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INOKIM Ox Super Review

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When I hear the words ‘INOKIM Ox’, the first things that spring to mind are build and ride quality. And while I'd love to surprise you, this is exactly what the Ox Super brings to the table. The rubber torsion suspension system is accompanied by adjustable swing arms and plush air-filled tires to deliver a supremely soft ride that makes it one of the most comfortable scooters we’ve ever tested. Alongside its best-in-class suspension, the Super delivers some unique features like the LED lights that automatically turn on when the scooter’s sensors detect low light. But like the Hero, its predecessor, when push comes to shove and we dig deep into performance, it lacks bite. While it might not be the fastest scooter on the block, its redeeming attribute is its large 60V 21Ah LG battery. Thanks to a bigger and higher-quality battery than the Hero, it delivers an additional 19 miles of ride time which is the equivalent to a 54% greater range. Its extended mileage combined with its superb ride quality makes the Ox Super one of the best long-range electric scooters.


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Video Review

INOKIM Ox Deep Dive | Is it Worth the Price Tag?

From its eye-popping orange swingarms to the vertically integrated construction, effortless folding mechanism, and plush nimble tires, the INOKIM Ox has a lot to offer – but, is it worth its high price tag? Watch the video to find out.

Who is it Best For?

Will the INOKIM Ox Super Be a Good Fit For You?

If you have a keen eye for build quality, want a scooter that can travel for long distances, and are searching for a scooter that will deliver a comfortable ride across varying terrain for many years, the Ox Super should be high up on your list.

INOKIM Ox High-Quality Frame

However, it’s slow off the line, has a below-average top speed, and it's not cheap.

Aside from its exceptional build quality and ranking as one of the best long-range scooters, the Ox lacks crucial components, like dual motors, which causes it to fall short of similarly priced scooters. And for that reason, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a need for speed.

Pros and Cons

  • Great build quality
  • Exceptional ride quality
  • Adjustable rubber torsion suspension
  • Front drum and rear disc brakes deliver good stopping power
  • Excellent long-range scooter

  • Slow and sluggish
  • No water-resistance rating
  • Hard plastic deck lacks grip

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

Whether you think the Super is worth the money will come down to what you're looking for from your scooter.

If you want a premium scooter that is arguably one of the best-built models in our 100+ strong database, the $1,999 price tag is worth every cent. The same can be said if you’re searching for a scooter that transitions seamlessly from urban to off-road terrain whilst maintaining a buttery-smooth ride. Plus, for long-range rides, the Ox Super is up there with the best. However, if you’re on the hunt for a scooter that can get your adrenaline pumping with a lightning-quick pace, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Side Profile of INOKIM Ox Frame and Deck

Ultimately, when it comes to overall performance, where we factor in all aspects (i.e. speed, acceleration, range, braking, ride quality & build quality), there are more well-rounded scooters on the market.

Further Information:

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah)

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Mantis Pro SE

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Mantis Pro

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With a wide profile and sturdy build, the handlebars afford a comfortable stance. Like its younger brother — the Ox Hero — they’re made from the same cast aluminum as the stem. The result? A durable and wobble-free set of handlebars that instill confidence when riding.

INOKIM Ox Handlebars

The handgrips are equally as good, which is pleasing as they play a key role in the amount of control you have over the steering column. Thanks to a rubber casing and a bigger-than-average tapered design, they fit flush in your palm, feel premium, and are seriously grippy.

INOKIM Ox Rubber Handgrip

On the right side of the handlebars is the LCD display. Unlike the common Q4-S4 display, which you’ll find on scooters like the VSETT 10+, Mantis Base, and EMOVE Cruiser, the console used by the Super is fairly stripped back and basic in its design. Nevertheless, it does a good job of monitoring your battery life, speed, riding mode, and distance traveled.

INOKIM Ox Display


If you’ve read my review of the Hero, you’ll have seen me rave about INOKIM’s styling. The Super and the Hero are identical to look at, both with a matte black frame with orange accents that highlight the logos, brake wires, and front and rear swingarms.


While it’s not as extravagant as the likes of the gold Wolf King, it still has a striking impact and will suit anyone looking for a smart, modern scooter that’s not too over the top. Of all its similarly-priced competitors, the Ox Super is by far the best looking alongside the yellow and black Transformer-esque design of VETT 10+, and the gold and black finish of the Mantis Pro SE.

INOKIM Ox Durable Frame


The Super’s deck is wide, long, and large enough to strike a stance that feels comfortable and natural.


There are a few annoyances with the deck, though. Like the Hero, the Super coats the entirety of the deck with the same non-grippy plastic. There’s not an ounce of rubber insight — not even a column of grip tape. However, there is one positive, cleaning the deck is extremely easy.

While its lack of grip doesn’t pose any issues when riding on smooth surfaces, rough terrain can cause problems since it’s hard to keep your feet planted in position whilst tackling challenging terrain.

One positive feature of the deck is the kickplate. As well as being handy for positioning yourself in a more aggressive riding style and shifting your weight to the rear of the scooter when braking, it has a large cutout to lock the handlebars in place when it’s folded.

INOKIM Ox Kickplate


Boasting nimble 10-inch tires, the Super is well-equipped to tear up the tarmac and sail over light off-road trails. The key word here is light. Because, unlike the more adept off-road scooters, like the Wolf Warrior and King, the Ox Super sports narrower tires that are primed for smoother riding conditions thanks to their slick tread.

INOKIM Ox Tire Tread

However, if you plan on tearing up some serious off-road tracks, you can fit the Ox with special off-road tires. These sport a thicker tread with a three-dimensional pattern that delivers superior grip on loose terrain. What’s more, thanks to the adjustable suspension, you can increase your ground clearance to soak up undulations and soften the riding experience.

Both sets of tires are air-filled, rather than solid. This helps them to be pliable meaning they mold to the ground below. The best way to think about this is to imagine a water balloon being dropped on the floor in slow motion, the balloon molds to the surface below. Pneumatic tires share the same moldability and this is what makes them the best tire type for maintaining traction and soaking up undulations. Plus, the increased surface area of the tire that comes into contact with the ground delivers reliable stopping power despite the Super not having the most advanced braking technology. More on this in the ‘Braking’ section of the review.

INOKIM Ox Plush Air-Filled Tire

Build Quality & Durability

No matter which one you pick, INOKIM scooters are built to last. And they’re built in a unique way that gives them exceptional build quality.

All INOKIM scooters are vertically integrated and use CNC manufacturing. This means that INOKIM owns all the components used, and parts like the stem and base are forged from a single piece of aluminum alloy. The result? A high precision finish and zero weldings, which mean zero weak points. Ultimately, it means they’re durable and longer-lasting which is perfect for everyday use.


This type of premium build quality does come at a price, though (you’ll see what I mean later on when we compare the scooter’s performance). But, if build quality is top of your must-have attributes list, the INOKIM Ox should be at the top of your list.

There is one flaw with the Ox Super, though. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a water-resistance rating, which is surprising given the attention to detail elsewhere. In fact, none of INOKIM’s scooters has official IP ratings.

The kickstand is also too short out of the box, meaning the Ox topples over easily (as you’ll see in our unboxing video). However, it does extend – just remember to do this before you try to stand it up and watch it ungraciously fall.

INOKIM Ox Kickstand

Weight & Load

The Ox Super weighs 61 lbs, which is 4 lbs heavier than the Ox Hero. Given its bigger battery, this is hardly surprising. Even at 61 lbs, the Super is far from light. And because acceleration is its weak point it’s not the best scooter for zipping from A to B, so I’d avoid using it for commuting.

Compared to the scooters I recommend as alternatives, the Ox Super is on the lighter side, with the Mantis Pro and Pro SE both weighing 65 lbs and the VSETT 10+ weighing a scale-destroying 79 lbs. In all fairness to the VSETT 10+, though, you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Front View of INOKIM Ox Folded

As for load capacity, you can flip the lineup on its head. Here, the Mantis Pro SE tops the chart, with a max load capacity of 330 lbs. The VSETT 10+ takes second with 285 lbs and the Mantis Pro and Ox Super are joint third with a max load capacity of 265 lbs. Comparing the Ox Hero to the Super, there’s nothing in it, with both scooters supporting the same max load capacity.

Folding & Portability

When folding the Super, its build quality shines. The claw-like mechanism locks the stem into place with minimal effort and, once in place, there’s not a millimeter of wobble. It’s simple to fold/unfold, too — everything slots into place like Tetris pieces.

INOKIM Ox Folding Mechanism

First, you’ll need to lift the stem until the bottom of it sits flush against the platform of the base of the folding mechanism. Then, lift the locking lever up so the claw fastens the stem to the folding joint, and finally, wrap the rubber band around the locking lever to hold everything in place.

INOKIM Ox Folding Mechanism Locked into Place

Like the Ox Hero, the Super, when folded, has a large profile. For this reason, and because the handlebars don’t fold, it’s not practical public transport, so I don’t recommend it as a portable option.

Rear View of INOKIM Ox Folded


Assembling the Super is a breeze. Like most scooters — including the Hero — it comes pretty much ready to go. However, there are a few small DIY tasks.

First, you’ll want to unbox the scooter and place it on the floor. Then, lift the stem and lock it into place. Next, you’ll need to attach the handlebars and rear mud-guard using the multi-tool provided.

Also in the box, you’ll find the suspension adapters and a socket spanner, which you’ll use to adjust the suspension. Before you set off, check the tire pressure and ensure the battery is fully charged.

You’ll also want to adjust the maximum speed settings since it comes capped at 25 kmh (15 mph). You can read about how to remove the cap and increase the maximum speed to 45 kmh (28 mph) in the ‘Assembly’ section of my INOKIM Ox Hero review.

Ride Quality

Is the INOKIM Ox Super Comfortable to Ride?

Yes. The Ox Super offers one of the most comfortable scooters we’ve tested.

Josh on the INOKIM Ox

The Ox Super and Hero sport a unique suspension setup that comprises both front and rear rubber suspension combined with single-sided swingarms. Together they make light work of bumps and undulations while offering a stable, comfy ride. And then there are the 10-inch tires. Being pneumatic, they are the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to adding an extra layer of shock absorption.

INOKIM Ox Swingarm Suspension

There aren’t many scooters that feel this good to ride. This stems back to the superior build quality, and the fact that each part is designed to fit seamlessly with the next. Just like its younger brother, the Ox Hero, the Super is as smooth to ride as it is to control. There’s nothing to fault with the ride quality.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

The Super can reach speeds of up to 28 mph. But how does it fare against similar scooters in its price and weight class? Let’s take a look.

Speed vs Price Comparison

Taking the Ox Super’s $1,999 price tag and slapping a $250 price range on either side, there are 12 comparable scooters. And where speed is concerned, the Ox Super is bottom of the pile.

Like the Ox Hero, speed isn’t the Super’s strong suit.

INOKIM Ox Super Speed vs Price Comparison

The slow 28 mph top speed is down to its single, 800W motor. And here’s the reason why it fares so poorly for speed vs price. You see, while the Super sports a single motor, all of its competitors have dual motors. And dual motors equal more power, which equals a higher top speed and a higher ranking.

The VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah) takes the crown with a blisteringly quick 50 mph top speed. It also has one of the fastest acceleration rates of all scooters in our 100+ strong database. The VSETT 10+ accelerates quicker than the popular high-performance model, the Wolf Warrior. The reason for this is its dual 1400W motors are far superior to the Wolf’s 1200W motors. The large motors also make the Ox Super’s teeny 800W motor look cute.

The Mantis Pro SE, EVOLV Pro Plus, and Speedway 5 tie for 2nd place. However, the Mantis SE accelerates quicker up to 40 mph so it takes the silver medal.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

Like in the speed vs price comparison, the Ox Super performs poorly when compared to 8 other scooters in its weight class (56-66 lbs).

INOKIM Ox Super Speed vs Weight Comparison

Because of their low top speeds, both INOKIM scooters are at the bottom of the pile. At the top are the three Manti models and the Dualtron Eagle Pro.

Digging deeper into performance, the real winners of the clustered 40 mph bunch are the Mantis Pro and Pro SE with their rapid acceleration rate (0-15 mph in 2.0 seconds). The Mantis Base isn’t far behind, reaching 15 mph in 2.5 seconds, and the Dualtron Eagle is slightly slower taking 2.7 seconds.

If these scooters seem like they may be too quick for you, the Apollo Ghost is worth considering. It’s quicker than the Ox Super with a top speed of 34 mph and has a rapid acceleration rate thanks to its dual 800W motors. Plus, it’s $400 cheaper than the Super.


If you thought the other two comparisons were harsh on the Ox Super, wait until you see the acceleration figures.

So, how does it compare to the scooters I recommended as alternatives:

Scooter 0-15 MPH (Seconds) 0-25 MPH (Seconds)
VSETT 10+ 20.8Ah ($2,199) 1.7 3.6
Mantis Pro ($2,299) 2.0 4.1
Mantis Pro SE ($1,799) 2.0 4.1
INOKIM OX Super ($1,999) 5.3 13.0

As you can see, not great. The Super seriously lags behind the pack to 15 mph with the gap stretching even further when accelerating to 25 mph.

The VSETT 10+, with its dual 1400W motors, clocks in with a spine-tingling acceleration rate that is unmatched. The increased power of the VSETT makes it 68% faster to 15 mph, 72% quicker to 25 mph, and delivers a top speed that is 79% faster than the Ox Super. The crazy thing, though, is that it only costs $200 more than the Super. So, if you’re searching for the best bang (and zoom) for your buck, the VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah) is by far the best option.

INOKIM Ox Super Acceleration Comparison

Behind the VSETT, there’s the Mantis Pro and Pro SE — with equal times both to 15 and 25 mph. So what’s the difference between the Pro and Pro SE?

Well, the Pro SE is the ‘Special Edition’ version of the Mantis Pro (hence the ‘SE’). Both models share the same dual 60V 1000W motors but the SE benefits from having an increased load-capacity (330 vs 265 lbs), new and improved (and waterproof) “Single/Dual” and “Eco/Turbo” mode buttons, a headlight, turn signals, and gold swingarms. The Pro SE is also available in two versions – one with an 18.2Ah battery and the other with a 24.5 battery. The original Mantis Pro, on the other hand, is available with just the larger 24.5 battery. In my alternatives, I am recommending the 18.2Ah version of Pro SE since it is $500 cheaper than the original Pro. (There are some other differences too but you can read more about these in my review of the Mantis Pro SE).

Ultimately, the Pro SE is a fantastic option if you want to save a little cash and reap the reward of a powerful scooter.


INOKIM states that the Ox Super has a 56 mile maximum range (33 miles under our realistic testing conditions). But how does that stack up against its stiffest competition? Let’s find out.

Mileage vs Price Comparison

Thankfully for INOKIM fans, the Super moves up the rankings and shares joint 3rd with the Apollo Pro 52V models. However, because the Apollo Pro 52V’s are in short supply and have been replaced with the Phantom, the INOKIM Super secures its podium finish.

INOKIM Ox Super Mileage vs Price Comparison

Of all the Super’s competitors, the Speedway 5, with its 75 mile range, takes the top spot by a considerable distance. However, I have a major gripe with this scooter – I don’t like its telescopic stem and foldable handlebars.

On commuter scooters, these come in handy. But on performance models, for safety and comfort sake, I prefer everything to be solid. There is one exception, though, and that’s if the foldable handlebars securely lock into place and are wobble-free. However, the Speedway 5 uses spring-loaded handlebar cuffs which means they aren’t as secure as those that screw into place. For a scooter that can hit 40 mph and travel 75 miles, you need a model that you can rely on for stability since this plays a pivotal role in ride quality.

Based on this assessment, the Zero 10X appears to be the next best option, but yet again these are in short supply. A little unknown secret is that the Zero 10X and Apollo Pro are essentially the same scooter. They are made by the same manufacturers but have different branding and batteries. Since these scooters are being phased out and replaced with improved models (like the Phantom for the Apollo Pro, and the VSETT 10+ which was originally intended to be the Pro line of the Zero 10X), they are also in short supply. 

Overall, with all things considered, the Ox Super is the best of the bunch when it comes to mileage.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

To further our comparisons, let’s have a look at how the Ox Super’s range compares with 8 models in its weight class (56 to 66 lbs).

INOKIM Ox Super Mileage vs Weight Comparison

So there it is, finally a win for the Ox Super. Its long 56 mile range is quite a way ahead of its competitors.

However, if you want the luxury of range, speed, and ride quality, the Mantis Pro is an excellent option with its respectable 45 mile range, 40 mph top speed and rapid acceleration rate, and dual spring swingarm suspension. (The reason why I haven’t recommended the Dualtron Eagle Pro here is because it doesn’t have as good build or ride quality as the Mantis Pro).

Further Information:

Long Range Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing

When it comes to climbing hills, the Ox Super is neither poor nor great. Capable of tackling hills up to 20 degrees (36% incline grade), it has the same figures as its younger brother, the Ox Hero. And like the Hero, because of its sluggish acceleration, the Super lacks any real bite, so hill-climbing is slow. Even slower if you’re starting on a hill. Having said that, for most urban environments, the Super is well equipped.

INOKIM Ox Rear Motor

If you’re looking for a scooter that’ll glide up steep inclines without breaking a sweat, the VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah) is the scooter for you. It can climb up to 35 degree inclines. Alternatively, the Mantis Pro and Pro SE can handle 30 degrees inclines.

All three of these scooters have powerful dual motors that generate the torque needed to scale inclines effectively.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

The Ox Super features the same adjustable suspension as its younger brother, the Ox Hero. There are two swingarms, one in the front and rear. Each swingarm has two settings: “High” and “Low”. “High” provides more clearance and allows for a greater amount of travel while off-roading, while “Low” delivers a riding profile that is best suited to urban terrain. Because of this, and the fact that it uses a rubber torsion suspension system, the Super delivers a supremely soft riding experience that is hard to beat.

INOKIM Ox Swingarm

The only scooter to deliver a softer ride is that of the vastly more expensive Nami Burn-e Viper. The Burn-e lets you dial in the exact amount of damping you want from cushy to firm.


As far as braking goes, INOKIM scooters always perform well. Like the Ox Hero, the Super sports dual mechanical brakes, as do all the other scooters in the Super’s price bracket.

INOKIM Ox Rear Disc Brake

However, only half are equipped with hydraulics, including the VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah), Mantis Pro SE, Mantis 8 Pro, Zero 10X, Apollo Pro, and Apollo Phantom. Given this lineup, you’d think the Super — with its rather simple drum and disc setup — would have a much longer braking distance than its competition. But despite its apparent weaker setup, it performs very well against its competition, either matching them or coming very close when it comes to braking distance.

INOKIM Ox Grippy Brake Lever

The Super comes to a stop from 15 mph in just 3.4 meters. On average, the typical performance scooter takes around 3.0 – 3.4 meters to stop.

If you want to come to a stop even faster, the Mantis Pro SE can bring you to a halt from 15 mph in just 3.0 meters.

Charge Time

The Ox Super’s battery takes 12.5 hours to charge. This is 4.5 hours longer than the Ox Hero, and there’s a good reason why.

Because the Ox Hero is the entry-level scooter in the Ox range, it uses a smaller 13Ah battery that is made up of lower-quality Chinese battery cells, as opposed to the Super’s much larger 21Ah LG battery.

There’s a crucial difference in the performance of Chinese and LG batteries, too.

While Chinese batteries are often chosen by manufacturers to bring the cost of a scooter down, they deteriorate quicker than high-quality batteries, like the LG ones.

Just as your phone battery decays the more you charge it, the cheaper Chinese cells used in scooter batteries do the same. So, if you have your sights set on an INOKIM Ox, the Super has a much better battery that’ll give you peak performance for many more charge cycles than the Hero. All of a sudden, the extra 4.5 hours to charge doesn’t seem all that long, does it?

Extra Features

LCD Display & Thumb Throttle For Customized Performance Configuration

The Ox Super sports the same minimalistic cockpit as the Ox Hero. It features a small LCD display and an easy-to-use thumb throttle. Because of its simplicity, it’s super easy to use and get to grips with.

Close Up of INOKIM Ox Display

You can use the display for customizing the screen’s brightness, controlling the maximum speed, turning cruise control on and off, changing the units of display (km or miles), and controlling when the scooter automatically turns its lights on by adjusting the light level that you want the sensors to detect.

The thumb throttle is, without a doubt, a key feature that makes Ox a joy to ride. Unlike other performance scooters that use finger throttles – that can, after long rides, lead to cramp because of the claw-like position required to hold them down – riding the Ox is effortless. Over the years that we’ve been testing scooters, we have been screaming out for more models to ditch the finger throttles for the thumb variety and we’ve seen brands like Apollo take consumer feedback on board and release new scooters like the Phantom that feature ergonomic thumb throttles. Hopefully, we will see more of these on more models in the future.

INOKIM Ox Thumb Throttle

2-Step Adjustable Suspension System

The Ox Super has a unique suspension setup that features two adjustable swingarms, one at the front and one at the rear. Depending on the type of ground you’re riding on, you can adjust the suspension to give you more (or less) clearance.

INOKIM Ox Rear Swingarm and Brake Cable Neatly Tucked into the Deck

If you’re someone who likes to control their scooter’s setup, you’ll love the Super’s suspension. It must be said though, that it’s not a quick job and it can’t be done on the go, but all of the tools required to make the adjustments are included in the box. As a word of warning, we recommend that you stick to one setting (i.e. don’t use the High setting at the front, and Low at the rear, and vice versa).

LED Lights That Turn on Automatically When Dark

Before we get into how the Ox knows when to turn your lights on, let’s take a look at the setup.

There are three lights in total – two at the front (one on either side of the deck) and one at the back. As with most scooters, the rear light also doubles up as a brake light.

INOKIM Ox Front Light

But here’s the interesting part. The thumb throttle is lined with sensors that detect the photographic coefficient (light level). Once a certain light level is detected, the lights automatically turn on. The setting to enable this can be disabled, or if you want greater control over when they turn on you can adjust the light level.

Overall, the Ox Super’s lights are good but not great. While they’re good at alerting people of your whereabouts, they’re not powerful enough to light up the road ahead. And for this reason, you should avoid riding the scooter at night unless you have a rechargeable headlight attached to the handlebars.

Another slight annoyance is that the rear light is only on the right side of the deck, meaning anyone to your left won’t see the brake light flashing.

INOKIM Ox Rear Light

Tire Hugger

The Ox Super has one of the best tire huggers.

And by that, I mean it does its job of protecting you from water and mud splatter.

INOKIM Ox Tire Hugger

More often than not, the scooters we review are equipped with mudguards that don’t cover enough of the tire, leaving your back open to look like a Jackson Pollock painting.


One thing's for sure, the Ox Super won’t win any awards for its bell. The bicycle-like bell has a decent tone but is only loud enough to be heard by those who are close to you.

Compared to the motorcycle-grade horn you get on scooters like the Wolf Warrior, Wolf King, and VSETT 11+, it’s pretty poxy.

Specification: INOKIM Ox Super Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Air-Filled)

Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Drum

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


When you purchase the Ox Super through INOKIM’s official retailer, Fluid Free Ride, the scooter comes with a 12-month warranty.

As with most warranties, this covers manufacturing defects, including problems with the scooter’s battery. Fluid Free Ride goes one step further, though, and handles the labor costs, too. This means that if you need to send your scooter in for repair, you’ll only need to pay for the shipping costs. And, if Fluid Free Ride’s support team is confident that you can fix the problem yourself under their guidance, they’ll send you the parts for free.

There is some small print in the warranty, though. Most notably, consumables aren’t covered (i.e. tires, tire tubes, and brake pads), and neither is general wear and tear. Nor is damage as a result of collisions, accidents, or environmental factors. As a result, I recommend not riding in the rain.

Post-Purchase Support

Fluid Free Ride is a big name in the scooter world and I am in constant contact with Julian – the Founder – to see what they are doing to support customers, whether that's improvements with the warranty or taking a look around the service center where they repair and maintain scooters.

They have a super helpful team stretching from the customer support team who help you with everything related to your purchase, to the technical experts that effectively troubleshoot to find solutions to any issues you may have.

As well as providing phone and email support, they are one of the few retailers that have created an in-depth Support Hub. In here you’ll find guides on how to set up your new scooter, adjust the brakes, replace folding mechanisms, and more.

Specification: INOKIM Ox Super Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Air-Filled)

Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Drum

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights

INOKIM Ox Super Review
INOKIM Ox Super Review


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