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October 25, 2020

Price When Reviewed: $275.99

With its unique, classic Italian, moped design, the Razor Pocket Mod will not disappoint, especially if you are considering it for your daughter. It’s one Razor’s most advanced electric scooters and is packed full of features from a top speed of 15 mph to rear suspension to a hidden storage compartment.


  • Large padded seat
  • Hidden storage space
  • Rear suspension to ensure a comfortable ride
  • Vintage-inspired design
  • 12 hour charge time for only 10 miles

14 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy the Razor Pocket Mod

I just want to remind you that the Razor Pocket Mod is a kids electric scooter. If you’re looking for an electric scooter for an adult, then you should see my list of the best ones.

Still here? Great!

Let’s dive straight into it.

Who is it Best For

Will the Razor Pocket Mod Be a Good Fit For You?

You probably already know the answer to this question if you have read the above section. The Razor Pocket Mod has been built for kids.

But, what I haven’t yet highlighted, is that the Pocket Mod is best for girls. It has been designed to give every young girl that has an eye for fashion, the perfect electric scooter.

Of course, you can also buy the Razor Pocket Mod for your son, it comes in a range of colors meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your little one.

In brief, if you’re searching for an electric scooter that will deliver endless hours of fun you can’t go wrong with the Pocket Mod.

girl riding the razor pocket mod

Further Information:

See my guide on the Best Electric Scooters for Kids


Does the Razor Pocket Mod Look Good?

I think so. It’s completely different to what you would expect an electric scooter to look like but, that's a good thing.

The vintage design is great for any child that has an eye for style and wants the hottest accessory on the block.

Don’t just take my word for it though, the retro design has been praised by Teen Vogue.

Also, the Pocket Mod is available in a range of colors including: black, white, purple, pink, red and blue. You can even get the sweet pea pink one with with decals, streamers, and a sporty bell if you’re daughter loves everything pink and you want to treat her to something extra special.

razor pocket mod vintage italian design


How Fast Can the Razor Pocket Mod Go?

Your child will be able to reach a top speed of 15 mph.

From my own experience, I would rate this as a being quite fast across the range of electric scooters on the market. More specifically though, it is up there with the fastest electric scooters for kids. The only scooter that outperforms the Pocket Mod is the GoTrax Glider (16 mph).

Given it’s speed I would only recommend buying this scooter for kids that are 13 years and older. Unless, you would feel comfortable letting your child ride on it at a younger age. It’s totally up to you. Of course, the scooter is safe to ride so it comes down to personal preference.

What you should know though, is that your child is sure to have a great time riding the scooter as they get out into the fresh air and whizz around the block.

Mileage and Battery Performance

How Long Can You Ride the Razor Pocket Mod For?

The Pocket Mod is actually the only scooter that I have come across that uses two batteries to power its single speed, chain driven motor, and as a result of the battery power, it can be ridden for 10 miles on a full charge.

Just imagine how many times your child can go around the block!

Because of the impressive mileage, your child will be able to enjoy riding the scooter not just around the neighborhood but to the park, or the store, or pretty much anywhere within a 5 mile radius!

Weight and Weight Limit

How Much Does It Weigh and How Much Can It Support?

Looking at the Pocket Mod, you would assume that it’s going to be heavy. But, in actual fact, it only weighs 59 lbs.

Okay, okay – I hear you saying – ‘Only 59 lb, that’s still heavy!’.

Hear me out. Given the frame of the scooter and the stylish body work it could be a lot heavier than 59 lbs. For example, there are some scooters, like the Razor EcoSmart Metro, that weigh 67 lbs and don’t have any of the body work, or even features like suspension that the Pocket Mod has.

So, when you consider the weight of the scooter against its build it’s really not that bad.

Obviously, your child won’t be able to lift the scooter to maneuver it but they will be able to easily push it back and forth to point it in the direction that they want to go.

The steel frame will support riders up to 170 lbs.

razor pocket mod support riders up to 170 lbs

Foldability and Portability

Is It Easy to Fold and Carry?

Because of its vintage and Italian body design, the Razor Pocket Mod can’t be folded.

Unlike some of the other electric scooters for kids, like the Razor E100 and E300, you won’t be able to fit this scooter in your trunk meaning it can only be used locally.

Also, the 59 lbs frame makes this scooter cumbersome to carry.

What I find with kids scooters is that, more often than not, they don’t need to be carried because they tend to be used just round the neighborhood or within a really close radius to their home. More often, adults are the ones who need electric scooters that they can fold and carry because they use them for more practical uses like commuting.

Features and Durability

What Features Does it Have and is it Durable?

I’ve already covered some of the key features of the Razor Pocket Mod, from a top speed of 15 mph to a 10 mile range to the rear suspension for a smooth, comfortable, ride.

Here is a list of some of the features that make the Pocket Mod an excellent choice for kids:

  • Hidden storage unit under seat – ideal for lunch boxes, toys, backpacks etc
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Big 12 inch, air filled, tires make riding the scooter smooth on uneven terrain
  • Shatter-resistant body
  • Easy to use acceleration throttle
  • Brake on the handlebars
  • Headlight for safe riding in low light

The scooter is extremely durable thanks to its steel frame and shatter resistant body. It will provide a stable ride and will withstand playful bumps and bashes. After all, we know kids can be a bit careless when playing with new toys!

razor pocket mod seat and storage compartment


How Safe Is It?

Because the Pocket Mod is an electric scooter for kids, Razor has ensured that the safety standards are high.

As you would expect from a kids electric scooter, it comes equipped with a hand operated brake on the handlebars which can be easily pulled to slow the scooter down to a safe stop.

Additionally, the extra precaution to make the body of the scooter shatter-resistant ensures that even if your child has a few bumps here and there they are not going to injure themselves as a result of the body work shattering.

Overall, I would say that the combination of the braking system, which by the way simultaneously cuts the motor when in use, and the safety precautions around the body of the scooter make the Pocket Mod a safe scooter to ride.

Of course, I would recommend buying a helmet and maybe some elbow or knee pads too.


Does the Razor Pocket Mod Require Assembly?

The short answer is yes, but it is easy to do and will only take you about 15-20 minutes.

You’ll receive the scooter 95% assembled, meaning you’ll just need to add the finishing touches.

Essentially, there are 5 things that you’ll need to do:

  1. Attach the handlebars
  2. Position the brake lever
  3. Attach the front wheel
  4. Check the spoke tension of the wheels
  5. Inflate the tires

You’ll get an owners manual in your package which shows you how to do all of the above. Oh, and you get the tools to do steps 1 to 4. You’ll just need to make sure that you have a standard bicycle pump for step 5.

Pricing and Value For Money

How Much Does the Razor Pocket Mod Cost and Is It Worth it?

Generally, you can expect to pay between $350 to $400 for the Pocket Mod. However, Overstock, one of Razor’s online retail partners, often sells them at a discounted rate so you can pick one up for about $275 to $349.

The range in price is down to the different colors available. The more popular colors tend to be more expensive.

As I have said previously, the Pocket Mod is a great choice for kids, especially girls looking for an electric scooter that matches their eye for style, but if you don’t want to stretch to the price of this scooter then you should see my list of cheapest electric scooters for kids.

Overview of the Razor Brand

Who are Razor and Can You Trust Them?

Razor is a, California founded, designer and manufacturer of electric scooters. They released their first electric scooter in 2003 and ever since have been the market leader.

I’ve reviewed many electric scooters from Razor as have many other experts and bloggers out there. But don’t just take my word for it. 13 million people, just like you, have bought an electric scooter from Razor.

Because of their position in the market and household brand, you can trust that you will be getting a quality product.

Review Summary

How Do I Rate the Razor Pocket Mod Overall?

Do I think it’s a good choice for beginners? Yes.

Do I think it’s a good choice for a kid wanting to have fun round the neighborhood? Yes.

Do I think it’s a good choice for both boys and girls? Yes – it comes in a range of colors but I have to say that it has been marketed more towards girls with its retro design.

Being one Razor’s most advanced electric scooters and packed full of features, your child is not going to want to put this scooter down!

Razor Pocket Mod

ith its unique, classic Italian, moped design, the Razor Pocket Mod will not disappoint, especially if you are considering it for your daughter. It’s one Razor’s most advanced electric scooters and is packed full of features from a top speed of 15 mph to rear suspension to a hidden storage compartment.


What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

I always like to give my readers alternative models so you can make the best decision.

To give you more of a choice, I’ve listed 2 great alternatives. One for children under 12 (Razor E100) and one for over 13s (Razor E300).

Razor E100

Speed: 10 mph
Mileage: 5-7
Weight: 29 lbs
Load: 120 lbs

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GoTrax G2

Speed: 15 mph
Mileage: 10
Weight: 59 lbs
Load: 170 lbs


Razor E300

Speed: 15 mph
Mileage: 9-10
Weight: 42 lbs
Load: 220 lbs

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Further Information:

If you'd like to see more alternatives you should see my list of the best Electric Scooters for Kids Under 12 and Over 13


Where Can I Buy the Razor Pocket Mod?

I would advise that you buy it through one of Razor’s trusted online partners, like Overstock (Razor don't sell on their own website).

Overstock sell two colors including: blue and pink.

How Old Do You Need to be to Ride the Razor Pocket Mod?

Razor recommends that children 13 years and older can ride the Pocket Mod. I would recommend sticking to this but it is totally up to you. You can see some alternative electric scooters for under 12s here.

What Colors Does the Pocket Mod Come in?

Black, white, purple, red, blue, pink and the sweet pea (pink) model with decals and streamers.

Does it Come With a Warranty?

It will come with a 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Is it Easy to Find Replacement Parts?

Yes. Razor scooters are global, so are the replacement parts.

Where Can I Find the Owners Manual?

It will be in the box that the Pocket Mod got delivered in but you can also find it on the Razor website.

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