Fastest Electric Scooters (20-55 MPH) in 2021

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that a portion of the appeal of riding an electric scooter lies in the ability to hit the throttle and zoom off at exhilarating speeds, the wind rushing through my hair and the adrenaline flowing. It’s a seriously cool way to get around cities and enjoy the great outdoors. Considering you’ve found your way here, something tells me you feel the same way.

That being said, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to speed among electric scooters, with some offering more conservative limitations while others are designed to smash through boundary after boundary.

I’ve split the following models into five different speed brackets going from 11 mph up to 51 mph+ to make it easier for you to find the right speed level and electric scooter for you.

Just before you check out the scooters, it’s important to note that fast scooters, otherwise known as performance scooters, are costly because of their top-of-the-line build quality. If you’re searching for something more affordable, see my cheap scooter guide

Editor choice

Dualtron X

Award: 51+ MPH Winner (55 MPH)

The Dualtron X has raw power, speed, and edgy attitude in bucketloads. Hitting a phenomenal top speed of 55 mph and offering a 93 mile range, this scooter is more like a motorcycle than anything else. It’s pricey and not for the average commuter, but the X is the perfect companion for (extremely) fast-paced adventuring.

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Dualtron Thunder

Award: 41-50 MPH Winner (50 MPH)

Lighter in terms of weight and price, the Dualtron Thunder is an excellent alternative to the X. It delivers a similar top speed of 50 mph, and its 75 mile range will keep you out exploring for hours to come. It’s a more versatile option, fitting into both an urban and off-road setting thanks to its sleek and sturdy design, wide tires, and great suspension.

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$3,699.00 $3,899.00

Dualtron 3

Award: 31-40 MPH Winner (40 MPH)

Sometimes referred to as the budget version of the Dualtron Thunder, the III is a great option if you want the same Mini Motors quality, but are looking for a reduced top speed of around 40 mph. Primarily a road scooter, it challenges a premium feel, backed up by the high-quality features on offer.

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$2,969.00 $3,299.00


Award: 21-30 MPH Winner (28 MPH)

Made by renowned scooter brand, INOKIM, the Ox is a scooter to turn heads. It’s one of the most durable models on the market and delivers stand-out ride quality. Well-suited to both on and off-roading, the Ox is very versatile although it can take a while to get going and pick up speed.

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$2,099.00 $2,199.00

Segway Ninebot Max

Award: 11-20 MPH Winner (18.6 MPH)

One of the most reliable scooters out there, the Ninebot Max is built to last. The extended range of 40 miles is impressive for the money you pay. However, the 18.6 mph top speed is a bit slower than I’d prefer. If you don’t need the extra miles, consider the ES4 which has the same speed but a smaller range and price tag.

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Want to see the full listings and in-depth reviews? Click on one of the links below to navigate to each speed bracket.

Before we get into delicious technical scooter talk, this is as good a time as any to point out that the speed on some of these scooters is fast enough to match and even rival high-moving traffic. As a result, you must take the necessary precautions when setting out for a high-speed ride.

I want to emphasize the importance of safety. If you choose to invest in any of the electric scooters I have listed, please make sure you wear the appropriate safety accessories including: a helmet, gloves, and pads.

I would never consider hopping on these without tough protective clothing and headgear that covers the whole of my head, including my face. These scooters are designed to be enjoyed, but make sure you do it safely and responsibly. Plus, before you make any decisions, it’s worth checking out the statutory electric scooter speed limits within your area as very often these change from state to state.


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51+ MPH Electric Scooters

1. Dualtron X

Dualtron X
Award: 51+ MPH Winner (55 MPH)
The Dualtron X has raw power, speed, and edgy attitude in bucketloads. Hitting a phenomenal top speed of 55 mph and offering a 93 mile range, this scooter is more like a motorcycle than anything else. It’s pricey and not for the average commuter, but the X is the perfect companion for (extremely) fast-paced adventuring.

When I first looked at the specs for the Dualtron X, I was left a little speechless.

There was a lot of incredulous spluttering going on. This powerhouse pushes the boundaries of electric scooter design in all the right ways but especially when it comes to speed.

More a motorcycle masquerading as a scooter, the Dualtron X is unlike any other scooter I’ve ever reviewed. If you’re in the market for a monster of a machine, you won’t be left disappointed.

Dualtron X in Urban Area with Front Lights Switched On

I’ve reviewed scooters that hit top speeds of more than 30 mph. I’ve even reviewed scooters that beat 40 mph, but they’re like raindrops in the ocean compared to the immense power of the Dualtron X. This beast of a scooter can reach up to 55 mph. You can practically feel the astounding 6720W dual hub motors throbbing the moment you step on the X, and if you’re planning on laying into the throttle, make sure you’re holding on tight.

This thing takes no prisoners and will surge forward, leaving your stomach behind if you’re not careful. Simply put, this is the fastest scooter I’ve reviewed.

It has one of the longest ranges too. Dualtron puts the X’s max mileage output at a whopping 93 miles. This is likely to be less under more realistic riding conditions, especially when riding more aggressively, but even so, it’s not something to be sniffed at. Even better is the fact that the X’s recharge time is a mere 7.5 hours (with the fast charger), which has to be the best range-to-charge-time ratio I’ve seen on the market.

Dualtron X Off-Roading

With such tremendous power and extended range comes significant off-road capabilities. The X was made for leaving the city streets behind. The torque on this scooter is almost Herculean and has the juice to power the Dualtron X up inclines of 70-degrees. Yes, you heard right —70%! To put that into context, San Francisco’s Lombard Street, famous for its punishingly steep slope, measures in at 27-degrees. The Dualtron X is capable of besting inclines over two and a half times steeper than this.

Of course, if you’re aiming for top speed or you’re going off-road, the type of tires you have in place is a big consideration. The Dualtron X does not disappoint. Equipped with beefy 13×4” pneumatic tubeless tires, it’s been designed to float smoothly over bumps. Their ultra-wide design keeps you stable, even when roaring along at 55 mph, and their tubeless structure drastically reduces the risk of getting flats. Tires this chunky do affect the precision of turns, and this can take a while to get used to, but once you do, you’ll find the ride quality ticks all those boxes.

Dualtron X Rear Wheel Fender

This is helped by the innovative inclusion of a steering damper, which you’d be more likely to find on a motorcycle than an electric scooter, keeping the steering tight for when riding at top speeds so you don’t risk losing any precision or control. I’ve never seen this on an electric scooter, but it’s an excellent safety addition for one that goes as fast as the Dualtron X does.

If we’re talking about ride stability, I can’t neglect to mention the superior suspension in place.

Dualtron X Rear Suspension

Rather than using the rubber suspension you’d find on other scooters, the Dualtron X uses coil-over-shocks. If you’re not sure what this is, let me explain. It’s a combination of a coil spring and a shock absorber all in one package. They’re very responsive and offer more stability than other suspension systems because they’re stiffer. In fact, you find them used on off-road racing cars. Combined with the chunky wheels, the suspension means the Dualtron X has excellent handling and can easily devour potholes and rocky surfaces, even at fast speeds.

When you’re able to reach speeds of 55 mph in the blink of an eye, you need to be confident you can stop just as quickly and safely too. The Dualtron X has got you covered there, featuring fully hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with ABS. They provide excellent stopping power without being jerky or abrupt. Plus, they maintain performance in wet conditions, which is a bonus.

Dualtron X Stand and Disc Brakes

Combined with the ultra-bright front, rear, and sidelights — perfect for nighttime riding — the Dualtron X comes with all the safety features you’d expect and need from a scooter of this quality.

Dualtron X Under Deck Lights

The Dualtron X ticks all the boxes when it comes to speed, range, and ride quality, but what else does it offer?

A lot more.

Sporting one of the edgiest and chunkiest aesthetics on the market, the Dualtron X has excellent build quality and is exceptionally sturdy.

The foot deck is ridiculously wide, giving you extra space to maintain stability. It also comes with an attachable seat (sold separately at an additional price), which is ideal for faster rides and is one of the reasons this scooter is so comparable to a motorcycle.

Dualtron X Wide Foot Deck

The cockpit is decked out with an LED display to show speed and battery life, as well as turn signals and an electric horn. It also includes a multi-bar so you can add extra gadgets like phone holders.

One of my favorite features on this scooter is the fingerprint reader for locking and unlocking it. This is a convenient security feature that’ll dissuade anyone looking to cart your scooter off with them.

The one downside of the Dualtron X is that it weighs a whopping 145 lbs. This is by far the most cumbersome scooter I’ve ever reviewed, and you won’t be able to run off with it in a hurry. It’s not made for commuting or taking onto public transport. As a result, it’s clear to see that this machine hasn’t been designed for the average electric scooter customer, a fact that is solidified by the eye-watering $5,999 price tag.

This is a performance scooter, and for most people, the specs that the Dualtron X offer are way beyond what they need or want. But if you’re not after something even slightly portable, have the budget to spend, and find yourself craving a thrilling ride, this would be my pick every time.

41-50 MPH Electric Scooters

1. Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron Thunder
Award: 41-50 MPH Winner (50 MPH)
Lighter in terms of weight and price, the Dualtron Thunder is an excellent alternative to the X. It delivers a similar top speed of 50 mph, and its 75 mile range will keep you out exploring for hours to come. It’s a more versatile option, fitting into both an urban and off-road setting thanks to its sleek and sturdy design, wide tires, and great suspension.
$3,699.00 $3,899.00

Want to engage beast mode but for a little less than $6K? The Dualtron X’s younger brother, the Thunder, might be a good choice for you. It has a similarly impressive level of power, speed, and stability seen in its more expensive counterpart but with a few compromises to bring the cost down a few notches.

First off, it’s worth noting that the Dualtron X was designed off the back of this scooter, and at one point, the Thunder had people as speechless as the X left me. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it still left people a little lost for words because, notwithstanding the ridiculous specs of the X, it’s pretty jaw-dropping itself.

Dualtron Thunder Outdoor Shot

The first big difference you notice between the two is the frame and aesthetics. It’s a bit sleeker than the X, which is ideal for those riders who are looking for a scooter that doesn’t so closely resemble a tank. I’d say it channels more of an urban vibe than the wilder X.

That’s not to say the Thunder should be confined solely to a city setting. In fact, with the phenomenal torque it puts out, alongside its ability to conquer inclines of up to 47-degrees, I’d say it would be a travesty to deny the Thunder it’s chance to explore mountainous, rocky trails. In fact, its ability to switch seamlessly between urban and off-road settings is one of the things that sets it apart from other scooters on the market.

Dualtron Thunder Off Roading

Of course, its top speed of 50 mph might also have something to do with its fearsome reputation. The dual motors put out an outstanding combined 5400W, delivering incredible acceleration from a standstill and making sure you can keep up with other vehicles when riding on the road. This is only 5 mph less than the Dualtron X and will still get your blood pumping.

Thanks to the high-quality performance of the LG battery, you can say hello to an impressive 75 mile range that’ll keep you out exploring for hours on end. How you ride your scooter will affect the range, shortening it in some cases, but even with this consideration, you should still expect to see a minimum of 50 miles.

The Thunder also comes with a standard or fast charging option: with the standard charger, you’ll reach a full recharge in around 20 hours, but with the fast charger, that shrinks to an astounding 5.3 hours.

The extended range is perfect for days where you feel the urge to pack your scooter up and head off for some serious off-roading. Two things make the Thunder an ideal choice for this.

Dualtron Thunder Off Road on Sand

Firstly, the chunky 11” tubeless tires. They’re slightly smaller than those on the Dualtron X, but in the world of electric scooters, they’re still considered ultra-large. Their tubeless design helps against punctures, and they’re easy to disassemble should they need any maintenance. Most importantly, they glide over uneven surfaces like a dream, and their larger size adds much-needed stability to a scooter that can go as fast as this one.

Dualtron Thunder Chunky Tubeless Tire

The second reason the Thunder is ideal for off-roading is its suspension system. It’s fully adjustable so you can adapt it to suit your needs or your personal preferences as a rider. The way this works is through the use of changeable rubber cartridges, ranging from soft to hard. Convenient, right? And it does the job too, helping to tackle any surface challenges. It’s not quite as good as the spring-over-shocks system employed in the Dualtron X, but there aren’t many scooters out there able to rival that.

What’s great about this scooter — and all Dualtron scooters in general — is how safe and sturdy they feel. Made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the Thunder has been built to last.

The massive foot deck ensures great stability, and the frame can handle most things thrown at it. The Thunder is well-equipped to keep you safe, featuring dual hydraulic brake calipers designed to provide responsive braking whenever you need it. The scooter also comes with integrated electric ABS, but this can be disabled if you’d rather not use it.

Dualtron Thunder Tire and Brake

The Thunder has a front and rear light, which are bright enough to provide a good level of illumination, however, I’d recommend buying additional lights if you’re planning regular nighttime rides at top speed. It also comes with some jazzy under-deck and stem lights, which you can customize to fit your style.

Dualtron Thunder Bright LED Lights

So what about price and weight? These were the two major sticking points when it came to the Dualtron X, but thankfully, the Thunder is a bit better. Although still not cheap by any means, the $3,699 price tag is $2,300 less than what you’d pay for the X while still offering speed and power to spare.

If this is still outside of your budget, have a look at the Wolf Warrior, which boasts similar specs. The Thunder is also 50 lb lighter than the X, too, weighing 95 lbs. It’s never going to win any awards for portability, but you should be able to lug into the trunk of a large car or back of a truck – just make sure you’ve got someone else to help you.

Unlike the Dualtron X, the Thunder is a more versatile scooter. This scooter has been designed to deliver top performance on all accounts, and if you’re looking for speed and range in a safe and stable package to take out on the open road, this could be the perfect match.

2. Dualtron Ultra V2

Dualtron Ultra V2
Similar to the Thunder but with a specific off-road edge, the Ultra V2 is purpose-built for venturing off those city paths. Boasting the same top speed (50 mph) and range (75 miles) as the Thunder but with a slightly smaller price tag, the Ultra V2 is the self-dubbed king of off-road scooters.
$3,149.00 $3,399.00

Does the thought of rugged mountain paths and undulating forest trails get your blood pumping? Would you proudly declare yourself to be an off-road enthusiast? Does the look of the Dualtron range tick all of your boxes? If you answered yes to any of the above, I think you’re going to like this scooter.

The predecessor to the Dualtron Thunder, the Ultra V2, is another superb offering from Mini Motors. In many ways, it’s similar to the Thunder, but there’s one big difference. Whereas the Thunder has increased versatility, slipping easily between sleek city streets and gritty dirt paths, the Ultra V2 has been designed for one thing in particular: off-roading.

Dualtron Ultra V2 Frame

The most significant indicator of this visually is the Ultra’s 10×3.5” pneumatic tubeless tires. They’ve been designed specifically with a knobby textured surface, which is perfect for increased traction on looser surfaces. The Ultra is so committed to off-road rides that you’ll need to buy a separate set of road tires if you’re planning to take this scooter into the city. The tires might not be as big as those on the Thunder or the X, but they’re still considered pretty large amongst most other scooters and will keep you stable at all times.

Dualtron Ultra V2 Knobby Tires

This is especially important considering that the Ultra can reach a stunning top speed of 50 mph thanks to the powerful 5400W output of its motors. This is one of the fastest speeds I’ve seen on an off-road scooter, but Mini Motors has designed the Ultra so that you’re always in control.

Equipped with three different speed modes and single/dual motor controls, you can swap between settings to determine your top speed limit and the pace of acceleration.

Dualtron Ultra V2 Handlebars

The Ultra also has built-in heat sinks. These help the motors deal with the extra heat generated from the friction of high-speed riding, keeping them protected and functional for many years to come.

The responsive, ABS-equipped front and rear disc brakes give you complete control over your stopping power. The Ultra comes to a halt smoothly with no unstable skidding or jerking. Given the high speed of this scooter, in addition to the fact it’ll mostly be used in off-road settings, I’d expect nothing less than the highest quality safety features from a brand like Mini Motors.

The quality and durability of this scooter are hard to ignore. Like other members of the Dualtron family, its frame is made from an aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is perfect for enduring even the hardest of knocks. This couples well with the stress-tested front and rear swingarm suspension, which provides protection across a variety of terrains.

Dualtron Ultra V2 Large Reinforced Foot Deck

To top it off, the 5 mm neck has been thickened and reinforced with the addition of a 3.5 mm sleeve to increase strength and durability. Why is this important? Well, it means the stem of your scooter is perfectly equipped to deal with the strain of added jumps, something that’ll frequently occur in an off-road environment.

So how does it hold up in comparison with the Dualtron Thunder? We’ve already established that it’s not as versatile as the Thunder, having been built for a particular type of ride, but what else?

In all honesty, there isn’t much to separate the two, aside from the lack of jazzy stem lighting. The Ultra does weigh in at 81 lbs, which is 14 lbs less than the Thunder, although still pretty hefty when compared to most electric scooters out there.

Dualtron Ultra V2 Powerful LED Lights

It’s also marginally cheaper, costing $3,149 and saving you $550. Aside from this, I struggled to spot much difference between the two.

They also feature the same LED display, allowing you to control the bright headlights and monitor your speed and battery life. The nifty fingerprint reader on the Dualtron X is available to purchase as an added extra for both the Thunder and the Ultra but sadly doesn’t come as standard.

In a way, the Dualtron Ultra has been designed for an even smaller niche of the market than the absurdly fast and powerful X. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for an off-road companion. It can be ridden in an urban environment, but the fact it doesn’t come with road tires indicates this isn’t its primary purpose. Like the other scooters in the Dualtron range, the speed on offer is staggering, and it’ll definitely trigger that adrenaline rush off-road enthusiasts are after.

3. Wolf Warrior

Wolf Warrior
A dual-purpose on and off-road scooter, the beastly Wolf Warrior delivers power, speed, and range upfront. One of the best scooters I’ve ever reviewed, with the credentials to back up its impressive performance. Plus, it’s a bargain for under $3,000.
Get $100 Off. Use Code:
$2,999.00 $3,199.00

If you’re looking for a monster of a scooter that has a bucket-load of power and attitude both on and off-road, look no further. The Wolf Warrior will be up your street.

Everything about this scooter oozes coolness. Even the name has a badass ring to it that accurately reflects what this scooter is about. This is partly because much of the Wolf Warrior, including the controller and EYE (the LED display system), is manufactured by Mini Motors, producers of the ferocious Dualtron line. This, combined with the many premium features on offer, sets the Wolf Warrior apart as a sweet luxurious ride.

Wolf Warrior Stand

So let’s get stuck into what makes this scooter one of the best on the market.

Firstly, let’s talk speed. The Wolf Warrior easily keeps pace with the likes of the Dualtron Thunder and Ultra, getting up to 50 mph without breaking a sweat thanks to the quite frankly savage acceleration power.

Be warned, the throttle is exceptionally sensitive, and it doesn’t take much for the Wolf to get going. It’s quite difficult to explain just how outrageous the torque on this scooter is, but it has no trouble stomping up even the most challenging inclines. Thanks to the power of its 2400W motors, I’d say it handles inclines with the same relish it eats up miles on the flat.

Similarly to the Thunder, the Wolf Warrior is uniquely designed for riding in an urban environment as well as along mountainous trails. You can choose whether it comes equipped with on or off-road 11” tubeless tires. The difference lies mainly in the design. The off-road options feature a knobby texture to provide better traction over loose surfaces, whereas the pneumatic road tires are much smoother for a stable ride over seamless pavements.

Wolf Warrior Hydraulic Suspension and Knobby Tires

Pick the version that’s more relevant to the way you plan to ride the scooter, however, bear in mind that the Wolf Warrior is at its most fun when you take it off-road. Luckily, the road tires still do a decent job in these conditions, although they aren’t as effective.

What’s even better is that the enormous 35Ah LG battery can put out juice for miles — 70 miles to be precise (when riding in single motor or eco-mode). You can expect a reduced range with the second motor engaged, but you’ll have enough battery power to get you from A to B even on super long journeys.

The Wolf Warrior has a recharge time of around 7 hours, which is longer than the Dualtron range but is still exceptionally fast in comparison to other models with significantly less range.

Because of the large tires and excellent front hydraulic and rear spring suspension, the ride quality of the Wolf Warrior is exceptionally comfortable at frighteningly fast speeds. The wide foot deck provides a stable base, so you always feel in control, even when going over rocky surfaces that would pull a lesser scooter to bits. Everything about this scooter has been designed to make you feel safe, even the monstrously large frame.

With a scooter that goes this fast, safety is the most crucial factor, which is why Kaboo has gone above and beyond to ensure the Wolf Warrior ticks all the right boxes in that area.

Wolf Warrior Off Roading and LED Headlights

The front and rear hydraulic brakes are high-quality and respond to the slightest pressure, bringing you to a smooth but quick stop without any jerkiness. Super bright headlights, as well as side and rear lights, illuminate the path in front of you, as well as making you visible to others so nighttime riding is just as accessible as riding in full daylight.

Wolf Warrior Lights

I think it’s pretty clear by now that I like this scooter, primarily because of all the premium features on offer. However, they do have an impact on the weight of the scooter, bringing it up to 101 lbs. Aside from the Dualtron X, this is the heaviest scooter I’ve reviewed, and it’s not one you’ll easily be able to transport. Even popping it in the trunk of your car will be difficult.

Luckily, it is lighter on your purse. I’d say the Wolf Warrior is pretty comparable to the Dualtron Thunder in terms of specs. It’ll satisfy all your off-road needs, while still delivering the same versatility for $700 cheaper. Scoring a scooter like this under $3,000 is a steal.

More motorcycle than scooter, the Wolf Warrior is outrageously fun and delivers on all fronts. Its flexibility will appeal to a variety of riders, but the power on offer will leave everyone breathless. If you do opt for the Wolf, make sure to take it out of the city now and again — it’s truly at its best when it can let loose in the wild.

31-40 MPH Electric Scooters

1. Dualtron 3

Dualtron 3
Award: 31-40 MPH Winner (40 MPH)
Sometimes referred to as the budget version of the Dualtron Thunder, the III is a great option if you want the same Mini Motors quality, but are looking for a reduced top speed of around 40 mph. Primarily a road scooter, it challenges a premium feel, backed up by the high-quality features on offer.
$2,969.00 $3,299.00

Off-roading isn’t for everyone. If that sounds like you, you probably won’t have been impressed by The Dualtron X, Thunder, or Ultra. Luckily, there’s an electric scooter out there for every riding type, and there are a ton to choose from when it comes to on-road options. However, not all of them will have the same premium feel that the Dualtron III (3) comes with.

Boasting the trademark Mini Motors quality, the III is a fun, but slightly slower, compromise on the more expensive Dualtron Thunder.

Now, when I say ‘slower’, I’m talking 10 mph less. The III beats a large portion of the market for speed, with a 40 mph max. This may sound a lot less than the insanely fast speed of, say, the Dualtron X, but in fact, most seasoned scooter riders rarely get above 30 or 40 mph, purely because it can be terrifying at times. Trust me, the III has plenty of go in it, thanks to its dual motors and combined power output of 3600W. Plus, the acceleration is just as crazy as seen on other Dualtron scooters. Make sure you’ve got a firm grip before you hit that throttle.

Dualtron 3 Handlebars and Throttle

The powerful LG battery does a great job of keeping you out on the road for longer with an impressive range of 75 miles. This will be somewhat less if you’re planning to ride at top speed nonstop, but the addition of an eco mode makes it easy for you to ease off and conserve miles. When you do come to recharging it, expect a standard charge time of 16 hours. However, if you use a fast charger, you can shrink that down to 4.3 hours so you’ll be back out on the road in no time.

Just because the Dualtron III is marketed as a road scooter, that doesn’t mean it’s not built to withstand off-road conditions.

With the exception of the X, the impressive motor puts out enough torque to charge up 47-degree inclines, which is similar to other Dualtron models I’ve reviewed. The 10” x 3” pneumatic tubeless tires are big enough to provide cushioning and shock absorption. However, they are a bit too slick to perform well on loose ground.

Dualtron 3 Rear Tubeless Tire

The adjustable suspension system, featuring the same removable rubber cartridges as the Ultra, will do a great job of soaking up any imperfections. The advantage in having these cartridges lies in the fact that they allow you to adjust your suspension, ranging from soft to hard, so you can really customise the ride to suit your style and terrain. In reality, this scooter performs best on flatter stretches of road, but it’s nice to have the option to test off-roading should you ever get the urge.

As with all Dualtron scooters, the semi-hydraulic brakes on this scooter are of the highest quality. They might not be as strong as the full hydraulics seen on the likes of the X, but they’ll still make sure you can stop safely as and when you need to.

Dualtron 3 Hydraulic ABS Brakes

Talking of safety, the III also comes with bright front and rear headlights as well as funky mood lighting customizations. In addition to looking pretty cool, these brighten the road before you as well as keeping you visible. As always, I’d still recommend getting additional lighting if you’re planning on long nighttime rides.

Dualtron 3 Bright LED Lights

What about durability? Don’t sweat it. This guy is made from the same aluminum alloy as other Dualtron models, and the frame is incredibly robust. It needs to be so it can provide a stable ride when cruising along at 40 mph. The super-wide, textured deck also goes a long way to optimizing comfort, as does the optional attachable seat.

Dualtron 3 Foot Deck

The Dualtron III features a secure folding mechanism, but if you’re looking for something portable, this isn’t it. At 80 lbs, it’s a very heavy scooter and isn’t practical for lugging onto public transport or carrying upstairs.

Dualtron 3 Folded Frame

Many people see the III as the budget version of the Thunder, due to the fact it’s over $1,000 cheaper. This is a massive saving considering many of the features are the same on both scooters.

I’m always looking for the best deals, and although this scooter is up there, the Speedway 5 is nearly $700 cheaper and boasts very similar specs. I would also recommend considering the Wolf Warrior, as it costs around the same amount as the Dualtron III but has a bit more to offer in terms of power and speed. However, if you’re not concerned with these extras, and you’ve got the budget to spend, the Dualtron III ticks all the right boxes.

2. Speedway 5

Speedway 5
A much cheaper alternative to the Dualtron III, this scooter is impressive for the price you pay. More practical and with increased portability over Dualtron models, it still delivers the same remarkable power, speed, and range, making it an excellent road scooter option. If you’re considering the Dualtron III, look at the Speedway 5 first.
$2,100.00 $2,350.00

Without a doubt, the Dualtron range is the best on the market, and it’s hard to get anywhere near these heavy-duty monsters. Unfortunately, with such a tremendous reputation comes a hefty price tag. Luckily for us, Mini Motors has a second range: Speedway.

These scooters are designed to deliver on performance but are more affordable as well as more portable. Let’s take a look at the best out of the bunch: the Speedway 5.

On paper, the Speedway 5 is relatively similar to the Dualtron III and boy can it move. The powerful dual motors have a combined output of 3600W, producing rapid acceleration up to 40 mph. The reinforced frame and roomy foot deck have been specifically designed to deal with top-speed riding, so you’re in control at all times.

Speedway 5 Frame

It’ll have no problems with most steeper inclines and can keep pace with fast-moving traffic, which is what makes it such a stellar road scooter.

The 10” tubeless tires on the Speedway 5 are slicker than those you’d see on off-road models such as the Dualtron Ultra, but that’s what makes them so effective for road riding. They’re a little smaller too, but they have no problems delivering a blissfully smooth ride.

Speedway 5 Ten Inch Tubeless Tires

Coupled with the front and rear air-shock spring suspension, the Speedway 5 has no issues coming off curbs or dealing with other jumps. It absorbs any imperfections, protecting you from any jarring. Having said this, I wouldn’t recommend taking it too far off-road due to the fact you’ll struggle to gain sufficient traction with the wheels.

Speedway 5 Front Air Shock Spring Suspension and LED Headlight

The 23.4Ah battery delivers a range befitting the Mini Motors name, hitting a high of 75 miles. This is one of the most extended ranges I’ve seen on offer, beaten only by the likes of the ludicrous Dualtron X. It sits at firm first place when it comes to recharging, though. With a fast charger, the Speedway 5 takes just 4 hours to recharge. Considering the range on offer, this is astronomically good! If you opt for a standard charger, the time beefs up quite a bit to 13 hours, but it still beats the Ultra and the Thunder.

It’s worth noting that the Speedway 5 doesn’t come with an LG battery like its Dualtron cousins. This is to be expected considering it only costs $2,100, which is significantly less than you’d pay for a Dualtron scooter, but it’s disappointing all the same. The battery will do its job and with proper care and maintenance, lasting for many years to come. However, it lacks the same stamp of quality you get with an LG unit.

One thing you can guarantee the quality of is the front and rear disc brakes. The electric regenerative system can bring you to a halt with barely a twitch of your fingers. In some cases, it can even make braking exceptionally sharp, so you don’t need much pressure to reduce your speed instantly. This can be disabled, and without it, the braking experience is more gradual and much smoother.

Speedway 5 Rear Wheel Disc Brake and Turn Signals

What about all the good stuff? The added extras?

Well, the Speedway 5 uses the same EYE LED display and throttle combo as the Dualtron scooters, making it a nifty little hub to store all your riding data such as speed and battery life. It also has the option of an added fingerprint reader, but at an additional price. Turn signals have been integrated into the build of the scooter, which is always a bonus in my book (see photo above).

Speedway 5 Eye LED Control Display

Speaking of lights, this guy is lit like a summer carnival with a powerful headlight, as well as side and tail lights. It even features incredibly cool LED lighting which projects in the shape of the logo. What’s the point of it? Well, there isn’t one really but it’s a unique detail that sets this scooter apart.

Speedway 5 Lights Projecting Speedway Logo

The great thing about the Speedway 5 is that it feels like a more practical version of a Dualtron, mainly because it weighs 70 lbs. This still isn’t the world’s lightest scooter by quite a stretch, but it’s a significant improvement and folds easily so you can carry it for (very) short bursts of time if you need to.

I think the Speedway 5 ticks all the boxes of a great road scooter. It’s perfect for longer, more fast-paced commutes but also doubles up as a great option for urban weekend exploration. Due to the reduced weight and saving of $869, I’d be inclined to pick this over the Dualtron III. It offers almost identical specs and comes with the same top tier pedigree.

3. Dualtron Compact

Dualtron Compact
A step down from the Ultra or the Thunder, the Dualtron Compact still has exceptional power under its belt. Slightly cheaper due to the reduced top speed of 40 mph and a shorter range of 50 miles, this scooter lives up to the Dualtron name. Despite this, it’s still quite heavy and the SpeedWay 5 wins for best value.

The Dualtron III (3) is an impressive scooter, but for some, the price tag is a brutal reality check. What if I told you that there was an alternative Dualtron model but at $320 less? Guess what? There is.

Take a look at the Dualtron Compact. Of course, there are some compromises involved in lowering the price, but it still delivers everything you’d come to expect from Mini Motor’s formidable Dualtron range.

One compromise you won’t have to make is regarding speed. Similarly to the Dualtron III, the Compact can hit up to 40 mph. Thanks to the powerful dual motors and their knock-your-socks off output of 3400W, there’s not a hint of sluggish acceleration in sight.

Dualtron Compact Frame

As soon as you even nudge that throttle trigger, the Compact takes off, whether you’re racing along on the flat or storming up 25-degree inclines. This is precisely what Dualtron’s are all about, and the Compact doesn’t suffer just because it’s a few hundred dollars cheaper.

Of course, there has to be a difference somewhere and you’ll see that most starkly in the range on offer. Mini Motors hasn’t scrimped on quality here and the 60V battery pack is still made by technological experts, LG. However, it’s smaller than the others so only offers up to 50 miles. One bonus of this is that it does charge more quickly. With a standard charger, a full recharge only takes 12 hours. If you opt for the fast charger, you can cut that turnaround time down to 3 hours.

Dualtron Compact 8 inch tall and 3.5 inch wide tires

With the other Dualtron models, there’s a certain amount of flexibility that means they’re at home both on and off-road, but this isn’t the case with the Compact, which is most definitely better suited to on-road riding (except for flat terrain like parks). This is due most specifically to the 8” tall and 3.5” wide solid rubber tires. They’re luxuriously wide which makes for a stable and comfortable ride, but solid tires and off-roading should never mix. They might reduce the risk of flats, but their shock absorption doesn’t stand up to that of their air-filled counterparts. This is why solid tires are my least favorite and I wouldn’t pick them.

Having said that, the suspension on the Compact is similar to that of other Dualtron models, featuring Mini Motors’ favored combo of an adjustable suspension system alongside customizable rubber cartridges. It’ll do a great job of dealing with surface imperfections but just be mindful that your tires are somewhat lacking so any curb jumps might be more jarring than you’d hope.

Dualtron Compact Close Up of Frame and Customizable Suspension

As with all Mini Motors scooters, safety comes first. Equipped with low maintenance front and rear drum brakes, you can be sure of excellent and responsive braking power regardless of the weather. Some might argue the point that hydraulics are better, but these do the job and slow you down when you need them to.

Dualtron Compact Drum Brake

What about lights? Can you ride this scooter safely at night?

You betcha. Dual LED highlights light the night ahead of you, and your visibility is boosted by tail lights, brake lights, and Dualtron’s standard LED stem lighting. This can all be controlled from the LED EYE display panel, in addition to your cruise control, speed, and battery optimization.

Dualtron Compact Rear and Under Deck LED Lights

This scooter might be compact in name but sadly, it’s not compact in nature. Despite being marketed as a portable version of more expensive Dualtron models, it still weighs 70 lbs. Yes, it is less than the others, but it’s still not easily liftable, even with the secure folding mechanism. Part of this is because the frame of the Compact is pretty bulky and the aluminum alloy body, steel stem, and dual motors only add extra weight. Picking it up for short bursts is fine, anything more and you need to look like the hulk.

If you’re a fan of the Dualtron line and want something within this range, the Compact is a good alternative to some of the more expensive models. It still delivers on speed despite the reduced price and it has many of the premium features available on the Dualtron 3 or Ultra. However, when compared with scooters like the Speedway 5, I’m not convinced it’s the best value for money, especially considering it’s limited to on-road riding and isn’t as compact as the name leads you to believe.

21-30 MPH Electric Scooters

1. INOKIM Ox Super

Award: 21-30 MPH Winner (28 MPH)
Made by renowned scooter brand, INOKIM, the Ox is a scooter to turn heads. It’s one of the most durable models on the market and delivers stand-out ride quality. Well-suited to both on and off-roading, the Ox is very versatile although it can take a while to get going and pick up speed.
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$2,099.00 $2,199.00

If you don’t take one look at this scooter and swoon, in my opinion, you’re crazy. A stylish black paint-job with edgy orange accents — the INOKIM Ox Super practically screams quality. Although it might tick all the boxes for beauty, it also has the brawn to back it up: it’s one of the most durable scooters out there thanks to its top-of-the-market construction.

INOKIM Ox Super Frame

Interested? Let me tell you more.

It’s important to know that although this scooter is fast, you won’t be hitting the same type of speeds as you would on a Dualtron, Speedway, or Wolf Warrior models. The 800W motor will propel you at 28 mph when you hit top gear. This might seem like a big drop but it’s perfect if you find the thought of breaching 40 or, even, 55 mph on an electric scooter a bit intimidating. Plus, it’s got plenty of power to get you up and over most standard urban inclines. It’ll take a while to get going, but once it does, the Ox puts out a fair amount of torque and enough acceleration to make you grip its ergonomic handlebars a little tighter.

And can you stop quickly once you do hit that speedy sweet spot?

Of course. The front drum and rear disc brake work simultaneously to slow you down as quickly but smoothly as possible. Like the rest of this scooter, they’re as reliable as they come and I wouldn’t expect anything less.

INOKIM Ox Super Rear Disc Brake

When it comes to the Ox, even rapid acceleration feels comfortable. It features a thumb throttle instead of the trigger-style found on Mini Motors scooters. Many people find thumb throttles more comfortable as they allow your hand to grip the handlebars more naturally and it’s easier to maintain pressure for longer distances.

The foot deck is also ultra-wide too. You don’t need to worry about finding your balance whilst trying to control the Ox at 28 mph. The extra room makes it easier to find a comfortable stance no matter how fast you’re going.

INOKIM Ox Foot Deck

Comfort is guaranteed whether you’re riding off-road or cruising inner-city routes. Mountainous paths, craggy concrete or smooth asphalt — the Ox can handle it all. This is partly down to the plush 10” x 2.5” pneumatic tires which soak up bumps and cracks but also thanks to the INOKIM-patented rubber torsion suspension. This combo works in tandem to deliver a seamless ride, even at high speeds. The superior ride quality is something that really stands out about the Ox – unsurprisingly considering INOKIM is renowned for making some of the best scooters to ride in the world.

INOKIM Ox Super Adjustable Rubber Torsion Suspension

They also have a reputation for scoring top marks when it comes to durability. This is very important when choosing a scooter that has a bit of speed behind it because you need to know that the build can take the strain of strong acceleration. You won’t have any worries here.

Rather than being constructed from various random scooter parts, the majority of the Ox is custom-made which means it’s designed to fit together seamlessly. Why’s that so good? It means there are fewer opportunities for weaknesses to form and the scooter itself is more robust.

INOKIM OxS Super Bright LED Headlight

It’s clear that INOKIM prioritizes quality, and it doesn’t stop with the Ox’s basic construction. The Ox Super features a premium LG battery so you’ll rest easy knowing that it’ll keep going for years to come. Not only that, but it delivers a range of up to 33 miles.

The slightly cheaper version, the Ox Hero, has a battery equipped with Chinese cells. This gives the Hero a smaller price tag, but it doesn’t deliver the same top performance as the Super’s LG pack.

Weighing in at 61 lbs, this is a step down from the Dualtrons and Wolf Warriors of the scooter world, but it’s still pretty hefty. The easy folding mechanism goes some way to increasing the portability of this scooter, making it easier to lift and grip. You still won’t want to carry it around for long periods though.

INOKIM Ox Super Folded in Trunk of a Car

The INOKIM Ox is a perfect, versatile option for someone who wants to spice up their commute or add some excitement to their weekend wanderings. Does it have the same thrill factor as other scooters on this list? To be frank, no. But that’s not what it’s built to do. Instead, it excels at hitting a medium-fast top speed while straddling the line between an on and off-road scooter.

2. Speedway Leger

Speedway Leger
The ideal entry-level speedy scooter, the Speedway Leger does more than it says on the tin. It has a top speed of 28 mph which is the same as much more expensive models and contains components you’d find in the best scooters on the market. Excellent value for money and not one to be overlooked. Plus, it only weighs 45 lbs so is more portable too.
$1,100.00 $1,290.00

Looking for a commuter scooter that has a sneaky speedy side? Don’t worry, Mini Motors have got you covered with the Speedway Leger. Marketed as an entry-level model, it’s perfect if you want something affordable and portable without having to compromise on speed.

First off, it’s important to point out that although this is a cheaper scooter, there’s more to the Leger than meets the eye. This is because it’s made by Mini Motors which you probably know by now is maybe the best scooter brand out there. What that means is you’ll find similar components in this scooter as you would in the likes of the Dualtron X. It might be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean quality has to disappear down the drain.

Speedway Leger Frame

Take speed and acceleration for example. There aren’t many scooters out there at this price that can flaunt a 28 mph top speed. With a maximum output of 1360W, the deceptively powerful motor can rustle up some pace, and the acceleration has the same drive behind it as the more expensive Dualtron models, perfect for conquering slopes up to 27-degrees. You’re not likely to find many hills steeper than that on your standard commute route.

Speedway Leger Eye Display and Throttle

Speaking of commuter routes, can it go the distance? It absolutely can – up to 30 miles to be precise. The 15.6Ah lithium-ion battery delivers decent range for a scooter in this price bracket. It also has a pretty decent recharge time of only 6 hours using a standard charger, which is over two times quicker than the Speedway 5’s standard charge of 13 hours.

Considering the Leger has the same speed stats and arguably better torque than the INOKIM Ox Super, it’s staggering to think that it’s almost $1,000 cheaper, especially taking into account its premium Mini Motors components. The Speedway Leger will only set you back $1,100, which in the performance electric scooter world, is more than reasonable.

But surely, it doesn’t ride as well as more expensive scooters, does it?

You’d think that would be the case, but you’d be wrong.

The Leger’s ride quality is luxuriously soft thanks to the 8.5” pneumatic wheels and front and rear suspension. It cushions and absorbs impact with ease and excels on smooth tarmac, which is what makes it such an ideal commuter scooter.

Speedway Leger 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires

The sturdy aluminum alloy frame does a good job of keeping you stable when riding at faster speeds or hopping off curbs. It also keeps you steady when you hit the reliable rear drum brake so you never have to worry about losing your balance.

Considering the Leger shares similar specs with the Ox, you’d be forgiven for thinking that would make it just as heavy and unwieldy, but I’ve got a surprise for you. It’s much lighter, weighing only 45 lbs. This is a significant improvement on other models and makes for a much more portable scooter which is key when commuting. It folds quickly and can easily be taken on public transport if needed.

Speedway Leger Folded

For those darker wintery nights, Speedway has got you covered with a suite of lights including an LED headlight as well as taillights and brake lights. You’ll also be relieved to know that the Leger comes with the same snazzy side logo light I was such a fan of on the Speedway 5. That doesn’t detract from the fact that you’ll need to purchase an additional stronger torch if you plan on doing extensive nighttime riding — the Leger doesn’t provide enough illumination to fully tick the safety box here.

Speedway Leger Rear Wheel Fender, Drum Brake, and LED Lights

This is a great option if you’re looking for a commuter scooter, and you don’t want to break the bank. It’s outstanding value considering the features on offer, and it comes from a highly reputable brand, so you know that what you’re getting is top quality. This scooter will meet your commuter needs and more. With its smart matt-black finish, it doesn’t look half bad either.

3. Emove Cruiser

Emove Cruiser
An excellent commuter scooter, the Emove Cruiser has an impressive range of 62 miles and boasts a top-quality build structure. Compared to others in this category, it has the slowest speed, which is disappointing considering it isn’t the cheapest. However, it’s comfortable, has excellent ride quality, and has the best battery in this price bracket.

Everything you could ever need for a faultless commuting experience packed into the frame of a single electric dream machine? Doesn’t seem realistic, right? Well, that’s precisely what Voro has tried to accomplish with the new Emove Cruiser.

Designed with the commuter in mind, the 600W battery has a peak output of 1600W, which means with a little bit of its responsive acceleration, you’ll be propelled along at a max speed of 25 mph. This is pretty nifty for an inner-city scooter and is perfect for urban commutes where most residential speed limits come in at 30 mph. It’s also more than enough to get you up hills with a 10-degree incline.

Emove Cruiser Frame

The keener-eyed amongst you will have noticed that this is a little slower than the speeds offered by the Ox and the Leger. Although it is by no means snail-slow, this is a little disappointing considering price-wise it falls squarely in the middle of the two, costing $300 more than the Leger.

The extra cost is justified when you take a closer look at the battery and range on offer. The Cruiser contains a massive 52V 32Ah LG battery. Not only does this have an incredibly well-respected brand name like LG attached to it, but it’s worth noting that this battery is 3x larger than those you’d find in other scooters of this price range. It almost matches those you’d find in the Dualtron models.

With this increased size comes an astounding range of 62 miles. For those with smaller commutes, this means you can go weeks without having to recharge, which is a good thing considering the Cruiser takes between 9 and 12 hours to re-juice. This is longer than most, but forgivable considering the range. It’s clear Voro has chosen to invest heavily in the battery of the Cruiser.

Your money doesn’t just pay for an impressive range though. The Emove Cruiser also ticks all the boxes for comfort and safety.

Emove Cruiser Bright LED Lights

25 mph might be a bit slower than other scooters, but it can still keep up with fast-moving vehicles, which is pretty nippy. The last thing you want is rattly, unstable construction putting you at risk. Thankfully, the Cruiser’s tight and durable stem and wide deck work in tandem to keep you balanced and secure at any speed. Plus, the dual front suspension and rear air shocks do a great job of absorbing impact from more punishing hits, preventing your ride from turning wobbly and uncontrolled.

Emove Cruiser Dual Front Spring Suspension

Even if you do ride over something sharp, with the Emove Cruiser’s new tubeless pneumatic tires, you don’t need to worry about flats. Previous Cruiser models came with wheels that contained an inner tube. This can be problematic because when you get a flat tire, these are the things that burst. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem any longer, and your luxurious 10” wheels can focus primarily on gliding across a variety of surfaces and aiding the suspension in cushioning your high-speed rides.

So you can rest assured knowing that you’re safe and in control while riding, but what about coming to a stop from those 25 mph heights? Don’t worry, Voro has got you covered.

Featuring front and rear hybrid hydraulic brakes, the Cruiser’s braking power is firm and smooth. There’s also an additional fender brake as a back-up, just in case you ever need it. Further safety features include both front and rear lights for visibility as well as signal lights which is a massive bonus in my book.

Emove Cruiser Rear Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes

As with most electric scooters, the Cruiser comes with a handlebar-mounted LED interface that stores all of your ride stats including current speed and battery life. It’s also the point from which you can set your cruise control, as well as adjusting your speed and acceleration parameters to fully customize your ride to your preferences.

Another fun addition is the option to add a detachable seat to the foot deck. If you have a long commute, this could be a lifesaver for those mornings when you’re feeling less than shiny. However, it doesn’t come as standard and must be bought separately to the scooter.

At 52 lbs, the Emove Cruiser is slightly heavier than the Speedway Leger, but the folding mechanism and foldable handlebars mean it is quite compact and can be carried for short bursts.

Emove Cruiser Folded

For the price, the Emove Cruiser is a pretty neat scooter, especially considering the quality of the battery and the build. However, the speed is slightly underwhelming, considering what other scooters can offer for less. It also wouldn’t be suitable for anyone wanting to ride outside of the bike lane on faster roads. Having said that, as an overall package, it offers premium features at an affordable cost and nails the commuter brief perfectly.

11-20 MPH Electric Scooters

1. Segway Ninebot Max

Ninebot Max
Award: 11-20 MPH Winner (18.6 MPH)
One of the most reliable scooters out there, the Ninebot Max is built to last. The extended range of 40 miles is impressive for the money you pay. However, the 18.6 mph top speed is a bit slower than I’d prefer. If you don’t need the extra miles, consider the ES4 which has the same speed but a smaller range and price tag.

Want something you can count on? As reliable as your favorite pair of sneakers and just as sturdy too, the Ninebot Max from Segway has been built to go the distance.

Similarly to the Emove Cruiser, the Max’s main strength lies in the range on offer. This guy can keep going for up to 40.4 miles which is impressive considering that it only costs $849.99. It’s more than enough to conquer longer commutes, and if your journey is on the shorter side, you won’t be needing your charger for a fair while. Even if you do need to recharge more regularly, it only takes an impressive 6 hours to reach full battery.

Ninebot Max Frame

The emphasis on the range in the Max’s design reinforces one main point: it’s not made to be a racing scooter. When at top speed you’ll happily be able to zip along at 18.6 mph, which, although more than enough for inner-city commuters, isn’t the kind of speed you’d expect to find from a scooter with such impressive range.

That being said, the 350W brushless motor has enough power behind it for you to pick up speed reasonably quickly and tackle all but the steepest of hills, although you might need to give this guy some help on the more challenging inclines. On that note, it’s also worth pointing out that the Max is a kick-start scooter so you’ll need to get it going with a kick before the motor will engage. This delays the acceleration slightly.

Once you’re up and running, the ride quality of the Ninebot Max is excellent. The overall design of the scooter is pretty beefy so the frame and foot deck feel stable and secure — you’ll have no fear of overbalancing if you engage the electric and mechanical dual-brake system suddenly. This goes a long way considering the Max comes without suspension so you’ll find yourself relying on the strength of the structure and the large 10” pneumatic tires to cushion your ride. Surprisingly, it does a good job, although it can get a bit jerky and rattly when riding over really uneven surfaces. I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking it off-road.

Ninebot Max Rear Wheel and Fender

If you do happen to suffer one-too-many punishing hits or unluckily roll over that one piece of sharp glass, there’s no need to worry. The Ninebot Max comes with near-miraculous self-healing tires.

Ninebot Max Self Healing Tires

Yes, you heard that right. This means they come pre-loaded with tire slime for extra protection. Don’t get me wrong, there are some limits, and the slime isn’t going to cover a gaping gash, but anything up to 6 mm is easily fixable. This is an excellent feature for a scooter in this price bracket and you won’t find this kind of innovation everywhere.

With its smart black finish, the Ninebot Max is a joy to look at. It channels a modern vibe, as demonstrated by the sleek centrally-integrated LED display on the handlebars. It’s simple to check your ride stats on the go, including your current speed and battery level, as well as engaging your front and rear lights for added visibility.

Ninebot Max Handlebar LED Display

If that wasn’t enough, the Max also connects to a custom Bluetooth app, so all your data is at your fingertips. Use the app to select between the three ride modes available (eco, standard, and sports), managing your speed thresholds to match your style.

Weighing 41.4 lbs and featuring the ability to fold down in just 3 seconds, the Max ticks the portability box, which is vital for a commuter scooter. It’s not the lightest on the market, but it is easy to carry for short intervals. Besides, as with all electric scooters, you’ll hopefully spend more time riding them than carrying them, so this shouldn’t have too much of an impact.

Ninebot Max Folded Frame

The Ninebot Max is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable commuter scooter with some additional cool features thrown in. The strength of the Max lies in its range, but the speed is decent for inner-city routes. If you don’t need the extra miles, it’s also worth checking out the Ninebot ES4. It offers the same top speed but with a reduced range and smaller price tag.

2. INOKIM Quick 3

INOKIM Quick 3
Well-known for its robustness and stellar ride quality, the Quick 3 lives up to INOKIM’s reputation, delivering a top speed of 19 mph. Components like the LG battery add a premium feel and give the scooter a dash of unique style. A great commuting option, even if it is more expensive than others available.
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$1,299.00 $1,399.00

Quick in name and quick in nature, this is a fantastic scooter from INOKIM, the top-quality brand we’ve all come to know and love. Combining portability, reliability, and deceptively strong power, the Quick 3 has lots to offer riders if you’re looking for a way to reinvigorate your commute.

INOKIM Quick 3 Frame

Because of its 36.4 lb compact structure, you wouldn’t expect the Quick to deliver the punch of power that it does. You’ll find yourself zooming along at 19 mph thanks to the 450W brushless motor.

INOKIM Quick 3 Folded

In case you didn’t notice, this is just faster than the Ninebot Max. It also pips the Max when it comes to acceleration too. Acceleration is fast and responsive, so you won’t have to hang around waiting to hit top speeds, and it’ll have no issues with most hills you might encounter.

Need to come to an abrupt stop? No problem. The strong front caliper and rear disc brakes engage immediately to bring you to a safe stop, so you’re entirely in control. INOKIM always strives to design scooters that prioritize rider safety, which is why they also come with super bright front and rear lights for extra visibility during night rides. The brake light also works to make sure others around you are clued in on your movements at all times.

INOKIM Quick 3 Rear Disc Brake

The frame is expertly constructed, so it remains firm and stable when riding at fast speeds. INOKIM is well-known for how robust their scooters are and the Quick 3 is no exception. It can easily handle the repetitive knocks of everyday commuting because of the brand’s ‘built-to-last’ attitude. This scooter has undergone thousands of hours of rigorous testing this scooter to make sure it hits all the right notes.

INOKIM Quick 3 Foot deck

Those tests also focused on rider comfort, and let me tell you, INOKIM has done a great job here. This scooter features a wider foot deck than previous Quick models to keep you centered and balanced during your ride. This, combined with the large 10” air-filled tires, which are perfect for sailing over cracks and bumps in the road, make for a pretty luxurious ride quality even at top speed. Plus, if you’re feeling a bit worn out after a long day, take a minute to add your detachable seat, and you’ve got everything you need for a relaxing ride.

INOKIM Quick Seat and Clamp

This scooter has an impressive range and can hit up to 28 miles on a single charge. This isn’t as long as the Ninebot Max, but the Quick 3 has the edge here due to it’s high-performance LG battery. Battery packs from LG are known to have a longer shelf-life because they’re more efficient than cheaper cells on the market. Like all other aspects of the Quick 3, they’re robust and can stand the test of time.

Sadly, built-in suspension isn’t something INOKIM offers with this scooter so you could be in for a jarring ride if you’re cruising along on looser surfaces or jumping from high curbs. The wheels can take a lot, but there’s no real replacement for a sound suspension system. This shouldn’t be an issue if you want a scooter for urban rides over smooth tarmac but look elsewhere if you’re planning on exploring off-road riding. I’d recommend considering something like the Mantis, which has off-road capabilities but isn’t too far off in price.

INOKIM Quick 3 Front Anti-Slip Tire

Speaking of price, the Quick 3 might beat the Ninebot Max when it comes to speed and portability, but it’s also $450 more, costing $1,299. Is it worth it?

It very much depends on what you’re looking for. With the Quick 3, the extra cost is down to a higher quality battery despite the range being smaller and the weight of the INOKIM name, which is renowned for quality and longevity. In my opinion, the answer is yes, but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, the Ninebot Max is a great alternative.

Available in 4 different colors, the Quick 3 is a fun solution to your commuting quandaries. Robust, reliable, and with enough power to get you where you need to go quickly, this is a great option if you’ve got the budget to spend.

3. Turboant X7

Turboant X7
The X7 is excellent value for money considering the features on offer. It has all the good stuff I look for in a scooter, including air-filled tires, a top speed (20 mph), and a decent battery (16 miles), not to mention cruise control and multiple riding speeds. This is a solid choice if you’re looking for an affordable commuter scooter that can tick all the boxes.
$449.99 $599.99

So we know you can get to 18.6 mph for $849.99 and 19 mph for $1,299, but what about 20mph for $449.99? No, this isn’t a prank, and yes, I’m deadly serious. Let me introduce you to the Turboant X7, one of the most impressive budget scooters on the market.

If you didn’t hear me correctly, let me just repeat this staggering fact: for less than $450 you can get yourself an electric scooter that can propel you up to 20 mph. The single 350W motor can put out a deceptive amount of power for its size, delivering enough torque to get you up and over inclines of 15-degrees. At this price, you might be expecting acceleration to be noisy and slow, and unfortunately, you’re partly right. The Turboant is surprisingly quiet and quick when it gets going, but there is about a 2-second acceleration delay.

Even at top speed, the X7 has everything to bring you quickly and safely to a stop. This scooter features not one but three different braking methods: an electronic brake, disc brake, and a foot brake. This is particularly impressive considering that more expensive models struggle to integrate more than a single braking mechanism. These brakes aren’t lackluster either— they provide relatively strong stopping power, but they certainly aren’t the most powerful.

As with most electric scooters, the Turboant has an integrated, modern LED dashboard. Although it’s a lot simpler than those on more expensive models, it does everything you need it to, displaying your basic ride stats. But that’s not all. The Turboant also comes with a cruise control feature and three different riding modes to help control your power output and range. The fact that a scooter this cheap comes with cruise control is pretty phenomenal and is just one of the things that makes it such good value.

Now, the Turboant has one unique feature that no other scooter on this list can claim: a detachable battery. That’s right, the X7’s battery can easily be removed from its position in the stem for flexible recharging. This is also a pretty nifty security feature — you’re much less likely to make off with an electric scooter that can’t go anywhere.

The removable battery also gives you the option of carrying a second pack with you as back up. The base range of the Turboant sits at 16 miles with the eco-mode engaged, but a second battery doubles this, increasing its versatility.

Despite the smaller price tag, it features a fairly wide deck with an anti-slip textured surface, giving you plenty of room to adjust your position when you hit the throttle.

As you accelerate, the 8.5” air-filled tires are designed to absorb any vibrations from the road beneath, providing a soft gliding motion on flat terrain, but they can result in a jarring ride on uneven terrain. They’re also tubeless, which means they’re much more resistant to flats and, therefore, quite low-maintenance, as well as being able function well in wet weather, which, alongside the IPX4 water rating, is a double bonus.

It is worth noting that the X7 doesn’t come with inbuilt suspension, although considering the price point, this isn’t too much of an unusual omission. The tires do a decent job of absorbing vibrations from beneath, but there’s only so much they can take. In this case, it’s best to avoid massive potholes and stick to smoother routes to get the best from this scooter.

In addition to the excellent value for money, the X7 stands out in this list for being exceptionally portable. It weighs just 29.7 lbs and features an easy-to-use folding mechanism. This is perfect for hopping on and off public transport during the daily commute. The only fault I could find is that although it’s easy enough to fold, sometimes the hook on the handlebar stem, which hooks into a slot on the back of the rear fender, comes loose, meaning you have to re-hook it. The stand isn’t too great, either. These aren’t major issues, and they don’t affect ride quality, but they are factors to consider.

Planning to ride during darker winter nights? No worries, the X7 comes with a front headlight and rear brake light. However, I’d recommend investing in a brighter, more powerful torch to provide extra illuminations for added safety and security once the sun goes down.

The Turboant X7 might be a budget electric scooter, but considering the features on offer, it doesn’t feel like it. An excellent top speed and decent removable battery in addition to cruise control, multiple speed modes, and increased portability make this fantastic value for money. If you’ve got a tight budget but still want a scooter that can deliver a decent top speed, you can’t go wrong here.

Fastest Electric Scooters by Type

Who doesn’t love a deal.

I’ve listed the best ‘cheap’ options but there’s something you need to know – fast scooters, also known as performance scooters, tend to be top of the range models, meaning they have hefty price tags. If you’re after a scooter that is cheaper than the models below, check out my cheap scooter guide.

Top 3 Cheap Fast Electric Scooters:

  1. Turboant X7 – 20 mph and $449.99
  2. Ninebot Max – 18.6 mph and $849.99
  3. Speedway Leger – 28 mph and $1,100.00

Often, fast scooters (otherwise known as performance scooters) tend to weigh more than than their cheaper commuter and entry-level counterparts.

This is mainly due to the increased weight of the motor and battery, but also components like the frame to ensure the scooters integrity when ripping through terrain at high speeds.

With that in mind, I’ve capped the weight of the scooters below to a max of 45 lbs to give you the best of both worlds: speed and portability. 

Top 3 Most Portable Fast Electric Scooters:

  1. Turboant X7 – 20 mph and 29.7 lbs
  2. INOKIM Quick 3 – 19 mph and 36.4 lbs
  3. Ninebot Max – 18.6 mph and 41.2 lbs

There are two factors alongside speed that make a great electric commuter scooter, these are mileage and how light and portable the scooter is.

Best Fast Electric Scooters for Commuting:

  1. Speedway Leger – 28 mph, 30 miles and 45 lbs
  2. Ninebot Max – 18.6 mph, 40.4 miles, 41.2 lbs
  3. INOKIM Quick 3 – 19 mph, 28 miles and 36.4 lbs
  4. Turboant X7 – 20 mph, 16 miles and 29.7 lbs

Further Information:

Looking for a commuter scooter? Check out my list of the Best Electric Scooters for Commuting.

Having a powerful motor to propel you at high speeds is only the half of it. What’s key to a fast electric scooter is the battery power. After all, you don’t want to hit top speed to then have your battery die. Enter long range electric scooters.

5 Fast Electric Scooters with Long Ranges:

  1. Dualtron X – 55 mph and 93 miles
  2. Dualtron Thunder – 50 mph and 75 miles
  3. Dualtron Ultra V2 – 50 mph and 75 miles
  4. Speedway 5 – 40 mph and 75 miles
  5. Emove Cruiser – 25 mph and 62 miles (cheaper contender)

When it comes to off-road electric scooters there are 4 important factors: wheel size, suspension, brakes, and durability. Based on these factors, see my top picks below.

Best Fast Electric Scooters For Off-Roading:

  1. Dualtron X – 55 mph / 13×4” tubeless tires / coil springs & shock absorbers / hydraulic & disc brakes with ABS
  2. Dualtron Thunder – 50 mph / 11” tubeless tires / adjustable suspension / hydraulic & disc brakes with ABS
  3. Dualtron Ultra V2 – 50 mph / 10×3.5” tubeless tires / swingarm suspension / disc brakes with ABS
  4. Wolf Warrior – 50 mph / 11” tubeless tires / hydraulic & spring suspension / hydraulic brakes
  5. INOKIM Ox Super – 28 mph / 10×2.5” pneumatic tires / adjustable suspension /  drum & disc brakes

Some scooters can go fast, some can go far, and some don’t brake a sweat eating up steep inclines. 

Fast Electric Scooters That Can Climb Steep Inclines:

  1. Dualtron X – 55 mph & 70-degree incline
  2. Dualtron Thunder – 50 mph & 47-degree incline
  3. Dualtron Ultra V2 – 50 mph & 47-degree incline
  4. Dualtron 3 – 40 mph & 47-degree incline
  5. Dualtron Compact – 40 mph & 47-degree incline

Generally, the bigger the wheels, the faster you can go and the more challenging terrain you can handle.

Fast Electric Scooters with Big Wheels:

  1. Dualtron X – 55 mph and 13×4” tubeless tires
  2. Dualtron Thunder – 50 mph and 11” tubeless tires
  3. Wolf Warrior – 50 mph and 11×3” tubeless tires
  4. Dualtron Ultra V2 – 50 mph and 10×3.5” tubeless tires 
  5. INOKIM Ox Super – 28 mph and 10×2.5” pneumatic tires

Being able to attach a seat is great for longer journeys – it also make your scooter more versatile depending how how you’d like to ride it.

The majority of scooters don’t feature an already built-in seat, but instead offer seat accessories.

Best Fast Electric Scooters with a Seat:

  1. Dualtron X – 55 mph & attachable seat 
  2. Dualtron Thunder – 50 mph & attachable seat
  3. Dualtron Ultra V2 – 50 mph & attachable seat
  4. Dualtron 3 – 40 mph & attachable seat
  5. Dualtron Compact – 40 mph & attachable seat

I don’t recommend any of the scooters in this list for kids.

Instead, check out my guide below to see which scooters are best for kids that want to go fast.

Further Information:

Best Electric Scooters for Kids


The fastest scooter I’ve reviewed is the impressive Dualtron X. More motorcycle than electric scooter, it can deliver a stunning top speed of 55 mph.

Based on all my reviews, here are the best fast electric scooters for different speed ranges:

  1. Dualtron X: 55 mph (51+ mph Winner)
  2. Dualtron Thunder: 50 mph (41-50 mph Winner)
  3. Dualtron 3: 40 mph (31-40 mph Winner)
  4. INOKIM Ox Super: 28 mph (21-30 mph Winner)
  5. Ninebot Max: 18.6 mph (11-20 mph Winner)

This depends entirely on the size of their motor, the weight of the rider, and the road conditions.

There are a variety of speed options out there, ranging from 10 mph all the up to 55 mph.

The advertised top speed of a scooter is usually calculated based on a light rider, with ideal weather conditions and a flat route to get optimum results, so it’s worth bearing this in my mind when making your selection.

The speed on some fast electric scooters is fast enough to match and even rival high-moving traffic. As a result, you must take the necessary precautions when setting out for a high-speed ride. 

You need to ensure that you have tough protective clothing, pads, gloves, and headgear that covers the whole of your head, including your face.

Fast scooters are designed to be enjoyed, but make sure you do it safely and responsibly.

It’s also worth checking out the statutory electric scooter speed limits within your area as very often these change from state to state.

This will be affected by the rider size and the road conditions, but a 1000W motor can achieve up to 30 mph in ideal conditions.

Rider size and road conditions must be taken into consideration, but a 1500W motor can typically achieve between 34-36 mph.

Rider size and road conditions will play a part in motor performance, but a 2000W motor can achieve between 38-40 mph. However, it may not be able to sustain this pace for long periods

Electric scooters will typically go faster when ridden on flat surfaces, so make sure to avoid hilly routes, particularly those with steep inclines.

Additionally, most scooters feature a variety of riding modes, so removing any speed limitations is essential too. You can do this by selecting the fastest setting on your LED display or in the app if your model comes with one.

If your electric scooter has recently begun to feel more sluggish, it could also be that your battery has worn down. Replacing it with a new one, although expensive, will give its acceleration rate a healthy burst.

Lastly, it’s worth bearing in mind that most scooters are given a top speed for a reason, and it’s primarily to do with your safety, so make sure to ride responsibly at all times.

There are a number of factors that can affect the speed of your electric scooter.

Weight load. The heavier the load, the slower the electric scooter will go. 

Inclines. It sounds simple, but a lot of people forget that you when you travel up an incline your speed will be negatively affected (depending on the steepness of the incline). Vice versa, if you are going down a slope you’ll be able to reach the max speed.

Terrain. If you are riding the electric scooter on tarmac, you’re going to be able to travel much faster than if you are riding over a forest trail or rough off-road terrain.

Finally, and this one is a given, your speed will depend on how powerful your motor is, and, of course, your battery. The more powerful the motor, the higher speeds you’ll be able to achieve. The more charged your battery, the more power it will be able to send to the motor.

Fast electric scooters cost anywhere in the region of $450 – $5,999.

Generally, the higher the cost, the quicker the scooter. For example, you can expect to hit top speeds of 20 mph on the lower end of the price scale, compared to 5o+ mph on the higher end.

Razor scooters tend to have top speeds ranging from 10 – 18 mph.

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