Segway Ninebot Air T15

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What’s in a name? With the Segway Ninebot Air T15, it’s a lot – because it’s not called ‘Air’ for no reason. Invest here, and you’ll be getting not only the lightest ride in Segway’s ‘Ninebot’ line of scooters for adults but one of the lightest on the market, period. It’s one of the most futuristic-looking scooters too. Sporting a modern, stripped-back design, the Air T15 is as much style accessory as it is scooter – and bearing the illustrious, instantly-recognizable Segway name gives it that extra dash of street cred. But dig a little deeper, and it soon becomes clear that the Ninebot Air T15’s cosmetic qualities mask a pretty glaring oversight when it comes to specs, ride quality, and value for money. So, will the Air T15 give you a lift, or is this one a case of failure to launch? Does Segway’s most portable scooter for adults soar… or is the T15 simply style over substance?


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Who is it Best For?

Will the Segway Ninebot Air T15 Be a Good Fit For You?

I can’t in good faith give the Ninebot Air T15 my full backing. Why?

Well, because there are just so many other scooters out there with better specs, that you could purchase for the same money. They might not look as good as the T15, and you won’t necessarily be buying into a brand as prestigious – or prodigious – as Segway.

But in all likelihood, you’ll be paying less, going faster, and getting further.

That said, anyone who’s spent a fortune on the latest iPhone will know what I mean when I say there’s a certain thrill to having the latest expensive gadget – particularly when it’s more fashion than function. So for some, the pull of the Ninebot Air’s aesthetic qualities may be too much to avoid.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Frame

But don’t get suckered in by the Segway’s siren song – though its monochromatic color scheme, polished look and feel, and neat folding capabilities are easy on the eye, you can trust me when I say that you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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Pros and Cons


  • Extremely light
  • Folding handlebars
  • Looks amazing
  • Prestigious brand


  • Extremely over-priced
  • No suspension
  • Slow top speed
  • Limited range
  • Small wheels

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Ride Quality

Is the Segway Ninebot Air T15 Comfortable to Ride?

Compact? Yes.

Cool? Definitely!

Comfortable? Not exactly.

The T15’s narrow handlebars, small wheels, lack of suspension, and low deck all contribute to the scooter’s poor ride quality. Ultimately, the T15 is jarring and that’s unlikely to win the hearts and minds of many riders – and that’s just on smooth roads.

Forget about tackling the tougher terrain with this one – it’s a commuter scooter at best, and an overpriced, under-equipped fashion accessory at worst.

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Just one look at the Air T15 will tell you that its handlebars are notably shorter and narrower than what you typically get with other scooters. While this design element certainly adds up to a satisfying aesthetic, I can assure you – it won’t make for the most comfortable ride.

A more pleasant surprise, though, is between the handlebars, where you’ll find the T15’s cleverly-concealed dashboard. Completely flat, and rendered in the same sleek, dark style as the rest of the handlebars, it’s easy to read – and looks exceptionally cool, too. More on that later.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Handlebar & Bezel-Less LED Display

The Segway Ninebot Air T15’s folding handlebars are fitted with a smooth black rubber. This is in keeping with the scooter’s classy color scheme and has an ergonomic shape.


When a scooter’s frame is one of the lightest on the market, there’s not much you can complain about.

At 23 lbs, the Air T15 more than lives up to its moniker. Alongside a small handful of super light scooters, including the Unagi Model One and Hiboy S2 Lite, it is amongst the lightest for adults.

Part of the reason for this is the aluminum-magnesium alloy the T15 is made from. The other part is the T15 frame’s diminutive size – when folded, it’s just 8.7 inches tall. Place it next to a beast like the Apollo Pro or Urban Machina’s EVOLV Pro Plus, and it looks more like a child’s toy.


There are no major problems with the Air T15’s deck. It measures around 17.7 inches long, and 6.7 inches wide – making it almost identical to the majority of entry-level scooters.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Deck

More worrying is how low the T15’s deck is to the ground, as well as how thin it is. That puts you at the risk of scraping the deck’s underside on less well-maintained pathways and makes any attempt to mount a curb an extremely ill-advised one.


Like the Ninebot E22, the Air T15’s tires are filled with PU (polyurethane) foam, which goes some way to counterbalancing the scooter’s lack of suspension. Unlike the E22, though – which boasts jumbo 9-inch wheels – the T15’s front wheel is just 7.5-inches in size.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Front Tire

Thought that was small? Try the back one, which measures up at just 6-inches in circumference. The combined effect of these small wheels and the T15’s lack of suspension means you’ll need to stick to the path or expect a rocky ride.

Sure, the small wheels help make the T15 as light as it is. But should you have to sacrifice weight for ride comfort? I don’t think so.

Build Quality & Durability

Segway isn’t known for making scooters that fall apart, and – though the T15 certainly has its issues – it didn’t win a CES 2020 Innovation Award for nothing.

There’s a lot to like about the materials. Made from a corrosion-resistant aluminum/magnesium alloy, the T15’s mainframe is built to withstand the rain, the sun, and the wind (though with that light frame, I wouldn’t recommend setting out on a windy day!). Other parts of the scooter such as the caps on the front wheel, and at the rear of the deck are finished in impact-resistant plastic.

Weight & Load

We’ve already seen how the T15 suffers because of its light weight (23.2 lbs). Most notably, ride quality, speed, and climbing ability. But it’s the scooter’s disappointing load of 220 lbs that provides further proof that Segway has tossed any aspirations of substance right out of the window.

That’s not to say a load of 220 lbs is objectively bad. The GoTrax XR Elite and XR Ultra – both of which I’m a big fan of – have the same, as does Segway’s Ninebot E22 model. Crucially, though, all those scooters are available for less than $500 – and, in the GoTrax XR Ultra’s case, as cheap as $359.99.

The Segway Air T15, by contrast, is on the market for around double that amount ($749.99).

Here’s why the 220 lbs limit is so bad: the scooter already has lackluster specs when it comes to performance. If you weigh towards the upper end of the 220 lbs weight limit and try to ride the Air T15 at its max speed (which you most likely will because it is already slow), then you’re going to be crawling at a snail’s pace. Not to mention, that you’ll probably only get 4-5 miles at best. This is equivalent to the range of kids scooters.

Sadly, this is another reason I can’t recommend the Ninebot Air T15.

Folding & Portability

While the T15’s weight alone is enough to make the T15 the most portable scooter going, Segway’s designers went one step further. I’m talking about the T15’s tantalizing folding functionality, of course.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Compact Folded Frame

The handlebars fold down parallel to the frame, and with just one pull of a lever, the scooter collapses in an instant. The kickstand disappears completely into the deck when you fold it, too.

Finally – and here’s where Segway’s attention to design detail gets more credit – once folded, the stem and deck sit close to each other, making the T15 a super compact unit. This makes the T15’s already slight frame ideal for tucking under your arm or storing it out of sight.

Plus, you don’t even have to lift the T15 off the ground to move it from place to place – you can just wheel it around while folded. It’s a small, yet super handy detail.


The Ninebot Air T15 comes pre-assembled, which is a real breath of fresh air. You’ll just have to unfold the scooter and pop out the handlebars – which, if you’ve read this far, will know to be a breeze.

One word of warning, though.

Don’t throw out the packaging! That dark grey polystyrene your scooter comes in isn’t to be discarded, or recycled along with your empty cardboard box. Rather, that packaging doubles as the T15’s stand – a sustainable solution, which also accommodates room for the scooter’s charging brick and cable.

Combine this with the rest of the T15’s sustainable, eco-friendly packaging – which can all be recycled – and it’s a clever, classy touch from Segway.

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Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

The Segway Ninebot Air T15 is a slow scooter. Like its older cousin, the Ninebot E22, the T15’s top speed is a doze-inducing 12.4 mph.

Whilst I would usually recommend only adrenaline junkies to steer clear of slow scooters, in this case, I recommend that all adults give it a miss.

For a similar price, you could pick up the Fluid Free Ride Horizon 13. You’ll get your hands on a scooter with a mouth-watering top speed of 25 mph, 25 miles to match, and dual suspension too. The Horizon isn’t light though. It’s almost twice as heavy but it does fold into a compact package.


I can’t pull this punch. Offering a maximum ride distance of just 9.3 miles, the T15’s range is, on paper, very poor.

Just compare it to the Ninebot E22 – which, despite being cheaper and having the same speed, boasts an extra 4.4 miles of gas in the proverbial tank – and the T15’s limitations are soon laid bare. Embarrassingly, the T15’s maximum mileage is closer to Segway’s ZING line of children’s scooters than it is to similarly priced scooters.

Worse still, the Air T15, like all electric scooters, will have even less mileage in practice. If you ride at full speed, you can expect around a 35-40% decline in the range – equating to as little as 5 or 6 miles. If you are seriously thinking of purchasing this scooter, it should be only for casual rides – and short ones at that.

Hill Climbing

The Ninebot Air T15’s hill-climbing capability – a maximum slope of 15% (8.5-degrees) – is standard for a scooter in this price range.

That said, there are better options out there. This is mainly because of the lack of torque needed to effectively scale hills without the scooter crawling up them.

If hill climbing is on your agenda, and you don’t need to scale any inclines that are over 15%, then I’d recommend checking out the Turboant X7 Pro. Not only does this scooter have enough torque to propel you upwards of 20 mph, but it also has the battery capacity (up to 30 miles) that can keep the wheels rolling up many hills. Plus, it only costs $499.98, so you’ll save a bunch too.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

Oh boy. I’ll get straight to it – the Ninebot Air T15 has no suspension to speak of. This, in combination with the T15’s small, solid tires, means you can expect a bumpy ride.

As with the Ninebot E22 – Segway’s more budget-friendly scooter for commuters and younger riders – the T15 comes equipped with PU foam-filled tires. When it comes to shock absorption, this is both good and bad news.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Front Tire

The good? That special PU foam means you’ll get a small – well, at least token – level of suspension. When it comes to their ride-softening capabilities, PU foam-filled tires are closer to pneumatic tires than they are solid ones, and you’ll also get some resistance to punctures.

The bad? As I mentioned earlier, the wheels are small. I mean really small. Sure, that might add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the T15 – and it certainly helps its portability – but in terms of suspension and overall ride comfort, it’s not good. Small wheels mean you’re closer to the road, meaning you’ll feel every crack.


Though this scooter’s specs aren’t particularly impressive, it’s still made by Segway – a brand with a reputation for safety.

The T15’s front brake lever (located, as you’d expect, on the left side of the handlebars), along with the rear foot brake, join together to deliver the dual braking system.

Complimenting this is the T15’s regenerative braking system, which – although a feature most of us now come to expect as standard – is still a nice touch.

Braking particulars aside, the laws of physics dictate. The T15’s lightweight 23 lb frame and slow top speed certainly play in its favor when it comes to braking.

My only real issue with the braking system is that you have to use a thumb paddle to engage the brakes. I’ve ridden many scooters and whilst some, like the T15 and even more luxurious models, like the Unagi Model One, use thumb paddles to engage the brakes, I always prefer traditional hand-operated ones that you pull. I always find that being able to physically pull on the brakes gives a greater sense of control. Plus, it’s second nature for most new riders who are used to riding bicycles.

Charge Time

Most of the Ninebot Air T15’s best features aren’t unique to the scooter itself. Its quick, 4-hour charging turnaround, for instance, is a product of the Smart Battery Management System (SMBS) common to all Segway scooters. Still, it’s handy to have, and I’ll discuss the SMBS a little more later.

The T15’s battery itself is of the 21700 automotive-grade lithium-ion variety – the same used by some electric cars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee great battery performance, and other reviewers – like myself – have paid particular attention to the battery falling short of the 9.3-mile range promised.

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LED Dashboard

As you’d expect with the Ninebot Air T15’s daring, distinct design, the LED dashboard doesn’t disappoint.

The bezel-less display shows off your scooter’s info in style, with embedded nixie tubes (electronic devices used for displaying numerals or other information using glow discharge) putting you just a click away from your scooter’s battery life, riding mode, speed, Bluetooth connection status, and error messages.

LED Lights

I know what you’re thinking. High price, limited range, snail-like top speed… just what am I paying for with this scooter?

The answer to your question is the Ninebot Air T15’s ambient LED colored strip, which runs vertically down the front of the steering column.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 LED Lights

Along with those narrow handlebars and slight white frame, this groovy strip is the T15’s most-recognizable trait. Once you’ve connected your scooter to your phone via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to customize the color of the front bar – along with the T15’s rear light – with your preferred color palette.

There’s even an option to apply effects to that light strip, such as ‘dynamic breathing’ and ‘full color breathing’, for that added touch of pizzazz.

Necessary? No.

Cool? Undeniably.

Cruise Control

The Segway Ninebot Air T15 comes with four riding modes, which break down as follows:

  • Pedestrian: 3.7 mph
  • Energy Saving: 6.2 mph
  • Standard: 9.3 mph
  • Sport: 12.4 mph

Again, the T15 isn’t built for speed. Four riding modes make for some level of relaxed riding, though. For what it’s worth, it has more settings than the Air T15’s cousin, the Segway Ninebot E22, which has three.

Plus, the ‘Pedestrian’ mode, which slows you down to less than 4 mph, and keeps your tail light flashing can be fun. It’s named after the people that will be overtaking you when you select it!

Mobile App & Bluetooth

I’m a big fan of the Segway-Ninebot app. It’s easy to use, and once you’ve learned a bit more about it you can get way more out of your chosen scooter.

It’s not just for choosing what color your T15’s front LED light will be rocking, it’s also for selecting your riding mode, viewing your battery usage, and analyzing your previous rides and journey log. You get a surprisingly wide remit to customize your T15’s settings, such as the regenerative braking, to your preferences.

Don’t forget to download the app, and make an account with your name and details. Failing to connect your T15 to the app will cause the scooter to emit a high pitch beeping sound until you do. It’s not something you want to inflict on your eardrums.

Water Resistance Rating

The Ninebot Air T15 boasts a more-or-less industry-standard water resistance rating of IPX4. This will protect your deck from splash damage, and enable you to ride with confidence in the rain.

Folding Handlebars For Enhanced Portability

One of the T15 hipper features is its self-retracting, inward-folding handlebars.

Segway Ninebot Air T15 Folded Handlebars

Between the center of the handlebars, you’ll find a nifty lever. This triggers the T15’s unique, ‘one-click’ folding mechanism, which then causes the handlebars to automatically collapse in, for a more simple, hassle-free fold.

Battery Management System

The Ninebot Air T15 comes equipped with Segway’s SBMS. By monitoring the cells inside the scooter’s battery, the SMBS helps prevent overheating, prolong the battery’s life span, and provide a more accurate dashboard reading of how much juice your scooter has left.

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Specification: Segway Ninebot Air T15

Brand Segway-Ninebot
Suitable For Adults
Terrain Urban
Portability Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars
Weight (lbs) 23.2
Rider Weight (lbs) 220
Tire Size (inches) 7.5
Tire Type Foam-Filled
Speed (mph) 12.4
Range (miles) 9.3
Max Incline (%) 15
Charge Time (hours) 4
Suspension None
Brakes Electronic Regenerative, Foot
Extra Features
Extra Features Battery Management System, Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Mobile App, Waterproof Rating
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Value for Money

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

I do love how this scooter looks, so I wish I could say yes. Unfortunately, I can’t.

This scooter is not worth its price tag. It’s not worth the $749.99 Segway was initially asking for it, and, to be honest, I don’t recommend it even when it’s occasionally heavily discounted for $599.99.

For me, this is an overstretch from Segway. It feels like they made a good-looking scooter that they know people would buy – it’s got sex appeal in spades, after all. Yet they forgot to include the one main thing that needs to be good if you’re charging that much – the specs!

There plenty of other similarly priced, and cheaper, scooters that deliver above and beyond the Air T15. Check out my alternatives below.

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Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


Frame-wise, the Air T15 provides the peace of mind of a one-year warranty. This includes your scooter’s body and covers the deck, wheels, and handlebars.

Be careful with that low deck, though, because scratches to your T15’s paintwork – usually a result of taking it for a spin over bumpy terrain, or riding carelessly – won’t necessarily be covered under warranty.

As with Segway’s other scooters, different components of the Air T15 come with different warranties. And, while the T15’s warranty may vary depending on who you purchase it through, a good guide with Segway’s Ninebot scooters is as follows:

  • 180 days for the battery
  • 90 days for the cosmetic parts, such as handlebar grips and headlights

Always make sure that you double-check what warranty is being offered before you click ‘Buy’ and purchase the T15 through one of Segway’s official outlets.

Post-Purchase Support

For any unsolvable issues with the Segway Ninebot Air T15, you can get in touch with the company’s support team via email or telephone – just make sure you have your T15’s unique serial number to hand.

You can find this on the underside of the scooter’s deck, or through the Segway-Ninebot app by going to ‘More Settings’ and then selecting ‘Basic Information’.

An Intro to the Segway Ninebot Air T15

From a futuristic design to folding handlebars for enhanced portability and the seamlessly integrated LED dashboard, discover the key features that the Segway Ninebot Air T15 has to offer.

Is the Ninebot Air T15 Style Over Substance? See For Yourself

Dig a little deeper past the Ninebot Air’s flashy design and it soon becomes clear that the cosmetic qualities mask a pretty glaring oversight when it comes to specs, ride quality, and value for money. So, is it just an over-priced style accessory? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Specification: Segway Ninebot Air T15

Brand Segway-Ninebot
Suitable For Adults
Terrain Urban
Portability Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars
Weight (lbs) 23.2
Rider Weight (lbs) 220
Tire Size (inches) 7.5
Tire Type Foam-Filled
Speed (mph) 12.4
Range (miles) 9.3
Max Incline (%) 15
Charge Time (hours) 4
Suspension None
Brakes Electronic Regenerative, Foot
Extra Features
Extra Features Battery Management System, Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Mobile App, Waterproof Rating
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