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Electric Scooter Accessories: Upgrade Your Scooter

From phone holders to fingerprint readers, and tire pumps to fast chargers, there are a wide array of electric scooter accessories to choose from.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the different types of accessories for your scooter’s frame, handlebars, deck, and tires, as well as useful storage, light, anti-theft, and charging items.

Electric Scooter Accessories

Extenders, risers, wing mirrors, phone holders, and horns

Stickers, graphic kits, and steering dampers

Grip tape, covers, seats, carry handles, and trolley wheels

Air pump, valve extenders, slime, and different tire types

Fast chargers and additional (detachable) batteries

Bags (pouches), baskets, and storage trunks

Headlights, safety lights, wing lights, and LED Strips

Alarms, GPS trackers,, fingerprint readers, and locks

Helmets, gloves, upper and lower-body protection

Extenders, risers, wing mirrors, phone holders, and horns

Handlebar Accessories

Handlebar Extender (Stock Bar)

Electric Scooter Handlebar Extender

If you plan to attach lots of accessories to your handlebars, but there isn’t enough space, then you should use a handlebar extender.

A handlebar extender is a metal or carbon fiber bar that can be clamped onto your handlebars to provide mounting space for your devices.

Price: $10 – $40

Handlebar Riser

Electric Scooter Handlebar Riser

The height between a scooter's deck and its handlebars is one of the most important factors for ride quality.

As a rule of thumb, a deck-to-handlebar height of 40 inches is the minimum requirement for tall riders that are over 6 feet. Anything below this can impact your riding experience since it requires you to hunch over.

Handlebar risers are, therefore, great accessories for extending the height of your handlebars. They typically add between 2 and 4 inches.

The riser is added between the handlebars and the stem of your electric scooter. However, they can only be used on scooters where there’s an existing bracket holding the handlebars in place.

Scooters with handlebars that are welded to the stem or that have an LED display built into them, cannot be fitted with handlebar risers. Similarly, there’s no one-size fits all approach, so you need to make sure that you pick the correct riser for your scooter.

Price: $15 – $80

Side-View Mirrors (Wing Mirrors)

Electric Scooter Side View Mirrors

Side view mirrors are similar to those on cars and motorbikes. They increase your visibility of the road by letting you see what’s behind and to the side of you. Most come with clips or small brackets so that they can be easily fixed to the handlebars.

Price: $10 – $40

Phone Holders

Electric Scooter Phone Holder

Phone holders are adjustable brackets that can be clipped onto your handlebars. They’re particularly useful if you want to use your phone as a navigational device or have easy access to your scooter’s mobile app while you ride.

The vast majority are designed to fit any scooter and phone.

Price: $10 – $60


Electric Scooter Horn

Scooters are quiet and a horn is a great way to make other road users aware of your presence. They can be attached to your handlebars and use either a speaker to emit an audible beep or for more powerful motorcycle-grade horns, bellow out 105db of noise.

Horns that come pre-fitted are powered by the scooter's internal battery but if you buy one separately you may have to recharge it via a USB cable.

Price: $10 – $40

Stickers, graphic kits, and steering dampers

Frame Accessories

Sticker & Graphic Kits

Electric Scooter Graphic Kit

Most electric scooters come with basic color schemes – often black or gray – but if you prefer something a little more vibrant you can buy stickers and graphic kits. Some are functional and include reflective strips to increase your visibility, while others are designed to look good.

There are lots of pre-made designs available stretching from small decals to full stem graphics, and some even come with colorful grip strips for your deck.

Some companies will even print custom graphics so that you can personalize your scooter.

Price: $50 – $60

Steering Damper

Electric Scooter Steering Damper

Steering dampers are devices that reduce unwanted movement from the stem and handlebars. Here, shakes and wobbles that could otherwise cause the rotation of the handlebars are soaked up by the damper, allowing you to remain in control.

They connect the neck of the scooter to the base of the stem to stabilize the steering column.

Using a hydraulic piston, you can adjust the ease at which the handlebars, steering column, and front tire rotate. Turning the dial clockwise increases the force needed to rotate the handlebars while turning it anti-clockwise eases the motion.

Dampers can be used on most scooters but they’re particularly useful on models that can reach speeds of 30 mph or more.

Price: $50 – $300

Grip tape, covers, seats, carry handles, and trolley wheels

Deck Accessories

Grip Tape

Electric Scooter Grip Tape

Grip tape is an adhesive tape with the texture of sandpaper. It can be stuck onto electric scooter decks to increase friction and hold your feet in place as you ride.

Most scooters already come with some form of grip, but it may need replacing or you might want to enhance it. You can buy grip tape as a single sheet and cut it to size yourself.

Price: $10 – $30

Deck Cover

Electric Scooter Deck Cover

A deck cover is an acyclic topper that’s fixed over your scooter’s deck. It can be used to protect the original deck, change the scooter’s appearance, or replace a damaged surface. Different types are available depending on what you need them for.

Clear covers are often used to protect the decals and designs of the deck underneath, but many riders have explored different ways in which covers can enhance the aesthetic of their scooter. For instance, some Dualtron riders have fitted thin LED strips between the original deck and the cover to illuminate it at night for a Fast & Furious inspired appearance.

Price: $35 – $200


Electric Scooter Seat Accessory

Long rides on an electric scooter can be hard on your legs and back. One way to prevent this is by adding a seat. Not all scooters can be equipped with a seat, but those that can have pre-drilled holes where the seat fixture can be mounted.

There’s no one-size fits all attachment, so you need to make sure that you select the correct seat for your scooter.

Price: $70 – $150

Further Information:

Electric Scooters With Seats

Carry Handle

Electric Scooter Carry Tow Handle

Carrying a folded scooter, lifting it into a trunk, or packing it into storage can be tricky, especially with models that are on the heavier side. By adding a carry handle, they are easier to lift.

Handles can be fitted to the rear of the deck or clipped onto the stem. If it’s on the deck, it’s called a tow handle and can be used to assist in the lifting of an unfolded scooter. The handle on the stem, however, is used to carry the scooter when folded.

Price: $10 – $40

Trolley Wheels

Electric Scooter Trolley Wheels

Trolley wheels are small solid wheels that you fix to the front of your electric scooter’s deck.

Once installed, the wheels allow you to pull your folded scooter by its handlebars. This is a great addition for larger scooters that are too heavy to lift.

Price: $30 – $60

Air pump, valve extenders, slime, and different tire types

Tire Accessories

Air Pump

Electric Scooter Air Pump

Air pumps are small compressors that are used to inflate your tires.

Most are electric and can be recharged via USB, but some are manual and similar to standard bike pumps. Both are powerful enough to quickly reinflate pneumatic tires.

Price: $10 – $80

Tire Valve Extender

Electric Scooter Tire Valve Extender

A valve extender is an accessory used to extend the length of the valve on a tire.

For some scooters, this is not necessary because the valve is long enough, but on deep-rimmed wheels, the valves need to be extended so that they connect to the air pump/inflator.

Price: $5 – $10

Tire Sealant

Electric Scooter Tire Slime Sealant

Tire sealant is a viscous liquid that’s used to coat the inside of tires.

If one of your tires becomes punctured the sealant flows into the hole, seals it, and prevents air from escaping.

Some tires can be bought with the sealant already installed, but it’s more commonly added as an additional accessory where it’s available in a bottle and can be applied through the valve of each tire.

Price: $20 – $30

Tires For Varying Terrain

Electric Scooter Tire Types

Whether you plan to ride on the road or venture off the beaten path, different types of tires can be installed to better suit your needs.

Most notably, different tread patterns provide varying levels of grip and make a tire more or less suitable for certain types of terrain. Some can even prevent damage and protect against flats.

If you want to take advantage of fast top speeds, slick racing tires and their traction-loving tread will be perfect.

For riding in the city, street-grade tires that have a shallow tread pattern provide lots of contact with the road and are harder wearing than racing tires.

For all-terrain riding, hybrid tires are a great choice thanks to their middle-ground design that strikes a balance between street and off-road tread.

If riding off-road is more your thing, then the deep knobbly tread pattern of off-road tires is recommended – especially for maintaining traction over sand, gravel, and dirt tracks.

Similarly, for riding in winter, specialist snow tires with their thick knobbly tread and metal studs are essential.

And finally, if your scooter already has tubeless tires, but you want to avoid punctures, then a pair of no-flat tires could be the ones for you. They have thicker outer walls and the inside is coated with a self-healing sealant. If the tires get penetrated by any sharp objects, the sealant will flow into the holes to prevent air from escaping.

Price: $30 – $100

Fast chargers and additional (detachable) batteries

Battery & Charger Accessories

Fast Charger

Electric Scooter Fast Charger

Among other benefits, fast chargers allow you to speed up the charge rate of your scooter’s battery by adjusting the amperage. Most fast chargers with this feature offer you a range of amperage values, ranging from 1A to 6.5A. The higher the amps, the faster your scooter will charge.

By comparison to standard chargers, which typically operate at 2A, those of the fast variety can cut charge times in half.

However, you should only use a fast charger if it’s compatible and has been designed for use with your scooter. If you use the wrong charger, you risk permanent damage to the battery. It’s also worth noting that slower, standard chargers are better for the overall health of your battery, but if you’re in a rush a fast charger is a useful option.

Price: $100 – $180

Detachable Battery

Electric Scooter Removable Battery

Not all scooter batteries are detachable but for those that are you can purchase an additional one.

This is ideal if your battery is damaged, no longer performing at its optimum, or if you want to be able to swap between two to increase your maximum mileage.

Some brands offer additional batteries for certain scooters and it’s essential that you only use the battery designed for your specific model.

Price: $200 – $500

Bags (pouches), baskets, and storage trunks

Storage Accessories

Storage Pouch

Electric Scooter Pouch

A storage pouch can be clipped onto the stem or handlebars of most electric scooters. It’s an excellent way of carrying personal items without having to use a rucksack or your pockets. They also come in handy when you need to take air pumps, tools, and other scooter accessories with you.

The benefit of these is that they’re centrally mounted so they don’t affect your balance – though, I would err on the side of caution to not fill them with anything too heavy.

Price: $30 – $50

Scooter Satchel

Electric Scooter Satchel

Some scooters come with satchels that look like large holdalls. By placing the straps over your shoulders, you can carry your scooter for longer distances than if you were to hold it with your hands.

Price: $30 and $150


Electric Scooter Basket Accessory

Scooter baskets are rigid storage options with an open top. They can be fixed to the handlebars of an electric scooter or attached to the rear of the deck. They’re similar in appearance to push bike baskets but are usually smaller to prevent their contents from unbalancing the scooter.

Although most have a rigid frame, some are made from fabric and can be closed via a zip.

Price: $40 – $60

Further Information:

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Electric Scooter Trunk

Electric scooter trunks are secure storage boxes that can be attached to the back of a scooter's deck and hang over the rear wheel.

They’re generally made of reinforced rigid plastic, can be locked, and are completely waterproof. Because they sit over the rear wheel, they can carry heavy items without unbalancing the scooter.

The trunk for the EMOVE Cruiser measures 11 (L) x 9 (W) x 3.5 (H) inches and most other models are similar in size.

Price: $100 – $120

Headlights, safety lights, wing lights, and LED Strips

Light Accessories

Clip-On Headlights

Electric Scooter Headlight Accessory

Unfortunately, the vast majority of electric scooters are fitted with insufficient lights. Most headlights aren’t bright enough or are mounted too low, meaning they’re unable to illuminate the way ahead.

As a result, it’s recommended to purchase additional clip-on lights if you want to ride at night.

They can be quickly and securely attached to the handlebars, are battery-powered, and recharge via a USB cable.

For well-lit or partly-lit environments, we recommend using a headlight with at least 800 lumens. However, for extremely dark areas, we recommend at least 1000 lumens.

Price: $60 – $80

Rear Safety LEDs

Electric Scooter Safety Light

Most electric scooters are equipped with taillights, but they tend to be low, meaning that they aren’t at the eye level of other road users.

If you plan to ride at night, it’s best to attach a safety light to your backpack, helmet, or clothes to make you more visible.

Some safety lights will come with one setting where they stay illuminated, while others will be configured with multiple modes that include flashing roadside warnings, slow fading, and pulsating effects.

Price: $20 – $30

Turn Signals (Wing Lights)

Electric Scooter Turn Signal Wing Lights

While some premium electric scooters come with turn signals already built into their lighting rig, others don’t and it’s here where wing lights are useful.

Wing lights are small mushroom-shaped LEDs that slide into either end of your handlebars. Once inserted, they can be used as indicators where they flash following the tap of a button or used as permanent sidelights.

Price: $20 – $40

LED Strips

Electric Scooter LED Strip

To remain visible while riding at night you need a good headlight and taillight, but the scooters that boast the most eye-catching setups are those that have deck LEDs. Not only do they illuminate the entire chassis of a scooter, but they elevate its aesthetic with a Fast & Furious-esque design.

Available in a range of customizable colors, they can be securely attached to the underside of your scooter’s deck with an adhesive strip and are powered by a battery box.

Price: $15 – $30

Alarms, GPS trackers,, fingerprint readers, and locks

Anti-Theft Accessories


Electric Scooter Lock

Locks are a great way to secure your scooter and prevent it from being stolen.

U-locks and folding locks tend to be the best options thanks to their ability to resist hydraulic pressure, drilling, cutting, sawing, and picking from high-performance tools.

Price: $50 – $100


Electric Scooter Alarm

Few scooters come with built-in alarm systems, and for those that do, they tend to only emit a beeping noise that’s far too quiet to deter thieves.

Luckily, you can buy alarm systems that have much more powerful sirens. They often include a remote key fob and once armed, respond to vibration or being moved.

Price: $15 – $30

GPS Trackers & Apple Air Tags

Electric Scooter Apple Air Tag

Apple air tags and other GPS trackers are small devices that can be planted on your scooter to make it trackable via an app.

You can hide the tracker under the deck or in another inconspicuous place.

Used alongside other security features like an alarm and a lock, the tracker will give you peace of mind. Even if someone steals your scooter, you’ll be able to see where it is and report its location to the police.

Price: $25 – $100

Key-Lock Ignition

Electric Scooter Key Lock

In the same way that cars use keys, an electric scooter ignition does the same.

Without the key, your scooter will be immobilized. They can, however, be picked and aren't the most secure anti-theft deterrents.

Price: $15 – $30

NFC Card Reader

Electric Scooter NFC Reader

A step up from key-lock ignitions are NFC card readers. Because they rely on near-field communication – a proximity-based wireless communication standard – they can’t be picked.

The reader is built into a scooter’s display console and it’s here where you can wave a pre-programmed card in front of it to unlock the scooter.

Price: $60 – $80

Fingerprint Reader

Electric Scooter Fingerprint Reader

A fingerprint reader is a security device that’ll unlock your scooter and allow it to be powered on when the correct biometric data has been detected on the sensor pad.

This adds an extra layer of security and is considered to be more effective than systems that rely on keys or cards. While keys and cards can be stolen or copied, the only person that can unlock a fingerprint reader is you.

These systems are fairly easy to install, particularly if you have a compatible display console. For example, the MiniMotors fingerprint reader is directly compatible with the EY3 Minimotors display.

Price: $100 – $150

Helmets, gloves, upper and lower-body protection

Safety Gear Accessories

Safety gear is an absolute must when riding an electric scooter. Falling, no matter the speed, can have serious consequences unless you’re properly protected.

To find out more, check out our guide to electric scooter safety gear.

Electric Scooter Safety Gear

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