, build quality is where the OxO truly shines. There are few peers when it comes to its design and functionality. The 23-inch, thickened handlebars are predictably strong and wobble-free for maximum control, while a well-placed button allows you to switch between single and dual motor mode effortlessly. And, as is the case with INOKIM’s performance scooters, the molded grips are a high watermark in ergonomic design.

INOKIM OxO Orange Handgrip

When it comes to aesthetics, the frame is a real heartbreaker, with fiery lashes of orange contrasting sharply with the black body to establish a sense of edge. The deck is also wide enough to support all shapes and sizes, while the tapered kickplate adds an extra layer of stability on off-road terrain. The only drawback? The material of the deck itself. For its price, you’d expect it to be fully anti-grip; instead, you get a hard plastic that can make it harder to keep your footing when going off-road. This can be easily remedied by adding grip tape, though.


The only part of the illustrious design that seems a little out of place is the display. It has an outdated appearance, but don’t let this put you off – it offers as much functionality as the popular QS-S4 console found on many other electric scooters. Unlike the QS-S4, though, the OxO benefits from an ergonomically positioned thumb throttle that further aids the comfort factor.


As for added features, the OxO is designed in every aspect for off-roading: from the fenders that closely hug both tires to the high deck clearance. It’s just a shame it doesn’t come with an official IP rating, though INOKIM state that it can withstand light water splashes.

For riders who value durability, reliability, and design excellence, the INOKIM OxO will raise a smile. Sure, it has its detractors, but if you’re looking for a scooter to tackle any terrain with confidence and peace of mind, this titan will not let you down.

INOKIM OxO Black Frame

Further Information:


Under $3,500:

NAMI Burn-E 2

Save $300 | Was: $3,699.00 | Now: $3,399.00 at Fluid Free Ride
NAMI Burn-e 2
Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Under $3,500
The Good:
The Bad:
Discount Code:

The NAMI Burn-e 2 is the best scooter for, well, any environment. Its launch reset the game, ushering in a new era of all-terrain excellence that left competitors scratching their dumbfounded heads for a response.

Whether it’s rocky mountain trails, scuzzy dirt tracks, gentle grassy plains, or haphazard forest trails that sit in your cross-hares, this beautiful piece of precision engineering will transform your view of electric scooters.

Josh With the NAMI Burn-e 2

From its game-changing adjustable suspension to its esteemed performance, and everything in-between, the Burn-e 2 proves superior to all other off-road electric scooters. It even knocks the popular Wolf King GT off its regal post as the former best off-road electric scooter. No other scooter comes close to the NAMI.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Chunky Tire

Why We Recommend It:

Though it may sport slightly weaker dual 1000W motors and a smaller 72V 32Ah battery than its more expensive sibling, the Max, the Burn-e 2 remains a bona fide monster of speed and power. Top speeds of 45 mph and acceleration from 0-15 mph in a ridiculous 1.8 seconds attest to this.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Thumb Throttle

But what truly elevates the Burn-e 2 above the other mere mortals in its price category is the serenity that accompanies this power. This is down to its 50Ah Sine Wave controllers, which bring unrivaled smoothness to the throttle control and make scaling hills feel like an ascent to heaven.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Sine Wave Controller

And as for range – get out of town. No, literally, you can get as far out as you want, with its mighty battery packing enough juice to carry you up to 90 miles off a single charge. When it does finally run out, you can be fully powered up again in just 6-7 hours with the aid of a 5A fast charger.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Charging Ports Open

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: a scooter of this quality being available at this price is an absolute steal. It’s barely plausible.

Yet steal we shall – and this is in large part due to the NAMI Burn-e 2’s utterly exceptional ride quality. Armed with game-changing, industry-leading adjustable shocks, this Muhammad Ali of the sub-$3,500 scooter scene scores a mic-dropping 10 out of 10 on our suspension scale. In layman’s terms, that means you cannot possibly improve on the buttery-smooth, silk-woven experience of taking this beauty for a spin. It caresses any surface – sidewalk or rocky outcrop – to justify its reputation as the Ferrari of e-scooters (or, in the case of off-roading, the Jeep Wrangler).

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rear of Tire and Suspension

The Burn-E 2 even improves on previous NAMI models by including a steering damper to deliver even greater control and comfort. Allied with the hand-welded one-piece aluminum frame, carbon-fiber stem, and wide handlebars, its handling is second-to-none.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Steering Damper

Add to this crescendo of excellence a KKE hydraulic suspension system that in our view is the best we’ve ever tested, and we begin to sound like the love-struck fanboys that we are.

Replete with an IP55 dust and water resistance rating, the Burn-e 2 will swat away any conditions you can hurl its way. Plus, with fine-tuned brakes – courtesy of the new Logan 2-piston hydraulics – you’ll experience a level of braking performance that outperforms all other scooters in our 140+ database. From 15 mph, you’ll come to a stop in a mere 1.8 meters. Typically, electric scooters of this price come to stop in 3.0 meters.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Front Disc Brake

It doesn’t matter what your weight or body shape is, either. The deck is large enough to cater to all sizes, while the adjustable springs allow you to add preload to increase the amount of downward force needed for them to compress. This is particularly useful while scaling off-road terrain to avoid bottoming out. Similarly, with a max rider weight of 330 lbs, the NAMI is ideal for heavy riders.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Rebound Dial

As with its esteemed stablemates, the NAMI Burn-E 2 comes with a spaceship’s worth of cockpit features. There are five driving modes to get excited about, as well as a USB port for your phone that is super handy when you’re out in the wild.

NAMI Burn-e 2 USB Charging Port

Hand controls also allow you to easily activate the beaming Lumen headlight, as well as toggle the turn signals, which are better positioned this time around. There’s also a horn that’s loud enough to scare off bears.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Turn Signals

To summarize, the NAMI Burn-e 2 is the absolute… well, we’re not allowed to finish that sentence, but you catch our drift. For $3,399 it’s a scooter that will enhance your experience of the off-road world in supreme style and comfort. Yes, you may decide you want to stump up a little more cash and harness the greater power of the Burn-e 2 Max, but if your budget is an issue, we guarantee you will not find a scooter that offers the poetry in motion that the Burn-e 2 so effortlessly evokes.

NAMI Burn-e 2 Imposing Frame

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price Top Speed
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 45 MPH
Mantis V2 $1,799 40 MPH
INOKIM OxO $2,599 40 MPH
Apollo Phantom $1,999 38 MPH
Apollo Ghost $1,499 34 MPH
SPLACH Twin $999 28 MPH


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

Scooter Price 0-15 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 1.8 s
Mantis V2 $1,799 2.1 s
Apollo Ghost $1,499 2.3 s
Apollo Phantom $1,999 2.5 s
SPLACH Twin $999 3.0 s
INOKIM OxO $2,599 3.5 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

Scooter Price Max Range
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 90 miles
INOKIM OxO $2,599 68 miles
Apollo Phantom $1,999 40 miles
Apollo Ghost $1,499 39 miles
Mantis V2 $1,799 33 miles
SPLACH Twin $999 28 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

Scooter Price Max Range
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 50 miles
INOKIM OxO $2,599 37 miles
Apollo Phantom $1,999 25 miles
Mantis V2 $1,799 28 miles
Apollo Ghost $1,499 22 miles
SPLACH Twin $999 21 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

Scooter Price Braking From 15 MPH
NAMI Burn-e 2 $3,399 1.8 meters
Mantis V2 $1,799 2.7 meters
INOKIM OxO $2,599 2.7 meters
SPLACH Twin $999 2.8 meters
Apollo Phantom $1,999 3.0 meters
Apollo Ghost $1,499 3.4 meters

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What is the Best Electric Scooter For Off-Roading?

The best electric scooters for off-roading, ordered by price, are as follows:

How Much Are Off-Road Electric Scooters?

Off-road electric scooters cost between $1,000 and $3,500.

Typically, as the price increases, so too does the scooter's ability to tackle varying terrain. For instance, the SPLACH Twin – a scooter that costs $999 – can easily glide over well-kept dirt tracks, while a scooter like the NAMI Burn-e 2 – which costs $3,399 – can adapt to any type of terrain, including rocky mountain trails and craggy forest paths.

Can Electric Scooters Go on Grass?

Yes. Although, you’ll need to pick a scooter that has dual suspension to soak up the irregularities of the terrain.

Can Electric Scooters Go on Sand?

No. While some electric scooters benefit from dust and water ingress protection – otherwise known as IP ratings – riding in deep sand can have a detrimental effect on the motors and even cause damage to the scooter.

However, if you plan to ride a boardwalk near a beach, for instance, and it is lightly covered in sand, then you can ride your scooter here. Just be careful as sand can cause your tires to lose traction and skid.

Can Electric Scooters Go on Gravel?

Yes. However, normal street-grade tires tend to lose traction on gravel, making it hard to control the scooter. 

If gravel is going to be a regular part of your off-road rides, choose a model that can be equipped with specialist off-road tires to minimize wheel spin as much as possible.

What Makes an Electric Scooter Good for Off-Roading?

This largely depends on the type of terrain that makes up your favorite off-road route, but there are a few key things you should look for when making your selection.


Most street-grade tires will be fine on flat and grassy surfaces, and they’ll even do a decent job on forest trails and dirt paths, but for the best off-road experience, we recommend choosing a scooter that can be fitted with knobby tires.

These are designed specifically for off-roading and their three-dimensional tread pattern has more grip on loose surfaces. Not only does this make for a more enjoyable and comfortable ride, but it also gives you more balance and stability, preventing any wheel spins on unpredictable surfaces.

Similarly, air-filled tires – whether that's pneumatic or tubeless – deliver the plushest ride. The same can be said for the size of the tires – the larger they are, the more grip they'll have and the greater the shock absorption.


Off-road tracks are bumpy and can wreak havoc on your wrists and knees if you’re riding a scooter without adequate suspension. Shock absorbers do exactly what they say on the tin, diffusing vibrations from uneven surfaces and making it easy for you to roll with the bumps and dips in the terrain underfoot.

If you plan to ride on varying types of terrain, we suggest you choose an electric scooter with adjustable suspension so you can dial in the exact amount of damping and shock absorption that you need.

Construction & Build Quality

Your scooter is likely to be met with a fair amount of abuse if you’re a regular off-roader. As a result, you need a model that boasts a tank-like build quality and is reinforced in all the right places.

Braking Power

Off-road routes can be unpredictable so you must have a braking system you can rely on. You need to be able to respond quickly to what’s in front of you and you need your brakes to be reliable. This gives you more control and helps to keep you safe.

Decent Range

I don’t know about you, but I don’t go off-roading to get from A to B – I do it for the thrill and the enjoyment of the ride. As a result, you don’t want a scooter with a flash-in-the-pain mileage that’ll run out of juice before you even get started. A larger range will allow you to get out there and make the most of what your scooter has to offer.

Pure Power

Lastly, a good off-roader packs a punch. Off-roading is an adrenaline sport and you can’t get those adrenal glands activated if your scooter doesn’t have the muscle to get your blood pumping.

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