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Turboant X7 Pro Review

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For $499.98, the Turboant X7 Pro delivers exceptional value for money. It is the best electric scooter under $600. Thanks to its long mileage, portability, robust build (including its IPX4 waterproof rating), and premium features like the LED display and cruise control, it holds its own against more expensive models and is perfect if you need to keep your costs low. With a range of riding modes, a top speed of 20 mph, and an extensive 30 mile range on a single charge, you can’t go wrong with the X7 Pro. Unlike the majority of electric scooters, the X7 Pro’s battery pack is removable, which makes it super convenient to charge and gives you the option to switch out the battery for a new one on long weekend explorations – letting you ride for up to 60 miles. While the X7 Pro lacks inbuilt suspension, it makes up for it with large 10-inch air-filled tires to deliver a comfortable ride. If you’re looking for a scooter that can tackle all types of urban terrain, this is an ideal choice.

$699.98 $499.98

  • Excellent value for money
  • Extended mileage
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Detachable battery
  • Cruise control
  • Large, plush tires
  • Robust
  • No suspension

Discover the 9 things you need to know about the Turboant X7 Pro by clicking on the menu below or check out my video:

Turboant X7 Pro Unboxing & Review

A complete unboxing and review of the Turboant X7 Pro. See what the best electric scooter under $600 has to offer. From close-ups of the frame to talking through the impressive stats, this video will show you exactly what you can expect from the Turboant X7 Pro.


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Who is it Best For?

Will the Turboant X7 Pro Be a Good Fit For You?

The Turboant X7 Pro has the perfect blend of features that make it perfect for adults and teenagers alike.

Looking for a scooter to commute to work and avoid public transport? How about a weekend explorer? Need a scooter that is convenient to use and store away? Take your pick, the X7 Pro has it all.

With a top speed of 20 mph and the large pneumatic tires, you won’t have to suffer a slow or rough-ride like you’ll find on other more expensive models (Ninebot Air T15, I’m looking at you).

In particular, the long 30 mile range is perfect for those who plan on riding long distances. Plus, the detachable battery means that you can even carry a spare to extend your range even further. This is just one of the X7 Pro’s features that makes it so versatile.

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Ride Quality

Is the Turboant X7 Pro Comfortable to Ride?

Despite the lack of suspension, the plush 10-inch tubed tires, which are larger than the average 8.5-inch ones you find on a lot of budget scooters, do a fantastic job at soaking up the terrain underfoot to deliver a smooth ride. If the X7 Pro had suspension, it would be buttery-smooth.

It is important to bear in mind though, that the larger tires can only do so much and that the Turboant isn’t designed for off-roading. Where possible, it’s best to stick to urban terrain. However, after putting the X7 Pro through its paces I can say that it holds up well across local parks and dirt tracks, anything more challenging and you’re in for a bumpy ride.

The X7 Pro is a definite step up from its predecessor, the X7. Firstly, the wheels are 1.5-inches bigger. Secondly, the range has increased from 16 to 30 miles. And finally, a quicker acceleration curve is immediately noticeable – mainly as a result of a more responsive throttle.

The X7 Pro also includes a triple braking system, which is better than most similarly priced scooters that I’ve tested. The X7 Pro combines a hand-operated disc brake with a classic rear fender brake and regenerative electronic braking system. All compliment the ride quality for ultimate control.

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The handlebars are a little on the narrow side but you soon get used to them. Each handgrip is wrapped with rubber that is grippier than the foam option you find on some scooters, and the LED display screen in the center provides all the information you need while riding.

Turboant X7 Pro Handlebars and LED Display

From the display, you can see your speed and battery life, as well as a small indicator that tells you what mode you are riding in – Beginner, Eco, and Sport. Beginner mode locks your maximum speed at 6 mph, Eco ups it to 12 mph, while Sport mode lets you rip 20 mph.

The handlebars also include the X7 Pro’s ergonomically designed throttle, brake, bell, and LED headlight.

The throttle is an all-in-one command center for your scooter. You can turn the scooter on or off, activate the headlight, select the riding mode, and, of course, power the motor. It’s smooth to operate and even includes cruise control.

The handbrake feels natural to use and will be second nature for anyone familiar with riding a bike. When activated, the disc brake also activates the rear brake light to let those behind you know that you’re slowing down.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Brake Light


The Turboant X7 isn’t the lightest scooter, nor is it the heaviest. Electric scooters range from 23 to 145 lbs, and the X7 Pro sits on the lower end of the scale at 33 lbs.

The weight offers a sturdy feel to the scooter and although it is among the lightest electric scooters, it isn’t a model you’ll want to carry around for long periods. This is as a result of the thicker than normal handlebar stem, which you need to grip while carrying it. Unlike the majority of electric scooters, the X7 Pro’s battery pack is stored in the handlebar stem. There are pros and cons to this.

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

The Pros:

  • It is removable, which makes it super convenient to charge and provides you with a level of security.
  • Turboant sells additional batteries so if you have a super long commute you can pick up another one, switch the flat one out, and replace it with a new one for double the range (60 miles).

The Cons:

  • The larger diameter and slightly awkward shape of the stem can make the scooter cumbersome to carry if you have small hands. Based on my own experience, this is a small price to pay for the super impressive performance and if you aren’t going to carry the scooter for extended periods, it’s not an issue.

Overall, the aluminum alloy used to construct the scooter is extremely durable. The pair-back black design is easy on the eye, and the red highlights add a pop of eye-catching color.


Because the X7 Pro stores its battery in the handlebar stem, rather than in the deck, it rides slightly higher off the ground which affords more protection when it comes to traversing rough terrain that could otherwise damage the underside of the deck and possibly your battery.

Turboant X7 Pro Deck

As well as the benefit of being higher from the ground, the X7 Pro ticks the comfort box too. The entirety of the deck is coated in a grippy silicone rubber that ensures you feel safe while you’re riding as your feet stay firmly in position.

Turboant X7 Pro Grippy Deck


As previously mentioned, the X7 Pro is equipped with large 10-inch pneumatic tires.

Whilst the wheels on an electric scooter may be one of the last things most people consider when choosing a new model, they should be high up on your list of considerations. The size, type of tire, and tread pattern all play pivotal roles in how comfortable your ride is.

Usually, budget scooters have tires that sit around the 8.5-inch mark, and so the bigger size of the X7 Pro’s is the first benefit. Secondly, some budget scooters try to cut manufacturing costs by installing solid rubber tires. If you’ve read any of my reviews before you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of this tire type. Solid tires have no shock absorption and if your scooter doesn’t have suspension then you’re in for a jarring ride. The good news is that the X7 Pro’s tires are air-filled and deliver good cushioning. Thirdly, the slick tread pattern found on the X7 Pro’s tires makes them ideal for urban environments.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

The only way the tires could be improved is if they had tire slime. Tire slime is a fibrous liquid that coats the inside of your tire and fills knicks to prevent flats. However, for the budget price, we can let that one slip.

Build Quality & Durability

While it is a cheap scooter, the X7 Pro hasn’t cut corners on build quality or durability.

Its frame is made of an aluminum alloy, which is common for the majority of electric scooters. While this material makes it sturdy and robust, it comes at the cost of weighing more than other scooters that use carbon fiber instead. However, these scooters tend to be far more premium, like the Unagi Model One which is double the price of the X7 Pro.

At the time of writing this review (Jan 2021), I’ve ridden the X7 Pro for over 5 months and it is still as good as new. Plus, I’ve ridden its predecessor, the X7, for well over a year and that model is still holding strong. (The X7 features the same materials used to construct the X7 Pro).

To top off the wear-resistant design, it also boasts an IPX4 water-resistance rating, meaning it can survive splashes of water from all directions. However, I wouldn’t recommend riding any electric scooter in the rain.

Weight & Load

The Turboant X7 Pro weighs 33 lbs and has a maximum load of 275 lbs.

As previously mentioned, it isn’t the lightest scooter, nor is it the heaviest. If you need to carry it for short stints then it’ll serve you just fine.

The maximum load of the X7 Pro is one of its standout features. You’ll often find that the majority of scooters can withstand a load of up to 220 lbs, with some cheaper models even barely reaching that (I’ve reviewed some that support just 180 lbs). There’s a couple of reasons why the large load limit is beneficial:

  1. It can support heavier riders. Before the X7 Pro came along, heavier riders were forced to buy performance scooters to support their weight. Performance scooters can cost upwards of $1,000 and, as you guessed, deliver the specs to match – which are, to be honest, too much for new riders to handle.
  2. The 30 mile range quoted is based on a best-case scenario. This scenario is based on the weight of the rider, speed of travel, and terrain traversed. The further away you are from the max weight limit, the better performance you’ll get. So, the increased load of 275 lbs is ideal to take advantage of the impressive specs on offer, especially if you are well below the upper end of the limit.

Folding & Portability

The simple to use folding function means that portability is stress-free.

Turboant X7 Pro Folding Mechanism

For commuters and weekend riders, the X7 Pro is ideal. It can be stowed away easily when it’s not in use and clicked into action in a matter of seconds.

While the Turboant X7 Pro is relatively light, it’s the thickness of the handlebar stem that can cause issues if you have small hands.

Because the battery is stored in the stem, it has a larger than normal diameter which can be cumbersome to carry. However, since testing the X7 Pro for the last 5 months, this is soon forgotten about – especially, if you only have to carry the scooter up and down a few flights of stairs to get to your flat (like me). After all, scooters are made for gliding through city streets, not being carried through them.

Turboant X7 Pro Folded


The Turboant X7 Pro is almost ready to go as soon as you have it out of the box. It takes just 5-10 minutes to assemble.

It’s a simple process and all that’s required is to screw the handlebars in and attach the bell and brake using the Allen wrench provided.

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Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

In terms of speed, you can’t go far wrong with the X7 Pro.

The scooter strikes the perfect balance that accommodates new riders whilst also offering a thrilling top speed of 20 mph. There are three riding modes to choose from:

  1. Beginner – maximum speed of 6 mph and is ideal for younger riders or people getting to grips with riding for the first time.
  2. Eco – goes up to 12 mph and conserves battery life for extended mileage.
  3. Sport – lets you rip the top speed of 20 mph and take advantage of the responsive acceleration.

The choice of all 3 modes makes the X7 Pro a flexible option – perfect if you just want to have fun or if you have a serious commute ahead of you. Combined with the 30 mile range, you won’t have to worry about falling short of your destination.

Turboant X7 Pro LED Display and Throttle

The Turboant X7 Pro also has cruise control that can make riding even more enjoyable. Simply maintain a constant speed for 10 seconds while holding down the throttle and your scooter will take over.


The Turboant X7 Pro has a maximum range of 30 miles, making it more of a competitor for more expensive scooters than ones in the same price bracket. To give you more context, when I look through my database of 80+ scooters, the average cost of models that deliver 28-33 miles comes in at $1,185. One of the scooters included in the average, the Mantis Base, costs $1,699 which is over triple the price of the Turboant X7 Pro.

Of course, riding more aggressively can lower that range, so it’s worth keeping an eye on battery levels. The Eco mode does help to conserve energy though. If you are a speed fiend and push the X7 Pro to the upper limits of its capabilities then you can expect around 14-16 miles.

The X7 Pro also has the added advantage of a detachable battery. Located in the handlebar stem, this can be easily removed and replaced with a fresh, fully charged battery to double the mileage while you are on the go.

The detachable battery also allows for easy charging, whether you’re at home or in the office. You just need a plug and you’re good to go again in between 4 and 6 hours.

Hill Climbing

The Turboant X7 Pro hasn’t been designed to take on steep inclines but is perfectly adequate for scaling the average neighborhood incline – except for eye-watering slopes of San Francisco though, that place is on another level.

While you might not hit your top speed on an incline, it is important to know that the steeper the hill, the more power you will lose. The X7 Pro takes inclines under 10% confidently in its stride. Anything between 11-15% will see the scooter slow and any higher you’ll be crawling at a snail’s pace

Shock Absorption / Suspension

There’s no suspension system but the ride quality remains comfortable thanks to the plush air-filled tires.

Turboant X7 Pro 10-inch Tire

Although it isn’t designed for off-road scooterists, it’s ideal for urban environments and can handle less well-maintained paths and roads without too much issue.

The battery-free deck also means it rides slightly higher off the ground which affords greater riding comfort too, i.e. the deck doesn’t scrape on the terrain underfoot.


Braking is vital on any scooter, and like all good scooters, the Turboant X7 Pro offers multiple methods to ensure a reliable ride.

There are three brakes, which, when combined, are effective in bringing you to a quick stop.

Firstly, you have the hand-operated brake which you can pull on to engage the disc brake on the rear wheel. This will be the braking method you use most often and it’ll let you slow down smoothly. Secondly, if you need to perform a quicker emergency style stop, then you can stomp on the rear fender. Lastly, the scooter uses regenerative braking to recover battery energy while you brake.

Turboant X7 Pro Rear Wheel Fender and Disc Brake

In the grand scheme of things, the Turboant’s braking system sits in the middle ground where electronic braking (on its own) is at the lowest end of the scale, and hydraulics are at the upper end. The X7 Pro’s brakes are more than enough for the power it puts out.

I also like that the main brake is hand-operated – it gives you more control over the scooter and makes the transition from riding a bike to the scooter far easier.

Turboant X7 Pro Handbrake

Charge Time

The battery takes a pretty standard 4-6 hours to charge.

Where the X7 Pro shines though, is the fact that you can remove the battery and charge it wherever is convenient for you. Plus, you can buy additional batteries that you can swap in and out, making the X7 Pro a super convenient scooter for anyone that may forget to charge the scooter (I’m guilty of this).

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LED Dashboard

The LED dashboard, placed in the center of the handlebars, allows you to monitor key stats.

The screen will tell you your speed, battery level, and also the mode you are using – each mode has a different color.

The dashboard is a great mix of practicality and style. It gives you all the information you’ll need during a ride, without being an eye-sore.

Where some electric scooters include buttons on or around the screen, the X7 Pro does not. Instead, everything is controlled from the all-in-one throttle. The design of this is surprisingly ergonomic as you don’t need to take your hands off the handgrips while you change riding mode or turn the lights on/off. All it takes is a simple click of the buttons with your thumb.

LED Lights

The Turboant X7 Pro uses a 3W LED headlight, which places it around the middle-ground compared to other models. It is bright enough to be useful in most urban areas – for example, for streets that are already littered with lights. However, I wouldn’t advise relying on it if you plan on riding through dark streets.

Turboant X7 Pro Headlight

It is worth noting that the headlight has a downward angle, so you don’t need to worry about blinding anyone coming the other way.

Cruise Control

The cruise control function is both useful and easy-to-use. Simply maintain a consistent speed for 10 seconds while holding the cruise button and you’ll hear a beep. Once you’ve heard that, your scooter will maintain its speed.

The X7 Pro’s cruise control isn’t limited to any one speed, so however fast you want to go, you can set it. For riders with a simple commute, this can save a lot of thumb strain, although it’s always best to stay aware of your surroundings.

Using the X7 Pro’s cruise control won’t disengage any other functions so you can still activate your headlights or use the brakes.

Detachable Battery Pack

As previously mentioned throughout the review, having a detachable battery pack is one of the most useful features of the Turboant X7 Pro. It offers several benefits.

Turboant X7 Pro Detachable Battery Pack

The first benefit is that it makes long commutes easy. While the 30 mile range with one battery is excellent, it can be easily extended if you invest in a spare one. If you know you have more than 30 miles ahead of you, simply charge and pack a spare to make your scooter go further.

It’s also convenient for charging. While other scooters build their power supply into the scooter, forcing you to lug your scooter around your home or public area searching for an area to charge it, the X7 Pro battery is small enough to be charged wherever is easy.

The last benefit is its placement. As mentioned, the battery is stored in the handlebar stem, as opposed to the deck. This means that you’re less likely to damage the battery as a result of the deck taking some hard hits.

Water Resistance Rating

The Turboant X7 Pro has a water-resistant rating of IPX4. It is protected against water splashes from all directions, including from low-pressure jets of water from any angle.

Combined with the deck’s grippy material, the X7 Pro can be ridden in the rain, although as with most scooters, it’s safer to stay in the dry when you can.

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Specification: Turboant X7 Pro Review

Brand Turboant
Suitable For Adults
Terrain Urban
Portability Folding Frame
Weight (lbs) 33
Rider Weight (lbs) 275
Tire Size (inches) 10
Tire Type Pneumatic (Air-Filled)
Speed (mph) 20
Range (miles) 30
Max Incline (%) 15
Charge Time (hours) 6
Suspension None
Brakes Disc, Electronic Regenerative, Foot
Extra Features
Extra Features Cruise Control, Extended Battery Pack, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating
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Value for Money

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

The Turboant X7 Pro is easily the best value for money scooter that I’ve reviewed.

At just under $500, it offers a wide-ranging set of features that compete with more expensive scooters.

With a top speed of 20 mph, a range of 30 miles, comfortable riding quality, cruise control, robust design, flexibility to remove and use multiple batteries, and an affordable price tag, it doesn’t get much better than the X7 Pro.

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What is the Warranty & Post-Purchase Support?

The Turboant X7 Pro comes with a standard warranty that covers 6-months of mechanical defects. Plus, you can extend it for 12-months if you register your scooter on the Turboant website within 7 days of your purchase.

If a defect occurs within 7 days of delivery, you can apply for repair, a brand-new replacement, or a full refund. Within 30 days of delivery, you can apply for repair or a brand-new replacement. And, after 30 days of delivery, but within the warranty period, Turboant will provide repair guide videos or parts for the defective product.

The warranty does not cover failures that result from improper use, normal wear and tear, or used batteries.

If you need to use the warranty, you’ll need to provide a valid ID and delivery date. You’ll also need to provide details of the problem and photo evidence.

You can contact Turboant by email at [email protected] and the team will normally get back to you within 24 hours.

Specification: Turboant X7 Pro Review

Brand Turboant
Suitable For Adults
Terrain Urban
Portability Folding Frame
Weight (lbs) 33
Rider Weight (lbs) 275
Tire Size (inches) 10
Tire Type Pneumatic (Air-Filled)
Speed (mph) 20
Range (miles) 30
Max Incline (%) 15
Charge Time (hours) 6
Suspension None
Brakes Disc, Electronic Regenerative, Foot
Extra Features
Extra Features Cruise Control, Extended Battery Pack, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating
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