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There was a time when I couldn’t imagine reviewing an electric scooter that went faster than 20 mph. Thankfully, the scooter world has changed in a big way ...

Review Summary Award: Lightest (23 lbs) Speed: 17 mph Range: 15.5 miles ...

True or False: Electric scooters aren’t for heavier adults.Once upon a time, this would have been true. But not anymore.Gone are the days when electric ...

Turboant X7

$399.99 $599.99

Looking for a hands-on review of the Turboant X7?I’ve got you covered. I’ve been lucky enough to ride the Turboant X7 and so I’m going to give my honest ...

Australian escooter startup, Raine Scooters, became the fastest funded electric vehicle in Kickstarter history when their crowd funding goal was achieved in ...

Looking to gift an electric scooter this christmas? You're in the right place. My names Josh and I've spent hundreds of hours reviewing 30+ of best ...

Looking for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals? You're in the right place. I've reviewed 30+ electric scooters and listed all the great deals below. ...

Want to know the impact of electric scooters on fossil fuel companies? Our new study reveals just that.Coming to the foreground in America, electric scooters ...

Electric scooters are setting the trend for city commuting. Coming to the foreground in America and most recently gaining further ground in Europe, the ...

Electric scooters are coined as being emission free but we have revealed their true environmental impact. Want to find out more? Keep reading.We calculated the ...

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  1. Hi Antony,

    You are correct that the Wolf Warrior has a maximum mileage, under prime conditions, of 70 miles.

    Eco mode limits you to about 20 mph so you should be able to take full advantage of the mileage.

    Thanks, enjoy cruising around on the Wolf!

    – Josh

  2. Hi Ace,

    Thanks for dropping a comment. We are looking into possibly reviewing some EUCs like the ones you spoke about in the near future, stay tuned!

    – Josh

  3. Hi Peggy,

    It depends on where you are located. A quick Google should give you the answer you are looking for.

    – Josh

  4. Sure thing Marc, enjoy cruising around on your new scooters!

    – Josh

  5. You’re welcome Penny, glad I could help. Enjoy riding your new scooter 🙂

    – Josh

  6. Hi Charles,

    Your best bet is to get one directly from Razor. I had a look for you and you can buy a replacement battery for the E200 series here.

    – Josh

  7. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be reviewing all of GoTrax’s new models in the next few weeks, including the XR Ultra – keep your eyes peeled for those.

    – Josh

  8. It’s a beast! Thanks for dropping a comment Delaine

    – Josh

  9. Hi Max,

    There are few cheap models out there that have decent mileage. My list of the best cheap electric scooters might help you find a scooter more in your price bracket.

    – Josh

  10. I agree with you Michael, it can be quite awkward to ride while standing – definitely one for sitting down.

    – Josh

  11. Hi Arja,

    Unfortunately, I only review the scooters – I don’t sell them. I hope you’re able to get your hands on the Mototec FatBoy. Let me know if you need any more help.

    – Josh

  12. Hi Michelle,

    Traveling around Europe and exploring cities on a scooter sounds awesome! My advice would be to opt for a model that, like you said, is light, compact, and has a quick recharge time.

    The Unagi Model One is the lightest scooter I’ve reviewed (it weighs just 23 lbs), folds and can be stored easily, and takes 4-5 hours to fully charge giving you 15.5 miles to cruise round the cities.

    Alternatively, the INOKIM Light is another good option (30 lbs, folds, 4-5 hours charge for 20 miles).

    Or, if you want a cheap model go for the GoTrax GXL 2 (26.4 lbs, folds, 4 charge hours for 12 miles).

    – Josh

  13. Thank you Jimmy, happy to help!

    – Josh

  14. Thanks Amy. Glad I could help.

    – Josh