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Looking to quench your thirst for fast-paced off-road adventures? Perhaps you might be tempted by what can only be described as a dirt bike in scooter form. Sitting at £2,599, the Wolf Warrior won’t be breaking the bank, but it will be tearing up the tracks in an elite riding experience comparable to the far pricier Dualtron Ultra. This isn’t the only resemblance this monstrous scooter bears to the Dualtron line, its controller and LED display are manufactured by none other than Dualtron producers, MiniMotors. With a host of premium features, including a superior motorcycle-grade hydraulic suspension system, big tubeless tyres, and dual 1200W motors that generate blisteringly fast acceleration, the Wolf Warrior certainly lives up to its ferocious name. It is well and truly the king of off-roading.

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Video Review

Wolf Warrior Review: Is It Still a Worthwhile Investment?

With Kaabo bringing out a range of different Wolf models – including the Wolf Warrior X, X Pro, King, and King GT – we take a deep dive into the Wolf Warrior's performance to let you know if its still a worthwhile investment.


Who is it Best For?

Will the Wolf Warrior Be a Good Fit For You?

Let’s kick things off by discussing whether or not this is the scooter for you. What’s so great about the Wolf Warrior is that it’s multi-functional, it satisfies the needs of both high-speed thrill-seekers and long-distance riders. Whilst its brutal acceleration and stomping 50 mph top speed are two of its main attractions, the whopping 70 mile range comes as an advantage to those looking for a scooter that can get you from A to B, and back again without breaking a sweat.

Dramatic View of Wolf Warrior Frame

With the choice of either on or off-road tyres, the Wolf Warrior is ready to take on whatever you throw its way. The slick road tyres, with their wide 3.5-inch contact patch, maintain traction at all times and make the scooter easy to control at high speeds.

That said, the Wolf Warrior best serves its rider when it is let loose on dirt tracks. This is a scooter that’s in its element off-road and you’re not taking full advantage of its immense power and shock absorption capabilities until you get it there.

Wolf Warrior Front Tire From Rear

If you’re looking for a versatile scooter that can tackle off-road routes with ease, you’ll want to opt for the off-road tyres option. They have a deeper tread and knobby surface that maximizes traction on rocky and uneven terrain. The off-road tyres can also be used on urban roads but are much less effective than their slick counterparts, so it is important to establish what you want to get out of the Wolf before you buy it.

Pros and Cons


  • Fantastic value for money
  • Pedigree of MiniMotors Dualtron scooter without the price tag
  • Motorcycle grade hydraulic suspension system
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes
  • Solid, sturdy frame
  • King of off-roading
  • Piercing dual headlights and cool swag lights


  • Heavy
  • No way to lock the scooter into place when folded

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

So, is the Wolf Warrior good value for money? Absolutely – so long as you make the most out of its premium features.

As mentioned, this is a scooter designed for its power, speed, and off-roading prowess. With the beastly dual motors and peak power output of 5400W, it is like a Wolf ready to pounce into action.

Wolf Warrior Chassis From Rear

To put the price into perspective, the Wolf, at £2,599, is comparable to the Dualtron Ultra, an off-road monster that matches the Wolf Warrior for performance. Yet, the Wolf is a far superior scooter in every faculty.

The only point at which you can question the Wolf’s value for money is when it is compared to the VSETT 10+R. This scooter costs £404 less (£2,195 in total), matches the Wolf for speed, and slightly outperforms it in range (it’s capable of delivering up to 74 miles of ride time). However, the Wolf has a superior suspension system and larger tyres that make for a more enjoyable riding experience.

My recommendation is: If you plan to ride off-road, go for the Wolf Warrior – no questions asked. If you are an adrenaline-seeking city slicker that wants to burn rubber mile after mile, then you should seriously consider the VSETT 10+R.

Wolf Warrior Durable Chassis

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Why is it Better Than the Wolf Warrior?

Why is it Worse Than the Wolf Warrior?




The handlebars are not just key to your stability but also in activating all of the Wolf’s awesome features.

Befitting the Wolf’s monstrous size, the handlebars have an ultra-wide span of 24.6 inches – which is the same size as the Dualtron Thunder, and around 7 inches wider than the average commuter scooter. Because of the immense top speed, not to mention one of the fastest acceleration rates, their increased size complements a rider stance that is perfectly optimized for control and stability.

Wolf Warrior Handlebars With Lights Pointed at Wall

Starting with the dual handbrakes, let’s take a look at the components that make up the handlebars.

Wolf Warrior Handgrip

On the left, the rear brake, and the right, the front – they both provide a reassuring level of control when braking. This is also where you’ll find the Wolf’s EYE display, trigger-style throttle, and horn.

Wolf Warrior Display

Just below your handlebars on the stem are the Wolf’s piercingly bright dual front LEDs. This scooter is perfectly lit for nighttime riding, with additional LED lighting on the side and rear so you’ll never have to worry about not being visible. The dual front LEDs are one of the standout design features – I’ve come to find that the majority of performance scooters often come equipped with lacklustre headlights requiring you to spend extra to attach additional lights – not on the Wolf, though. Plus, the dual headlights finish off its unique motorcycle aesthetic.

Close Up of Wolf Warrior Lights


The Wolf Warrior is a bit of a menace in weight. It is 9.1 kg heavier than the Dualtron Ultra, its main rival, which weighs in at 36.7 kg. Nevertheless, the frame is everything you’d want from a scooter that has been designed to tear up even the most challenging terrain.

Wolf Warrior Bulky Frame

It’s rock solid and the stem is extremely stable. Even in some of the most premium models, a wobbly stem isn’t uncommon but there’s no fear of that here.

There are quite literally no loose ends with this scooter, all wires and cords are neatly wrapped and secured.

Wolf Warrior Handlebars Head On

This is a heavy-duty scooter and its frame certainly reflects this.

Its matte-black finish goes hand in hand with its menacing aesthetic.


The Wolf’s stability doesn’t just end at the frame. What’s great about its design is its insanely spacious deck. At 20 x 9 inches, it is suitable for riders of any shape or size, so long as you weigh less than the maximum 330 Ibs load capacity.

Wolf Warrior Wide Deck

The large deck serves more of a purpose than just supporting a range of riders, though. The extra space affords greater control when tearing up the bumpy tracks, especially when it comes to the placement of your feet.

Wolf Warrior Rubber Deck Matting

This is accompanied by its super grippy rubber coating and reinforced kickplate that is capable of supporting your full weight without batting an eyelid. You’ll find yourself using the kickplate when you’re traversing bumpy off-road tracks and burning rubber on the city streets – it is a staple in ride comfort.

Wolf Warrior Kickplate


When you come to buy the Wolf, you get the choice to have either on or off-road tyres. Of course, you can buy both but it will cost you extra – so it is important to establish what you want to get out of your scooter before you order it.

Wolf Warrior Rear Tire

The road tyres are perfect for burning rubber on tarmac and turning your scooter into a certified road racing rocket, not to mention that they are the best option if you want to experience the blistering fast acceleration rate that will propel you to 15 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

With that being said, off-road adventures are not totally off the roster. The road tyres perform sufficiently well on forest-trails and dirt tracks. However, the thick tread of the Wolf’s 11-inch tubeless tyres and their knobby texture undoubtedly delivers a superior riding experience on more challenging terrain. This is mainly a result of increased traction and a thicker tread that is more durable.

Whichever tyres you opt for, you can be confident to know that they’ve been designed to withstand both punctures and general wear and tear, whilst also dampening against the terrain underfoot as they soak up the impact of obstacles.

Wolf Warrior Front Tubeless Tire

Build Quality & Durability

The Wolf’s massive frame is enough to reassure anyone of its quality. A solidly built machine like this is made to last and when taking it off-road you can rely on it to do all the heavy work for you. This is a scooter that certainly packs a punch.

Wolf Warrior Branding

As previously mentioned, the stem is particularly robust which is yet another reason why the Wolf is the king of off-roading. Additional measures have even been taken in the form of a safety pin that slides and locks the stem in place. The stability of the stem shines when it is compared to other performance scooters that are plagued by wobbly stems. The stem locking design on the Wolf proves far superior to any model that uses a collar-style locking system.

Despite the sturdy build, I’d advise regularly checking the integrity of the screws that hold many of the Wolf’s components in place. The good news is that the integral components are securely fastened in place, it’s more so a process of checking the extremities that have been attached to the mainframe, like the headlights and EYE display, for example. This advice isn’t unique to the Wolf Warrior but also applies as a rule of thumb for all high-performance scooters. After all, with a top speed of 50 mph and the ability to tackle rock-strewn terrain, the Wolf can be ridden under extreme conditions.

Wolf Warrior Right Handgrip

A smaller and often overlooked, yet important, part of assessing build quality is seeing how the kickstand performs. A good kickstand is a basic necessity and yet surprisingly difficult to come by, but the Wolf’s does not disappoint. The common issue with kickstands is that they can prove flimsy and ineffective, falling over with the slightest touch of a finger but I’m pleased to say this scooter stands loud and proud. You can rest assured it won’t be falling over at the slightest gust of wind, everything about this model screams reliability.

Wolf Warrior Sturdy Kickstand

Weight & Load

The only real flaw of the Wolf’s design is that its insane ferocity comes at the price of its 101 Ibs weight. This scooter is so rammed with awesome features that it becomes not just monstrous in performance but also weight.

Wolf Warrior Head On

For those hoping to pack it up neatly and carry it to their nearest off-road spot, this will prove difficult. Weighing at 101 Ibs, this beast is not the easiest to transport.

As I said in my review of the Dualtron Thunder, the Wolf isn’t there to be a companion on your journey – it is the journey. With this in mind, the weight shouldn’t play into your decision too much.

One standout feature of the increased weight, though, is its ability to support up to 150 kg – placing it in the top 18% of scooters for load-bearing capacity. The Wolf is only beaten by the EMOVE Cruiser, which can support 160 kg.

Wolf Warrior Rubber Deck With Branding

Folding & Portability

The Wolf Warrior is without a doubt the monster truck of all scooters, yet it still attempts to be nimble in its efforts to fold.

The Wolf folds down with its advanced folding mechanism, so if you prefer to travel slightly further afield for your dirt track adventures, fitting it into the back of a van or truck shouldn’t be a problem.

Wolf Warrior Folding Lever

That said, it is worth noting that when folded, the stem doesn’t lock to the deck so you’ll need to consider this when loading it into your vehicle safely. Taking time and care to load and unload is important so as not to damage yourself or the scooter.

Whilst the Wolf folds in a unique fashion, the placement of its folding mechanism extends the front wheel out meaning it is fairly elongated measuring 59 inches in length. The handlebars also don’t fold, so you still need a considerable amount of space to store it.

Wolf Warrior Folded


Whilst the assembly is pretty straightforward, you'll be breaking a sweat wrestling this 101 Ib beast out of its box. This is the hardest job but once it’s done you can start unpacking all its additional parts such as the kickstand and charger.

Unfolding the stem is a little tough because of its size and weight but once unfolded, click it in place using the safety pin attached to the chain and tighten the screws in the stem to keep it all in place as you move on to attach the handlebars. Place and align the handlebars on top and tighten the screws with the wrench provided in the box, then secure handlebar controls (brakes, display, etc), kickstand, check/pump up the tyres to 45-50 PSI, and you’re all set.

Ride Quality

Is the Wolf Warrior Comfortable to Ride?

It’s safe to say that this is the most comfortable ride you’ll ever have on a scooter of this price. The Wolf’s ride quality is where you start to appreciate the value for money.

The thickness of the scooter’s tyres combined with the exceptional hydraulic suspension mechanism means you won’t feel a thing as you’re bouncing down the tracks.

Wolf Warrior Chassis

Whilst the Wolf is reliable in its sturdiness, you should still bear in mind its speed if you are a rider that is new to performance scooters – one press on the throttle will take an unassuming rider by surprise as it leaps out in front of your feet.

Safety is the key thing Kaabo seems to have paid particular attention to in addition to speed. With a scooter of this size and stature that moves with brutal intent, the hydraulic brakes are sensitive to even the slightest of touches.

Wolf Warrior Hydraulic Caliper

Its chunky build is designed to give maximum control, but it is worth taking it easy and gradually building up to maximum speed. After all, this beast is ferocious when left to roam.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

I think by now we’ve well established that this is a speed demon and a top choice for thrill-seekers looking for adrenaline-fueled adventures.

Because of its impressively large dual 1200W motors, combined with two 40A controllers, the Wolf delivers a peak output of 5400W which not only propels the scooter to 50 mph but also sees you hitting 15 mph in 1.9 seconds, followed by 30 mph in 5.2.

Wolf Warrior Motor Selection Buttons

However, it must be noted that, surprisingly, its acceleration isn’t quite up to the standard of the Apollo Pro 60V. The difference is only very slight, but the Apollo Pro can hit 15 mph in 1.7 seconds. However, what it loses out on in acceleration, the Wolf makes up for in speed in comparison to the Apollo’s 42 mph.

Overall, the Wolf is a certified land rocket and one of the fastest scooters you can get, period.


In Eco mode, the Wolf promises 70 miles, but let’s be realistic – you’re not going to buy the Wolf to ride conservatively. So, with that in mind, when you switch to Turbo mode with both motors engaged and rip the throttle, pushing the Wolf to its limits, you can expect 35-40 miles.

Depending on the terrain you’re riding on and the amount of power you’re going to need to accelerate, you may choose not to engage the second motor and ride in single motor mode. This alone will help increase range and so it’s fair to say the Wolf gives you a wide range to play with, no matter your riding needs.

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Hill Climbing

This is a beast that is difficult to tame, it’s raring at the bit like a hungry wolf hunting for prey and like the ferocious canine it was named after, it can comfortably eat up the most demanding challenges, including steep hills.

Side Profile of Wolf Warrior

With enough torque to glide up inclines of 30%, it is the perfect scooter for those who live in the hilly countryside or anywhere where the terrain is steeper than your usual inner-city landscape. With the ability to tackle inclines as impeccably as the Wolf does, this is just another reason why this is not a scooter for the sole purpose of your day-to-day commute.

To put its hill-climbing capabilities into practice, the Wolf is more than capable of scaling San Francisco’s Lombard Street, with its distinctive 27% incline grade.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

Undoubtedly one of the Wolf Warrior’s most premium features, its suspension, and shock absorption is second to none.

Wolf Warrior Suspension From Front

Not only is it blessed with a pair of chunky off-road tyres that give it that extra bit of cushioning when hitting the rocky tracks, but the Wolf is also fully equipped with an outstanding motorcycle-grade hydraulic suspension system in the front and dual springs in the rear.

Wolf Warrior Rear Springs

It gracefully combines the best of both suspension types to deliver a level of shock absorption that is only beaten by the Dualtron X and X 2 – both of which are more than double the price of the Wolf.


With a scooter that moves with this amount of speed and power, it’s important to have a braking system that is equally as powerful and reliable.

Kaabo has not let us down, the Wolf is firmly fitted with a pair of front and rear hydraulic brake discs that allow you to come to a quick, reliable stop no matter your riding conditions.

Wolf Warrior Disc Brake

As I briefly touched upon earlier, the handlebar is home to the rear brake (on the left) which is what you want to use first for deceleration. This will decrease your speed to the point where you will be able to engage the front brake (right lever) to bring the scooter to a complete stop. This handbrake system is incredibly efficient.

Wolf Warrior Brake Lever

It’s crucial to read the braking instructions carefully before you take the Wolf out for your first spin. Whilst the braking mechanism is fairly simple, there is a risk of danger if you are unsure as to which brake to engage first. So, it’s good to make sure you know your levers. The brakes are highly sensitive which is a good thing when you consider the sort of speeds you’re travelling at but you just want to be careful not to engage the front brake first (you could end up over the handlebars).

Wolf Warrior Rear Hydraulic Disc Caliper

Bonus tip: when you apply the brakes at high speeds, shift your weight to the back of the scooter for more control. Plus, you can enable the electronic anti-lock braking system using the EYE display (more on this in the “Extra Features” section) to stop more safely without wheel lock and slip. It is important to note, though, that when enabled, you’ll feel the ABS kick into action as it induces vibrations that can be felt throughout the scooter.

Charge Time

Encased in the deck sits the huge 60V 35Ah LG battery that clears up to 35 miles when ridden in Turbo mode and 70 miles in Eco mode. The charging of the battery couldn’t be easier, with two charging ports to ensure this baby gets all the power it needs.

The charge time is around 17 hours with the standard 2A charger but this can be reduced to around 7-10 hours if you use two chargers.

Wolf Warrior Charge Ports

Regardless, the Wolf’s standard charge time is in the range of similar models that give the same mileage.

Extra Features

Smart EYE Throttle Display For Customized Performance

With a chunky, luminescent green interface that is more reminiscent of a military watch than a scooter display, it not only lets you monitor your speed, battery voltage, and driving mode but also tweak the Wolf’s settings.

Wolf Warrior EYE Display

For example, you can toggle between start modes (either zero or kick start), alter the type of unit – whether that’s miles or kilometres, and even make more advanced adjustments like changing the amount of motor torque (1 = 50% of max torque, 2 = 75% of max torque, 3 = max torque), or enabling the electronic anti-lock braking system.

You’re also able to access the scooter’s auto-timer-off setting and adjust the screen’s brightness.

Driving Mode and Motor System Buttons

With the choice of four different modes, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The option of either Eco or Turbo mode determines the power of your scooter. Whilst you can cover more mileage using Eco mode, Turbo allows you to take full advantage of the Wolf’s speed and power.

Wolf Warrior Motor Selection Buttons

Plus, if you opt for Single Motor use, you get all the power and the full 70 miles. For those looking to squeeze every last bit of power from the motors, selecting Dual Motor will give you all the power and the speed on offer – although, the mileage will dip to around 35-40 miles.

Cruise Control

If you are a rider who will use this scooter for long rides covering expansive routes, the Wolf comes equipped with a cruise control setting so you can maintain your speed and give your finger a rest.

Anti-Lock Brake System

This is yet another way in which Kaabo seeks to improve rider safety, they really have thought of everything with this model. When enabled, it will activate as you brake to prevent the brakes from locking up, giving you better control as you come to a stop.

Wolf Warrior Rear Disc

However, as previously mentioned, you’ll feel the ABS kick into action as it induces vibrations that can be felt throughout the scooter.

LED Lights

The Wolf Warrior lays claim to the brightest headlights of all scooters.

Wolf Warrior Bright Headlights

Usually, I recommend investing in additional lights to compensate for poor light setups but this couldn’t be further from the truth with the Wolf.

Wolf Warrior From the Rear With Lights On

With its piercingly bright dual front LEDs, under-deck swag lighting that illuminates the entire length of the scooter, and the rear taillight, you’ll never have to worry about not being visible.

Wolf Warrior at Night With Dualtron Storm and NAMI Burn-e Viper


Located on the left of the handlebars under the lights switch, you’ll find the Wolf’s horn.

You’ll never struggle to be heard with this baby. It is yet another nod to its motorcycle grass-roots.

Wolf Warrior Motorcycle-Grade Horn

Water-Resistance Rating

Certified with an IPX4 water-resistance rating, which by official standards means that it is protected from splashes in all directions, the Wolf is one of the few performance scooters to boast an IP rating. None of the Dualtron models are certified for water-resistance. In fact, based on my independent research of 99 scooters, only 40% of scooters have a water-resistance rating.

Whilst riding in the rain is never a recommendation, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is protected.

Choice of On or Off-Road Tyres

The choice is yours when it comes to how you wish to use the Wolf Warrior. Upon buying your scooter, you are given the option of slick road tyres or knobby off-road tyres.

Wolf Warrior Tire Tread

Specification: Wolf Warrior Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame

Weight (kg)


Rider Weight (kg)


Tyre Size (inches)


Tyre Type


Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


The Wolf Warrior comes with a 24 month warranty on the scooter's frame and 12 months on the rest of the components that make up the scooter. This is a good indication of its outstanding quality with other models offering just 90-day coverage.

It includes free repairs and replacements to the scooter’s motor, display, battery, and controller. However, this is restricted to manufacturer defects and excludes damages from rider’s usage

It is worth bearing in mind that beyond these basic elements, the specific terms of the warranty vary from company to company. It is always worth doing that extra bit of research to ensure you know exactly the sort of coverage you’re receiving and understand all the terms before you buy.

My suggestion is that you buy from Ride and Glide as they are an established retailer in the electric scooter industry and super quick to respond to emails – their level of customer service is exceptional.

Post-Purchase Support

If you encounter any issues, you can contact Ride and Glide via live chat, phone, or email.

Simply send your email to support@rideandglide.co.uk and attach any materials, like images and videos, for an efficient troubleshooting process.

Alternatively, you can call them on 0330 043 1980.

The Monster Truck of All Scooters: Introducing the Wolf Warrior

With a host of premium features, including a superior motorcycle-grade hydraulic suspension system, big tubeless tyres, and dual 1200W motors that generate blisteringly fast acceleration, get an up-close and personal look at the Wolf Warrior.

Specification: Wolf Warrior Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame

Weight (kg)


Rider Weight (kg)


Tyre Size (inches)


Tyre Type


Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating

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