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VSETT 11+ Review


9/10 (Expert Score)


April 9, 2021

Price When Reviewed: $2999.00

With an immense range, an eye-popping, commandeering look and feel, and the ability to add a 2-minute injection of speed-enhancing Turbo Boost to your drivetrain, the 11+ is a welcome, character-filled addition to the market.


Originally intended to be the PRO line of the well-renowned Zero scooter range, a whole new generation of extreme performance scooters was born. As the top dog in this new generation, the 11+ deliver blistering performance for an affordable price.


There are a couple of design quirks and it lacks portability, but it sits at the apex of high-performance scooter excellence. It’s fast, durable, and offers a range of unique features and specs that will have the mouths of scooter enthusiasts watering.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the VSETT 11+ Pro Be a Good Fit For You?

First things first, the VSETT 11+ is no toy. Though it’s perfectly comfortable in an urban environment, its weight and lack of portability mean it’s not a great fit for commuters – who’d certainly have a hard time getting this thing on a train, or into an office building.

I recommend the 11+ for those already comfortable with the world of high-performance scooters. After all, it can reach some pretty impressive maximum speeds of over 50 mph.

VSETT 11+ Frame

Given its price and specs, it strikes the middle-ground for those who’ve graduated from a more moderate model, such as the Varla Eagle One or Apollo Ghost but aren’t yet ready to open their wallets to the likes of the Dualtron Thunder or the X.

With the huge pneumatic tires perfectly complementing the luxuriously smooth front and rear hydraulic suspension system, the 11+ is built to withstand off-roading as much as it is urban riding. So, if you want the best of both worlds then the VSETT 11+ will be well-suited for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Buttery-smooth front and rear hydraulic suspension
  • Impressive range
  • Blistering acceleration and ultra-fast top speed
  • Tire huggers effectively prevent mud and water from splattering your back
  • Huge plush pneumatic tires
  • Powerful LED headlight cuts through the gloom
  • IP54 water resistance rating


  • Very heavy
  • Not portable and doesn’t lock into place when folded
  • Opinion-dividing color scheme
  • Turn signals are redundant

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

It’s certainly not cheap – but at $2,999, you get good bang for your buck, especially when you consider that its power rivals that of the Dualtron X which is double the price.

Sure, it’s a whole $500 more expensive than the Wolf Warrior, one of the closest scooters to the 11+ on paper. But anyone who’s ever seen the video of Ginger on Wheels putting the two head to head will know which scooter comes out on top – and why it makes sense making that extra five hundred dollar’s worth of investment.

VSETT 11 on Dirt Track

On the other hand, if the insanely large 85 mile range isn’t overly important to you, but ride quality and speed are, then I highly recommend taking a look at the Wolf King ($2,999). With the King matching the VSETT 11+ for power, the dual 1500W motors will have you hitting 15 mph in a mere 1.9 seconds, whilst the motorcycle-grade suspension system delivers a best-in-class ride quality. Plus, you’ll be able to go faster (60 mph).

Drawing my final comparison with the Zero 11X – after all, the VSETT line was originally intended to be the PRO line of the Zero range – it shaves $500 off the price. Whilst the VSETT 11+ isn’t as powerful (dual 1500W motors vs dual 1600W), it closely matches the range on offer (85 vs 90 miles) and delivers a superior ride quality. Between the two, I would recommend the VSETT.

Alternatively, if you like the new VSETT line and want to lay claim to one of their scooters, but can’t quite stretch to the near $3,000 price tag, you should strongly consider the VSETT 10+R. It delivers most of the specs and functionality of the 11+ but costs $2,599.

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

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Why is it Better Than the VSETT 11+?

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Why is it Better Than the VSETT 11+?

Why is it Worse Than the VSETT 11+?


Wolf King

Why is it Better Than the VSETT 11+?

Why is it Worse Than the VSETT 11+?




I reviewed the Varla Eagle One recently and I noted that the scooter’s wide, 25.5-inch handlebars were the second-widest of any scooter I’d written about, behind only the Apollo Pro and Zero 10X, at 26.7 inches respectively.

Well, I’ve got some revisions to do – because, at 27.5 inches, the VSETT 11+’s handlebars are the new widest in town. And it’s good news – wide handlebars mean you get more control over the scooter’s handling, and with the steering column lockout, it makes it easier to keep a straight line when you’re riding at pace. (I discuss this in more detail in the “Extra Features” section).

VSETT 11+ Handlebar Controls

From the VSETT 11+’s ergonomically shaped handgrips – which are covered in a grippy, rubberized material for safety – you can access the scooter’s hand-operated hydraulic brakes, and use its QS-S4 dashboard to monitor your speed, riding mode, and odometer.

To the handlebars’ left side, you can toggle between motor systems, activate Sport mode (aka Turbo Boost), and blast the ear-screeching loud horn, while to the right is where you’ll unlock the scooter via an NFC card, and view your battery voltage.


It’s late, and the Wolf Warrior and Zero 11X meet at a bar. They lock eyes, one thing leads to another, and – nine months later – out pops a shiny, brand new scooter with all the best features of each of its parents.

They decide to call it… the VSETT 11+.

All jokes aside, the 11+ shares a few strands of DNA with both the Wolf Warrior and Zero 11X; blending the former’s dual hydraulic and spring shocks, and melding them with the 11x’s immense range.

VSETT 11 Side Profile of Durable Frame

It’s also hard to avoid comparing the VSETT 11+’s skeletal, almost sinister-looking frame with that of the Wolf Warrior or Wolf King. If you took the frame of either of Kaabo’s top electric scooters and gave it the kind of bombastic, red and blue paint job Spiderman would be a fan of, you’d probably have something resembling the 11+.

This brings us to the color scheme. I can’t say I’m personally a fan – it’s a little too garish for my liking – but it will certainly resonate with a more extravagant rider (I’m more of a paired-back stealth kind of guy). Even so, when the majority of electric scooters out there don’t venture beyond the tried-and-tested color scheme – black, grey, and more black – I’ve got to give the 11+ points for at least having the stones to try something new.


Measuring up to 30 inches long and 10 wide, the VSETT 11+’s deck is made for comfort.

Off-road enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the 11+’s generous eight inches of clearance prevent it from bottoming out, and is your perfect partner for attempting bunny hops – or for having a go at those more ambitious jumps while out on the trail.

VSETT 11+ Wide Deck

It is coated with a veneer of grippy silicone, a material which – in and of itself – is easy to clean. What’s not so easy to maintain, however, are all the lines and crevices in that silicone surface. Digging the mud and gravel out of these creases can be quite a challenge. Still, I’ll always take silicone over grip tape, and this is one major advantage the 11+ has over both the Zero 11X.

Less fortunate is the fact that – by some inexplicable design flaw – the 11+’s charging ports, which are located on the deck, have sliding covers. This confused me because the charging ports on the rest of the VSETT range all have sealable covers.

Titan/Unicool (the manufacturers) decided to change this up for the 11+, but it was a mistake. Because the sliding ports don’t seal, they’re not completely waterproof. Because of their placement at the front of the deck, the covers are prone to rotating aside, leaving the ports open to the elements – particularly rain.

I have heard through the grapevine that they are working on a solution, though. Let’s hope it's a winning formula.


There’s nothing not to like about chunky tires. They keep you on the road, make for a stable ride, and look pretty badass, too. Naturally, then, I was thrilled to see a big fat pair of super-sized 11 x 4-inch tires.

VSETT 11 Huge Pneumatic Tire

Better still, they’re pneumatic. For the uninitiated, pneumatic tires are my go-to. Because they’re filled with air, rather than rubber, they’re better at molding to fit the state of the terrain you’re riding over, and increase the size of the contact patch you have with it. This provides you with superior grip and dampening, thanks to the tires’ innate shock-absorbing abilities.

To give some perspective to their size, in our database of 100+ scooters they have the 2nd biggest profile, beaten only by the monstrous Dualtron X and Dualtron X2 (13 x 4 inch tires).

Build Quality & Durability

Following the suit of its predecessors, the 11+ blend of some of the hardest-wearing materials that money can buy.

The frame is constructed from an aviation-grade aluminum forging alloy, while its shaft is composed of a virtually indestructible SCM440 (that’s a medium carbon chromium molybdenum alloy steel, for anyone interested). Science-aside, you can expect your 11+ to be able to stand up to just about anything you (and the elements) can throw at it. After all, it's the same alloy used by the oil and gas industry for heavy-duty applications.

Side Profile of VSETT 11

The 11+’s silicone deck and its tire hugger – which is made from reinforced plastic – both add durability, while the scooter’s IP54 water resistance rating (which I’ll unpack a little further down the page) keeps the scooter’s integrity protected.

Weight & Load

It’s probably pretty clear by now that the VSETT 11+ excels across a lot of metrics. One it’s not so likely to be proud of, however, is how heavy it is.

At 128 lbs, the 11+ doesn’t just tip the scales – it upends them. It’s one of the heaviest scooters on the market. In our database of 100 scooters, it narrowly misses a podium place coming in as the 4th heaviest scooter. It is beaten by the Zero 11x (131 lbs), the Dualtron X (145 lbs), and Dualtron X 2 – which, at 145.5 lbs, takes the unwanted accolade of being the heaviest scooter.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the 11+’s weight means it’s not suited to life as a commuter scooter – nor is it ever going to be something you take on casual rides. This thing means business, and will likely appeal to more serious scooter enthusiasts.

In terms of load, the 11+ can bear up to 330 lbs of rider weight, putting it on a par with the Wolf Warrior, Zero 10X, Zero 11X, EVOLV’s Pro models, and a handful of Apollo and Dualtron scooters. There’s only a couple of scooters that can take more load than the 11+ – the EMOVE Cruiser (352 lbs), and the Wolf King (400 lbs).

Folding & Portability

First things first, a scooter that weighs 128 lbs is never going to be particularly portable – but the 11+ at least tries.

The 11+’s folding mechanism is surprisingly intuitive – thanks, in large part, to the way that it folds in half at the stem, rather than the deck. Though this might seem a fairly trivial detail, this sets the 11+ apart from similar scooters, such as Kaabo’s Wolf Warrior and Wolf King.

Because of the hulking stems that the Wolf scooters sport, both can be tricky to fold, and once they are folded, they measure as long as a small person laying down (59 inches, which equates to 4 ft 9).

Thankfully, though, this is one design pitfall the 11+ manages to dodge with aplomb, and – overall – it is easier to store than both Wolf scooters (measures 50 inches in length). One issue you will come across, however (and this is a flaw the 11+ shares with the aforementioned Wolf Warrior and King), is that the 11+ doesn’t lock into itself when folded, which will make it difficult for you to lift.

I wouldn’t recommend the 11+ if portability is important to you.


It arrives pretty much fully assembled – you’ll just need to unbox it, unfold it, and follow the instructions in the manual to tighten a few screws here and there.

As with all high-performance scooters, a multi-tool is provided, so your VSETT 11+ comes with everything included to get you set up, decked out, and hitting the streets in no time.

Ride Quality

Is the VSETT 11+ Comfortable to Ride?

We’ve already learned that the VSETT 11+ prioritizes design and durability – and, as we’re about to see, it does the same for speed and safety, too. But how about rider comfort?

Thankfully, the 11+ pulls out all the stops to ensure a ride that’s as smooth as it is secure. With double hydraulic springs in the rear and hydraulic shocks in front, it can tackle both urban and off-road circuits with ease – that is, without putting too much stress on your knees and ankles.

Riding the VSETT 11 Off-Road

Better still, the pneumatic tires – which measure up at a titanic 11 x 4 inches – are well-equipped to keep you on the road, no matter the surface. Because they’re so large, these tires can often give you the sensation of floating on a waft of fast-moving air – almost as if you’re levitating. Add this to the already impressive qualities when it comes to acceleration, and the ride quality you get here is off the charts.

Plus, the design of the pneumatic tires is always a drawcard for me. Unlike their solid counterparts, pneumatic tires are built with shock absorption and ride quality in mind and are typically more resistant to wear and tear, too.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

The dual 1500W motors weren’t made for standing still – and, during regular rides, you can expect to be hitting top speeds of anywhere between 44 and 47 mph. So how does that stack up against scooters of a similar ilk?

Well, though the 11+ ranks alongside the similarly-priced Kaabo Wolf King for nominal power, it doesn’t quite match the latter’s blistering 60 mph top speed, or the 62 mph velocity the Zero 11X can hit.

In terms of top speed, the 11+ has most in common with models such as the Dualtron X (55 mph and $5,999), Dualtron Thunder (50 mph and $3,699), Dualtron Ultra (50 mph and $3,149), Wolf Warrior (50 mph and $2,799), and – not forgetting – it’s younger sibling, the VSETT 10+R (50 mph and $2,599).

The VSETT range has high ambitions, and each scooter it adds to the roster improves on the last. But, as the top dog of the VSETT lineup, it still has some way to go to get close to the fastest speeds, specs, and cult status of the Dualtron X II – MiniMotors’ latest addition to the infamous, insanely-kitted out line of high-performance scooters.

VSETT QS-S4 Display

Yet, it is worth noting that, with the 11+, you’re not paying big bucks for the Dualtron name. The VSETT 11+ is less than half of the price of the Dualtron X II, so it’s the ideal scooter for those looking to blend speed with a more budget-friendly price tag.

There is one very important factor you need to know when it comes to hitting top speeds, though. That is the 11+’s Sport (aka Turbo Boost) mode. When you engage it, you inject 5Ah more amps of power into your scooter’s drivetrain to reach top speeds up to 53 mph.

The only catch? Like anyone sprinting as fast as they can, the maximum velocities of the Turbo Boost mode aren’t sustainable. It is programmed to automatically turn off after 2-minutes, from which you’ll drop back down to the 11+’s regular mode. Once the motors have cooled their heels for a 10-minute regenerative period, that burst of rocket fuel will be available again for another go – so you’d better be ready.

If, in your youth, you played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, you’ll remember that you could build up ‘NOS’ and hit the ‘circle’ button on your console controller to kick your car’s nitrous oxide canister into action. This race-winning beauty of a feature gave you a huge boost of speed for a short stint, just when you needed it. The VSETT 11+ is just the same. So, are you ready, player one?


There are a few ways in which the VSETT 11+ pushes the boundaries of what a scooter can achieve, but none are as sheerly impressive as its range.

There is a little uncertainty in the electric scooter community about the exact mileage of the 11+ and so, to clear things up, here’s what you need to know.

The 11+ is available in two versions. One has a 31.2Ah LG battery, the other has a 42Ah battery. The latter has a maximum range of 140 miles, whereas the former has 100 miles.

Let me say this in no uncertain terms. This scooter has the greatest maximum range of any I’ve ever reviewed – and I do this for a living. 100+ miles is unheard of in the scooter world, even when scooters such as the dominant Dualtron X 2 (which has a maximum range of 93 miles) are in the conversation.

However, let's not get too carried away. As with all electric scooters, the maximum mileage is always based on best-case scenarios which rarely happen during realistic riding conditions.

VSETT 11+ Off-Road

So, with that in mind, and for the sake of this review of the 32.1Ah version, you’re likely to see around 42-47 miles if you ride aggressively, or 80-85 miles riding in its lowest speed setting. Nevertheless, the VSETT 11+ remains in the upper-echelon of long-range scooters.

Whilst the 11+ offers days (if not weeks) of ride time, you need a hell of a lot of time to charge it – more on this in the “Charge Time” section.

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Hill Climbing

Alongside the Wolf King, the VSETT 11+ is a certified hill-eating machine.

With the tremendous amount of torque ready to leap into action, the 11+ can scale the world’s steepest residential road, Baldwin Street in New Zealand. Baldwin Street has a 34.8% incline grade (19.2-degrees) which is terrifying to look at.

Ultimately, if you live in a hilly area the 11+ won’t even break a sweat. And remember – if you do happen to discover an incline even steeper than Baldwin Street, simply unleash the 11+’s maximum output by hitting the Sport (aka Turbo Boost) button. It’ll provide that extra shot of power to get you up and over even the most treacherous of slopes.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

If you’ve struggled to pick a scooter in the past because you can’t make your mind up about which suspension to pick, you’re not alone.

It’s a dilemma many others have faced too. The Dualtron X 2 for its legendary coil-over-shocks? The Wolf Warrior for its iconic double hydraulic pistons? The quadruple spring suspension of the Apollo Phantom?

The bad news is that making a choice can be very difficult. The good news? With the 11+, you won’t have to pick, because its suspension marries all the best shock absorption systems from the high-performance scooters you know and love.

VSETT 11+ Front Hydraulic Suspension and 11 Inch Tires

With the front fork hydraulic shocks, a set of hydraulic coil-over-shocks, and swingarm suspension in the rear, the 11+ marries of all three of the best suspension systems deliver the perfect blend of shock absorption.

The hydraulic forks and swingarms allow for deep suspension – absorbing the impact of jumps and jolts with ease – while the coil-over-shocks help soak up the uncertainties of less even terrain.

VSETT 11 Rear Adjustable Springs


Built with safety in mind, the stopping power is provided courtesy of front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, which you operate via a pair of handlebar-mounted levers.

As you’d expect from a high-performance scooter of this ilk, the brakes are highly responsive.

The 11+ also boasts an anti-lock braking system or ABS for short. A safety-focused innovation cribbed straight from the world of motorcycles, this technology works to prevent your brakes from locking up to avoid skidding and loss of control, and the likelihood of accidents while riding at the top speeds.

VSETT 11 Hydraulic Nutt Brake

Charge Time

It takes around 16 hours to reach a full charge.

Whilst this is long, it is in line with other high-performance models – such as the Wolf Warrior which has a similar-sized battery (35 Ah) and takes 17 hours to charge.

Besides, the enormous range you get makes the 16 hour charge time feel trivial. Plus, it’s worth noting that you can pick up an additional charge to halve the charge time down to 8 hours (as is the case with most Kaabo, Apollo, Zero, and Dualtron models).

Extra Features

QS-S4 Display & Throttle for Customized Performance Configuration

When you’ve been reviewing scooters for as long as I have, one thing you notice is that their display screens don’t have a whole lot of individuality. Typically, high-performance scooters will come with either one of two different standardized designs – the MiniMotors EYE (EY3), or the QS-S4.

The VSETT 11+ comes with the latter, encased in molded plastic to look like the EY3 display. At a glance, you could be easily duped. As the name suggests, this piece of kit doubles as both a chunky, colorful, backlit display screen – where you’ll view your 11+’s speed, gear, and battery life – and a throttle, with which you’ll use your index finger to toggle the scooter’s speed and acceleration.

VSETT QS-S4 Display

From the screen, you’ll also get insights into the distance you’ve covered on your current ride, plus your scooter’s total mileage. It even contains a USB port, which you can use to charge your phone or other accessories. Be mindful, though, this will drain your 11+’s battery – so it’s not recommended, particularly if you have a long ride planned. There have also been reports (not specifically tied to the VSETT 11+, but the QS-S4 in general) that current-thirsty devices can fry the unit.

On top of all that, the QS-S4 is where you’ll activate the 11+’s cruise control function, and do the more technical stuff, such as adjusting the strength of the scooter’s acceleration and regenerating braking system. You can also customize everything you’d expect to be able to, such as the brightness of the display (important for when you’re riding at night), and the scooter’s auto-turn-off settings, which help to conserve battery life.

DDM Button to Control Dual Motors

Though you’ve got the screeching power of two motors powering you across the asphalt, you’re not always going to want to be going like a bat out of hell at 53 mph. There’s a time for fast-paced rides, and there’s a time for taking it a little easier; for cruising and preserving the longevity of the battery.

Here’s where the 11+’s DDM button comes in. It's the big red button that sits next to the Sport button on the left side of the handlebars – you can’t miss it. The DDM function allows you to switch between the scooter’s Eco and Sport riding modes – or, in simple terms, choose between activating just one or both of the motors.

It’s important not to confuse this with the Sport button which activates Turbo Boost – confusing I know.

Eco mode will limit your top speed making it ideal for stretching out your ride time, whereas Sport mode will give you mouth-watering, spine-tingling levels of torque and acceleration.

VSETT 11+ Handlebar Controls

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Sport (aka Turbo Boost) Button to Inject 5Ah More Power for 2-Minutes of Rocket Fuel

Let me take you back to my youth for a second. The year was 2010, and I was still (just about) in my teens. My favorite pastime? Firing up the Playstation, and chucking on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Though I’m probably showing my age here, this story has a purpose – I promise. Anyone who’s ever played that game will remember how you could press the ‘circle’ button to activate your car’s nitrous oxide canister for a turbo boost. This race-winning beauty of a feature gave you a huge boost of speed for a short time, just when you needed it.

Over a decade later, and the VSETT 11+ has brought this much-loved feature into reality.

Whether you need a boost to tackle a particularly steep hill or want to get your adrenaline pumping as you feel the thrill of the wind whipping through your hair at 53 mph, the Sport button is there to deliver. Once activated, it injects an additional 5Ah of power into your scooter’s drivetrain for at least 2 minutes, before it’s automatically overridden by the scooter’s safety features to prevent overheating.

After the scooter has cooled down for 10-minutes, that burst of rocket fuel will be readily available once again.

Sure, it’s kind of annoying that you can’t maintain those asphalt-scorching top speeds for longer, but remember – this is all done to protect the integrity of your scooter’s health.

NFC Key-Lock Immobilizer (Anti-Theft Function)

In my time reviewing electric scooters, I’ve come across a range of anti-theft devices. There’s Dualtron’s fingerprint scanner, key-start ignitions, and digital locks…but the NFC key-lock immobilizer has become one of my favorites.


The VSETT 11+ uses NFC (near-field communication – the same technology that powers contactless credit and debit cards) to help deter and prevent theft.

Located just under the QS-S4 dashboard is a small reader (you’ll recognize it when you see it – it says ‘card’ with some signal lines coming off it). Simply wave your NFC card close to this panel to unlock the scooter.

It’s a great anti-theft function, and – along with the 11+’s hulking weight – makes it difficult for sticky fingers to take off with it.

Battery Voltage Display

Located below the QS-S4 throttle is the scooter’s voltage display.

Something we’re pretty much used to when it comes to high-performance scooters, it’s still a handy feature and provides you with an accurate reading of how much juice your 11+’s battery has in the tank.

Motorcycle Horn

Located under the left side of the handlebars (just below the Sport and DDM buttons), a backlit button triggers one of the loudest honks you’ll hear from a scooter. It’s motorcycle-grade, and of a similar quality as that, I previously admired in my Wolf King and Warrior reviews.

VSETT 11 Horn

It's best to exercise it with caution if you’re close to pedestrians, though – this thing puts out a ground-shaking 105 decibels of sound (meaning it’s loud enough for cars). It’s liable to frighten someone if you get too close.

Cruise Control

Though we tend to take a feature like cruise control – which, these days, is accepted pretty much as an industry standard – for granted, it’s useful to have. After all, with a range as monstrous as the 11+’s, chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time on this bad boy, so it’s worth giving your finger a break.

The 11+’s cruise control function allows you to travel at a constant speed, without having to keep the throttle depressed. You can access the cruise control settings through the QS-S4 display, by selecting the P17 setting.

Adjustable Suspension

Customizability is king.

That’s why – for me, at least – adjustable suspension is always a welcome addition (especially on scooters that are as expensive as the 11+), so I’m glad to see the VSETT range embrace this.

Whilst the front hydraulic forks are fixed, you can adjust the rear springs. Simply tighten them for high-speed rides and loosen them for a softer ride suited to rougher terrain.

VSETT 11+ Rear Hydraulic Suspension and 11-inch Tires

The level of customization here is minor but this is often the case with most electric scooters, except for Dualtron’s customizable rubber suspension cartridge system which gives you 5 different levels of shock absorption from soft to hard. In some cases, Dualtron models, like the Thunder, give you 45 levels of shock absorption. You can read more about this in my review of the Dualtron Thunder.

Range of Stem Turning Motion is Locked to Prevent Accidents

When Nathan, Founder of Rev Rides, and the Titan/Unicool (manufacturers) team launched the new VSETT range, it wasn’t just a case of giving some old scooters a facelift and rebranding them under a new name. Nope – the VSETT range improves upon the more established scooter line, Zero, with several innovative new safety features.

One I’m a huge fan of is that the 11+ restricts the rotation of the steering column to prevent the handlebars from turning a full 90 degrees and ‘locking up’ in the process.

VSETT 11 Steering Column Lockout

Not only does this prevent you from over-turning – and potentially causing yourself a serious injury in the process – but it also stops the cables from tugging and coming loose from your brakes or controller.

Piercingly Bright LED Lights and Turn Signals

Sporting a monstrously large, ultra-bright LED headlight that hogs center stage between the scooter’s two front pistons, it is far better than most other high-performance scooters I’ve reviewed. The front light is actually powerful enough that you can ride it at night comfortably. While you’d usually catch me telling you to invest in additional lighting, that’s not the case here.

VSETT 11 Bright Headlight

At the opposite end of the scooter, the 11+ boasts snazzy taillights and brake lights that flash when you slow down. The VSETT logo on the side of the deck also lights up – a little over the top, perhaps, but certainly a plus if you’re the type of rider that wears their brand with pride.

Like the rest of the VSETT lineup, the 11+ comes with turn signals. Whilst the 11+ can lay claim to having both front and rear turn signals (usually you only get them on the rear), they are located on the side of the deck as opposed to front and back, meaning that they’re not only hard to see but somewhat redundant.

VSETT 11+ Deck Lights

It’s a strange design flaw, and one I’d hope to see fixed by the time the next VSETT release hits shelves. At least the rest of the VSETT scooters have their turn signals positioned correctly.

Tire Hugger for Enhanced Protection Against Mud & Water Splashes

One way in which the 11+ breaks rank from its fellow VSETT models is by doing away with the rear fender and replacing it with an innovative tire hugger.

Made of reinforced plastic, it prevents mud and filthy water from spraying up your back when you’re riding in less than optimal conditions. It also serves another aesthetic purpose, because, well…It just looks cool.

VSETT 11 Tire Hugger

IP54 Water Resistance Rating

A water resistance rating feels like a feature that must surely be a staple of all high-performance scooters. After all, what’s the point of a scooter boasting all the trappings for extreme off-road and urban riding, when it can’t withstand a measly bit of rain?

Well, in practice, IP water resistance ratings are – sadly – all too rare in the world of high-performance scooters. None of Dualtron’s scooters (not even the top brass of the X, or its upgrade, the X 2) are water-resistant, and nor are the finest models from INOKIM or Kaabo’s much loved Manti.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see that the VSETT 11+ – like the rest of its cohort – backs up its durable build with an IP54 water resistance rating. This ensures the 11+ is completely splash-proof, meaning you should have zero qualms about taking this thing for a spin on rainy days.

However, be wary of the deck-located charging ports since they can be susceptible to rain as they face up and their sliding covers are prone to rotating aside.

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Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Full-Hydraulic), Disc (Mechanical)

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Display, Lights, Water Resistance Rating

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


When purchased from Rev Rides – our recommended U.S. retailer – the VSETT 11+ comes with a standard 12-month warranty against any factory defects.

As to be expected, there are a few exceptions inked into the small print. VSETT’s warranty won’t cover any damage that results from any modifications from the scooter, and any issues deemed to be caused by accidents, collisions, abuse, and plain old ‘wear and tear’ won’t be covered either.

Water damage also isn’t covered, so you may want to err on the side of caution when it comes to riding on wet days, even if the frame is protected.

Labor is not covered by warranty, so – even if the damage is – you may still get stuck with a bill for the cost of replacement or repair.

REV Rides also offers a scheme through Extend, via which you can purchase additional periods of warranty. One year costs $479, two years is $749, and three years will set you back $999.

You can find more information about the VSETT 11+’s warranty policy online.

Overall, the Rev Rides warranty is fairly standard.

Post-Purchase Support

At the end of February 2021, I had a call with Nathan, the Founder of REV Rides. During our call, we talked about the new VSETT line of performance scooters, and then he ran through exactly how they quality check all their scooters (i.e. before they land on your doorstep). From my chat with him, it was clear that he very much puts the customer first and has a great customer support team.

I only like to recommend retailers that I would personally buy from and have vetted. Rev Rides passed the test – I highly recommend them.

As always, though, I like to keep an unbiased and neutral view and so, it is worth noting that although Rev Rides have one or two videos online about setting up your new VSETT scooter, there could be more online support resources to help address maintenance and general use. The best example of this that I have seen and experienced is from Varla, which you can read more about here. I also wasn’t able to find a digital version of the 11+’s manual, which could be frustrating if your physical copy went missing.

REV Rides’ Washington-based help and support team are available Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm PST, on 1-360-8887433. For email-based support, reach out to contactus@revrides.com.

Specification: VSETT 11+ Review



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Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Full-Hydraulic), Disc (Mechanical)

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Display, Lights, Water Resistance Rating

VSETT 11+ Review


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