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Electric Scooters With Baskets (& Seats): We Selected the Best 2

Electric scooters with baskets are rare. Only a handful of models exist that come with baskets built-in to their design.

After assessing the few models available, we selected the best 2.

Electric Scooter With Basket

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Under $800


Current Price: Now: $799
Best Electric Scooter With Basket Under $800


The Good:

The Bad:


With a permanent seat and up to three handy baskets, the FIIDO Q1 is an efficient electric scooter that’s perfect for quick shopping trips.

Priced at just $799, the Q1’s 250W motor delivers a top speed of 15 mph, while a 10aH battery delivers a maximum range of 18 miles. In addition, you get two sizeable shock-absorbing pneumatic tires and an anti-theft alarm.

FIIDO Q1 Frame Front On

When you first lay eyes on the FIIDO Q1, you'll notice that its bicycle-like design gives it a very distinct appearance that is unlike a traditional electric scooter. Instead of a deck, you have a comfortable seat and two side-mounted footpegs.

Consequently, the Q1 is less aimed at burning rubber and more at relaxing rides. However, what you don't get in terms of hair-raising speed, you gain in utility, functionality, and comfort.

Why We Recommend It:

Regarding storage, the FIIDO Q1 provides multiple options in the form of three spacious baskets – one on the front, one at the rear, and one in the center of the frame. The front and center baskets are fabric bags that can be added or removed via a system of metal hooks and velcro straps. The front basket can also be zipped up to keep your items secure. The rear basket, on the other hand, is metal and measures 12 (L) x 12 (W) x 6 (H) inches.

FIIDO Q1 Rear Basket

All combined, the baskets ensure you have plenty of space to store your shopping or personal belongings, meaning you can resign your rucksack to the wardrobe at home.

FIIDO Q1S Front Basket

With an overall weight of 44 lbs, the Q1 is relatively lightweight and most people can pick it up with ease. However, it’s not as portable as other electric scooters because of its bicycle-like design. The handlebars do collapse, though. When folded, the overall size of the scooter is reduced, but not by much.

Unfolded, it measures 47 (L) x 24.5 (W) x 43 (H) inches, and folded, it becomes 47 (L) x 12 (W) x 27.5 (H) inches. If you have a relatively large trunk, you can get the Q1 inside it, but if you have a compact, your luck’s out.

FIIDO Q1 Folded

Despite its relatively small size, the large memory foam seat and 12-inch air-filled tires go a long way to make the FIIDO Q1 surprisingly comfortable to ride. Plus, you can rest your feet on the foot pegs to assume a natural position for long journeys. The only drawback is the lack of traditional suspension. If you stick to well-maintained roads, the tires protect you from most small bumps, but it’s worth avoiding rough roads as much as possible.

FIIDO Q1 Large Tire

Because the 250W brushless motor is quite small, the Q1 isn’t fast off the mark. For instance, it takes 8.0 seconds to hit 15 mph. However, when putting this into the context of busy city environments, it has more than enough power to respond well. Besides, the twist throttle is responsive.

FIIDO Q1 Handlebars

In addition to the throttle, the cockpit is decked out with a display that shows your battery level (there’s no speedometer), as well as simple buttons for the power, cruise control, horn, and headlight. You also get a key fob to remotely control the lock and alarm system.

FIIDO Q1 Controls

Aside from the Q1’s unique design, another feature that stands out is its brake. The Q1 comes with mechanical discs on both wheels. Typically, brakes of this caliber, measure 120-140 mm, however, those on the Q1 are larger coming in at 160 mm. As a result of their larger size, they are much better at dissipating heat and give you greater control over the large 12-inch tires. If you operate an emergency stop from 15 mph, you'll come to a halt in 4.0 meters.

FIIDO Q1 Disc Brake

Under $900


Current Price: Now: $899 – Get $50 Off With Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Best Electric Scooter With Basket Under $900


The Good:

The Bad:


With slightly less storage than the FIIDO Q1, the Q1S manages to up its game elsewhere with a geared motor and full suspension system. The additional shock absorption derived from the suspension significantly improves the ride quality.

FIIDO Q1S Durable Frame

Like the Q1, the Q1S focuses on utility and provides two spacious baskets to stash your shopping – one hanging off the front of the handlebars and a larger one between the seat and stem. Combined, they offer enough space that’ll fit one large shopping bag and a few extra items.

Why We Recommend It:

Ideal for beginners, the 36V 250W motor and 10Ah battery are the perfect size for cruising the streets, making quick errands, or popping to the shop to top up your groceries.

One major difference between the motor in the FIIDO Q1 and Q1S is that the latter is geared. As a result, it has a little more torque and allows you to reach 15 mph in approximately 6.7 seconds, which is 16% faster than the Q1.

FIIDO Q1 Brake Lever

With this kind of acceleration and top speed, you won’t set any new land speed records, but for the most part, you’ll have a scooter that is perfect for navigating urban environments.

Unfortunately, the hill-climbing credentials of the Q1S are not improved, so we recommend searching for a more powerful scooter if you live in an area of undulating terrain.

When it comes to slowing down, the Q1S sports the same 160 mm disc brakes as its sibling. They’re controlled via two hand levers and effectively bring you to a stop from 15 mph in 4.0 meters. With the addition of the suspension, the front fork absorbs the downward pressure that is exerted from pulling on the brakes. This results in a more controlled braking experience.

A major drawback of the Q1 was its lack of suspension and a slightly stiff ride on anything but the smoothest of roads, but with the Q1S, this has been completely solved with the front fork and rear air shock. When you add the large, plush memory foam seat and those extra large 12-inch air-filled tires, you’re fully equipped to take on longer journeys in comfort.

FIIDO Q1S Large Tire

A couple of areas of the Q1’s design that remained in the build of the Q1S are the foldable handlebars – which, once collapsed, hang parallel to the frame – and cockpit – that comes with several controls, including buttons for the horn, power, headlight, and cruise control. There’s also a key fob that acts as a remote to start the motor, sound the siren, and set the alarm. Disappointingly, the display wasn’t updated and remains dim.

If you’re searching for an electric scooter that has multiple baskets and will give you the most storage for your money, then the predecessor to the FIIDO Q1S – the Q1 – is your best bet. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice the rear basket – which can’t be attached to the Q1S because of its rear suspension – in return for better ride quality, then the Q1S should be your top choice.


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