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- 4% Side View of the Wolf Warrior X Frame
Rear of the Wolf Warrior X Wolf Warrior X Durable Frame Wolf Warrior X Deck Front View of Wolf Warrior X Handlebars Wolf Warrior X EY3 MiniMotors Display

Wolf Warrior X Pro Review

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $2,395.00.

8.5/10 (Expert Score)


November 19, 2021

Price When Reviewed: $2395.00

Let’s do some quick math. First, take the power, features, and build quality of the Wolf Warrior 11+, then subtract its heaviness, clunkiness, and awkward folding mechanism. Then, add some color-changing swag lighting, turn signals, and a leaner frame, and what do you get? The Wolf Warrior X Pro, of course.


This hotly-anticipated redo of Kaabo’s classic 11+ model is turning heads and starting conversations – but is it worth the hype? Read on – we’re unpacking the key things you need to know about the X Pro.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the Wolf Warrior X Pro Be a Good Fit For You?

The Wolf Warrior X Pro is a terrain-agnostic scooter. A rare breed of all-rounder, the X Pro is as comfortable on the dirt roads and forest trails of the great outdoors as it is on the paved, pristine paths of the city. The scooter even offers the choice of off-road or street tires, underlining its adaptability.

Side View of the Wolf Warrior X Frame

Just like its predecessor – the immense Wolf Warrior 11+ – the X Pro has the suspension and large, air-filled tires to deliver robust ride quality. Unlike that model, though, the X Pro is much lighter and more compact – making it a more versatile machine. Of course, its 79 lb bulk means it’s still by no means well-suited for commuters – but for those that want the pedigree of the Wolf Warrior 11+ for a lower cost and just as much fun, the X Pro is the way to go.

Pros and Cons


  • Does everything the Wolf Warrior 11+ does (but better)
  • One of the fastest scooters in its price class
  • Excellent range
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Relatively compact, with an intuitive folding mechanism
  • Agile 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Menacing dual stem tubular frame
  • Bright headlights


  • No water-resistance rating
  • Side swag lighting feels flimsy and prone to breakage

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

It’s not always easy to label scooters knocking on the door of the $2,400 mark as ‘value for money’ – but for the Wolf Warrior X Pro, I’m willing to make an exception.

This scooter is fantastic value. As I’ll discuss in the Wolf Warrior comparison coming up next, the X Pro is smaller, lighter, and more compact than the 11+, yet still brings everything I love about that scooter to the table. More importantly, it’s a huge $600 cheaper.

Rear of the Wolf Warrior X

As we’ll also see later in the review, the X Pro performs brilliantly when in the illustrious company of the scooters in its price class. Though the X Pro is outstripped pretty much across the board by the magnificent VSETT 10+ range – which, if we’re splitting hairs, is even better value for money. The X Pro is still among the best, though, and if we exclude the VSETT 10+ line, the X Pro is my top choice.

If you’re in the market for a performance scooter with all the hard-hitting specs we’ve come to expect from Kaabo, but at a more accessible price, then this scooter’s for you. Don’t be put off by the price tag – the Wolf Warrior X Pro is worth every nickel.

Further Information:

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Comparison: Wolf Warrior X vs Warrior X Pro vs Warrior 11

ItemXX Pro11+
Battery Size60V 21Ah60V 28Ah60V 35Ah
Battery TypeFST – Chinese CellsLG CellsLG Cells
MotorDual 1100WDual 1100WDual 1200W
Max Speed43 MPH43 MPH50 MPH
Max Range43 miles60 miles70 miles
Max Climbing Angle35 degrees35 degrees35 degrees
Max Load265 lbs265 lbs330 lbs
Charging Time11 hours14 hours17 hours
SuspensionFront hydraulic and rear springsFront hydraulic and rear springsFront hydraulic and rear springs
Brake140mm hydraulic disc brakes140mm hydraulic disc brakes160mm hydraulic disc brakes
LightsHeadlight, taillight, turn signals, controllable RGB undercarriage LEDsHeadlight, taillight, turn signals, controllable RGB undercarriage LEDsHeadlight, taillight, undercarriage LEDs
HornMotorcycle-grade hornMotorcycle-grade hornMotorcycle-grade horn
Controller30Ah Sine Wave27Ah Minimotors40Ah Minimotors
Unfolded Size (L x W x H)48 x 24.5 x 51.148 x 24.5 x 51.149.2 x 24.6 x 50
Folded Size (L x W x H)48 x 24.5 x 23.248 x 24.5 x 23.259 x 24.6 x 19
Folding mechanismDouble-clamp mechanism folds at stemDouble-clamp mechanism folds at stemFolds at Neck
Weight74.5 lbs79 lbs101 lbs
Tire Size (Inches)10 x 310 x 311 x 3.5
Tire TypePneumaticPneumaticTubeless

Middle siblings always seem to be the ones that get lost in a family – sandwiched between the attention-hogging oldest and the creative, fun-loving natures of the youngest. So how does the X Pro fare? Does it, too, suffer from the middle-child syndrome, or does it shine in its own right?

In my view, it’s the latter. In fact, the X Pro manages to share most of the good traits of both the Wolf Warrior X and 11+, while still possessing a unique identity of its own.

Like the X, the X Pro sports a smaller, more manageable frame, with a similarly diminutive tire profile that affords a more nimble feel. However, the X Pro avoids the cheaper, inferior Chinese cells of its little bro’s battery, while also escaping its QS-S4 display and the limitations of its 43-mile range.

Wolf Warrior X Stocky Frame

When it comes to specs and features, though, the X Pro shares more of its genetic makeup with the Wolf Warrior 11+ than the X. Sporting a similar level of range as its bigger bro – but shaving off a huge slice of the 11+’s ungainly bulk – the X Pro is also able to deliver better stopping power, as well as fold in a way that’s more portable (and, frankly, just makes a lot more sense).

It’s easy to imagine Kaabo starting with the intention of making a smaller, lighter version of the 11+. Instead, they upgraded it. Because ultimately, the X Pro takes most of what the 11+ does well, and improves it, while also serving as a clear improvement upon the X. Though there’s still question marks around whether the X Pro is the best in its class (particularly with the VSETT 10+ range on the prowl). It can certainly make the case of being the overall best Wolf Warrior package on the market, though.


What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

VSETT 10+ (25.6Ah)

Why is it Better Than the Wolf Warrior X Pro?

Why is it Worse Than the Wolf Warrior X Pro?


Wolf Warrior X

Why is it Better Than the Wolf Warrior X Pro?

Why is it Worse Than the Wolf Warrior X Pro?


Wolf Warrior 11+

Why is it Better Than the Wolf Warrior X Pro?

Why is it Worse Than the Wolf Warrior X Pro?




The Wolf Warrior X Pro sports a sturdy, rock-solid set of handlebars that offer plenty to get excited about.

First up, they’re equipped with the same ergonomically-shaped rubber grips that we’ve previously tested on the Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King. While these are comfortable, it would have been nice for them to have more depth so there’s ample room to rest your palms on – particularly if you’re planning to extract the most out of the scooter’s 60-mile range.

Wolf Warrior X Rubber Handgrip

Secondly, there’s a stock bar between the X Pro’s handlebars. This not only keeps the handlebars steady, helping you to maintain control at high speeds, but the flat, non-tapered bar is great for mounting accessories on, such as a phone holder, GoPro, or GPS device.

Thirdly, the handlebars are tall – so tall, in fact, that they’re around 1.5 inches higher than the 11+’s. This, of course, means that the X Pro is well-suited to taller riders – something far too few scooters in the industry can lay claim to.

Wolf Warrior X Handlebars

Finally, there are the tactile buttons – which, unlike their counterparts on other scooters, light up when you push them in. For example, on other models that have turn signals buttons, it’s a hit-or-miss situation. You can click the left or right button and the corresponding signals will flash. But therein lies the problem, because the turn signals don’t turn off automatically and the fact there’s no indicator telling you if they are on or off, it’s hard to know whether they are engaged or not. On the X Pro, however, the new scooter control module has small lights above the left and right turn signal buttons that stay on whenever either is engaged – problem solved.

Wolf Warrior X Scooter Controls

Last but not least, and to be expected from a scooter in the Kaabo line, the EY3 MiniMotors console doubles as both a finger throttle and display screen.

That said, I feel a little let down by the finger-throttle. When this scooter was released, I was hoping for it to have the same new thumb throttle design as the Wolf King GT. Instead, the X Pro’s finger throttle presents one of the scooter’s annoying idiosyncrasies – that, even when adjusted, it can be hard to access both its brake lever and finger throttle, while still keeping a comfortable grip.


There’s something about scooters with dual tubular stems that just gives them that extra edge when it comes to general badassery – with the Wolf Warrior 11+, Wolf King, VSETT 11+, and Zero 11X all excellent examples.

Rear View of the Wolf Warrior X

Fortunately, then, the dual stem – along with big hydraulic shocks – are retained by Kaabo on the Wolf Warrior X Pro. So, though it’s smaller and lighter than the likes of the hulking 100+ lbs scooters listed above, the X Pro’s piston-like frame still sports a very similar look, feel, and style as those high-performance models. Make no mistake – though it’s ostensibly an electric scooter, the X Pro shares just as much of its genetic makeup with the motorcycle family.

Elsewhere, the X Pro’s frame holds onto some of the 11+’s key features – such as a kickplate, bright headlights, and sturdy fender – while sharpening its color palette. The two-tone black and red color scheme of the X Pro is reminiscent of the metallic hues of the 11+ but the gold edition is more vivid and is sure to appeal to the aesthetic tastes of most riders. The branding is also pretty subtle, with the Kaabo and Wolf Warrior logos occupying tactful positions on the scooter’s stem and deck.

Wolf Warrior X Kickplate and Rear Wheel


The deck retains the grippy surface and wide nature of the original 11+, while – surprisingly – adding more length.

Wolf Warrior X Deck

The X Pro’s deck adds around half an inch to that of the 11+, which – while it doesn’t sound like much on paper – is still noticeable in practice. But what goes up must come down, and (somewhat frustratingly) the X Pro’s deck is also just over an inch narrower than the 11+’s. Still, what this detracts in size, it adds in economy, and that narrower deck gives the X Pro a more streamlined, aerodynamic feel than the 11+.

Wolf Warrior X Grippy Rubber Deck


The Wolf Warrior X Pro takes the jumbo 11-inch tires of the 11+ and downsizes them to a more manageable 10-inch profile. That, of course, is where the X Pro gets its name – X being the Roman numeral for 10.

Wolf Warrior X Tires on Dirt Track

So how does this shift in size affect the X Pro’s ride experience? Well, the X Pro compensates for the marginal losses in traction and stability (this comes from the reduction in the size of the contact patch the scooter has with the ground) with more agility. The smaller tires make the X Pro more nimble on the road than its big bro, while also helping it to be lighter and more portable.

Another thing that has changed from the 11+, is that the X Pro’s tires are pneumatic as opposed to being tubeless. Because pneumatic tires tend to have more “give” than tubeless ones, they are shock-absorbing and act as an initial buffer against unpredictable terrain.

Wolf Warrior X Rear Tire and Dual Springs

Build Quality & Durability

For the handlebars and frame, Kaabo has relied on materials that have become the manufacturer’s bread and butter – a pair of precipitation-hardened, stress-tested aluminum forging alloys called 6061-T6 and 6082-T6. Its shaft, meanwhile, is made of SCM400, a type of reinforced steel.

Wolf Warrior X Durable Kickstand

Numbers aside, all this adds up to one thing – the X Pro is made from the same stock as its battle-hardened bigger bro, the 11+.

That said, the X Pro isn’t without its issues – particularly if we set aside durability, and look at the intelligence of the scooter’s build.

The scooter isn’t protected from the elements. The lack of any formal IP water-resistance certification means that the X Pro hasn’t been built to withstand wet weather.

Similarly, it would have been nice to see some sort of steering lock to prevent the steering column from twisting freely. This is especially important considering its major competitor, the VSETT 10+, comes stock with a design that prevents the handlebars from over-rotating and locking up.

Front View of Wolf Warrior X Handlebars

Lastly, while the new addition of the customizable RGB lights certainly injects fun into the scooter, the plastic that encases them feels fragile to the point where I think it’ll shatter from the slightest of knocks.

Weight & Load

The Wolf Warrior X Pro weighs in at a healthy 79 lbs, shaving a whole 22 lbs off the poundage of its predecessor, the Wolf Warrior 11+.

Wolf Warrior X Frame

But with that slimming down comes a sacrifice; here in the form of the X Pro’s 265 lbs load, which is a whole 65 lbs less than what the 11+ can bear. For heavier riders, I’d recommend the VSETT 10+ – it weighs the same as the X Pro, but supports an extra 20 lbs of rider payload.

Wolf Warrior X Deck

For the largest load-bearing credentials on the market, however, there’s only one scooter – the Wolf King. The X Pro’s distant cousin is capable of handling up to an incredible 400 lbs of rider weight, so it’s at the top of my list of scooters for heavier riders.

Folding & Portability

If you’ve ever owned the Wolf Warrior 11+, you’ve likely been frustrated by its cumbersome folding mechanism. For all its power and potency, the 11+ lacks portability – particularly because gets longer when you fold it.

Wolf Warrior Folded

Thankfully, this is something Kaabo’s engineers have addressed because the X Pro introduces a new folding mechanism. Similar to its fellow Kaabo model, the Mantis Pro, the X Pro folds in half above the stem, via two sets of collar clamps. To unfold the scooter, simply unbuckle the clamps to release the locking rings. Sliding the rings up allows you to fold the stem down to the deck in a way that doesn’t extend its length, or make it more difficult to lift.

Wolf Warrior X Folding Clamps


The Wolf Warrior X Pro comes mostly assembled – you just need to fasten the handlebars in place and make sure that all the accessories are secure.

You’ll also be wise to check the air pressure of the tires, get to grips with the cornucopia of settings its MiniMotors EY3 display offers, and ensure that it’s fully charged before you take it out.

Ride Quality

Is the Wolf Warrior X Pro Comfortable to Ride?

If you’ve been digging around looking for a durable performance scooter that offers just as much in the way of ride quality as it does build quality, then look no further – because X marks the spot.

Wolf Warrior X Fork Suspension

Well, X Pro to be exact. So what makes it such a comfortable ride?

For starters, the X Pro improves upon the 11+ both in terms of the length of its deck and the height of its handlebars – making it a comfortable ride for taller riders. Plus, both the handgrips and deck offer plenty of traction, as does the kickplate. This small, raised arc of metal allows you both to lean into rides at faster speeds – thereby gaining more control and stability – and also serves as a handle, making the scooter easier to lift and transport.

Oh, and we can’t wrap up a discussion about ride quality without talking about the suspension. The X Pro’s front hydraulic shocks, paired with dual rear springs and a pair of nifty, adaptable (and interchangeable) 10-inch pneumatic tires, give you all the insulation you’ll need from the wrath of bumpier surfaces.

Wolf Warrior X Stocky Frame

Beyond the obvious points of comfort, the dual stem delivers a level of riding confidence that you can’t get on single stem models. Because electric scooters inherently have small tires, riding them, at times, can feel a little squirrely. This feeling – which can be unnerving – is eradicated with the sturdy dual stem. The wide profile of the handlebars helps here, too.

Performance & Safety

Top Speed

Like the base model of the Wolf Warrior X, the X Pro’s top speed of up to 43 mph means it sits firmly alongside some of the best (and fastest) performance scooters on the market. So how does the X Pro fare when we compare it to the most similar scooters in its price and weight brackets?

Speed vs Price Comparison

To find out, let’s apply a $500 price range, with the X Pro’s $2399 in the middle. Of the eight remaining models in this price class, the names read like a who’s who of the top electric scooter brands on the market, with VSETT, Mantis, Dualtron, INOKIM, Apollo, and EVOLV all involved.

But amidst this litany of stars, it’s the X Pro that confidently lays claim to third place, trailing only the 44 mph top speed of the EVOLV Pro-R, as well as the asphalt-igniting 50 mph capabilities of the two VSETT 10+ variations (20.8Ah and 25.6Ah).

Wolf Warrior X Pro Speed vs Price Comparison

It’s worth noting here that, despite sporting a similar 60V battery to the VSETT 10+ varieties (though with 28 Ah, it trumps both the amount of Amp Hours both those models can deliver), it’s the power in these scooter’s motors that give them that enhanced speed.

While the X Pro sports dual 1100W motors, both versions of the VSETT 10+ flaunt a pair of surface-scorching 1400W motors, making them not only faster than the X Pro, but better accelerators and hill climbers, too. Incredibly, these VSETT 10+ models are also faster than the original Wolf Warrior 11+ – which makes them worthy adversaries indeed.

Returning briefly to the chart, it bears mentioning that, when it comes to overall ride quality, the X Pro is superior to the EVOLV Pro-R that just pips it in the speed rankings. With this in mind, you could arguably make the case that the X Pro sneaks into the second spot, and snatches a deserving silver.

Further Information:

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Speed vs Weight Comparison

When it comes to price, the Wolf Warrior X Pro gets you a lot of bang for your buck. But how about when we compare the scooter to the 14 comparable models in its 74 to 84 lbs weight class?

Wolf Warrior X Pro Speed vs Weight Comparison

Well, the X Pro again proves itself worthy of a podium finish, joining the base X to the bronze in a joint-third placing. Unsurprisingly, it’s the dominant VSETT line owning the rankings, with the entire 10+ range.

But wait a minute. If all those VSETT 10 models sport the same top speed, then what’s the difference between them?

Well, firstly – as I alluded to before – there’s the batteries. While all are 60V, each has a different amount of Amp-hours (Ah). Ah is a unit of measurement that refers to the amount of charge the battery is capable of. The actual Ah number is essentially the number of Amps the battery can put out continuously for an hour before it dies.

VSETT 10+R ($2,790)60V 28.0Ah74
VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah ($2,390)60V 25.6Ah66
VSETT 10+ 20.8Ah ($2,199)60V 20.8Ah52

Predictably, the lifespan of a scooter’s battery – alongside a bunch of other factors – correlates with the amount of mileage it’s capable of. That’s why the 10+R offers more range than the 25.6Ah and 20.8Ah models. Of course, all that distance and power doesn’t come cheap, which accounts for the other major difference between the VSETT 10+ models – cost.

That’s why, for the best balance of speed, range, and cost, the VSETT 10+ (25.6Ah) constitutes the finest alternative to the Wolf Warrior X Pro. It’s not only available for a similar price but also manages to squeeze an extra 6-miles of range. Plus, it looks like the Transformer Bumblebee, and could probably out-perform him on the asphalt, too.

Oh, and though the Dualtron Ultra shares the spoils of first place in our Speed vs Weight comparison, I’m reluctant to compare it with the likes of the X Pro and VSETT 10+ line. The Ultra is, after all, a dedicated off-road scooter, so it doesn’t occupy quite the same niche as the competition here. Plus, it lacks both the build and ride quality of its rivals (for example, it lacks important components, such as hydraulic brakes).

Further Information:

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Despite the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s superlative performance in the speed rankings, the bubble bursts a little when it comes to acceleration.

Scooter0-15 MPH (Seconds)0-20 MPH (Seconds)
VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah ($2,390)1.73.6
Wolf Warrior 11+ ($2,999)1.93.9
Wolf Warrior X Pro ($2,395)2.24.7
Wolf Warrior X ($1,999)2.24.7

Of two of the top scooters I recommend as alternatives – that’s the aforementioned VSETT 10+, and the X Pro’s big bro, the Wolf Warrior 11+ – both outperform the X Pro when it comes to acceleration. The 10+ and 11+ beat the X Pro to speeds of both 15 mph and 25 mph, with the former’s ability to reach 15 mph in just 1.7 seconds – a particularly impressive feat.

Wolf Warrior X Pro Acceleration Comparison

With all that said, it needs to go on record that the X Pro’s acceleration rate is still very fast. But if you need a scooter that’s a little quicker off the mark (even if we’re talking about split seconds), the VSETT 10+ offers the best value. It complements its slightly cheaper price tag with an acceleration rate that’s 23% faster than the X Pro – and even manages to beat out the esteemed Wolf Warrior 11+ by two-tenths of a second, too.

Maximum Mileage

The Wolf Warrior X Pro has up to 60 miles of range off a single charge in its locker – so how does that compare to all the top competition? (Under realistic conditions you can expect 40-42 miles).

Mileage vs Price Comparison

Here, the X Pro performs favorably. When we apply a $500 price range (with the X Pro in the middle), the scooter claims a podium position. It places third, beating out three-quarters of the remaining models in its price class with aplomb.

Wolf Warrior X Pro Mileage vs Price Comparison

Topping the charts here is the INOKIM OxO, which, while it delivers fantastic ride quality (something that comes in handy on long rides), it’s not the fastest off the mark – so if speed and mileage are at the top of your priority list I’d recommend leaving the 68-mile range it promises behind, and working your way down the list.

This leaves us again, of course, with the VSETT 10+ (25.6Ah). Offering a cheaper price point than its fellow podium finishers – not to mention comparable standards of ride experience – the VSETT line again proves its performance chops. With that in mind, either the 10+ (25.6Ah) or X Pro would be my top picks here.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Reverting to the 74-84 lbs comparison that we used earlier, gives us the lowdown of the 14 comparable models in the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s weight class.

Wolf Warrior X Pro Mileage vs Weight Comparison

Yet while the X Pro grabbed a podium place in our Speed vs Weight comparison, this time it has to settle for fifth place. Still, a top-five finish in a list populated by some of the fiercest performance scooters known to man isn’t bad. Particularly when we consider that the winner here – the 75-mile range of the Dualtron Ultra – lacks a kickplate and hydraulic brakes, and therefore offers lackluster build and ride quality.

The 74 miles of the VSETT 10+R would be my top pick, but only if you’re happy spending a little more – at $2,790, it won’t be suitable for riders working to a more restrictive budget. For that reason (and discounting the OxO for the throttle issues I mentioned earlier), I’m awarding the VSETT 10+ (25.6Ah) the gong of the best overall value in the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s weight class.

Further Information:

Long Range Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing

Able to go toe to toe with slopes of up to 35 degrees, the Wolf Warrior X Pro is a certified hill-eating machine.

Wolf Warrior X Rear Motor

The only other comparable scooters that’ll get you up gradients faster are the variations of the VSETT 10+, which, as we know, come equipped with more powerful motors than the X Pro. This allows them to put out more torque, which contributes to their superior speed, acceleration rate, and aggressive angle-assaulting capabilities.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

The Wolf Warrior X Pro comes fitted with a front dual stem hydraulic suspension system that is paired with spring polyurethane suspension at the rear. It’s still suitable for, well… just about anything you can throw at it.

Close Up of Wolf Warrior X Hydraulic Suspension

With that said, there are still question marks hovering around this scooter’s ability to take on jumps and more aggressive off-road circuits. While it shares the same Samson-esque suspension of the Wolf 11+ and Wolf King, the X Pro’s RGB lights that are attached to the undercarriage of the deck are prone to breaking.

Wolf Warrior X Hydraulic Shocks and Disc Brake


Like the majority (78%) of similarly-priced scooters, the X Pro sports a hydraulic braking system.

Wolf Warrior X Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

Powered by hand-operated Zoom hydraulics and an adjustable electric regenerative braking system feeding the kinetic energy from the scooter’s motors back into the brakes, the X Pro sports plenty of stopping power. All this gives the X Pro a braking distance of 3.0 meters from 15 mph, which aligns with the average of the hydraulic brake-equipped scooters in the X Pro’s class.

There’s little to separate the X Pro from most of the scooters I recommend as alternatives. The only discernible difference comes between the X Pro and its menacing big bro, the Wolf Warrior 11+. The 140mm discs of the X Pro are slightly smaller than the 11+’s variety, meaning that (while they’re still highly effective) the X Pro’s brakes should, in theory, not be as powerful as the 11+’s.

In practice, however, that’s not the case. Because, thanks to the X Pro’s lighter bulk there’s less momentum to bring to a stop and so, it outstrips its spec-greedy big bro’s stopping distance by almost half a meter (0.4 meters).

Close Up of Wolf Warrior X Disc Brake

Let’s also not forget that the X Pro sports an anti-lock braking system (ABS). Simply put, this technology prevents the wheels from locking up when you try to stop, thereby preventing injuries – or worse, damage to your scooter – when you brake abruptly.

Charge Time

Remember the Amp Hour differences in the batteries of the multiple Wolf Warrior variations that I showed you in the comparison chart? Well, in addition to governing how long these scooters’ batteries will run for, the Ah count also contributes to the length of their charge times.

That’s roughly why, at 14 hours, the X Pro’s charging time is smack bang in-between the 11 hours of the X, and the 17 hours the Wolf Warrior 11+. It makes sense – the later you stay out partying, the longer you need to sleep in the next day.

Extra Features

EY3 Display & Throttle For Customized Performance

EY3 displays are rarely seen beyond Dualtron scooters (they’re made by MiniMotors, after all – the company behind the Dualtron brand). But when they are – like on the Wolf Warrior X Pro, the 11+, and Kaabo’s Wolf King – it’s something to shout about.

That’s because the EY3 – a device that doubles as both a finger throttle and screen for displaying your ride data and stats – is just about the most customizable of its kind on the market.

Wolf Warrior X EY3 MiniMotors Display

Encapsulated in a thick circular casing of bomb-proof black plastic, the EY3’s luminescent screen provides insights into your speed, ride time (current distance as well as all-time accumulated mileage), battery life, current-voltage, and driving mode. The EY3’s set of error codes also allow you to isolate and self-diagnose any issues that crop up, and seek help before they get worse.

Plus, play around with the display’s large, clickable buttons, and you’ll end up following the rabbit hole down to its P-settings. With these, you’ll not only access a deeper layer of the X Pro’s capabilities but be able to customize them entirely to your unique preferences. The scope of personalization here includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Adjusting the strength of your X Pro’s regenerative braking system, and turning its anti-lock braking system on or off
  • Activating its battery-saving settings, which include an auto-turn-off feature and an ability to adjust the brightness of the screen
  • Picking between kick to start or accelerating straight off the mark
  • Tinkering with the X Pro’s max output
  • Toggling between different units of speed (mph or kmh) to fit your preferences

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that – while the EY3 shares some aesthetic similarities with the QS-S4 display that is found on models from VSETT, Apollo, Kaabo, EMOVE, and Varla, as well as the Wolf Warrior X – the EY3 is a far more capable, customizable, and clever display. It’s also easier to use, and – in my opinion, at least – nicer to look at in the way its stocky design complements the burlier, brawnier look and feel of the most powerful performance scooters out there.

Tactile Buttons For Scooter Controls

Located on the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s handlebars are two sets of buttons.

Over to the left, you have your turn signals, as well as buttons to activate the scooter’s lights and horn. These buttons – in a seemingly trivial, but refreshing design quirk – also light up when you push them, so you’re less likely to get caught out having left a turn signal on while riding down a straight.

Wolf Warrior X Button Console

Pleasantly, these buttons have a great tactile feel and emit a satisfying clicking sound when you push them.

On the opposite side of the handlebars, you have buttons to toggle between ‘Eco/Turbo’ modes in a click. While the former will help save your battery and ensure you make the most out of the scooter’s maximum 60-mile range, the latter will unleash the full extent of the blistering pace and acceleration the X Pro’s capable of. The ‘Single/Dual’ button switches between the use of one or two motors, which achieves a similar effect.

Right Side of Wolf Warrior X Handlebars

Somewhat frustratingly, the buttons on this side lack the illumination benefits of their left-sided counterparts.

Headlight, Taillight, Turn Signals, and Controllable RGB Undercarriage LEDs

Located about halfway up the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s dual tubular stem is the centerpiece of the scooter’s LED arrangement – its uber-bright headlights.

The dual headlights resemble the piercing, inquisitive gaze of an owl, cutting through the night with ease to deliver a safe ride experience after dark. What’s more, their placement is astute – it’s central and high enough to offer optimal visibility while avoiding the issues of lower-placed headlights on models like the VSETT 10+. On that scooter, the headlight (which is located over the front fender) bounces up and down with the suspension, making it awkward and clumsy for night-time riding.

Wolf Warrior X Headlights

Returning to the X Pro, it also has a responsive rear tail light embedded into the fender, which flashes when you brake. Because that’s more or less standard on a scooter of the X Pro’s caliber, let’s focus on something a little rarer – its turn signals. These tactile turn signals – that are missing from the Wolf Warrior 11+ – also double as hazard lights.

Wolf Warrior X Tail Light

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the style – the strips of ambient LED lighting flanking either side of the X Pro’s deck. Much like the impressive light displays of the Dualtron Eagle Pro and Thunder, the Wolf Warrior X Pro’s RGB lights are fully customizable, with an app allowing you to play with the colors, speed, and patterns of the setup.

The only thing is, these lights feel fragile and, unlike the rest of the X Pro, don’t share the quality we’ve come to feel entitled to.

Wolf Warrior X Deck Lights

Motorcycle-Grade Horn

Horns are an important safety feature; and may even be a mandatory regulatory or legal requirement, depending on where you live. The X Pro’s motorcycle-grade horn with its absurdly loud blast is the best you can get.

Take my word for it – this thing is loud. It’s great for getting the attention of other traffic and road users, but I’d go easy on it in pedestrian areas.

Wolf Warrior X Motorcycle-Grade Horn

Choice of Street or Off-Road Tires

The X Pro can be fitted with either street-grade or off-road tires. Even better, the split rims of the tires make it easier to slip them off when you need to swap out your smooth, city-slicking tires for their chunkier, off-road-oriented alternatives.

Wolf Warrior X Knobby Tires

Specification: Wolf Warrior X Pro Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Full-Hydraulic), Disc (Mechanical)

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Display, Lights

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


Buy your Wolf Warrior X Pro through esteemed U.S. distributor Voro Motors and you won’t just be getting a great scooter – you’ll be benefiting from one of the more generous warranty policies on the market.

That’s because all scooters sold through Voro Motors come with a 12-month warranty, as well as a “Lifetime Service Commitment” offering 50% off all labor and parts after your warranty has expired. On top of this, there’s a 15-day grace period – which starts after your X Pro has arrived – during which you’re entitled to your money back if you don’t like what you see.

In addition to all and any manufacturing defects. FluidFreeRide also promises to cover the costs of labor that are incurred fixing your X Pro for up to 180 days after the sale. And, anyone who’s ever purchased a scooter from REV Rides, Voro Motors, or MiniMotors will know that this kind of generosity stands in stark contrast to most scooter distributors in the industry.

Despite this, FluidFreeRide’s warranty does come with its share of the fine print, which states the X Pro’s policy won’t cover damage that’s due to:

  • Wear and tear
  • Rain, sun, sea, sand, or any more severe elemental forces
  • Misuse, neglect, abuse, or lack of routine maintenance

Consumables – such as tires, tubes, and brake pads – aren’t covered under warranty. Should you need to make a claim, you can head to – including a video or picture of the issue, as well as a description – to do so with minimal fuss.

Post-Purchase Support

Pre- and post-purchase assistance for your Wolf Warrior X Pro comes courtesy of FluidFreeRide’s superb support team. You can grab them between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm (Monday to Friday) on (786) 723 723, or submit a support request directly through the company’s website.

In terms of online self-support resources, FluidFreeRide’s handy knowledge center offers access to a litany of info; from repairs and troubleshooting to shipping and returns. There’s also a digital copy of the X Pro’s user manual floating around, as well as pre-sales info, details about FluidFreeRide’s warranty policy, maintenance guides, and a page full of FAQs to immerse yourself in.

FluidFreeRide’s YouTube channel is another great place to go for Wolf Warrior X Pro content – as is our own YouTube channel. We’re also now on Instagram (@electricscooterinsider), so give us a follow for more reviews, unboxings, and fresh content.

Specification: Wolf Warrior X Pro Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Street


Folding Frame

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Inner-Tube)

Top Speed (mph)


Max Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)


Suspension Type

Front & Rear

Brake Type

Disc (Full-Hydraulic), Disc (Mechanical)

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, Display, Lights

Wolf Warrior X Pro Review
Wolf Warrior X Pro Review

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