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Electric Scooter Phone Holders: Our Top Picks & How to Choose

After assessing the effectiveness of the top-performing electric scooter phone holders, we selected the best 3.

Our selection process assessed ease of installation, compatibility with different phone and handlebar sizes, protection against scratching, adjustability, accessibility to your phone’s buttons and charge port, and ability to remain fastened despite bumps and vibrations.

See our top choices organized by price.

Things to consider when choosing a phone holder.

Best Electric Scooter Phone Holders

Under $30
360 Adjustable Phone Holder
360° Adjustable Phone Holder
Under $40
Freehand LITE Phone Holder
Freehand LITE Phone Holder
Under $50
Freehand Heavy-Duty Phone Holder
Freehand Heavy-Duty Phone Holder
$49.00 $59.00

Phone Holder Reviews:

360° Adjustable Phone Holder

Current Price: Now: $29.99

 at Turboant

360 Adjustable Phone Holder
Best Phone Holder Under $30
The Good:
The Bad:

Fast to install and fully adjustable, the 360-degree phone holder from Turboant gives you a stable, versatile base for your phone while you’re on the go.

360 Adjustable Phone Holder Extended on Handlebars

Gripping all four corners, the holder has been carefully designed to hold your phone in place, while its exoskeleton shape ensures easy access to all of your phone's controls.

Why We Recommend It:

The first thing to note about Turboant’s 360-degree phone holder is that it’s extremely easy to install, without the need for tools. Fitted in minutes, the clamp – along with the spacers – can be easily adjusted to wrap around the diameter of any handlebar. The quick-release lever is twisted until the clamp is in firm contact with the handlebars and then to lock its position, the lever is pushed down.

360 Adjustable Phone Holder Quick Release Lever

Plus, the rubber lining on the clamp and four contact points of the holder ensures that no damage is caused to your phone or scooter. And, unlike other phone holders, each corner is slightly concaved, meaning your phone slides into them and is clamped in place.

Back of 360 Adjustable Phone Holder Attached to Handlebars

There’s also a central rubber pad to further bolster grip and prevent your phone from slipping or vibrating out of the holder during bumpy rides. Adding to this roster of protective measures is a lock on the back of the holder. Once your phone is in place and all four corners are gripping it tightly, you simply clip the lock across. This holds everything in place and gives you extra peace of mind that your phone will be held firmly at all times.

Back of 360 Adjustable Phone Holder

Plus, its stylish black finish blends in with the undertone designs of most scooters. It’s also compatible with the vast majority of phones, so long as they measure between 4.7 and 6.8 inches. Better yet, thanks to its ball head joint, it can be rotated 360 degrees or tilted at any angle.

360 Adjustable Phone Holder Set Horizontal

Freehand LITE Phone Holder

Current Price: Now: $39.00
Freehand LITE Phone Holder
Best Phone Holder Under $40
The Good:
The Bad:

The sleek and stylish Freehand LITE phone holder from Fluid Free Ride is lightweight yet robust and rattle-free.

Freehand LITE Phone Holder Set on Handlebars

With a small profile and clean design, it’s best suited to scooters that are smaller in stature. Its thin edges even add to its pared-back aesthetic by making your phone look like it's hovering above your handlebars.

Coming equipped with two spacers, it fits handlebars that have a diameter of between 22mm and 32mm. It’s also adjustable, meaning you can swivel your phone 360 degrees.

Freehand LITE Phone Holder Set Horizontal

Why We Recommend It:

The low-profile Freehand LITE phone holder is small enough to go almost completely unnoticed when not in use. However, it’s also sturdy enough to securely hold some of the biggest phones in the world, including the Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Freehand LITE Phone Holder Attached to Handlebars

With its lightweight metal construction, it’s more durable than it looks. Designed to let you easily interact with your phone, the 360-degree rotation can be quickly adjusted with just one hand while the other keeps you on course.

Freehand LITE Phone Holder Being Adjusted

The LITE’s build also means that you’ll never experience any unwelcome rattles since both the clamp and holder tighten around the handlebars and your phone with a vice-like grip. The tightening mechanisms are intuitive and easy to adjust, making it exceptionally simple to set up.

If there was one drawback, it would have to be that it doesn’t come with a grippy rubber lining to prevent your phone from being scratched. You do, however, get some rubber bumpers that you can strategically stick to the inside of the holder.

Freehand LITE Phone Holder Set Vertical

All in all, the Freehand LITE is a user-friendly phone holder perfectly suited for riders who want to keep their scooters looking streamlined and free from large ugly looking extras.

Freehand Heavy-Duty Phone Holder

Current Price: Save $10 | Was: $59.00 | Now: $49.00
Freehand Heavy-Duty Phone Holder
Best Phone Holder Under $50
The Good:
The Bad:

Benefiting from a design that automatically retracts around your phone and holds it firm from all sides, the Freehand Heavy-Duty phone holder is incredibly easy to install.

Freehand Heavy Duty Phone Holder Open

With a larger footprint than its lighter counterpart, the Freehand LITE, its beefed-up construction provides extra resilience against bumps and vibrations, making it particularly well-suited to larger, more powerful scooters.

Why We Recommend It:

This is the daddy of phone holders and doesn’t shy away from displaying what it can do.

Freehand Heavy Duty Phone Holder Set Vertical

Like Turboant’s phone holder, it’s equipped with a ball head joint that allows for 360-degree rotation and tilting. It also shares a similar design in how it attaches to handlebars via a quick-release locking lever to keep it securely fastened. However, where it deviates from its competitors is that it snaps to your phone, as opposed to you having to adjust it. It also has levers on either side that can be squeezed to open the ribbed rubber-coated brackets so you can quickly remove your phone with one hand.

Freehand Heavy Duty Phone Holder Being Adjusted

The large central portion of the holder provides the backbone for solid support while the brackets are held in place by sturdy metal arms. An accessory of this size and structure undoubtedly looks better on larger scooters, but if you are a fan of its design, it can be attached to smaller scooters, too.

Freehand Heavy Duty Phone Holder Set Horizontal

As to be expected, its beefy construction has been manufactured to eliminate rattle, no matter whether you’ve got a phone that measures 4 inches or one that’s 7.

Topping off its impressive function, it lets accessibility reign supreme with easy access to all the buttons on your phone, as well as its charging port.

Freehand Heavy Duty Phone Holder On Handlebars

How to Choose an Electric Scooter Phone Holder

1. Installation

If you intend to only install your phone holder once, a complicated clamping system may be ok. But, if you want to take it on and off when necessary you’ll need to look for a phone holder with a simple (no-tool) installation system. 

However, while simplicity can be important, you should also consider the quality of the clamp. A poor-quality clamp could shake loose and drop your phone onto the road.

In our experience, the best quality clamps are those that are reliant on quick-release locking levers since these can securely fasten the clamps to handlebars.

2. Spacers to Fit Handlebars of Different Sizes

Because electric scooters come in a broad range of different designs, handlebars can have varying dimensions.

To ensure that your phone holder is compatible with your handlebars, look for one that comes with spacers to adjust the size of the clamp.

3. Protective Rubber to Prevent Scratching

For a phone holder to be effective, it needs to have a vice-like grip on your phone and handlebars. As a result, it’s in constant contact with both. This can lead to your phone rubbing against the holder, and the clamp against the handlebars, thereby causing scratches.

Here, it’s important to choose a phone holder that’s lined with rubber to eliminate scratching. High-quality phone holders rely on pre-installed ribbed rubber, while cheaper models may give you rubber patches that you can stick inside the bracket that holds your phone. 

It’s also worth mentioning that beyond protection against scratching, rubber bolsters grip to prevent slippage.

4. Phone Size Compatibility

Most phone holders are compatible with phones that measure from 4 to 7 inches. But, it’s always worth checking before buying. 

5. Adjustability

Not all phone holders are made equal, and this is evidenced by their ability to be adjusted.

While some are solid and can’t be rotated, others use ball head joints that enable you to rotate your phone 360 degrees, as well as tilt it to whatever angle works best for you.

6. Stability and Durability

Stability and durability are quite possibly the most important aspects of a phone holder’s design. 

Even if your scooter is tricked out with the best suspension available it’s still likely to experience bumps and vibrations – especially if you venture off the beaten track.

It’s pivotal to ensure that your phone holder is rock-solid for it to remain functional while riding. The main culprit that causes phone holders to rattle and rotate is the clamp itself. As a result, you need to make sure that the clamp is pinned to the handlebars. For this, we recommend choosing a phone holder with a quick-release locking lever.

7. Phone Button and Charge Port Accessibility

To hold your phone firmly in place, phone holders use a series of brackets that come together. 

While this adds stability, it can block access to your phone’s buttons and charge port. 

Consequently, when purchasing a phone holder, it’s important to consider what buttons and ports you’re likely to need and assess whether the holder provides access to them.

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