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VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Review

Original price was: $1,549.00.Current price is: $1,100.00.

8.5/10 (Expert Score)


August 2, 2021

Price When Reviewed: $1224.00

Capable of appealing to both new and more experienced riders, the VSETT 9+ offers something for everyone.


With dual motors providing best-in-class speed, acceleration, and hill-climbing, it showcases some seriously impressive specs at an unbelievably affordable price. Plus, with turn signals, a triple stem locking mechanism to eliminate stem wobble, and neat, collapsible handlebars, the 9+ serves up more features than we thought a scooter in its bracket was capable of.


With wide, ergonomic handlebars, pneumatic tires, and robust spring suspension cushioning you from the impact of rougher surfaces, the 9+ is a classy, comfortable ride that you won’t want to miss.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Be a Good Fit For You?

The VSETT 9+ can best be classified as an entry-level performance scooter.

That makes it a great fit for riders with some electric scooter experience, but who equally are looking to make the step up to a faster, more capable, and more powerful machine. The 9+ will also suit those looking for their first experience with a dual motor model, but who aren’t yet ready to throw themselves into the deep end, and explore the devastating pace of the industry’s high-performance models.

VSETT 9+ Full Frame

Because this scooter has almost the entire catalog of functionality boasted by the more expensive 10+R, it also represents an excellent opportunity for cash-strapped riders to get their hands on a litany of premium features at a bargain-basement price.

The 9+s weight means I can’t classify it as a typical commuter scooter, although it should do the job for straightforward A to B inner-city rides.

In terms of terrain, the 9+ can handle both on and off-road trails, although smooth surfaces of the city are where you’ll observe peak performance. Dirt roads are within the limits of the 9+’s capabilities, but off-road junkies are better off spending a little more and opting for the Wolf Warrior – or even the Wolf King – for more challenging terrain.

The VSETT 9+ is also available with a 19.2Ah and 21Ah battery. Both have the same top speed as the 15.6Ah variation with the only difference being the size of the battery in each (hence the Ah values). For clarity, the 15.6Ah has a maximum range of 28 miles, while the 19.2Ah version extends this to 36 miles, and the 21Ah model, aka the 9+R – where ‘R’ stands for range, dials it up to 40 miles

Pros and Cons


  • Fastest scooter in its price range
  • Impressive acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities
  • Affordable
  • One of the cheapest scooters to boast dual motors
  • Wide pneumatic tires
  • Quick charging turnaround
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Curved ergonomic handlebars
  • Secure triple locking mechanism
  • IP54 water resistance rating


  • Slightly too heavy to be a commuter scooter
  • Horn could be louder
  • Suspension squeaks when on rough terrain

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

The short answer is a resounding yes – the VSETT 9+ offers excellent value for money.

For one, the scooter offers one of the cheapest inroads into the VSETT line. At a budget-friendly $1,224, only the VSETT 8 15.6Ah ($899) and 19.2Ah ($1,249) models are cheaper. Of course, both of those scooters offer superior range than the 9+ – so if mileage and price point are your top considerations, the VSETT 8 may be your best bet.

For all other intents and purposes, though, the 9+ is the superior scooter. It’s faster than the VSETT 8 models and boasts superior speed, acceleration, and hill-climbing credentials. The 9+ also flaunts better features (okay, so you don’t get the 8’s telescopic stem, but you do benefit from a triple lock mechanism that eliminates stem wobble), not to mention better brakes, tires, and handling.

VSETT 9+ Rear Tire and Disc Brake

As we’ll also soon see, the VSETT 9+ is also statistically the strongest performer in its pricing category when it comes to speed. So, if you’re pursuing big velocity on a small budget, the 9+ will be a good fit for you.

It’s also worth noting that the 9+ – despite sporting more speed, equal range, and an extra motor than the 9R – is available for $75 less.

Ultimately, let me reiterate that yes – the VSETT 9+ is worth it. You’re buying into an amazing line of scooters, and benefiting from a bundle of top features. However, I should point out that there are a lot of scooters on the market (and in the VSETT range, too). Whether one model is right for you over any other will depend on what you’re looking to get out of it.

  • If it’s range: Opt for the VSETT 8R. You’ll get 42 miles at a tantalizing price point.
  • If it’s speed: Stick with the 9+’s best in class performance, or – if you’ve got the money – go for the blistering pace the 10+R offers.
  • If it’s features: In the VSETT range, the 10+R has easily – and objectively – the best smattering of features, combining the best of the 9s with the high performance of the 11+.

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Measuring up at 25.5 inches wide, the 9+’s handlebars are built to offer superlative levels of comfort, control, and convenience.

Sporting a curved, ergonomic design (an upgrade from the flat, uninspiring handlebars of the VSETT 8), and coated in rubber for grip, the 9+’s handlebars are also where you’ll find your scooter’s brain and central nervous system – that is, everything that makes it tick.

Close Up of VSETT 9+ Rubber Handgrip

To the right, there’s the QS-S4 display, where you’ll benefit from at a glance insights into your speed, current ride time and mode, as well as total distance traveled. You can also activate the 9+’s cruise control from here, and toggle some of the scooter’s more advanced technical settings. Sat just below the QS-S4 is the battery voltage display, which provides a granular level of detail of your battery’s lifespan.

Right Side of VSETT 9+ Handlebars

To unlock your 9+, you simply wave the included card in front of the scooter’s NFC reader which is located just under the battery voltage display to the right of the handlebar. Then, to the left, you’ll find the horn, as well as its DDM motor system selection button. Pushing that allows you to toggle how many motors you’re engaging on any given ride, empowering you to either hit the top 33 mph speeds the 9+ is capable of, or conserve its battery, and take things at a more leisurely pace with a single motor.

VSETT 9+ Horn and DDM Buttons

Importantly, the handlebars are also where you’ll squeeze the scooter’s dual hand-operated mechanical disc brakes. And, to finish off, as a bonus, both sides of the handlebars fold. While this helps to make the scooter more portable, they also award it plenty of points for style.


Kitted out in all black – but with zingy bubblegum blue highlights and small splashes of silver for flavor – the VSETT 9+ has no qualms with drawing attention to itself.

It keeps the two-tone color scheme of the rest of the VSETT range, but – rather than building off the brooding, militaristic khaki of the 8’s design – pushes the theme in a new, interesting direction.

VSETT 9+ Frame

Granted, the colored accents – which highlight the swing arms, kickplate, and triple stem locking mechanism, as well as portions of the deck and handlebars – won’t be for everyone. Personally, the unique aquamarine-teal visage is to my tastes. It’s better than the bombastic, garish red and blue palette of the 11+…bleurgh. I am, however, more of a fan of the Bumblebee-esque black and yellow of the VSETT 10+R.

VSETT 9+ Kickplate

Another thing I love is the keen eye that’s gone into the silver brushwork over the 9+’s swing arms. The three stripes cutting through the color recall Adidas’ branding and add to the scooter’s sleek, sporty aesthetic.

All in all, the color scheme of the frame matches the scooter’s identity. Hip, street-wise, and certainly not shy.


The VSETT 9+ sports a large 28 x 8-inch deck.

As the joint-second longest deck in the VSETT range (only the 11+’s is longer), the 9+’s deck has been built with the principles of safety, stability, and comfort in mind. Style, too – the thin strip of branded rubber running lengthwise down the deck’s center should please the aesthetes out there.

VSETT 9+ Rubber Strip on Deck

The rest of the deck, however, is made of hard plastic. While this provides grip – and is unquestionably an upgrade from the underwhelming dual strip of grip tape on the VSETT 8 – I’d still prefer to see the deck coated entirely in grippy rubber.

Regardless, the 9+’s deck is much easier to wipe down than the crevice-lined silicone surface of the VSETT 11+ and is far superior to the sandpapery surface of the WideWheel Pro.

There are just a couple more things to mention about the VSETT 9+’s deck.

Firstly, it’s where the scooter’s charge ports are located. Typically, charge ports tend to be placed on the sides of the scooter, but the VSETT range changes it up. And – on the 9+, at least – I think it’s a good idea. This location helps protect the ports from incurring damage as a result of curb sideswiping, or in the case of an accident or collision.

Front of the VSETT 9+ Deck

Plus, given that they’re placed so close to the base of the stem, the charging ports don’t get under your feet while riding. The ports are also covered with waterproof seals, meaning you don’t have to fret about them surviving a rainy ride, either.

Secondly, the de facto length of the VSETT 9+ is extended by a handy kick plate. Located at the rear of the deck, this platform adds an extra five inches of space that you can position your feet on. It’s geared towards the triple goals of traction, stability, and safety, allowing you to place your back foot on it, while leaning into the ride. This helps you maintain your balance – and keep full control over the scooter – at high speeds.

Side Profile of VSETT 9+ Kickplate

It also locks into the stem when folded, making the 9+ simple to lift and maneuver when you’re not riding it.


The VSETT 9+ arrives out of the box ready to ride with a pair of pneumatic 8.5 x 3-inch tires. That’s excellent news – air-filled tires are always preferable to their solid counterparts and provide a level of traction and comfort that complements the scooter’s swing arm suspension perfectly.

VSETT 9+ Front Air-Filled Tire

And, while the size of the 9+’s tires doesn’t compare to those showcased on VSETT’s more premium models (the 11+’s wheels, for instance, measure up at 11 x 4 inches), they’re pretty jumbo when you consider the 9+’s smaller frame. The 9+’s tires are slightly chunkier than those of the Mantis 8 (8 x 3.1 inches), for instance, and outstrip the size of the wheels on the VSETT 8 and 8R models, too.

Having chunky tires like this is a big plus; it increases your contact patch to the road, assists with traction and turning, and just generally makes for a comfortable ride.

VSETT 9+ Front Motor

Build Quality & Durability

As you’ll know if you’ve read any of my other reviews, VSETT’s scooters are built from some of the sturdiest materials around. They’re all made of the same materials, too. So, no matter which model you’re riding – whether that’s the $899-priced 8, or the $2,999-valued 11+ – you can be sure it’s been built to last.

Like its fellow VSETT compatriots, the 9+ serves up a frame made of 6082-T6, an aerospace-grade alloy that anyone with a civil engineering background will recognize in a pinch. It’s the same material that’s used in the creation of bridges, cranes, trusses, beer barrels… basically, anything designed to hold up in conditions of extreme stress and weight.

VSETT 9+ Stem

For the 9+’s shaft, VSETT’s engineers have predictably opted not to change a winning formula, with SCM400 – a kind of carbon chromium alloy steel with a reputation for reliability. Elsewhere, the deck is made from a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean rubber, rubber grips that adorn the scooter’s ergonomically shaped handgrips, and all the electric wires are bunched tightly together in a protective casing.

VSETT 9+ Neat Cords

The 9+ also showcases some of the neater, niftier features of the VSETT line. Of course, the kickplate – an innovation designed to give you extra traction and stability by leaning into the ride – is a VSETT staple. But the folding handlebars and triple stem locking mechanism are also great value-adds that you don’t see on all other scooters in the line – including the most expensive models.

Weight & Load

The VSETT 9+ weighs 55 lbs, which places it smack-bang in the center of the VSETT range on this metric.

Compared to other scooters in its price class, the 9+ weighs about what you’d expect. It’s heavier than similar models such as the EVOLV Tour XL Pro (50.7 lbs), Apollo Explore, and EMOVE Cruiser (both 52 lbs). However, the 9+ is lighter than comparable models such as the INOKIM Ox Hero (57 lbs), as well as the Mantis Base and Apollo Ghost (both 64 lbs, respectively).

A lot of readers have been asking me whether I’d recommend the cheaper VSETT scooters for commuters (here I’m talking chiefly about the 8s and 9s). While these models are primed for urban environments with their smaller frames, the answer is no.

VSETT 9+ Folding From Rear

I tend to not recommend any scooter over 42 lbs for commuters – and if you’ve ever tried to lug a 55 lbs scooter up a flight of stairs or on and off public transport, you’ll know why. The top options for commuters will always belong to scooters like the Apollo City, INOKIM Light 2, EMOVE Touring, and Turboant X7 Pro.

With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 265 lbs, the VSETT 9+ supports an impressive amount of weight for its size.

In addition to matching that of other VSETT models such as all the 8s, 9s, and rest of the 9+ lineup, the 9+’s load-bearing capabilities also compare favorably to scooters that far surpass its specs and price point. Some high-performance scooters including the Dualtron Thunder, Eagle Pro, and Ultra – also support 265 lbs of rider bulk.

VSETT 9+ Deck

In fact, a 265 load is pretty much standard across the board for the 9+’s class and is equaled by scooters such as the INOKIM Ox Hero, Kaabo’s Mantis Base, and Apollo Explore.

The only similarly-priced scooter that comes close to truly rivaling the 9+ in the load-bearing department is the EMOVE Cruiser. With a maximum rider weight of 352 lbs, the Cruiser can support a staggering 87 lbs more than the 9+.

Folding & Portability

Though its weight may make it prohibitive for multimodal commutes, the 9+’s slick, multi-faceted folding functionality offers a welcome dose of portability.

VSETT 9+ Folded

Firstly, that’s because the 9+’s handlebars fold. While this feature tends to be a mainstay among commuter scooters, it’s not as common as you might think among scooters further along the performance spectrum. VSETT’s most premium model, for instance – the 11+ – lacks foldable handlebars, as do popular top-tier scooters such as Kaabo’s Mantis, so it’s great to see this capability on the 9+.

VSETT 9+ Folded Handlebars

Secondly, the 9+ folds in half at the base of the stem. Standard stuff for scooters, right?

Well, yes – although the triple stem locking mechanism it uses is anything but conventional. Forgoing the collar clamps we often see on scooters of its class, the 9+ instead utilizes an innovative approach to folding and securing the stem. I’ll touch on this a little more in the ‘Extra Features’ section further down the page, so keep your eyes peeled.

VSETT 9+ Triple Folding Mechanism

Plus, when folded, a small hook located on the back of the 9+’s stem hooks into the kickplate, meaning the scooter stays locked in place. This makes it easier to pick up and carry.

Here is the hook:

VSETT 9+ Folding Hook

And here it is locked into the deck:

VSETT 9+ Stem Hooked into Kickplate


Because the handgrips fold parallel to the steering column, the handlebars are conveniently attached to the scooter since they don’t need to be removed for shipping. As a result, you can have your brand new 9+ out of the box and ready to go in no time at all. The only steps you need to follow are to simply unbox and unfold the scooter, lock the stem into place, and tighten any loose components on the handlebars with the included multi-tool (i.e. the QS-S4 display).

Then, turn your scooter on, ensure it’s fully charged (the battery voltage meter will give you the most accurate gauge of this), and double-check the pressure of the tires. Though it’s not strictly part of the assembly, I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the range of settings the 9+’s QS-S4 display has in its locker and customizing them to your preferences.

Ride Quality

Is the VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Comfortable to Ride?

With adjustable coil-springs and dual swing arms insulating you from the jarring impacts of the road, the VSETT 9+ is an extremely comfortable ride.

The wide pneumatic tires certainly help, too. Filled with air rather than rubber, they’re engineered to soak up the challenges of various terrain with ease. However, while this allows the 9+ to be comfortable on less demanding off-road tracks, you’re generally better off sticking to urban terrain where you can.

Side Profile of VSETT 9+ Frame

Plus, the 9+s wide handlebars – despite lacking the height customizability of the telescopic stem that the VSETT 8 and 8R offer – have been designed to enhance ride quality and help you maintain a good posture.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

The VSETT 9+ is capable of hitting a top speed of 33 mph. Now, we already know that that’s faster than VSETT’s 8 and 9R models, the same pace as the 9+R, and slower than the line’s premium models: the 10+R and 11+. But how does the 9+’s speed compare to similar scooters when it comes to the key metrics of price and weight? Let’s explore.

Speed vs Price Comparison

As it turns out, the 9+ does more than merely hold its own when it comes to similar scooters – it tops the charts.

Applying a $500 range with the 9+’s $1,224 price tag in the middle, the scooter emerges as the fastest of its 20 closest competitors.

To perform this feat, the 9+ beats out fellow over-achievers such as the Apollo Explore and the Zero 10 (which tie for second, with 31 mph respective top speeds), and the EMOVE Cruiser, whose 30 mph maximum velocity snatches bronze.

VSETT 9+ Speed vs Price Comparison

Against this backdrop, the 9+ starts looking like excellent value for money – particularly if you’re a speed freak.

However, there’s another big perk when it comes to the 9+. It’s one of the only scooters in its price bracket to boast dual motors. In a big way, too – the only comparable scooters in our list that double up on the motors are the WideWheel Pro (26 mph) and Unagi E500 (20 mph).

Despite both of these scooters offering dual motors, the WideWheel Pro’s are 500W each, while the Unagi’s are 250W. Both these setups pale when judged alongside the 9+’s dual 650W motors, which is why neither model offers quite the same impressive levels of speed as the 9+ does.

The bottom line? If tearing up the streets at top speeds is as important to you as watching your budget, you won’t find a better deal than the VSETT 9+.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

Price isn’t the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right scooter for you. If you’re going to be transporting your ride from place to place, you’ll also need to consider its weight – so how does the 9+ weigh in?

The answer? Favorably.

VSETT 9+ Speed vs Weight Comparison

Looking at the 9+’s speed to weight comparison – that is, assessing its speed against all scooters that weigh 5 lbs on either side of its 55 lb load – the 9+ is again victorious. Alongside the 55 lbs of its fraternal twins – the 9+’s 19.2Ah version, and the 9+R – the scooter is the fastest in its division; though it shares this top gong with the Mantis 8 Pro.

Leading the chasing pack in joint second place are the EVOLV Tour XL-R, the Apollo Explore, and the Zero 10, all with 31 mph. Closing out the podium places is the EMOVE Cruiser’s 30 mph.


Given its almost total outperformance of similar scooters on the metric of speed, it comes as little surprise that the 9+ also wields one of the fastest acceleration rates in its price class.

VSETT 9+ Acceleration Comparison

As we can see, the VSETT 9+ goes toe to toe with the Apollo Ghost, despite the Ghost’s pair of 52V 800W motors outstripping the 9+’s dual 48V 650W arrangement. Ultimately, the Ghost sports a better acceleration rate than the 9+, but at most, the difference is down to a matter of split seconds – so it’s unlikely this factor will have too much of a say when it comes to making your purchasing decision.

This story may be a little different if you had the EMOVE Cruiser in mind as an alternative, though, The 9+’s dual motors mean it’s faster off the mark than the EMOVE Cruiser, which – despite offering superior range and a lighter frame – pales to the 9+ where both speed and acceleration are concerned.


The VSETT 9+ has a maximum range of 28 miles off a single charge.

All VSETT Models: Mileage vs Price Comparison

Range is one of those metrics in which models in the VSETT range tend to vary wildly – and it’s not one that necessarily increases with the model number or price. Take a look at what I mean in the table below.

VSETT 8 (15.6Ah)30 miles$899.00
VSETT 8 (19.2Ah)38 miles$1,149.00
VSETT 8R42 miles$1,299.00
VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah)28 miles$1,224.00
VSETT 9+ (19.2Ah)36 miles$1,599.00
VSETT 9R33 miles$1,299.00
VSETT 9+R40 miles$1,624.00
VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah)52 miles$1,999.00
VSETT 10+ (25.6Ah)66 miles$2,290.00
VSETT 10+R74 miles$2,599.00
VSETT 11+85 miles$2,999.00

With this data, it’s clear that if mileage is your top concern, you’re better off opting for the VSETT 8 (19.2Ah). In addition to saving $75 of your hard-earned cash, you’ll enjoy a whopping 14 miles of extra mileage.

The implications for the 9+’s mileage, however, aren’t great. The 9+’s 28 miles is the outright lowest in the range, pipping even VSETT’s cheapest model, the 8, to the wooden spoon.

So the 9+ doesn’t compare favorably to its siblings in the VSETT line. But does it fare any better against comparable scooters from the rest of the market’s top brands?

Mileage vs Price Comparison

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

When mapped out next to the rest of the scooters within a $500 range of the VSETT 9+’s $1,224 asking price, it doesn’t even make the top half.

VSETT 9+ Mileage vs Price Comparison

And it’ll come as no shock to the avid scooter enthusiasts out there that the EMOVE Cruiser – with its colossal 62 miles of range – comfortably wins here. More surprising, however, is that the VSETT 8 (19.2Ah) (supposedly the ‘younger brother’ of the 9+) comes second in the mileage stakes, despite its cheaper price point.

The 8 (19.2Ah) shares silver with the VSETT 8R, while third place goes to the 34-mile range of the Apollo Explore.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Here’s where the 9+ lets itself down.

When we take all scooters of a similar weight to the VSETT 9+’s 55 lbs (in this example, we’ve used a 50 to 60 lb bracket), the model places dead last when it comes to range.

The rankings here are once more dominated by the EMOVE Cruiser’s 62 miles, which is easily more than double the 9+’s 28 miles. Tied for second place with 40 miles are the Mantis 8 Pro and the VSETT 9+R, while the INOKIM Ox Hero clocks in at third, with a 37-mile range.

VSETT 9+ Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Again, the data doesn’t make for the most pleasant reading for the 9+. So, what can you take away from this? If you’re looking for an entry-level dual-motor scooter with strong specs when it comes to speed and you aren’t concerned about range, then the 9+ is the scooter for you.

Fortunately for those for whom range is a top priority, the VSETT 9+R offers the best of both worlds. Its dual motors offer equal speed and acceleration to the 9+, while its 40-mile range is almost 50% more than that offered by the 9+. The only catch (if you can call it one) is that range, typically, doesn’t come cheap, and you’ll have to shell out an extra $400 to get your hands on the extended longevity the VSETT 9+R offers.

Further Information:

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Hill Climbing

The VSETT 9+ can tackle hills of up to 25 degrees (47% incline gradient).

If this sounds good, that’s because it is – so good, in fact, that it makes the 9+ the best hill climber in its price class. Impressively, the 9+’s gradient-gobbling credentials are on a par with several scooters at the business end of the performance scooter market, such as popular models like Apollo’s Ghost and Phantom.

Additionally, the 9+’s hill-climbing capabilities outperform those of the Dualtron Compact, Mini, and Spider, all of which outprice the 9+ considerably. Within its price class, the 9+’s closest challengers for the hill-climbing crown include the WideWheel Pro, followed by the Apollo Explore, Zero 10, and EMOVE Cruiser.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

Working in collaboration with a pair of pneumatic tires, the VSETT 9+ relies on front and rear spring suspension to protect you from the disruptive rhythms of the road.

VSETT 9+ Tire Tread

Better still, those front and rear swing arms are completely adjustable. Simply tighten or loosen each coil-spring to mirror the kind of surface you’re taking on, and you can expect a comfortable ride each time you step on it.

With a reliable suspension system backing you up, you can take on both city and off-road rides with confidence. However, it’s best to bear in mind that the 9+ hasn’t been engineered specifically for forest trails and dirt roads. Unlike more hardy models such as the 10+R, the 9+ is – first and foremost – a city slicker, and as such it’s always flatter asphalt and concrete where you’ll get the most optimal results.

VSETT 9+ Front Swingarm Suspension


The VSETT 9+ leverages its stopping power from a pair of hand-operated mechanical disc brakes.

Not only did these provide excellent levels of reliability and comfort during our tests, but the 9+’s brakes are also some of the best you’ll see on any scooter in its class. Of 20 similarly-priced models, the 9+ is just one of eight that sports dual disc brakes – many either rely on just a single brake or utilize inferior mechanical drum brakes.

VSETT 9+ Front Disc Brake

Of course, while disc brakes are pretty much the expected standard on a scooter like the 9+, they aren’t the best the industry can offer. The best stopping power still comes from hydraulic brakes, although they usually drive up the price of a scooter considerably. (Check out my reviews of the VSETT 11+ and Wolf King to see the brute force of hydraulic braking in all its glory).

The best value-for-money entry point into the hydraulic brake market has to be the EMOVE Cruiser. At $1,399, it’s a similar price to the 9+, and – in addition to its insane range – can come to a stop in just 3.3 meters from speeds of 15 mph. However, VSETT fans will be pleased to hear that, despite the 9+’s lack of hydraulics, it was still able to go toe to toe with the Cruiser in all my tests.

I should also note that all my tests proved the 9+ to be one of the safest scooters I’ve ridden, meaning I have no hesitation in recommending this model as an entry-level introduction to the world of dual motor performance scooters.

VSETT 9+ Rear Air-Filled Tire

Charge Time

The VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) takes up to 11 hours to charge, although this is slashed by half when you apply a second charger.

Refreshingly, this is one of the shortest charge times in the VSETT range. Check out the table below to see the line’s fastest charge times, summarized:

ModelOne ChargerTwo Chargers
VSETT 9R4.5 hours8.5 hours
VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah)5 hours10 hours
VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah)5.5 hours11 hours
VSETT 85.5 hours11 hours
VSETT 9+ (19.2Ah)6.5 hours13 hours

Despite not being the fastest in the VSETT range, a 5.5 hour charge time – in the context of the electric scooter market at large – is nothing. The 9+’s charge time is on a par with models you’d classify as conventional commuter scooters, such as those in the GoTrax, Segway, Hiboy, and Turboant ranges.

For the 9+ to charge as quickly as those models – while still flaunting a mileage, speed, hill-climbing ability, and range of specs that blow most commuter scooters out of the water – it is a remarkable feat.

VSETT 9+ Charging Ports

Just remember, though, that you’ll need a second charger to benefit from the 5.5 hour charge time.

Extra Features

QS-S4 Throttle Display for Customized Performance Configuration

Located to the right side of the handlebars, you’ll find the VSETT 9+’s QS-S4 display. This device – which you’ll also find not only on the rest of the VSETT line, but on models from Apollo, Zero, and Kaabo – doubles as both a finger throttle and display screen.

With its chunky, circular frame and luminescent, backlit frame, the QS-S4 has a lot in common with MiniMotors’ laudable EY3 display that you may have seen pulling the strings on Dualtron’s top scooters. Yet, while the two may look similar, the EY3 edges the QS-S4 when it comes to customizability and pure, unadulterated functionality.

VSETT 9+ QS-S4 Display and Throttle

But make no mistake – the QS-S4 is indispensable. It’s where you’ll access info about your 9+’s current speed, ride distance, and the total amount of miles you’ve traveled. The QS-S4 also provides a basic visualization of how much juice your battery has left, although you’re better off using the voltage meter (located just below the QS-S4) for a more accurate reading.

It also comes bursting with various features and capabilities, which you can access as ‘P-settings’. These allow you to:

  • Activate cruise control
  • Adjust the strength of your 9+’s regenerative braking
  • Play with your scooter’s auto-turn off settings
  • Tinker with the brightness of the screen

It even comes with a built-in USB port, which you can use to charge your electrical devices if you’re desperate. I wouldn’t recommend it, though – I’ve heard anecdotes of the extra current overloading the QS-S4’s circuits and causing issues – not to mention the additional workload playing havoc with your battery.

DDM Button to Control Dual Motors

Just as an ‘R’ in the name of a VSETT scooter means it’s built for range, a ‘+’ is equally as exciting. It means the scooter possesses dual motors, which means juiced-up speed, acceleration, and hill-climbing powers.

But what good is doubling up on the motors if you can’t have any control over them? Do you want to constantly be riding at full tilt? Here’s where the 9+’s DDM button comes in.

VSETT 9+ Horn and DDM Buttons

Located just below the left side of the handlebars (next to the horn), this backlit button gives you control over how many motors you wish to engage. If you’ve got an adrenaline-pumping ride on the brain, or are expecting hilly terrain – or simply need to get somewhere fast – you’ll want the speed and torque that only two motors working together can provide.

For a more sedate ride, on the other hand – or to prolong a ride when your 9+’s battery is on its last legs – push the button to go with just a single motor.

Left Side of VSETT 9+ Handlebars

Of course, it’s a shame that the 9+ lacks the ‘Turbo’ buttons of its older siblings – the 10+R and 11+ models – which allows them to receive an extra 5 amp shot of rocket fuel for a quick speed hit. Nevertheless, the DDM button is still a super useful feature that allows you to either safeguard the health of your battery by selecting just one motor or explore the upper limits of the 9+’s 33 mph top speed.

Further Information:

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Battery Voltage Display

Below the 9+’s QS-S4 screen you’ll find the battery voltage display. This is a very basic instrument (it looks a little like an old-school alarm clock), but don’t let appearances fool you.

Offering the most accurate measure of your scooter’s battery life, this display is an extremely handy tool to have within an eyeshot – particularly if you’re expecting to take your scooter out on some long rides.

NFC Key-Lock Immobilizer (Anti-Theft Function)

Like the rest of the VSETT line, the 9+ turns its back on key-lock ignitions and fingerprint readers and instead opts for a nifty NFC key-lock immobilizer. This means that, without the right technology, would-be thieves won’t be able to start the scooter and ride it away.

VSETT 9+ NFC Reader

NFC (near-field communication) is the same kind of technology that powers contactless debit and credit cards, as well as the fob readers seen on offices and apartment blocks. To unlock your 9+, you simply wave the included card in front of the scooter’s NFC reader which is located just under the battery voltage display to the right of the handlebars.

VSETT 9+ NFC Cards

Unlike a key lock, an NFC reader can’t be picked, and – thanks to the relative affordability and accessibility of the technology – doesn’t push up the 9+’s price point, as a more advanced biometric reader would. The card is also small enough to slip into your wallet, making it convenient to store when not in use.

Cruise Control

This feature is a reasonably self-explanatory one. Activating cruise control ensures your scooter will remain at a constant speed, meaning you can let your index finger take ten, and relax your aching hold on the throttle.

Squeezing the brakes will disengage the feature, meaning you’ll never feel like the 9+ is out of your control.

LED Lights & Turn Signals

The LED lighting setup is pretty good.

With a headlight and a pair of button lights providing the foil for a set of rear, responsive tail lights, the 9+ breaks the norm. That’s because normally, performance scooters don’t tend to boast both a headlight and button lights – they usually stick to the latter alone.

Side Profile of VSETT 9+ Deck

In another encouraging development, the 9+ is also one of just a minority of electric scooters to sport turn signals. Better still, these are integrated into the front and back of the deck, rather than the sides. The VSETT 11+, despite its wealth of features, suffers from side-located turn signals, and it’s an issue – you can barely see them.

Plus, using the turn signals is seamless. Instead of there being a slider which you move to the left, right, or keep in the middle, the buttons to activate the lights have been cleverly built into the handgrips, meaning you can turn either one on by clicking with your thumb.

VSETT 9+ Turn Signal Button

My main points of criticism when it comes to the 9+’s lights are leveled at its headlight. Like several other VSETT scooters, the headlight is placed on top of the front fender, rather than higher up the stem. This looks cool of course, but it’s a classic case of style over substance – because it’s the cause of a particularly annoying tic.

That’s because – when you’re riding on bumpier surfaces, at least – the 9+’s front fender will bounce up and down with the suspension. Since the headlight is on top of it, the light also bounces up and down, which can make visibility an issue (especially if you’re riding at night).

For this reason, and also because the headlight isn’t the most powerful, I’d recommend shelling out for an extra headlight to attach to the handlebars.

Adjustable Suspension

The scooter’s front and rear shock-absorbing springs can be tuned to your liking. However, you’ll need a C Spanner to hand.

You can simply tighten or loosen the coils to provide either a more controlled ride with less travel in the springs for city surfaces or a softer ride ideal for taking on muddy forest paths.

Wave Goodbye to Collar Clamps, Say Hello to a Secure Triple Stem Locking Mechanism

Going away to college. Parting ways with old friends. Moving countries for a new job. Waving goodbye is never particularly easy.

Unless, of course, it’s collar clamps that you’re leaving behind.

This is why the 9+’s clever triple stem locking mechanism – a VSETT innovation that’s as smart as it is secure – is such a godsend. It’s essentially a device that, by tightly holding the base of the scooter’s stem in place, prevents any stem wobble from spoiling your ride.

VSETT 9+ Triple Folding Mechanism

The mechanism is made up of a claw that's primary function is to lock the stem in place, a safety screw that fastens the claw to the stem, and a spring-loaded safety pin that keeps the stem upright even if the claw and safety screw come loose.

To the untrained eye, this may seem a trivial (and even a little boring) feature, but trust me – it’s anything but. Stem wobble at speeds as high as 33 mph can be extremely unnerving and turn your scooter from a fun toy to an expensive piece of tech that you loathe. After all, what’s the use of riding when you run the risk of wobbling the whole way?

VSETT 9+ Spring Loaded Folding Safety Pin

Range of Stem Turning Motion is Locked to Prevent Accidents

Over-rotation is one of the biggest causes of accidents for scooter riders (including myself), and – unfortunately – it’s also one of the easiest to do.

Simply turn a little too sharply, and click – your handlebars have locked in at a 90-degree angle, and you’ve been thrown unceremoniously off your scooter.

Luckily, the VSETT range didn’t only prioritize style, speed, and specs, but safety, too. That’s why the 9+’s steering column has been designed specifically to prevent it from over-rotation. Regardless of how zealously you try to turn, the 9+’s handlebars have got you covered, meaning you can ride safely in the knowledge that you’ll be remaining vertical throughout.

Front View of VSETT 9+ Handlebars

Foldable Handlebars for Enhanced Portability

Despite its modest price tag, it boasts almost all of the extra features as the 10+R, VSETT’s second-top performer. It’s one of the things I love most about the VSETT range – that being on a budget doesn’t necessarily preclude you from dipping into the line’s most desirable features.

One such feature is the 9+’s foldable handlebars. They help when it comes to cramming the 9+ in the trunk of your car, or stowing it away out of sight at home.

IP54 Water Resistance Rating

The IP54 water resistance rating means that the scooter has been put to the test, and is certifiably able to withstand splashes of water from all angles.

If that doesn’t sound all that impressive – and strikes you as the kind of thing all scooters should come equipped with as standard – you’ll be surprised to know that water-resistance ratings are all too rare when it comes to scooters, and many big brands – Dualtron included – forgo them altogether.

All in all, you shouldn’t have too many qualms about taking your 9+ out on a rainy day. However, wet conditions do pose a heightened risk of harm (not only to the scooter, but to yourself), so I’d recommend proceeding with caution.

Of course, there’s also the matter of the warranty, which refuses to cover any damage caused by water.

VSETT 9+ Rear Fender

To top the water-resistance rating off, the scooter is equipped with an effective rear fender to deflect water and mud from splashing on your back.

Close Up of VSETT 9+ Rear Fender


Situated right next to the DDM button is the horn.

While its volume levels don’t come close to the 105 decibels of the motorcycle-grade horn on VSETT’s upper-tier models, it’s still plenty loud enough to get you heard by pedestrians.

Specification: VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Review




Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Mechanical), Electronic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Lights, Water Resistance Rating, Dual Motors, Turn Signals

Max Incline (degrees)


Water Resistance Rating


Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


Buying your VSETT 9+ through REV Rides – an authorized retailer of VSETT scooters in the U.S. – scores you a 12-month warranty.

For further coverage, you can pay a little extra and purchase an additional one ($299), two ($449), or three ($599) years of warranty, courtesy of third-party protection company Extend.

Now for the small print.

REV Rides’ warranty policy is pretty comprehensive in its strictness, and will not honor any claims deemed to be the result of:

  • General wear and tear
  • Unauthorized modifications to the scooter
  • Environmental damage (wind, rain, ice, water, hurricanes… you get the picture)
  • Any damage resulting from an accident or collision
  • Abuse or neglect (basically, anything that was your fault)

Labor also isn’t covered under warranty, so you may still be liable for some costs to help pay the wages of the person replacing or repairing your scooter. While this is reasonably standard across multiple suppliers and distributors, it’s worth mentioning that the policies of some scooter retailers handle the costs of labor.

FluidFreeRide, for instance – which distributes scooters such as the Kaabo’s line of Manti, Mercane’s WideWheels, and Apollo’s top model, the Phantom, – covers labor. The catch, though, is that their warranty only lasts six months (half of that of REV Rides). They also don’t sell VSETT scooters.

Post-Purchase Support

REV Rides’ Washington-based team provides stellar email and phone-based support.

You can get in touch at, or dial 1-360-8887433 between the hours of 8am and 4pm PST, Monday to Friday.

For DIY stuff, or issues that need less pressing attention, there’s a bunch of self-service support resources on Rev Rides’ website. You can view videos, tutorials, advice, blog posts, guides, and FAQs, and there’s even a form through which you can submit requests for assistance or maintenance of your 9+.

REV Rides also has some good content on their YouTube channel, such as “box to road” guides, and info around scooter maintenance. However, most of REV Rides’ channel and site is still dominated by content related to the retailer's other key brand, Zero, so it’s not all that useful for VSETT owners.

It’d also be great to see a digital copy of the 9+’s manual available online, and some more written guides to help riders get the most out of their VSETT scooter. Fingers crossed.

Discover What the VSETT 9+ Has to Offer

With explosive bubblegum blue accents complimenting a solid black frame and a dynamic swing arm suspension system that makes it a dream to ride, discover why you won’t want to step foot off the VSETT 9+ until you’ve run the battery dry.

Specification: VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Review




Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Mechanical), Electronic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Lights, Water Resistance Rating, Dual Motors, Turn Signals

Max Incline (degrees)


Water Resistance Rating


VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Review
VSETT 9+ (15.6Ah) Review

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