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Josh Frisby, Founder & Tester

After owning, testing, and spending thousands of hours reviewing a wide variety of models, I've acquired a high level of expertise that’s allowed me to put over $119k worth of electric scooters through their paces.

But, don't just take my word for it - Electric Scooter Insider recently won the Rider's Choice Award 2024 for the "Best Scooter Reviews" category.

Every electric scooter that I review undergoes 25 performance tests, 30 design assessments, and 2 post-puchase considerations.

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I Tested 69 Electric Scooters, These Are The 18 Best Models

From basic budget and feature-packed commuters to all-terrain trailblazers and ultra-performance behemoths, I've tested every type of electric scooter.

Using the data gathered from my hands-on tests, I was able to shortlist, select, and award the best models. You'll see some of these awards on the websites and boxes of the award-winning scooters so keep your eyes peeled.

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