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Fluid Mosquito Review

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Spawning from a collaboration between FluidFreeRide and commuter scooter visionaries, E-TWOW, the Fluid Mosquito predictably challenges all we’ve come to expect from an ultra-portable model. Is it lightweight? You bet. Is it fast? No doubt. Value for money? Let’s just say there’s no better portable scooter under $1,000.


Billed as the most powerful ultra-portable scooter on this side of Jupiter, the Fluid Mosquito packs quite the punch. In fact, it has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. Weighing a mere 29 lbs, this little nipper flies down city streets at speeds of 25 mph to transform any commute into a white-knuckle thrill ride.


Coming equipped with a powerful 48V 500W motor, respectable 9.6Ah battery, puncture-proof tires, and seriously impressive suspension, the Mosquito is custom-made for adding zip to shorter urban journeys. Wave goodbye to mundane morning walks to the office because this bottle rocket is about to change your life.


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Who is it Best For?

Will the Fluid Mosquito Be a Good Fit For You?

Due to the speed, power, and functionality this little maestro can summon, the Mosquito is well suited to all riders – whether you are new to the scene or an enthusiast.

Josh With the Mosquito

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance scooter that is a nippy, nimble mode of transport to take you through city streets, but you don’t want to suffer the leg, wrist, and brain rattling ride that’s often associated with solid tire models, then the Mosquito, with its impressive suspension and ride quality will be perfect for you.

Besides, the Mosquito is the best portable electric scooter under $1,000, making it an excellent choice if portability is at the top of your checklist.

Mosquito Folded

Pros and Cons

  • Nippy acceleration
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Reliable triple braking system
  • Regenerative brake recharges the battery when in use
  • Ultra-portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent suspension
  • Nimble

  • Handlebars are narrow

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

Let’s not mess around: the Mosquito delivers outstanding value for money.

Mosquito Chassis From Front

In my view, this scooter pushes the envelope of what’s possible for an ultra-portable scooter. Lightweight it may be, but the speed and power it produces can knock you off your feet.

When we compared the Mosquito against other scooters in its weight bracket, the Mosquito had no equal where speed was concerned – not even the INOKIM Light 2 can match it. This tells you everything you need to know about this little beast.

Dramatic Shot of Mosquito Frame

Indeed, the Mosquito emphatically hits a perfect sweet spot between portability and performance. My initial reservations about its solid tires proved trivial – they only add to the durability of this low-maintenance city companion. There’s no better model in the portable category sitting below the $1,000 mark.

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GoTrax GMAX Ultra

GoTrax GMAX Ultra

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Why is it Worse Than the Mosquito?




Having ridden the Mosquito for over 3 months, the one thing to take note of is that the handlebars take some getting used to. With a width of 15.8 inches, they’re the narrowest we’ve ever tested. Their small profile can, at first, feel a little unusual.

Mosquito Handlebars

Once acclimatized, however, I found they offer good levels of control over the steering column. This sense of control is further bolstered by the two thumb paddles. The one on the right is the accelerator, while the one on the left operates the regenerative electronic brake. Both sport ergonomic designs, are smooth to operate, and don’t stick. Top marks from us.

Mosquito Regen Paddle

Another big plus for the handlebars is that they adjust to two heights: 36-inches and 39-inches. This is great news for taller riders. And fear not, this adaptability doesn’t compromise structural integrity, with two fixed adjustments and additional reinforcements to the quick lever release ensuring the stem is locked into place.

Mosquito Two-Step Stem Adjustment

Folding the handlebars is also incredibly easy. There are two small quick-release buttons on either side of the handgrips. These are within easy reach of your thumbs and once pushed in, allow you to pull the grips outwards and fold them down.

Button in the Mosquito Handgrips to Fold Them

Unlike other foldable handlebars, those on the mosquito fold down parallel to the stem – instead of being at a 45-degree angle. This aids its compactness.

Mosquito Folded With Handlebars From Rear

When you need to unfold the handlebars, you simply lift either handgrip so that they are aligned with the center T-bar and they automatically click into place.

However, because the handlebars use a tension mechanism, as opposed to screwing into place, there’s some wiggle room, but not enough to impact the ride.


One of the things we love most about the Mosquito is its sleek design. The minimalist black frame and chrome accents capture the menace that lurks behind this scooter’s lightweight facade, while the aluminum-alloy shell ensures durability.

Mosquito Frame

Aesthetics aside, another tick in the frame’s design box is its cable management.

Mosquito Cables Held Close to Frame

Despite running outside of the frame, all the cables are kept closely tethered without any huge overhanging areas.

Mosquito Cable Management at Rear of the Deck

The only loose areas are at the bottom end of the stem, but this is minimal compared to other scooters whose cables can hang a whole hand's length from the frame.

Mosquito Cable Management


Considering the Mosquito’s diminutive profile, we were surprised by the size of its long and thin deck.

Mosquito Deck

There’s no skimping on foot room here, with ample space available to position your feet in the preferred L stance. For perspective, the deck measures up to a near-identical length of the decks found on ultra-performance scooters, like the Wolf King GT.

Aside from its size, the deck is laid in a grippy rubber that is easy to clean.

Mosquito Grippy Rubber Deck


I won’t lie – the solid wheels were a source of initial consternation. I’ve tested many scooters with the same tire profile and I’ve rarely been impressed with their ride quality. The Mosquito, on the other hand, is unlike any other solid tire model – it is comfortable to ride. I would ride it every day. This is down to its impressive suspension system – which we will cover later in the review.

Mosquito Solid Rubber Tire

One area of the tire's design that is worth pointing out, is that they measure just 8 by 2 inches. Because the tires are small and the suspension travels deep, there’s little ground clearance. As a result, you need to be careful not to hit the underside of the deck, especially as the battery is stored here.

Drawbacks addressed, the solid tires do have two things going for them: they will never puncture, and you will never have to check tire pressure. For city slickers who want a quick, low-maintenance means of getting from A to B, this certainly outweighs the cons.

Mosquito Rear Tire

Build Quality & Durability

For such a lightweight scooter, the Mosquito is impressively durable.

While there is a little wriggle room in the handgrips, the tension mechanism that keeps everything in place is strong enough to eliminate any possibility of your ride being affected. From our experience, you always feel in control, safe, and secure.

Mosquito Handlebars From Front

One thing to emphasize here is the fact that this scooter is the product of a partnership between FluidFreeRide and E-TWOW. Both companies are renowned for their expertise in developing reliable, low-maintenance scooters that are perfect for everyday use – and the Mosquito encapsulates this to a tee.

Mosquito Chassis

It also comes with an IPX5 water-resistance rating, meaning light showers are child’s play. Just avoid big puddles.

Finally, the front and rear fenders improve on those donned by the Mosquito’s predecessors; kiss goodbye to any annoying rattling when flying through the city streets.

Mosquito Front Tire

Weight & Load

Here’s where the Mosquito starts to stand out. It weighs just 29 lbs – that’s nearly the same weight as a large watermelon. In fact, it’s one of the lightest scooter we’ve ever tested.

Side Profile of Mosquito Frame

Yet, don’t be fooled by its daintiness: the Mosquito is one sturdy scooter. Its max load-bearing capacity of 265 lbs puts it on par with many heavier models. So, rest assured: with the adjustable handlebars, spacious deck, and sturdy frame all in cahoots, the Mosquito can meet your needs regardless of your size.

Folding & Portability

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Mosquito is the most portable scooter on the market.

First, the handlebars fold down to make an already compact scooter even more so, while the stem can be retracted to reduce the length of the scooter when folded.

Mosquito Folded Handlebars From Above

The main cantilevered folding mechanism is super simple, too, and the stem clips into the rear fender so you can carry it. Even better you can unfold the scooter in just 3 seconds. You simply press down on the rear fender to release the hook and latch, pull the stem into its upright position, and the folding mechanism takes care of the rest clicking everything into place. It’s very satisfying and extremely convenient.

Mosquito Cantilevered Folding Mechanism

There's even a safety catch that acts a secondary measure to keep the cantilevered mechanism locked in place.

Mosquito Safety Catch Locked

Here's the safety catch unlocked:

Mosquito Safety Catch Unlocked

With the added aid of a velcro handle that attaches to the stem, you can practically carry the Mosquito around anywhere. It will fit in a car boot, backseat, or storage cupboard, can be taken on a train or bus, and fits easily and discreetly under a desk.

Mosquito Folded With Carry Handle

In short: when it comes to portability, the Mosquito has no equal.


Assembly is quick and simple. Once you’ve unboxed the Mosquito, just secure the folding mechanisms on the stem and handlebars – then hey presto, you’re ready to roll.

Ride Quality

Is the Fluid Mosquito Comfortable to Ride?

As I already alluded to, I was pleasantly surprised with the Mosquito’s ride quality.

The star of the show here is its superb suspension system, which in our experience, is the best of any ultra-portable scooter. This is chiefly down to the dual springs that effectively counterbalance the lack of absorption in the tires.

Mosquito Front Tire Tread

There’s no hiding from the fact that the Mosquito’s ride quality could be improved even further by air-filled tires. But, for the first time in Electric Scooter Insider’s history, I’m going to say that the Mosquito should keep its solid tires. The balance of ride quality with a low-maintenance design makes this scooter exceptionally well-rounded, and as a result, I highly recommend it.

Elsewhere, the long deck ensures riders have enough space to find a comfortable stance, and although the Mosquito is small, you can still carve side to side, making it fun to ride. The addition of the ergonomic controls – including the thumb throttle and electronic regen brake paddle – further the quality of the ride.

Mosquito Thumb Throttle

Performance & Safety

Top Speed

The Mosquito’s single 48V 500W motor is capable of producing a peak power output of 700W and hitting a top speed of 25 mph. For a scooter of its size and weight, this is impressive.

Let’s delve into its performance compared to other models in the same price and weight categories.

Speed vs Price Comparison

At $999, the Mosquito can be compared with 24 other models within a $500 price range.

Mosquito Speed vs Price Comparison

When ranking top speed vs price it emerges in the upper tier of the table and sits joint-third with the Horizon 13, Horizon 10.4, and Hiboy Titan.

At the top of the charts is the SPLACH Twin, but crucially the Twin wields dual motors. It serves a completely different purpose to the Mosquito, giving riders a cheap entry into the world of fast dual-motor electric scooters. The Mosquito, on the other hand, is loved for its balance between speed and portability.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

Out of 14 comparable models that weigh within 5 lbs on either side of the Mosquitos 29 lbs, not a single one can touch it. This is where the Mosquito truly shines. Its power-to-weight ratio is quite simply extraordinary.

Mosquito Speed vs Weight Comparison

The Mosquito’s closest competitor, the INOKIM Light 2, is powered by a motor that is 30% smaller. It also operates at 36V, which delivers less torque than the Mosquito’s 48V.

The only other comparable scooter that can go toe-to-toe with the Mosquito is the Unagi Model One E500, with its dual 250W motors. And yet, its top speed of 20 mph is still no match.


With our tests confirming that the Mosquito can hit 15 mph from a standstill in an admirable 5.0 seconds, it’s fair to say this scooter is punching above its weight. With the zero-start function activated, the Mosquito’s acceleration becomes truly gum-slapping for its motor size.

Scooter 0-15 MPH (Seconds)
SPLACH Twin ($999) 3.0 s
Horizon 13 ($879) 4.7 s
Mosquito ($999) 5.0 s
GoTrax GMAX Ultra ($849) 8.0 s

The leader of this particular pack – the SPLACH Twin – only wins because of its dual motors.

Mosquito Acceleration Comparison

Maximum Mileage

Armed with a 48V 9.6Ah battery, the Mosquito can reach a maximum range of 22 miles off a single charge, though bringing realistic riding conditions into the equation, you can expect 18 miles.

It’s worth noting here that the Mosquito comes with a regenerative brake that helps you recharge while on the move since it recycles wasted energy to prolong battery life.

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Mileage vs Price Comparison

Comparing the Mosquito to the 24 comparable models within a price range of $500, it sits in the lower half of the table – some way behind the GoTrax GMAX Ultra’s leading range of 45 miles.

Mosquito Mileage vs Price Comparison

There’s no getting around the fact that the GoTrax has a battery that stores 37% more energy. It's also worth noting that the GMAX Ultra uses superior LG cells which have a longer life than the standard battery cells used in the Mosquito.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Things take on a rosier complexion when you compare the Mosquito’s mileage to 14 other models within its weight class.

Mosquito Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Here, it takes third place, behind the Turboant X7 Pro and INOKIM Light 2. Interestingly, the Mosquito’s battery stores 28% more energy than the Turboant’s (461Wh vs 360Wh), however, its bigger motor draws more power.

If we factor in realistic riding conditions then things change a little since the Mosquito is capable of delivering 18 miles, which is 2 miles more than what the Turboant X7 Pro can achieve.

Hill Climbing

The Mosquito is a good hill climber for such a petite model, and this is all down to its surprising power.

Mosquito 500W motor

Our tests show that it has no trouble scaling gradual inclines, but anything more challenging will slow the scooter. Hills along the likes of San Francisco’s slopes will prove problematic.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

The fact is it’s difficult to find a scooter so earnestly dedicated to ultra-portability that will also deliver a smooth ride.

That’s not to say the suspension served up by the Mosquito is disappointing. Quite the contrary, we think it has the best suspension system of all ultra-portable models, as well as one of the best in its price class.

Mosquito Front Spring

To my surprise, the vertical spring at the front and the horizontal one at the rear combine to allow for a deep amount of travel which aids its ability to absorb most of the shocks that have bypassed the solid tires.

Mosquito Rear Spring

Though there is a bit of bumpiness on more unkempt surfaces, the Mosquito effectively irons out any vibrations on well-maintained streets to deliver a ride that is more than comfortable enough for urban environments.


The Mosquito comes equipped with a triple-braking system that does a fine job of helping you stay in control, even at top speed.

Mosquito Brake Lever

The protagonist here is the rear drum brake, which does most of the legwork in bringing you to a stop. It’s ably supported by the front regenerative brake, while a rear stomp brake is also in place. We don’t recommend using the stomp brake, however, as it can cause the rear tire to lock and skid. In some instances, the tire can get so hot that it melts and deforms.

Mosquito Rear Fender Brake

You can come to a complete stop from 15 mph in 4.8 meters. This is on par with other models in its portability class but we would hope to see either the drum brake moved to the front wheel for more effective stopping power, or for dual drums to be used on future iterations.

Charge Time

The battery will take between 5-6 hours to fully recharge from empty. This is standard for its size.

Mosquito Charge Port Open

Extra Features

LED Color Display

Positioned between the Mosquito’s two thumb paddles is an LED color display. It provides quick and easy access to all your key stats, including battery life, speed, and mileage.

Mosquito Display Showing Key Stats

Through it, you can also play with your p-settings, which enable you to turn cruise control on/off and activate the zero-start mode. Below the display are four buttons that allow you to control the horn, lights, riding mode, and power.

The screen itself is impervious to sun glare, though you may want to find a shady spot to look at the smaller numbers and icons.

Mosquito Display

Headlight & Taillight

The Mosquito’s headlight is mounted high up on the handlebars and is sufficiently bright enough to illuminate dimly-lit paths

Mosquito Frame With Lights On

At the other end is a taillight that doubles as a flashing brake light.

Mosquito Taillight

Overall, the lighting package is pretty good, but as is common with most of the scooters that we review, we suggest attaching an additional headlight for more visibility.

IPX5 Water-Resistance Rating

Equipped with an IPX5 water-resistance rating, you can have confidence in the Mosquito’s capacity to operate in light showers. We recommend avoiding heavy downpours and deep puddles, though.

Mosquito Durable Frame

The well-positioned fenders perform admirably as the first line of defense against dirt and water that’s kicked up by the wheels.


The horn is surprisingly loud for such a small scooter and so, it gets the thumbs up from us.

Mosquito Center Console Controls

However, city streets can be loud and chaotic places, so while it's loud enough to be heard by pedestrians, it doesn’t quite have the same bellowing effect as more powerful horns – like those found on the NAMI Burn-e 2 and the Wolf King GT – so traffic will be none the wiser to it.

Specification: Fluid Mosquito Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Solid Rubber

Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Drum, Electronic Regenerative, Foot

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support

The Mosquito comes with a 12-month warranty, which is standard for an electric scooter purchase.

However, with FluidFreeRide being a leading retailer in the electric scooter space, they deliver excellent post-purchase support. Most notably, you are given a Lifetime Service commitment that grants you a 50% discount on all parts and labor once your warranty expires.

FluidFreeRide also works with several service partners in cities across the US, making it easier for you to arrange a repair should you need it.

The warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse. Tires, brake pads, fenders, and kickstands are also not covered by the warranty.

Specification: Fluid Mosquito Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Solid Rubber

Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Drum, Electronic Regenerative, Foot

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating

Fluid Mosquito Review
Fluid Mosquito Review


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