Josh Testing the INOKIM Ox Hero
INOKIM Ox Swingarm Suspension Rear View of INOKIM Ox Tire Hugger INOKIM Ox Deck Close Up of INOKIM Ox Handlebars

INOKIM Ox Hero Review


7.5/10 (Expert Score)


August 25, 2021

Price When Reviewed: $1599.00

The INOKIM Ox has all the makings of a good scooter. It’s fairly affordable, exceptionally well-built, and has a super comfy ride. Plus, it sports an array of outstanding features, including adjustable suspension and lights that turn on automatically when they sense it’s dark. Unfortunately, though, the scooter’s power — or lack thereof — holds it back. Sluggish acceleration and a top speed of 28 mph won’t exactly excite performance fans. Having said that, for anyone on the hunt for an INOKIM scooter, the Ox Hero should be on your list. All in all, if you’re shopping for your first scooter and speed isn’t your main focus, the INOKIM Ox Hero is a worthy contender.

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Video Review

INOKIM Ox Deep Dive | Is it Worth the Price Tag?

From its eye-popping orange swingarms to the vertically integrated construction, effortless folding mechanism, and plush nimble tires, the INOKIM Ox has a lot to offer – but, is it worth its high price tag? Watch the video to find out.

Who is it Best For?

Will the INOKIM Ox Hero Be a Good Fit For You?

The INOKIM Ox is an all-rounder that'll suit anyone unbothered by speed or acceleration. It’s a good choice for those shopping for their first or second scooter; who want a step up from a budget model but don’t want to drop $2,000+ on a top-performing model like the INOKIM OxO or the Mantis Pro.

Josh on the INOKIM Ox

While it has a somewhat outdated LCD display, you can’t fault its overall build and ride quality. It is one of the best-built and comfy rides I’ve reviewed. Sadly, though, that's all the INOKIM Ox really has going for it, and this shows when you look at its performance figures.

I’m reluctant to recommend it to anyone who has a passion for speed, simply because its small 800W motor pales in comparison to similarly-priced models that sport far more powerful dual motors.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional build quality
  • High precision finish and striking orange/black design
  • Adjustable rubber suspension delivers a supremely soft ride
  • Front drum and rear disc brakes deliver good stopping power


  • Slow and sluggish
  • No water-resistance rating
  • Hard plastic deck lacks grip

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

Yes and no. Let me explain.

With the Ox Hero, you’re essentially paying for its build quality. The use of CNC manufacturing and the fact that it’s vertically integrated are all premium-price features. But when you look at its overall performance, it’s lacking compared to similarly-priced models.

Side Profile of INOKIM Ox Frame and Deck

For these reasons, there are better value performance scooters to choose from. In a nutshell, it all comes down to what you’re looking for. If it’s chart-topping speed, acceleration, and mileage, avoid the INOKIM Ox Hero. But, if it’s sublime ride quality then the Ox is your guy.

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

Mantis Base

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Apollo Ghost

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EMOVE Cruiser

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It sports a good set of handlebars. They’re not too wide, or too narrow, not too thin or too girthy — they’re just right. And because they’re made from the same durable cast aluminum as the stem, they’re sturdy, free from wobble, and instill confidence when riding.

Close Up of INOKIM Ox Handlebars

One of the standout things, for me, though, is the rubber grips. Like a steering wheel in a sports car, they fit the palm of your hand like a dream thanks to their beefy ergonomic shape.

INOKIM Ox Rubber Handgrip

It’s a similar story with the two brake levers, which again sport a strip of grippy rubber for enhanced control.

INOKIM Ox Grippy Brake Lever

And then you have the LCD display. Responsible for monitoring your battery life, speed, riding mode and distance traveled, it’s not the biggest, but it’s neat, well-lit, and easy to use.

INOKIM Ox Display


The INOKIM Ox is one of the best-looking scooters. And its frame is arguably one of its strongest features.

The simple yet striking colorway gives this scooter a unique look that will appeal to most scooter enthusiasts. Accents of orange highlight the front and rear swingarms, as well as the brake cables, which are neatly tucked away in the scooter’s stem.

Front of INOKIM Ox Handlebars

While the design won’t win any awards for creativity, neither will it alienate anyone. Of all the similarly-priced scooters, the INOKIM Ox is by far the best-looking, with the majority of other scooters – like the Apollo Ghost and Mantis Base – sporting traditional stripped-back designs with few accents.

INOKIM Ox High-Quality Frame

If you need color, there is the EMOVE Cruiser, which you can get in black, white, orange, red, and purple. Unlike the INOKIM, you’ll get a colored deck and frame, making it more of a statement than the Ox.


The first thing you’ll notice is the sheer size of the deck. Of all the scooters I’ve ridden, the Ox has one of the biggest. This makes it easy to find a stance that feels natural and enhances comfort on long rides.


Where it’s lacking, though, is the platform itself. Unlike the other scooters in its category, the Ox's platform is made from hard plastic rather than anti-slip rubber, a grippier and more premium alternative. One upside to its design is that it’s super easy to wipe down. Nevertheless, a few strips of grip tape or rubber – like on the EMOVE Cruiser and VSETT 9+R – wouldn’t go a miss. While its lack of grip doesn’t cause too many issues on the road, as soon as you hit the rough stuff, you’ll struggle to keep your feet planted. The difference in grip is noticeable when hopping from a scooter that is well-equipped to the Ox that isn’t.

Close Up of INOKIM Ox Plastic Deck Cover

One of the deck’s redeeming features, though, is the kickplate at the rear. It’s reinforced and perfect for firmly planting your back foot on while riding. It helps you maintain stability despite the lack of grip on the platform. It also facilitates a stance where you can shift your weight to the back of the scooter when braking for a more controlled stop.

Another great thing about the kickplate is that it has a cut-out. This allows the ridge on the back of the handlebars to click into it, making it easier to pack up, pick up, and carry. Having said that, it’s hardly light, so carrying it is still hard work.

INOKIM Ox Kickplate


Measuring 10 x 2.5 inches apiece, the Ox has two pneumatic tires — which are air-filled rather than solid. This helps to absorb the terrain underfoot and provides a more comfortable ride.

INOKIM Ox Plush Air-Filled Tire

With a relatively sleek tread and a slightly narrower profile than others in its category, the Ox offers a nimble ride and is primed for street riding rather than challenging off-road tracks. However, during my test rides, I took the Ox on dirt paths and it performed very well on these less demanding off-road routes.

INOKIM Ox Tire Tread

However, INOKIM does make off-road tires for the Ox, which I recommend if you plan on riding on loose rock-strewn terrain. You can also adjust the suspension to its high setting to increase your ground clearance, too. Because of its ability to effectively soak up undulations, the Ox’s soft riding experience makes it well equipped for off-roading (with the off-road tires fitted).

Build Quality & Durability

Along with the ride quality (which we’ll cover later in the review), the Ox’s build quality is one of its strong suits. The Ox was designed from the ground up with a whole host of custom parts. And you can tell. Quality is in abundance.

INOKIM Ox Rubber Band Around Folding Mechanism

All INOKIM scooters are vertically integrated. Unlike most brands that take parts from several manufacturers, INOKIM owns every single component. INOKIM also uses CNC manufacturing, and this essentially means that each part of the scooter has been forged from a single piece of aluminum alloy — allowing for a high precision finish and zero weldings, which means zero weak points.

INOKIM Ox Durable Frame

While this makes INOKIM scooters more expensive, it guarantees a seamless integration of all the parts and components — resulting in better build quality. So if you’re looking for a scooter that’s fit for the gauntlet of everyday use, the INOKIM is a great option.

My main issue is that the Ox doesn’t flaunt a water-resistance rating. Despite INOKIM’s attention to detail, none of their scooters come with official IP ratings. This sets the Ox back from its similarly-priced competitors, the Apollo Ghost and the EMOVE Cruiser, which sport IP54 and IPX6 ratings respectively.

Another slight annoyance is the kickstand. Its lack of sturdiness doesn’t fill us with the utmost confidence (check out our unboxing video for an epic kickstand fail). However, since recording this video, we’ve been told that the kickstand does extend to make it sturdier. We haven’t tried it yet, but apparently, it does make a difference.

INOKIM Ox Kickstand

Weight & Load

The Hero weighs in at 57 lbs, a full 4 lbs lighter than the Ox Super, which is about what you’d expect given the Super’s bigger battery. Compared to the scooters I recommend as alternatives, the Ox is on the lighter side, along with the EMOVE Cruiser which weighs in at 52 lbs, but the Mantis Base (61 lbs) and the Apollo Ghost (64 lbs) both come in heavier. Still, at 57 lbs, it’s far from light, so it’s unlikely to fit the bill if you’re on the hunt for a commuter scooter.

Front View of INOKIM Ox Folded

So how does it do for load capacity? Generally speaking, the Ox positions itself in line with the majority of scooters in its class capable of supporting up to 265 lbs. Against the backdrop of scooters that I recommend as alternatives, however, the Ox matches the Mantis Base but falls short of the others. Surprisingly, it’s the lightest scooter, the EMOVE Cruiser that boasts the heaviest max load capacity, capable of supporting up to 352 lbs of rider bulk. The Apollo Ghost follows with 300 lbs.

Comparing the Ox to the Ox Super, there’s nothing in it, with both scooters supporting the same max load capacity.

Folding & Portability

The Ox folds in half at the base of the stem using a premium, claw-like mechanism. It's simple to use.

INOKIM Ox Folding Claw

Simply lift the stem to sit flush against the base of the folding platform, lift the locking lever, and wrap the rubber band around the stem to hold everything in place.

INOKIM Ox Folding Mechanism Locked into Place

When folded, the stem locks into the kickplate, making it easier to carry.

While the folding mechanism is intuitive and takes only a matter of seconds to operate, the Ox’s large profile remains. The handlebars also don’t fold, so it’s not practical for public transport.

Rear View of INOKIM Ox Folded


As with most scooters, the Ox comes pretty much ready to go. There are a couple of tasks you need to do before you’re ready to ride. Set aside 20-30 mins to get the job done.

First, you’ll want to unbox it and place it on the floor. Then, lift the stem and lock it into place.


Once you’ve done that, you need to attach the handlebars and the rear mud-guard (or, as I like to call it the tire hugger) using the multi-tool provided. You’ll also find the suspension adapters and a socket spanner in the box. These are used to change the suspension from either the Low position (which is the default) or the High position. Directions on how to do this are included in the manual.

Following the steps above, make sure that all the handlebar accessories are firmly tightened into place and that the brakes operate as they should. During my first ride, I was shocked by how slow the Ox was but after digging deeper into its settings I noticed that it arrives with a preset cap on the top speed. To remove this cap and unleash the full power of the 800W motor do the following:

  1. Turn on the Ox.
  2. Access the sub-menu by pressing and holding the + and – buttons together.
  3. Press the power button to navigate to setting number 5.
  4. Press and hold the power, +, and – buttons together until you see setting 7.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you see setting 8.
  6. Here, you will see the max speed flashing on the left of the screen.
  7. Press the + button to increase the max speed from 25 km/h to 45 km/h.
  8. To confirm the new max speed, press and hold the power button until the screen reverts to the stat dashboard.
  9. Go back to the sub-menu by pressing and holding the + and – buttons together.
  10. Press the power button to navigate to setting number 2.
  11. Press the + button to set the exact speed you want. You can select any number from 25 to 45.
  12. To confirm the new speed setting, press and hold the power button until the screen reverts to the stat dashboard.
  13. You’re done.

Final checks before riding are to ensure both the tires are inflated to the correct pressure and charging the battery to its max capacity.

Ride Quality

Is the INOKIM Ox Hero Comfortable to Ride?

The short answer is yes, very.

I’d even go as far as to say that the Ox is one of my all-time favorite scooters to ride. This is down to the effective front and rear rubber suspension that works in unison with the unique single-sided swingarms arms to soak up the bumps and undulations like a hot knife slicing through butter.

INOKIM Ox Swingarm Suspension

The suspension is complemented with 10-inch pneumatic tires that keep the scooter planted to the terrain below, providing excellent traction and keeping you stable as you glide.

As for its general handling, it is stable and secure, which is more than what can be said for even the most premium of scooters like the Dualtron Eagle Pro which suffers from stem wobble. The reason why the Ox can deliver superlative levels of ride comfort stems back to its excellent build quality where each component has been designed to fit seamlessly with the next. With wide, solid handlebars, girthy grips, a large deck and kickplate, and powerful brakes, the Ox isn’t just comfortable in how it feels, but in how it is to control.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

The Ox can reach speeds of up to 28 mph. But how does it fare against similar scooters? Let’s look at how the Ox compares to scooters in its price and weight class.

Speed vs Price Comparison

There are a lot of scooters in the Ox’s price class. When we take a $500 price range — with the INOKIM Ox in the middle — there are 19 comparable scooters. So how does it perform?

INOKIM Ox Hero Speed vs Price Comparison

As you can see from the chart, not very well. And it’s safe to say that speed isn’t the Ox’s strong point. Out of 19, it comes second from last, sharing its 28 mph top speed with the EVOLV Tour XL Plus.

The Ox’s top speed isn’t necessarily slow in the world of electric scooters as a whole but reaching it is. As a result of its single 800W motor, it has a sluggish acceleration rate. Considering its price, it is more closely associated with dual motor scooters and this is its downfall – it can’t keep up.

All the scooters at the top of the list, including the Mantis Base, EVOLV Pro, and Varla Eagle One, are equipped with two 1000W motors.

The fastest scooter, the Mantis Base, operates at 60V rather than 52V, like the other two chart-toppers. A higher voltage increases torque and acceleration and this is why the Mantis Base takes just 2.5 seconds to hit 15 mph and 5.2 seconds to hit 25 mph. By comparison, the Ox takes longer (5.3 seconds) to reach 15 mph than the Mantis takes to reach 25 mph.

So, if you’re looking for speed and can afford to spend an extra $50, your best bet is the Mantis Base – after all, it has a 57% faster acceleration rate and a 43% faster top speed than the Ox.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

Similar to the speed vs price comparison above, the Ox performs poorly when compared to 12 other scooters in its weight class (52 to 62 lbs).

INOKIM Ox Hero Speed vs Weight Comparison

Along with its big bro — the Ox Super — the Hero is second from last when it comes to speed. As well as being identical when pushed to the limit, their acceleration times are the same. Again, not something that’ll please adrenaline junkies.

Of all the scooters, the Mantis Base takes the crown, followed by the entire VSETT 9+ lineup and the Mantis 8 Pro. Compared to the VSETT 9+ models, the Mantis 8 has faster overall acceleration, allowing it to reach its 33 mph top speed quicker. The faster acceleration is a result of its larger 48V 800W dual motors, which are up against the VSETT’s dual 650W motors.


As we’ve already seen, speed isn’t the Ox’s strong point, and neither is acceleration. It’s one of the slowest scooters for its price.

Here’s how it compares to the scooters I recommended as alternatives:

Scooter0-15 MPH (Seconds)0-25 MPH (Seconds)
Apollo Ghost ($1,499)2.35.2
Mantis Base ($1,649)2.55.2
EMOVE Cruiser ($1,399)3.411.0
INOKIM Ox Hero ($1,599)5.313.0

As you can see, the Ox seriously lags behind the pack both to 15 mph and 25 mph. The Ghost and Base both sport dual motors, while the Cruiser has a larger 1000W motor vs the Ox’s 800W.

The Ghost wins when accelerating to 15 mph, but it’s beaten by the Mantis Base beyond 25 mph. What’s interesting (and equally as astonishing) is that the Ghost and Base are quicker to 25 mph than the Ox is to 15 mph.

INOKIM Ox Hero Acceleration Comparison

Against the backdrop of its direct competitors, the Ox, when accelerating up to 15 mph, is at best, 56% slower than the Cruiser and, at worst, 130% slower than the Ghost.


INOKIM states a manufacturer-quoted maximum range of 37 miles. But, under realistic conditions – with a 165 lbs rider and the scooter maxing out on speed – it delivers 24-26 miles.

How does its maximum mileage stack up against its competition? Let’s find out.

Mileage vs Price Comparison

Unlike the speed vs price comparison, the Ox moves up the rankings to the mid-way point. While the 37 mile range may seem respectable, it’s 25 miles less than the EMOVE Cruiser, which has a whopping 62-mile range.

Of all the scooters in its price bracket, the Cruiser comes out on top, and it’s at the lower end of the price bracket, too. If mileage is your priority, there’s no better scooter.

INOKIM Ox Hero Mileage vs Price Comparison

However, where the Cruiser loses out is on the rough stuff. The two large front springs and dual rear air shocks do a good job on urban terrain but lose to the Ox, whose dual swingarms and rubber torsion system allows for deeper shock absorption on both urban and off-road terrain.

If you’re looking for a scooter with a longer range than the Ox but want to benefit from better ride quality than the EMOVE Cruiser, either the Varla Eagle One, EVOLV Pro, Apollo Ghost, or VSETT 9+R are good picks.

You may be asking why I haven’t recommended the Apollo Pro, Zero 8X, or INOKIM Quick 4 Super as good long-range alternatives, and here’s why. The Apollo Pro 52V (with and without hydraulic brakes), as well as the Zero 8X, are in short supply since they have been replaced with improved models, including the Apollo Phantom and VSETT 9+R.

On the other hand, the INOKIM Quick 4 Super sadly lacks suspension and delivers a sub-par riding experience on long stretches compared to scooters that have suspension. So, unless you’re riding on a freshly laid road, you’ll struggle to not feel every lump, bump, and vibration.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

To take our mileage comparisons one step further, let’s look at how it compares with the 12 models in its weight class (52 to 62 lbs).

INOKIM Ox Hero Mileage vs Weight Comparison

So there you have it – the Ox misses out on a podium position, falling just short of the VSETT 9+R and Mantis 8 Pro (both sporting 40 miles).

It’s a similar scenario as the mileage vs price comparison, with the EMOVE Cruiser topping the bill with 62 miles, followed by the Ox Super with a respectable 56 miles. There is quite a drop from the leading two to the rest of the bunch, so it’s worth considering whether a faster speed, similar weight, and shorter – but respectable – range are worth it. If they are, the VSETT 9+R and Mantis 8 Pro are great alternatives. You just may want to consider that the 9+R has a more affordable price tag of $1,749 compared to the 8 Pro’s $1,999.

Further Information:

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Hill Climbing

The Ox has an average hill-climbing ability, capable of tackling mild inclines with ease. But, because of its sluggish acceleration, it takes a while to build up speed and momentum, so it’s not the best if you’re starting on a hill.

INOKIM Ox Rear Motor

If you’re looking for a hill-hungry scooter, the Apollo Ghost is a good option and can tackle hills up to 25 degrees. Need more? How about the Mantis at 30 degrees? If a high mileage scooter is what you need, the EMOVE Cruiser matches the OX Hero with its max incline but handles them easier (and faster) because of its larger motor.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

Like the Ox Super, the Hero features an adjustable suspension system that has two settings: high and low. Because they’re adjustable, they offer a good level of shock absorption and can handle both on and off-road terrain.

INOKIM Ox Swingarm

Supporting the suspension are two 10 x 2.5-inch pneumatic tires. Being air-filled, they are pliable and effectively soak up the vibrations and impacts of uneven surfaces. This is welcomed, as the tires are slightly narrower than normal, allowing the scooter to be incredibly nimble.

To put the suspension of the Ox Hero into perspective, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is extremely stiff and 10 is super soft, I’d place it at a solid 7.5. Overall, I can’t fault it. The only scooters that deliver luxurious levels of comfort beyond the 7.5 mark are the likes of the Nami Burn-e Viper that allows you to dial in the exact amount of damping that you want. This comes at a cost, though, and is nearly three times as expensive as the Ox Hero coming in a wallet-emptying $4,499.


If there’s one thing the guys at INOKIM know how to do, it’s giving their scooters the equipment to effectively slow and stop. There are no corners cut where braking performance is concerned.

INOKIM Ox Rear Disc Brake

Where all of its competitors (aside from the Dualtron Mini) use dual mechanical braking systems, the Ox is equipped with a powerful front drum and rear disc brake. And these provide good stopping power at both low and high speeds. At 15 mph, you’ll come to a stop in around 3.4 meters. The average for a performance scooter is between 3 and 3.4 meters, where we consider 3 meters to be very good.

In comparison to our recommended alternatives, the EMOVE Cruiser and Mantis Base both come with semi-hydraulic disc brakes and a stopping distance of 3.4 meters, while the Apollo Ghost comes to a stop in 3 meters with its powerful disc brakes. The Ghost can also be upgraded to have full hydraulic brakes for $200 more, equating to a total of $1,699.

Charge Time

The OX Hero’s 60V 13Ah battery takes 8 hours to charge.

However, there is a major consideration when it comes to the battery. This lies in the type of cells used. Because the Ox Hero is the entry-level model to the Ox series, which also includes the superior Super model, it is equipped with lower-quality battery cells. More specifically, it uses cheaper Chinese battery cells than the Ox Super which boasts an LG battery.

Just as your phone battery slowly decays after charge cycles, cheaper battery cells mean that the battery’s peak performance deteriorates faster than high-quality cells. So, if you want to get your hands on an INOKIM Ox, the Super delivers superior quality – meaning it’ll deliver peak performance for far longer than the Hero.

Alternatively, all of the scooters that I recommend as alternatives (except for the Mantis Base which also has Chinese battery cells) have high-quality Dynavolt (Apollo Ghost) and LG (EMOVE Cruiser) cells. If you liked the look of the Mantis Base but this news has thrown a spanner in the works, I recommend opting for the Mantis Pro SE which uses LG cells and strikes a price that is in the middle of the Base and original Pro. For more information, see my full review of the Mantis Pro SE.

Extra Features

LCD Display & Throttle For Customized Performance Configuration

The Ox sports a small LCD display and thumb throttle. Of all the scooters I’ve ridden, this is one of the simplest cockpits I’ve seen.

Close Up of INOKIM Ox Display

While it’s simple, it’s also easy to use. I love the thumb throttle. As well as being more ergonomic than a trigger, it's also more comfortable on longer rides. A great thing about the Ox is that you’ll never experience cramped hands — something trigger throttle scooters can only dream of boasting about.

INOKIM Ox Thumb Throttle

You can also use the display to customize settings like the brightness of the screen, the maximum speed (as discussed in the ‘Assembly’ section of the review), whether cruise control is on or off, the units of display (km or miles), and change the Photocell setting which uses the throttle’s light sensors to automatically switch your lights on or off accordingly. You can adjust the brightness of the lights, too.

2-Step Adjustable Suspension System

The Ox’s adjustable suspension is one of its selling points. Being able to raise and lower the swingarms gives riders more control over the scooter's set-up. More specifically, how it handles different types of terrain.

INOKIM Ox Rear Swingarm and Brake Cable Neatly Tucked into the Deck

Fortunately, the suspension settings are called Low and High, so there’s nothing complex to get your head around. The lower suspension setting is suited to high speeds and smooth surfaces, where it provides a firmer ride. The high suspension setting allows the swingarms to pivot more, providing greater travel for off-road riding.

All of the tools needed to adjust the suspension are included in the box.

LED Lights That Turn on Automatically When it’s Dark Out

The INOKIM Ox has three lights. One on either side of the deck at the front, and one at the back of the scooter that doubles up as a brake light.

INOKIM Ox Front Light

The two front lights do a good job of making sure you’re seen. However, they aren’t powerful enough to light up the road ahead. So, if you’re looking to ride at night, I recommend attaching an external rechargeable headlight. As for the rear light, it does half a job since it's only on one side. It illuminates the logo across it making it look the part, but it would be nice to have one on either side of the deck for increased visibility.

INOKIM Ox Rear Light

A cool feature about the lights is that they turn on automatically when it’s dark. The throttle is lined with sensors that detect the light level and turn the lights on or off accordingly.

Tire Hugger

The Ox Hero is one of a few scooters to have a tire hugger that does the job it was made for. And for that, it has its sheer size to thank. It doesn’t just cover a fraction of the tire, it covers it in all the areas that matter.

INOKIM Ox Tire Hugger

This, coupled with the large kickplate, provides great protection from water and mud splatter.

Rear View of INOKIM Ox Tire Hugger


The bell is similar to those you’d find on a pushbike. It has a decent ring and is loud enough to alert those around you that you’re there. All in all, it does its job, but it’s no match for the motorcycle-grade horns we see on scooters like the Wolf Warrior.

Specification: INOKIM Ox Hero Review




Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Mechanical), Drum

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Lights

Max Incline (degrees)


Water Resistance Rating


Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


When purchased through Fluid Free Ride, INOKIM’s official retailer, Ox Hero comes with a 12-month warranty that begins the date that appears on the purchase invoice.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects (including the battery), which is fairly standard. However, Fluid Free Ride goes a step beyond other warranties because they take care of the labor costs, meaning that if you need to send your scooter in for repair you’ll only have to pay for the shipping costs.

Alternatively, if Fluid Free Ride’s support team believes that your issue can be fixed by yourself under their guidance, they will ship the parts to you for free.

As with all warranties, there are a few things to be aware of. Most notably, consumables – which include components like brake pads, tire tubes, and the tires themselves – aren’t covered by warranty, which is to be expected. Similarly, wear and tear isn’t covered and any damage as a result of collisions, accidents, or environmental factors like water are void from the warranty. You also shouldn’t attempt to alter the electronic programming or neglect proper care and maintenance.

Post-Purchase Support

Fluid Free Ride is a popular retailer and this is in no small part because of their helpful customer service team.

Not only are they on hand to help you via email and phone, but they have created a useful support hub for self-help. In the hub, you’ll find guides on things like how to set up the scooter and adjust the brakes.

Specification: INOKIM Ox Hero Review




Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Mechanical), Drum

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Lights

Max Incline (degrees)


Water Resistance Rating


INOKIM Ox Hero Review
INOKIM Ox Hero Review


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