Exclusive News: Apollo Scooters Has Confirmed a Newly Redesigned Version of the Apollo City

Apollo Scooters, the Canadian electric micro-mobility company, has confirmed that a newly re-designed version of the Apollo City will come to market this spring.

The new iteration of the Apollo City marries design and utility to create the most integrated e-scooter of 2022 for the urban environment.

The pre-orders in Canada and U.S. will open on March 23rd 2022 and it is already possible to sign-up for the waiting list. Plus, stay tuned for our exclusive review – coming very soon.

We crowned the original Apollo City as the “Commuter Scooter of the Year”, and from what we've seen so far from the production unit sent to us by Apollo, the new 2022 model seriously cranks the dial up on design and overall performance.

We can't wait to show you everything you need to know about the new version, including the improvements made, new innovative features, and performance reports.

Throughout the months of February and March, we will be releasing more information about the standout features of new Apollo City.

Josh Frisby

Josh Frisby

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