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EMOVE Cruiser Review


8.5/10 (Expert Score)


August 2, 2021

Price When Reviewed: $1399.00
IMPORTANT: This scooter has been replaced by the new EMOVE Cruiser S.

The EMOVE Cruiser is the best scooter under $1,500 – period. Compounding monstrous range and load-bearing capacities with a multitude of extra features – including an IPX6 water resistance rating, telescopic stem, and a choice of five colors – the EMOVE Cruiser is just as much fun as it looks. But all that style doesn’t mean the Cruiser overlooks substance. With semi-hydraulic brakes, silky spring suspension, and plump car-grade pneumatic tires all combining for a superb riding experience, the Cruiser delivers on all fronts. You won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on it, either.

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EMOVE Cruiser Review: Best Electric Scooter Under $1,500

IMPORTANT: This scooter has been replaced by the new EMOVE Cruiser S.

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Video Review

EMOVE Cruiser Review: Best Electric Scooter Sub $1,400

Reliable, long-range, and incredibly well-rounded, the EMOVE Cruiser ticks all the right boxes and has everything a stylish and savvy rider needs. Join us as we give you an up-close and personal look at the EMOVE Cruiser’s illustrious design and run-through of what you can expect once it arrives on your doorstep.

Who is it Best For?

Will the EMOVE Cruiser Be a Good Fit For You?

The EMOVE Cruiser is that rare find in the electric scooter world – a machine that all riders can enjoy.

Sure, its single motor means that it’s not able to compete with the dual motor-powered models when it comes to speed and acceleration. So if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you may want to opt for the Apollo Ghost or Mantis Base, for more speed at a similar price.

Similarly, the EMOVE Cruiser – at 52 lbs – probably isn’t the right fit for riders looking for a super-portable model, nor is it made for off-roading. Don’t get me wrong, the 10-inch pneumatic tires provide a reasonable level of shock absorption on less even terrain, it’s just that well-maintained urban roads are where the Crusier’s wheels do their best work.

Josh with the EMOVE Cruiser

But ultimately, the Cruiser excels on so many metrics – range, features, load, style – that it’s impossible not to love, no matter what kind of rider you are. For $1,399, there’s no better scooter on the market.

Pros and Cons


  • Unparalleled range in its class
  • Supremely affordable
  • Fantastic load-bearing capabilities
  • Comes in five stunning colors
  • Telescopic stem allows you to customize the height of the handlebars
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
  • Buttery-smooth suspension
  • Foldable handlebars
  • IPX6 water resistance rating


  • Slightly too heavy for commuting
  • Hand grips have some wiggle

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

The EMOVE Cruiser offers so much bang for your buck that it would be a crime against humanity for me to say it’s not worth its price tag.

The Cruiser is worth every cent, nickel, and dime of your money. For one, its barnstorming 62 miles of range isn’t just the best in its class but blows many of the electric scooter world’s most feature-rich and expensive models out of the water. Names such as the Wolf King, Apollo Phantom, and Mantis Pro – models rarely absent from conversations about the industry’s very best models – all have ranges that pale in comparison to the Cruiser’s.

Front View of EMOVE Cruiser

Let’s also not forget that the Cruiser’s $1,399 price tag makes it one of the most affordable scooters.

Of course, there’s no sugar-coating the fact that the Cruiser isn’t the fastest model out there. But for a scooter that achieves an improbable blend of affordability, mileage, user-friendliness, and even style, the EMOVE Cruiser is – quite simply – the best there is.

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Why is it Better Than the EMOVE Cruiser?

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Tall, telescopic, and teeming with several of the smartest features the scooter has to offer, the EMOVE Cruiser’s handlebars are one of its main attractions.

They are, of course, where you’ll find key devices such as your QS-S4 display – a small screen providing insights into your speed, riding mode, and distance traveled – which also doubles as a finger throttle, for controlling your pace and acceleration. You’ll also be able to view your scooter’s battery life via a built-in voltmeter and unlock the scooter with a key-start ignition.

EMOVE Cruiser Handlebars

On the opposite side of the handlebars, you’ll find buttons for controlling the EMOVE Cruiser’s horn, turn signals, and headlight, while a pair of hand-operated brakes offer simultaneous servings of both symmetry and stopping power.

It’s all there from an aesthetic perspective, too, with the Cruiser’s handlebars folding neatly down to aid storage and transport. In fact, the Cruiser’s handlebars are a neat blend not only of portability but customizability too. Via the telescopic stem, you can fix the Cruiser’s handlebars at whichever height suits you.

Topping all this off are snug, comfortable rubber hand grips. After all, there’s a chance you’ll be riding this thing for over 60 miles at a time – you can’t afford to be picking up blisters.

EMOVE Cruiser Grippy Handgrip and Brake


If there’s one thing you should know about the EMOVE Cruiser, it’s that the scooter is much larger than it looks in the pictures.

Because of how diminutive it can look in photographs – and, perhaps, because of the array of bright colors it comes in – you could be forgiven for mistaking the Cruiser for a conventional scooter. I can reassure you, however, that it’s not – particularly when you consider the Cruiser’s 30 mph top speeds, and the hulking 52V 30Ah LG battery concealed within the depths of its deck.

EMOVE Cruiser Full Frame

The Cruiser comes in five colors, which encompass everything from the moderate black and white options to the more ‘out there’ red, orange, and purple variations. While these latter vivid varieties won’t appeal to everyone – I, for instance, am not a fan of the lurid purple – this kind of visual versatility isn’t something we’re used to seeing on scooters at large. (I opted for the white model).


The EMOVE Cruiser’s deck is wide, long, and easily large enough to strike a wide, comfortable stance while riding. It’s also super sturdy. As I’ll get to shortly in the ‘Weight and Load’ section, this thing was, for a while, the leader in load-bearing capacity, able to support a mammoth 352 lbs of rider weight (it was only recently replaced by the stunning entrance into the market of the 400 lbs load of the Wolf King, from Kaabo).

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

Perhaps the only thing the Cruiser’s deck doesn’t have in spades, though, is grip.

Unlike the premium models in the VSETT line – whose decks are swathed in a veneer of easy-to-clean silicone – the Cruiser only has two slim stripes of sandpapery grip tape, similar to VSETT’s cheaper 8 and 8R models. While this dual-column design is just enough to offer a level of sufficient grip while riding, I’d much prefer to see the entirety of the deck coated in grip tape.


Boasting chunky, pneumatic 10-inch car-grade tires, the EMOVE Cruiser is well-equipped to deliver maximum rider comfort.

I mean… just look at the size of these things. The Cruiser’s jumbo tires remind us that – despite the colorful, playful design of its frame – this scooter belongs to an entirely different class to the Unagis, Segway-Ninebots, Turboants, and Hiboys of this world.

EMOVE Cruiser Front 10-Inch Tire

The wheels of the Cruiser don’t belong to a commuter scooter – they belong to a machine designed to annihilate asphalt, and handle any potholes and pitfalls roads can throw at you.

Plus, it’s worth circling back to the point that the Cruiser’s tires are pneumatic, rather than solid. This means that they’re filled with air, which, while it makes them more liable to punctures than their solid counterparts, also means they provide the utmost levels of impact-absorbing excellence. Working in tandem with the Cruiser’s large dual front springs and rear air shocks, they offer traction and stability and ensure you enjoy a seamless, comfortable ride every time you push off.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Plush Air-Filled Tire

Build Quality & Durability

The EMOVE Cruiser’s frame is made from a lightweight – yet extremely durable – aluminum alloy. Rubber and reinforced plastic have been used for some of the scooter’s more cosmetic details, such as the handgrips and mudguards.

Materials aside, it’s clear that – from a design standpoint – the Cruiser has been built to last. The mechanisms securing its folding handlebars and telescopic stem are smooth to operate, while the savvy S-knob controlling the stem’s folding feature is super secure.

Perhaps my only gripe when it comes to the Cruiser’s blueprint is the lack of a grippy rubber or silicone surface covering the deck, which I mentioned earlier.

Close Up of EMOVE Cruiser Deck

Despite this, the Cruiser still offers plenty to get excited about when it comes to all-around robustness and reliability. Its water resistance rating of IPX6 is just about the best you’ll see on an electric scooter of any class and price point, meaning the Cruiser’s very well-placed to weather the storms of everyday use.

Weight & Load

The EMOVE Cruiser weighs 52 lbs, which is about standard for a scooter of its price, specs, and extra features. While this makes the Cruiser just a little too heavy for me to recommend it whole-heartedly as a commuter scooter, it’s still great for zipping you from A to B.

Close Up of EMOVE Cruiser Folded

The more seriously impressive thing about the EMOVE Cruiser, though, is its load-bearing capacity. The Cruiser supports up to 352 lbs of rider weight, which makes it the second-best in our database of over 100 models, as far as the load is concerned. The only other scooter to top this is Kaabo’s Wolf King, which can support up to an insane 400 lbs.

When you consider that the Wolf King sells for more than double the price of the Cruiser, 352 lbs starts looking like excellent value for money.

Folding & Portability

Both the EMOVE Cruiser’s stem and handlebars fold, making the scooter portable, and easy to store when not in use.

EMOVE Cruiser Folded Handlebars

The stem folds in via a small S-knob mechanism located on the arch of the neck where the stem meets the deck. This innovative method is unique to the Cruiser and locks the scooter in place both when upright and when folded. This means you can feel secure when riding knowing that the stem isn’t going to collapse in on you while also making the Cruiser easier to lift and carry when folded.

EMOVE Cruiser Folding Mechanism

Despite the Cruiser being relatively light for its class, at 52 lbs it’s still not the slimmest number. You’re unlikely to want to be lifting this thing on and off public transport, or lugging it up flights of stairs – at least not five days a week.

EMOVE Cruiser Fully Folded


First things first, don’t fret. The EMOVE Cruiser arrives pretty much fully assembled, and there’s only a few small boxes of DIY you’ll need to tick before you can get up and at ‘em.

Firstly, you’ll need to secure your Cruiser’s voltmeter using the 2.5mm Allen wrench provided. Then, you’ll have to use an 8mm socket wrench (also included) to tighten up the front light. It’s a little fiddly, but all for a reason – these more fragile parts are loosened before shipping, to minimize the risk of damage due to rough handling in transit.

After that, you’re done. You’ll just need to get familiar with the scooter’s handlebar and frame folding mechanisms and scour the manual. I’d also suggest flipping through the range of P-settings your Cruiser’s QS-S4 display boasts. In the case of this whip-smart device, ignorance isn’t bliss – and you won’t want to miss out on any of the super handy features within.

Before you hit the road, make sure you’re equipped with a helmet and safety gear. I’d also advise ensuring that your Cruiser’s fully charged up before you head out and that there’s sufficient pressure in the tires. If you’re riding at night or in conditions of low visibility, additional attachable lights are strongly recommended.

Ride Quality

Is the EMOVE Cruiser Comfortable to Ride?

Yes. In fact, the EMOVE Cruiser is one of the most comfortable rides on the market.

With front coils complimenting rear air shocks, the Cruiser is tailor-made to prioritize rider comfort. Sure, you won’t be able to adjust the scooter’s suspension in the same way you can with Apollo’s models or any of the VSETT lineup. However, it’s unlikely you’ll need to – the Cruiser is made for urban environments, after all, so if you stick to well-paved roads, you’ll have zero issues.

Side Profile of EMOVE Cruiser Car-Grade Tires

Moreover, the Cruiser’s pair of pneumatic 10-inch tires – being filled with air, rather than a solid rubber or foam – provide the first line of defense against the jarring impacts of rougher surfaces. Combined with the already accomplished shock absorption of the suspension, you’ll feel like you’re gliding down the street.

The brakes are also extremely responsive, instilling further confidence while riding.

The only area that would benefit from improvement, is if the handlebars were screwed into place as opposed to sliding over the folding mechanism. Because the handlebars aren’t locked tight into place you tend to experience a little wiggle room in both handgrips. However, since riding the Cruiser for the past year I haven’t encountered any problems (i.e. the handlebars stay clicked into place and don't fold under pressure).

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

While the EMOVE Cruiser is by no means snail-like in the top speed it offers, its skillset is weighted significantly more towards range than velocity.

From my tests, I’ve found that the Cruiser is capable of speeds of as high as 30 mph. So how does that compare to its closest competitors?

Speed vs Price Comparison

Taking the Cruiser’s $1,399 price tag and applying a $250 price range on either side gives us 22 comparable models when it comes to price. As far as speed is concerned, the Cruiser places pretty much smack bang in the middle of the pack.

EMOVE Cruiser Speed vs Price Comparison

While the Cruiser’s 30 mph top speed manages to beat out some of the finest scooters in its niche – including the Mantis 8 Base, the VSETT 9R, and the INOKIM Ox Hero – it fails to rank highly. That’s mainly down to the Cruiser’s lack of dual motors that most of the scooters outstripping it for pace have.

Case in point? The Varla Eagle One and Mantis Base. While these are respectively $200 and $250 more expensive than the Cruiser, they manage to offer asphalt-scorching speeds of up to 40 mph. If sheer, unadulterated speed is top of your agenda, either of these will meet your needs in a pinch – particularly the Mantis Base, which boasts a brutal acceleration rate of 0 to 15 mph in just two and a half seconds.

Other winners in the EMOVE Cruiser’s speed/price category are the Apollo Ghost (which, courtesy of dual 800W motors, can reach speeds of up to 34 mph), and the full complement of VSETT’s 9+ models (33 mph).

It’s also easy for you adrenaline junkies out there to know which scooters in the Cruiser’s bracket to avoid. Here, that includes the INOKIM Quick 4 Super and the slowest of the bunch, the INOKIM Quick 3, which – with a sloppy, slothlike 19 mph – is anything but what its moniker suggests.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

The EMOVE Cruiser’s top speed is also middle of the road when it comes to scooters in a comparable weight bracket (47 to 57 lbs).

EMOVE Cruiser Speed vs Weight Comparison

As it turns out, the fastest scooters in the Cruiser’s weight class comes courtesy of the impressive VSETT 9+ range (33 mph), with the popular Dualtron Mini (32 mph) following closely behind. Clinching the last podium positions in the Cruiser’s speed/weight division are the Apollo Explore, Zero 10, and EVOLV Tour XL-R (all 31 mph).


While the EMOVE Cruiser doesn’t get off the mark quite as quickly as the scooters I recommend as alternatives, it’s still capable of reaching 15 mph from stationary in just 3.4 seconds, and 25 mph in only 7.6 more.

The Apollo Ghost boasts the best acceleration rate at 0 to 15 mph.

EMOVE Cruiser Acceleration Comparison

However, the Mantis Base is the superior scooter when it comes to reaching 25 mph. The VSETT 8R, on the other hand, is the most sluggish accelerator in this category – because, like the Cruiser, it’s built with just a single motor and prioritizes range, rather than acceleration and speed.


As I’ve alluded to already, mileage is the EMOVE Cruiser’s strong suit. With a range of 62 miles, the Cruiser is simply unparalleled in its price and weight class. Let’s dig deeper.

Mileage vs Price Comparison

Out of the 22 comparable models in the EMOVE Cruiser’s price class (a $500 range, with the Cruiser’s $1,399 price tag in the middle), the scooter, quite predictably, tops the charts. Comprehensively so, too – the next best model is the INOKIM Quick 4 Super with 43 miles, which is a whopping 19 miles inferior to what the Cruiser offers.

EMOVE Cruiser Mileage vs Price Comparison

The 42 miles of the VSETT 8R is also up there, and – given the Quick 4’s lack of suspension – I’d recommend the VSETT over the INOKIM as the best EMOVE Cruiser alternative for range. The 8R is six pounds lighter than the Cruiser, and – at $1,299 – it is $100 cheaper, making it ideal for riders on a budget. Bear in mind, however, that the 8R’s 48V 600W motor is significantly smaller than the 52V 1000W variety of the Cruiser’s, so it’s not quite as fast.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

When comparing the EMOVE Cruiser’s range to its most analogous competitors in terms of weight, the scooter is equally unstoppable.

Out of a comparable 16 models, the Cruiser yet again seizes gold. Despite it being $100 more expensive than the table-topping Cruiser, the INOKIM Quick 4 Super comes closest, but not by much. To round up, it’s a VSETT model taking bronze – this time the 9+R, which balances a strong 40 mile range against an affordable $1,624 price point.

EMOVE Cruiser Mileage vs Weight Comparison

The VSETT 9+R is another great alternative for anyone looking for a scooter packing a little more punch than the Cruiser, as well as one that has decent mileage. The 9+R also offers superb ride quality, while retaining a weight that still makes it easy to store and transport.

Check out my review of the VSETT 9+R for more information.

Further Information:

Long Range Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing

It’s not only long distances the EMOVE Cruiser specializes in – it’s hills, too.

The 1600W peak output of Cruiser’s 1000W motor enables it to mount hills of up to 20 degrees. Despite boasting just a single motor alone, my test rides found that the Cruiser performs surprisingly well on even some of the longest, more challenging uphill routes.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Mudguard

Naturally, the best hill climbers in the Cruiser’s price class are those with a dual motor setup. Just as the Mantis Base and Varla Eagle One dominate our rankings when it comes to speed vs price (and acceleration), these scooters both also excel where hill climbing is concerned. Both can tackle even the most imposing of urban inclines with ease and should be your first port of call if hill-climbing capability is high on your agenda.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

The EMOVE Cruiser derives its admirable shock absorption capabilities from two large springs at the front and air shocks at the rear.

While the Cruiser’s suspension, sadly, isn’t adjustable, it makes for a buttery-smooth ride experience – as long as you ride it on urban terrain. It’s well-equipped to handle the bumps, potholes, and other everyday nuisances you can expect to come across in urban environments.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Spring Suspension

Plus, while the Cruiser – if pushed – can cope with less demanding off-road terrain, it hasn’t been designed for forest or dirt trails. Flat, well-paved, asphalt and concrete roads are where you’ll get the best performance from the Cruiser.


The EMOVE Cruiser rocks front and rear 140mm semi-hydraulic disc brakes that allow you to come to a complete stop within just 3.4 meters when traveling at 15 mph.

EMOVE Cruiser Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

What’s impressive about the Cruiser’s hybrid braking setup is that it’s not something we normally see on scooters in its class. While all similarly-priced scooters have dual braking systems, only a handful have hydraulic brakes – the Cruiser, of course, being one of them. The only other scooters in the Cruiser’s price class to harness hydraulics for stopping power are the Varla Eagle One (full) and the Mantis Base (semi).

The only potential downside is that, unlike other scooters in its class, the EMOVE Cruiser doesn’t come fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). As to be expected, that can leave both of the Cruiser’s wheels prone to locking up when stopping suddenly, so always try to squeeze the hand-operated brakes as gently as you can when coming to a halt.

EMOVE Cruiser Hand Brake

Charge Time

The EMOVE Cruiser takes between 9 and 12 hours to charge.

You’ll find its charging port located on the right side of the deck, protected by a dust cap. It’s simple to find and plug into, just be wary not to overcharge it – this can shorten the lifespan of the battery if done regularly.

EMOVE Cruiser Charging Port

The Cruiser’s charge time is about what you can expect for a scooter in its class.

Perhaps the one drawback – and I’m aware I may be nitpicking here – is that it lacks an additional charge port. Most top electric scooters double up on the charge ports, meaning you can plug in an extra charger to drive down the charge time. Also unlike some of these scooters, the Cruiser doesn’t offer a fast charger, which can get batteries juiced up two or three times faster than their regular counterparts.

On the plus side, though, you at least won’t have to shell out for an extra charger when you opt for the Cruiser. And let’s not forget that the Cruiser offers the best range compared to similar scooters – so you’ll be spending more time on it than off it.

Extra Features

QS-S4 Throttle Display for Customized Performance Configuration

To the right-hand side of the EMOVE Cruiser’s handlebars, you’ll find a dynamic little device known as the QS-S4. It plays the dual role of finger throttle and display screen, meaning you’ll use it to control your Cruiser’s levels of speed and acceleration, while also using it to glance at insights into your riding stats.

Some of the info the QS-S4 provides is your speed, riding mode, and ride distance, as well as the number of miles you’ve traveled in total. You’ll also be able to view an indication of how much battery life your scooter has left, although the Cruiser’s battery voltage meter – which I’ll explore in more detail in a second – offers a more precise reading of this.

EMOVE Cruiser Display and Finger Throttle

Here, I should probably note that the QS-S4 display isn’t unique to the EMOVE Cruiser. This device is one we see far and wide, on scooters as diverse as the entire VSETT range, as well as on models from the acclaimed Manti, Zero, and Horizon lines, too. Along with the slightly superior smart EY3 display, the QS-S4 is one of the go-to throttle displays for scooters in the Cruiser’s mid-tier performance niche.

So what else does it do? Well, let’s start with the range of value-adding functionalities, called ‘P-settings’. These allow you to fine-tune the more technical and battery-saving modes, such as the strength of its regenerative braking, the screen’s brightness, and the scooter’s auto-turn-off settings. It’s also where you’ll engage the cruise control function to give your finger a break while on long rides.

The QS-S4 even has a USB port, which you can use to charge your accessories. I wouldn’t recommend it, though – not only will you drawing power and range away from the maximum 62 miles, there’s also a chance that current-hungry devices can fry the QS-S4’s circuits.

Battery Voltage Meter

Located just below the EMOVE Cruiser’s QS-S4 display is a voltmeter, which provides a more accurate indication of the remaining juice in your scooter’s battery than the former does.

EMOVE Cruiser Battery Voltmeter

Voltmeters can be quite hard to understand initially, so here’s a quick rundown of what the numbers you’ll see mean for a 52V scooter like the Cruiser.

Battery PercentageVoltmeter Reading

When you hit the 40s, it’s probably a good time to stick your Cruiser on charge overnight.

Key-Ignition (Anti-Theft Function)

The EMOVE Cruiser’s anti-theft credentials come in the form of a key-ignition immobilizer. Much like a car, you’ll require the Cruiser’s key to start it up – so most thieves are going to have a hard time snatching this scooter off your hands.

EMOVE Cruiser Key Ignition

That said, I have to note that key-ignitions aren’t my favorite anti-theft feature. That would probably be the fingerprint scanner we see on a select few of MiniMotors Dualtron range. My next preference is the NFC technology the VSETT range employs. This allows you to unlock your scooter by waving a small card in front of it (it’s the same stuff used in tap and go credit and debit cards.

It’s tough to crack a fingerprint or NFC reader – less so to pick a key-ignition lock. However, I don’t want to terrify you too much – it’s very unlikely this will happen. After all, key-start ignitions are also utilized by other scooters in the Cruiser’s class. Plus, in eschewing the more expensive NFC and biometric technology, the Cruiser is able to keep costs down and maintain its tempting $1,399 price tag.

Cruise Control

Could you call this model the EMOVE Cruiser if it couldn’t cruise?

Nope – so it’s good to see that this scooter does, indeed, boast cruise control (although I’d certainly expect this relatively widespread feature to be included as standard on a scooter of the Cruiser’s class).

You can activate the Cruiser’s cruise control by navigating to setting P17 on the scooter’s aforementioned QS-S4 display. Once engaged, it’ll allow you to maintain a constant speed, without having to keep the throttle pulled down. Normally, I don’t shout too loud about a cruise control feature, but on the Cruiser it’s vital. After all, this scooter can travel up to 62 miles off a single charge and trigger throttles aren’t the most user-friendly.

LED Lights

The EMOVE Cruiser comes with a powerful front headlight – located at the bottom of the stem, just above the front fender – and a couple of button lights embedded into the fore of the deck.

EMOVE Cruiser Headlight

At the rear, you’ll find its turn signals, and a tail light molded into the reinforced black plastic of the back mudguard. This flashes when you brake, so it’s useful for letting traffic and pedestrians know that you’re coming to a stop.

Close Up of EMOVE Cruiser Rear Tire

All in all, the LED setup is about what you’d expect for a scooter of its price point. While it doesn’t boast all the bells and whistles of something like the Dualtron Eagle Pro – which sports customizable, color-changing, kaleidoscopic patterns of shifting light rippling up and down its stem – the Cruiser’s lights are still bright enough for night-riding.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Button Light

Despite this, I’d always recommend grabbing an additional headlight to attach to your handlebars.

Turn Signals

To the left side of the handlebars – sandwiched between the front headlight button above, and the horn below – is a black slider. This activates the Cruiser’s turn signals. These are super easy to turn on, and – unlike with several other scooters that also boast this feature – also emit an audible beep, so you’ll know when they’re engaged.

Speaking of other scooters with turn signals, there aren’t that many. Sure, the entire VSETT range has them, as does the Apollo Phantom, but beyond that, turn signals on scooters – especially those that come included as standard, rather than as add-on extras – are still frustratingly rare.

EMOVE Cruiser Turn Signals

The signals are embedded into the deck, with a triangular, wraparound design that allows them to be seen from both the rear and side of the scooter.

Telescopic Stem for Adjustable Handlebar Height

When it comes to electric scooters, the key to my heart is always customizability.

And it’s no surprise that I love the EMOVE Cruiser because it has this quality in droves – its telescopic stem being a case in point.

By loosening the quick release lever on the lower part of the stem, you can set the height of the Cruiser’s handlebars to fit your height. Closing the latch locks the stem into place, and does a good job, too – there’s little steering column wobble.

If I could offer one tip here, it would be to not extend the handlebars beyond the white line marked on the inner stem. Doing so could cause the stem to become bent out of shape, or cause damage to the locking mechanism.

If you’re needing to elevate the Cruiser’s stem to such a height, it might mean you’re too tall for the scooter. In that case, try the Apollo Ghost or Mantis Base – they can accommodate taller riders. For context, I’m 6ft 1 and the Cruiser feels a little low for me. For anyone under 6ft, it will serve you just fine.

Folding Handlebars for Enhanced Portability

As I mentioned earlier, the EMOVE Cruiser’s handlebars fold and while they can be prone to having a little wiggle room, what I didn’t mention, however, is that the Cruiser also utilizes a particularly savvy piece of innovation, which helps you remove 90% of wobble.

EMOVE Cruiser Folded Handlebars

When you fold the Cruiser’s handlebars down, you’ll see a small screw. Twisting this closes up the gap inside the handlebars, which tightens them up. For more help with this, Voro Motors has posted a short video online to walk you through the process of fixing handlebar wiggle.

Tightening the EMOVE Cruiser's Handlebars

Learn how to eliminate 90% of the handlebar wobble by tightening each handgrip.

Foldable handlebars on scooters (while by no means a rarity in the industry, particularly on models of the Cruiser’s pedigree) are still far from being mainstays. But, they play a pivotal role in reducing the width of the scooter when folded, making it far easier to store than those that don’t.

IPX6 Water Resistance Rating

The EMOVE Cruiser boasts a water-resistance certification of IPX6. Technically, this rating is there to indicate that the scooter has been tested with a high-pressure jet, from every angle, for three minutes. In practice, that means you should have no qualms riding your EMOVE Cruiser in heavy rain.

Very few scooters in the industry sport a water resistance rating this high, and those that do are often equipped with an IP54 rating – which is inferior to the Cruiser’s IPX6 – since it means that scooters are only protected from splashes of water.

Surprisingly, some of the market’s finest models lack water-resistance ratings. For example, none of the scooters in the Dualtron range, nor Kaabo’s Manti line can lay claim to any form of water resistance.

With all of this considered, the Cruiser stands out for value. That said, the one-year warranty supplied when you purchase your Cruiser will not cover any damage deemed to be a result of riding in the rain or other elemental causes. So to be on the safe side, you might still want to think twice before hitting the streets during a thunderstorm.

Battery Management System

Part of the reason the EMOVE Cruiser is capable of such leviathan distances is the 1560Wh capacity of its 52V 30Ah battery, which is stored within its deck.

Supporting this, however, is an additional layer of protection known as a battery management system. This is an electronic circuit that regulates the Cruiser’s battery pack by monitoring the flow of electricity in and out of the battery.

This helps guard against overcharging, by cutting off the power when the scooter is fully juiced up and prevents the subsequent damage that overcharging (and overheating) can cause to the long-term health of your Cruiser’s battery. Ultimately, it ensures that you’ll always enjoy the maximum capacity of the huge battery.


Located within touching distance to the left-hand side of the handlebars is a big green button that activates the EMOVE Cruiser’s horn.

EMOVE Cruiser Scooter Controls

It doesn’t come close to the 105 decibels of the motorcycle-grade horns we sometimes see on scooters, but that doesn’t matter – its modest toot is still plenty loud enough to get you heard, and let pedestrians know that you’re coming through.

Available in a Range of Colors

The EMOVE Cruiser is available in five colors: white, black, and flamboyant shades of red, orange, and purple.

This is a huge value add – not only because it allows you to pick a color that fits your personality and preferences, but because this smorgasbord of visual options isn’t something electric scooters usually offer.

Probably the closest scooter line to rival the Cruiser’s rainbow-like palette is the VSETT range. The crucial caveat there, though, is that the VSETT’s color spectrum only varies from model to model (the 11+ is red and blue, the 10+R is yellow and black, and the 9+R is an aquatic aquamarine). So, with VSETT, the color of your scooter is decided by the features and specs you’re after, as well as your budget – meaning that you don’t have as much choice regarding how your scooter looks.

With the Cruiser, however, you’re getting the same scooter, but in five different colors – meaning you have ultimate control over your machine’s aesthetic.

Optional Seat Attachment

For an extra $65, you can score yourself an attachable seat for the EMOVE Cruiser.

EMOVE Cruiser Seat Base Plate

With a fully adjustable height – plus a simple, four-step installation process – this seat is a great investment, particularly if you’re committed to pushing the Cruiser to the limits of its 62 mile range. It’s big, plush, and comfortable, too, so it’s no surprise that lots of customer reviews are saying it’s a must. I’d have to agree – particularly when you consider that the price point is so low.

EMOVE Cruiser Seat Parts

Check out this video for more info about the EMOVE Cruiser’s optional seat attachment.

Specification: EMOVE Cruiser Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Full-Hydraulic), Disc (Mechanical)

Extra Features
Extra Features

Add-On Seat, Battery Management System, Cruise Control, Display, Lights, Water Resistance Rating

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


All EMOVE Cruisers sold through Voro Motors come supplied with a one-year warranty as standard. The company writes that the warranty comes with no “fine print, fine lines, or vague terms” – so does it deliver?

I have to say it does. However, there are still several limitations to the warranty that you’ll want to know about before buying. Here are the most pertinent points:

  • You can’t make any unauthorized modifications to the scooter
  • Any weather-related damage voids the warranty
  • Any accessories or add-ons to your Cruiser not sold by Voro Motors – including tires, batteries, motors, and wheels – are not included under warranty
  • Wear and tear aren’t included. That goes for any rips, surface defects, or other assorted cosmetic damage that may occur to your Cruiser in the course of daily use
  • Applying any improper chemicals or solvents to your scooter – or exposing it to sea breeze or saltwater – will likewise render your warranty not worth the paper it’s printed on
  • Product aging is not covered, nor is damage deemed to be the result of personal negligence
  • Any natural corrosion of your Cruiser’s nuts and bolts isn’t covered – nor are labor or shipping fees

All in all, it’s a reasonable deal – even if the point about labor not being included doesn’t exactly seem that fair. Your best bet is to take excellent care of your EMOVE Cruiser. Even though it’s water-resistant, it’s always worth avoiding riding in the rain where you can – and, given those stipulations around salt water and sea breeze, taking your Cruiser on a trip to the beach isn’t recommended.

You can also increase the length of your EMOVE Cruiser’s warranty via ‘Extend’, a third-party product protection company. A one-year extension costs $249, two years is $369, and three years will set you back $489.

Post-Purchase Support

I’ve got to say – when it comes to the EMOVE Cruiser, Voro Motors’ self-support resources are excellent.

Via its dedicated customer support center for owners of the Cruiser, you can view a huge bunch of FAQs, as well as tutorial videos, and guides for setting up and maintaining your scooter. You can also order spare parts for your Cruiser straight through the Voro Motors website.

You can get in touch with Voro Motors support team via support@voromotors.com – they promise to get back to you within 48 hours. You might also want to try the live chat feature on their website for a quick response, or give the team a call on +1 323-709-7329 for a more personal level of assistance – they’re a friendly bunch.

I’d also recommend casting an eye over Voro Motors’ YouTube channel (and ours). There’s a huge array of content geared not only towards the EMOVE Cruiser, but the entire catalog of other scooters they sell.

Specification: EMOVE Cruiser Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Full-Hydraulic), Disc (Mechanical)

Extra Features
Extra Features

Add-On Seat, Battery Management System, Cruise Control, Display, Lights, Water Resistance Rating

EMOVE Cruiser Review
EMOVE Cruiser Review


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